Love Poetry from Kabir

Unable to come to you, and helpless to invite
The heart remains lonely, separation makes me burn
Shall burn the body to ash, like smoke soar above
May RAM bless the mind, His grace extinguish the flame
Shall burn the body to make ink, I write the Name of RAM
Write I shall with bones as pen, and send messages to Him
Shall make the body a lamp, the wick being my life
My blood fueling the lamp aglow, I shall see the face of Love
Either destroy this loneliness, or show me your Self
This unceasing separation, I cannot endure myself

When shall I see you again my Love?
Anxious I am to behold you
Distraught are my day and night
My eyes only crave for you
without admittance of any defeat
With the pangs of separation my body is on fire
Just perceive my predicament like that
Lord listen to my prayers
Be not unkind to me anymore
You are Composure I am anxious O Lord
Akin to a pot that cannot contain water
Madho*, since long we have been separated
Now the mind is restless for reunion
Beckon me so may I shall meet
Kabir prays earnestly with this entreat.

O Love come but once within my sight,
Instantly I shall capture by dropping the eyelids
I shall not see anyone else anymore,
Nor shall I let you behold another
Says Kabir, in the parting line of a woman's hair,
Mascara cannot be applied
Same way, once the Lord occupies my eyes,
How can another find abode there?
My mind lacks faith and Love is not so deep,
Nor my body knows the the creative ways
I wonder when I do meet the beloved
How he shall react to me !


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