A Russian Song

Fierce a flame blazed my love,
Bright as day did glow.
None will love him so well
And so truly I know.!

Sweet was life with him near,
Ne`er was passion so strong,
To my love heart and soul.
I belonged, I belonged!

As I waited for him
Of a moon -silvered night,
My heart soared and sank
Like a swallow in flight.

He would call me his star
And my lips he would kiss;
The mere touch of his hand
brought true gladness to bliss.

"`Tis enough that you`re near,"
To my love I would say.
"Do not kiss me with such
Wild abandon I pray!

With a rapturous joy
Am I filled with you near,
In a fever I am,
By strange fires am I seared.

"Swifter courses my blood,
Flushed my cheeks, bright my eye.
.." He I loved was my life,
With my whole heart loved I !

Alexei Koltsov 1841. Translated by Irina Zheleznova

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