Selections 1

Rhyme II

An aimless darting arrow
Through the distance flying,
Never knowing where
Its target may be lying;

A vagrant autumn leaf
By sea winds whirled around,
No one knowing where
It will fall upon the ground;

A towering ocean wave,
Tossed in the storm's vast roar,
Swirling, passing, unaware
What beach it searches for;

A light that flickers, shines,
Wavers, all but dark,
Nor knows which trembling gleam
May be its final spark;

All of this am I;
I go my way unheeding,
Never knowing where
My footsteps may be leading.

Rhyme IX

The gentle breeze with a whispered cry
Kisses the water it ripples in fun;
The radiant clouds in the western sky
Are purple and gold from the kiss of the sun;
a flame slips round a tree trunk nigh
To kiss with ardour another one;
And the willow, trailing low its leaves,
Returns to the river the kiss it receives.

- Gustavo Adolfo Becquer
The soul that can speak through the eyes can also kiss with a gaze.

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