A Gardener meets Death

This morning, all colour lost through strife,
My gardener flees to my side: "Sir, sir, please safe my life!
Out there, while pruning the roses with loving care,
I looked behind me, found Death was there.
In terror I turned to hurry away,
But his threatening hand had come to stay.
Master, your horse, please let me go and run,
Before the sun sets I'll be in Isphahan."
This afternoon, he had long since fled,
Amongst the cedars it was Death I met.
"Why," I ask, as he silently waits,
"Did you put my servant in desperate straits?"
He smiles and answers: "It was no threat
That caused your gardener to flee, upset.
This morning I was amazed to still find the one
I had to bring this evening from Isphahan".

P.N.van Eyck...From A Persian knight:
....Translated by Leny Roovers

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