Carol of the Birds

1. Out of the plains
the brolgas are dancing
Lifting their feet
like war horses prancing
Up to the sun
the woodlarks go winging
Faint in the dawn light
echoes their singing
Orana! Orana!
Orana! To Christmas Day

2. Down where the tree-ferns
grow by the river,
There where the waters
sparkle and quiver,
Deep in the gullies
Bell-birds are chiming,
Softly and sweetly their
lyric notes rhyming
Orana! Orana!
Orana! To Christmas Day.

3. Friar-birds sip the
nectar of flowers,
Currawongs chant in
wattle-tree bowers
In the blue ranges
Lorikeets calling
Carols of bushlands
rising and falling
Orana! Orana!
Orana! To Christmas Day

John Wheeler

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