2006 Form Challenges
#10c Spanish Sestet

Spanish Sestet or Sextilla

This form gives a little more variety to the poet. Each line usually has eight syllables, but there are examples of this form that use Tetrameter and Pentameter.

There is also an option of two rhyme schemes, shown as; a. a. b. c. c. b. ,
or alternatively, a.b. b. a.c. c.

I sit and play as life goes by
Questioning fate and asking why?
Why do some draw a useless card?
Some others lives are so easy
Against their ace we draw a three
What is it that makes living hard?

Ryter Roethicle

Spanish Sestet or Sextilla Posts

Lorraine Dafney

Reach For It
Spanish Eggs

Gaer Llyd

Equinox September

Ryter Roethicle

Autumn Love
For a while
Winters Return

Lorraine Dafney

Time Less

When autumn brings down her curtain of leaves
The grounds will be covered with colors bright
Thats when I'll stop to listen and retrieve
Those sweet memories from within falls light
Kicking the piles of leaves makes me believe
Age has no barrier to feel delight


Spanish Eggs

Gently saute two onions then
Add garlic watch closely turn when
Just brown now set aside to wait
Scramble the eggs till their edges
Are firm to cut and make wedges
Fold over and present on plate

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Gaer Llwyd

Equinox: September

hardwood smoke scent captures noses
bright beach plums overtake roses
hound dozes, hoses away
stepladder up, gutter to clean
on branches, fat squirrels are seen
school-bound teen scene, football play

ripe cranberries float in their bog
sweat pants and shirts warm the jog
nights of fog, grog hot with spice
spindrift and whitecaps fill bays
neon sunsets shorten the days
Jack Frost's craze, glazings of ice

village tourist shops closing down
now cord piles for woodstoves abound
cornstalks found, bound to lamp posts
old sol wanes in late afternoon
in phase of the great harvest moon
wind chimes' tune, loon cries the loss

starlings mob in wavering clouds
at the cider mill there's a crowd
calling loud, proud geese on wing
with festivals casting their spells
sound of barn dance fiddling swells
joy upwells, dwelling as king

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Ryter Roethicle

Autumn Love

Come take my hand my autumn angel
No longer summers colours bright
And days share equal time with night.
Lush green colours are no longer visible
The crops are gathered, and been sold,
Our legacy the colours of red and gold.

This time is ours in our own private nest
Away from cooler seas that chill the air
Our evenings by a fire in a comfy chair
It is now we find that time alone is best
We have earned through our endeavour
Our future lives stretching out forever.


For a while

For a while I knew heaven but it flew away
Yet it carried our dreams every single day,
Like the birds we watched that were part of us.
Now they are gone, and our dreams are no more
And never again wade in at the evening’s shore,
Because heavenly sands have turned to dust.

For a while sunsets were deeply coloured
Now misty and clouded no longer amoured
For the sun has gone out of both our lives.
Pain has robbed you of what was really true
And memory is now just a distorted view
But in my mind, love and truth survives.


Winters Return

Once again winters misery has returned
And no more morning birdsongs can we hear,
When last week they called out loud and clear.
Last week promises of summer burned
And we cast aside winters layers
Now once again we sit round blazing fires.

Every winter’s day we prayed for rain
But fickle nature decided to abstain
And until spring we were promised drought.
But with spring it has bucketed down
With several floods in parts of town
I suppose really we shouldn’t shout.

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