2008 Form Challenges

#2 Common and Hymnal Measure

This is a multi stanza form consisting of three rhymes alternating with Iambic Tetrameter, (4 feet) and Iambic Trimeter, (3 feet).
This gives a suggested pattern of:

x X x X x X x a
x X x X x b
x X x X x X x c
x X x X x b

The common measure alternates
iambic feet with rhymes,
A4, B3, C4, B3
innumerable times.

I think the beat accelerates,
or so it seems, sometimes,
As rhythm races to get free ~
speedometer still climbs.

Like when economy inflates,
an interest in primes
uncovers false nobility
enwrapped in petty crimes.

And so you see, this form creates
a piggybank of dimes,
where nonsense words in poetry,
exist to count, at times.

Gloria Carpenter

Hymnal Measure

This is a stricter form than the Common, and consists only of two rhymes still alternating with Iambic Tetrameter, (4 feet) and Iambic Trimeter, (3 feet), and this gives a suggested pattern of:

x X x X x X x a
x X x X x b
x X x X x X x a
x X x X x b
On High

A soaring eagle caught the light
In glints of focused eye ~
His head and tail in feathered white,
Magnificence on high.

Gloria Carpenter

Quatrain Measures and Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

A Big Puzzle
Dream Breakers

Lorainne Dafney


Peggy Nelson

Life Changes

Ryter Roethicle

Autumns Striptease
Hopeful Heart
Kilroy's Puzzle
Out of the void

Dinah Serritelli


Nicola Wynter

Breath of Sunshine
Empty Hands
Pains Race

Maryse Achong

A Big Puzzle

A little piece of paradise
Is what here used to be
Where life was sweet; to be precise
We called it 'God's country.'

What could have made the people change,
Filling them with this greed,
And although you may find this strange
Some claim 'wealth', some say 'need.'

The boom days are here once again
And for some all is well,
But many still sing the refrain,
That 'poverty is hell!'

Some feel the drug trade is to blame,
It's every where you turn;
It starts at home, yet others claim,
Both cause for grave concern.

One generation has been lost,
And one is in distress,
'Progress' came at too high a cost,
And now we're in a mess.


Dream Breakers

Myriad thoughts assail my mind
Breaking my reverie,
Without even a 'by your leave'
They take this liberty.

Like angry bees some buzz around
Stinging repeatedly,
Whilst others like butterflies float
And then alight gently.

Questions and answers do a dance
That leaves me quite dizzy
Until at last I say "Enough!"
Causing them all to flee..



Some puzzles can be lots of fun
Intriguing 'til the end,
Whilst others are so nerve wracking
They drive you 'round the bend!'

No cat and mouse games for me please,
And no more 'Hide and Seek,'
For often times those childish games
Can cause a fit of pique.

I've tired of 'Riddle a Ree,'
And Blind Man's Bluff's okay,
But if given my choice of game,
Scrabble is what I play



At times I think that you are near,
Am sure I hear you speak
My name out loud and I can swear
I feel you touch my cheek.

Sometimes I play a song and sense
That you are there; and I
Am overcome by an immense
Feeling of joy, I cry.

And though so many years have gone
Since we were made to part,
The words you wrote to me live on
Imprinted on my heart.

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Lorainne Dafney


A beautiful parrot told me
Look me straight in the eye
So I did, but I could not see
His desire to fly

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Peggy Nelson

Life Changes

Crimes like we've never heard, flock
Polluted covered skies
What do you know of oceans shock!
If truth be told…death cries

They say there is no known reason
To get involved to clean
expanding problems and treason
No one seems to be keen!

Recession seems to be rising
Will we awake to late?
It'll be dreadfully surprising
Something you'll truly hate!

Will you survive this uprising
What will this puzzle bring?
A change in life brings revising
Our life will mean…nothing!

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Ryter Roethicle

Autumns Striptease

Now that summer's almost over
Autumn's striptease begins
But not lush verdant growth, rather
Water starved urchins.

It seems like rain has gone forever
Poor nature's children's sins
Are only those of loss of water
And pray that soon it rains.

What was green is browny cover
Burnt by days constant suns
Rain will cleanse and make green ever
Eventually nature wins


Hopeful Heart

Tread soft my dreams are at your feet,
Take care else you step on them.
Treat them not light, they're all I have
Please don't laugh or condemn.

That look you gave made me complete,
Transformed me again.
Our lives now slowly interweave
You're the rose, I'm the stem.


Kilroys Puzzle

Moonlight creates a silver land
A land of beauty forever
In lovers hearts and revelries
Sure it will endeavour.

No matter how lovely or grand
Lovers sometimes sever
And with the dawn those memories
Makes a puzzle ever.

With the night what ere is planned
Enhanced by whatever
Will last as long as fate decrees
And guarantee it never.



You hear the church bells ring midnight
Suddenly blood runs cold
Thirteen is the number counted
Thirteen is what was toll'd.

You feel it rather than hear it
Soft padding canine feet.
Stop, listen now more closely
Hear it! Not your heartbeat

The steady patter over yonder
A lupine leap away
You loose your sword, check your pistol
Now's the time, learn to pray.

"My God" you say and plead, "help me"
God cannot hear tonight
A million souls are praying
All threaten'd by Hells might.

Then you smell its hellish odour
Sulphur with death and blood
You hear the beast's heavy breathing
The horse you ride gone wood.

Try as you may you cannot move it
The beast, fixed to t'ground
Your spurs dig in and sorely hurt it
Blood is running from t'wound.

The hellish creature sniffs the air
The scent of fear and blood
Nectar to all Satan's creature's
It's Ambrosia, its staple food.

You draw your pistol from the holster.
Drawing comfort from its touch
Drawing back the pistols hammer
Feeling now you are its match

Seeing its leaping straight at you
Hitting in heart and head.
Not one moment has it faltered
It can't be killed with lead.

Silver bullets, kill a werewolf
Realising where you lie
Feeling the creature rip you open
Hear screaming as you die.

So take warning on all Hallows
At night in bed you lie,
Keep silver bullets in your pistol,
Always keep your powder dry.


Out of the void

Out of a void our love has grown
The smallest speck of grain
Out of nothing a seed was sown
Creating this love domain.

Built not of wood, steel, brick or stone
With no shelter from rain
A pulsing heart, in flesh and bone
Made of love, that'll remain.

You've won my soul, we're not alone
I promise times again
Two separate beings are now one
Others seek to attain.

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Dinah Serritelli


I like to write and replies read
Yet one word I would cut,
And so in honesty I plead
Please don't enhance with 'BUT'.

I have no problem making mock,
Or putting myself down
I am just simply common stock,
Not Counsel to the Crown.

My thoughts I will not rearrange,
Maybe I am a nut,
But nought you say will make me change
From abhoring that word 'BUT'.

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Nicola Wynter

Breath of Sunshine

Sunshine in a bottle of dreams,
That's what is needed most,
Like air beneath wings of sure schemes,
Breathe in me so I won't get lost.


The Eyes

It all gets explained with two eyes,
All the reasons we give with words
Cannot fathom the depth not highs,
The whys and passions so expressed.

Some are blue, some are green or brown,
They share so much, rest assured,
Having it all, yet still they frown
With whys and passions so expressed.

The look of you is more than shared,
It is a puzzle that's explained
When you see into pools of care,
The whys and passions so expressed.


Pains Race

I want to pick up this pen now
And throw it at the face
That only gives me looks of how
Much hate it has, no more grace,

No more than contempt will allow.
Nothing but hurt wins aces,
Love finds no peace nor place right now,
Pain wins all the places.

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