2009 Poetry Theme Challenges

#16 The Poetic Garden

The garden can be a sanctuary and a place where the muse can flow easier. I am also blessed with living central to three heavenly public gardens, and it's certainly worth the ticket price to go and sit with my notebook and sketch pads for a day. I also dream of one day having a big enough plot of my own to grow my own veggies, I do have a salad patch and a herb garden in my Mediteranean oasis of a postage stamp. One of my first poems was written sat in my Gran's backgarden staring at her rather negelected shed which stirred a few memories of my own childhood.

So to my challenge, use the garden and its elements to inspire a poem. It can be your own personal garden, a public garden or your dream garden. A while ago I asked for help to collate a list of things from the garden which is below.

All pictures I post for this challenge, here and on the inspiration page, are my own and are not subject to copyright, feel free to use them.

Roses, Geraniums, Daffodils, Rhodedendrums, Tulips, Geraniums, Bluebells, Bleeding Hearts, Snapdragons, Pansy, Violets, Marigolds, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Morning Glory, salvia,

Rockery, pond, cactus plants, daisies, clover
Apple, Orange, lemon, Cherry plum, banana,,pine, blue gum, willow, Oak, Maple, Elm, Aspen, Palo Verde

Tools, hoe, spade, rake, fork, watering can, rototiller, garden hose, pots
Well, hedge, topiary

potatoes, onions, shallots, spinach, peppers, carrots, celery, kale, squash, zucchini , peanuts, beetroot,

thyme, fennel, basil, parsley, hyssop, cilantro, chives, marjoram, dill, mint, catnip, savory, anise, skullcap, chamomile, saffron, sage, thyme, rosemary,

apples, peaches, pears, plums, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, melons, bananas, tomatos, oranges

walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, brazilnuts, pine nuts,

Fountains, gnomes, patio, decking, urns, planters


Happy quilling


The Poetic Garden
Challenge Replies

Divena Collins

And Nightingales Sang
Garden of Eden
Madonna Lily
Wild Garden Herbs

Lorainne Dafney


Jem Farmer

Cherry Tree
Elegaic Smile
Royal Visit

Ryter Roethicle

Fear of the Night
Garden of Love
Just a Moment
Just Memories

Nia Wynne

Garden of Emotions
Let Me Breathe
Lines of Life

Divena Collins

And Nightingales Sang

I awakened this morning to a beautiful dawn
Sun rays filtered, through the Willow tree
And nightingales sang, their good morning song

Fragrant white lilies, dawn mists to enhance,
Sweet golden nectar, for the honey bee,
And nightingales sang, of their new romance.

Magical dew drops, glistened on the flowers,
Clumps of pretty, bluebell buds to see,
Nightingales sang, thro` the tapestry bowers.

Dragonflies fluttered, their long rainbow wings
Skimming beyond rivers, flowing so free.
And Nightingales on highest, did sweetly sing.


Come Play With Me

Come play within my garden, pleasures to behold
Amidst the pretty daisies, and buttercups of gold,
Faeries in the green grass, within their faerie ring,
And Elvins come and push me, high up upon my swing,
In my wondrous little world, of dreams and fantasy,
I wade, amidst a maze of leaves `neath oaken trees,
And fly with the butterflies, that flutter in the breeze.

Come play within my garden, of mystical powers
The magic of herbs, balm, roots, leaves and flowers.
Shall be with you, thro` a rustic, archway of roses,
We shall skip there, amidst a bed of violet posies,
To play in the sun, savouring sweet scents within,
Weaving buttercup, and clover, true friendship chains.
Past times we now recall, when our fantasy reigns


Garden Of Eden

A garden so tranquil, is our perfect haven
Enticing us away from lifes formalities,
Lead us from earths sweet magical fallacies,
High upon the wings, of a mythical black Raven.
Fruits on the vines are so heavily laden,
Sun kissed and ripened now ready to eat,
In a mystical haze, from the hot suns heat,
High upon the wings, of a mythical black Raven.
To the garden of Eden thro` gates of heaven.
Where Angels sing sweetly `neath the bowers,
Weaving thro` tapestries, of beautiful flowers
High upon the wings, of a mythical black Raven.
A garden so tranquil is our perfect haven
High upon the wings, of a mythical black Raven,


Madonna Lily

What beauty, I perceive before my eyes,
That awakens my senses sublime,
Virginal white petals, and soft angels sigh.

Trumpets of velvet, sweet symphonys blow,
Heavenly, musky, blooms of time.
Wafts in the breeze, in a soft tempo flow.

Oh beautiful creation, of natures delight
To pluck you, would be such a crime,
Your sweet perfume, is perfection by night.

Gods celestial garden, blooms none so fair,
As Madonna lilies in their prime,
Bow their heads gently, in a silent prayer.


Wild Garden Herbs

Tincture of Arnica, for bones and sprains,
Flowers of Elder, a soothing cough potion,
Applied on the skin, for good freckle lotion.
Wild herbs from the garden, to ease the pains,
Calendula flower heads, dried from the rains,
Properties to soften, rough gardening hands,
An ancient remedy, used throughout the land,
Wild herbs from the garden to ease the pains.
Lavender, applied or mosquito bite reigns.
Keeps them at bay, flies away from the scent,
some old garden remedies, with properties meant,
Wild herbs from the garden, to ease the pains.
Tincture of Arnica, for bones and sprains,
Wild herbs from the garden, to ease the pains

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Lorainne Dafney


grace landscapes as
autumn leaves surrender
accompanied by rain their tears

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Jem Farmer

Cherry Tree

In peaceful waters where the lilies dwell a path of stone shall lead my soul to Zen, amid the cherry blossom linger thoughts recalling her embrace around my heart. Her love my passion's first and last resort, that makes me lie beside her once again, and drown in her waters I know so well.


Elegaic Smile

Her face reflects a garden's delight,
as roses and lilies rise,
all heaven contained in those succulent fruits,
ripest cherries no one can afford
above rows of pale orchid petals
which only her pleasure reveals.

The ice dusted buds of crimson.
and eyes of angels sparkle
yet threaten to pierce suitors
with furrowed brows
who seek to possess her sweet cherry red
until elegiac beauty exacts her terms.


Wild Garden Herbs

The reflections of early summer sun,
Glistens again on my windows this year,
They blend invisibly ready for fun,
Laughter of children is all that I hear.
The heat is drying my old wooden walls
As for the first time my door creaks open.
Frustrated the squeals, they can't find their balls
Like me ignored, quite simply forgotten.
Summer's fun just thrown inside at Fall's dawn.
Just left like me, through rain and winter's snow.
I'm left alone at the end of the lawn
To watch as endless seasons come and go.
A touch of creosote keeps my wood fed,
Sat at the garden's end just the old shed

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Ryter Roethical

Fear of the Night

And on the first day the word created light
Then on the last day the word created flesh
And in its madness that flesh created fear,
Later in darkness flesh created fear of the night.
In that darkness all that was good took flight
And evil and all its creatures found a place
Forever to be a curse on the human race
When in darkness flesh created fear of the night.
Horned bloodsucking creatures that seek to bite
And feed off the flesh of God-fearing men
That self same stupid flesh that created them
When in darkness flesh created fear of the night.
And on the first day the word created light
Later in darkness flesh created fear of the night.


Garden of Love

Build not a wall of stone around your heart
Rather throw away that masons tool.
Tear down those bricks that hide the sun
Too long in loneliness, too long the fool.
Let the moon feast on your naked soul
Now is the time when love should rule.

Take up the spade and build a bower
And let the flowers grow within
Scent them with thee and thy love
From now on allow feelings to begin
Nurture with joy from within your heart
That should see you always with a grin.

From time to time, a thorn shall pierce thee
Complain not loud about thy wound.
Thy flowers shall grow redder and more scented
Within thy heart ready for another round.
Thus like that scent this love will grow
So that throughout the night love will sound.

When the seasons darken as they must with time
Seek rest with thy love in that bower.
Gather her to you and on your bosom lay her head
This simple act will cause love to flower.
With the moon alight, together seek your rest
Knowing there is no greater power



Her black hair now grey.
She dreams of green flowers
That are withered and long gone.
Memories are all she has left.

Night of pleasure
Are not her reward.
Nature was not kind
And her benefactors
Wander now in newer gardens
Seeking fresher flowers.

The Katana bites deep
And the once green flowers
Are now crimson.

She smiles for a moment
As she sees honours gift
Then she is free to wander
Where the flowers are forever green.


Just a Moment

Just a moment in time as the breeze hits
The willow tree moves her branches subtly
In graceful movements as she feels the wind.
She slowly moves as the wind strokes her
And gently touches him to move him deeper
Stroking his mind, willing him to keep him close

Teasing him, gentle kisses helps keep the breeze

The wind dances with the willow in gentle steps
As the dance continues he whisks the frail branches
His mood increases as he feels his heart strings pull
He whips her around torments her limbs, bites her soul
She sways to his movements, bending to his needs
Trying to caress his desires allowing his wishes
Till his passion decreases and he's at peace again.

As the winds passion dies he rests against her
His mood softened now, more of love than of lust.
Resting against his willow, calming and caressing her
And a lover's conversation starts between them
Such pillow talk if it were possible between them
As trembling leaves are kissed in Natures tryst
Whilst all we hear is whispering through her leaves


Just Memories

I remember those clear September nights
That memory is a rare and lovely theme
I find you also wandering within that dream
The garden wherein we played is the same
I wonder if like me you seek that memory
And reminisce on things you wish soon to be.
Cannot good memories have a future also?



Seven lines are all I have to speak my thoughts.
Shall I open up my heart and talk of my desire,
And like some others speak in meter and rhyme?
Or transcend all that, and speak of metaphysics
Going beyond words of love and spiritual things
And in becoming an abstract philosopher
Lose all sense of reality and things that truly work?

I still have seven lines to speak my thoughts
The day has almost reached noon, where is the sun?
The strong northern wind has not cleared the sky
Nor brought the heat that it is want to do.
The birds are absent, could be that they know
That only fools shall set forth in winds like this.
Rest assured there is no greater fool than man.

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Nia Wynne

Garden of Emotions

Every emotion is a flower.
The roses of love are also such ones,
Shared by two they multiply in the sun
Expanding petals to capture it's power.
Desire is the touch of loves bower
That looks very much like tulips in rain
Warmed by Spring showers in sunny lanes
Where willows weep, love sleeps not in towers.
Let Forget-Me-Nots foster hope, not sour
Despairs of the dead seasons dry boast,
Where wine is so arid you may not toast
To the buds of every new hour.
Every emotion is a flower
Expanding petals to capture love's power.


Let Me Breathe

Cattleya on my windowsill
That never yet bloomed in Spring,
I hum again with new hope of a dream
Which recalls itself in my eyes,
Because you can't disguise love's illness
For it plagues all seasons with new hopes,
So then my heart can breathe again.


Lines of Life

Late summers dress shows
How lines of life still grow brilliantly
On a perfectly lovely afternoon,
Though soon the eve of a season
Becomes the morning of the next,
Presenting different lines and shadows
Where once blooms danced in wedded bliss.

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