2009 Poetry Theme Challenges

#19 What's Your Tipple

From the humble cuppa to a glass of vintage wine, this challenge is inviting you to explore the pleasures of a little light refreshment. If you make your tipple the focus of your poem, as I have in my haiku, or use it to form the descriptive of something else is entirely up to you. Have fun with your beverage!

Afternoon Tea

Time infused fragrance
in fluid amber brewage
as crumbs fed birds.

Jem Farmer

Happy quilling


What's Your Tipple

Maryse Achong


Divena Collins

House Mouse
Love Potion 69

Jem Farmer

Chaffing Sore
Eager Anticipation
Heavy on the Vine
Morning Tea

Ryter Roethicle

Tea For Me
Walking on the Moon
X Bottle Brand
Zinfandel and More

Nia Wynne

Nothing to Hide

Maryse Achong


Though I'm no heavy drinker I admit
That off and off I've tippled, so to speak;
Enjoying a good drink is quite legit.

The trick is to know when its time to quit
If not the outcome can be somewhat bleak,
Though I'm no heavy drinker I admit.

It can be rather pleasant just to sit
And relax after a harrowing week.
Enjoying a good drink is quite legit.

And there are times I feel I need a bit
Of strength so I can turn the other cheek,
Though I'm no heavy drinker I admit.

A shot of Baileys usually does it;
No rum or brandy they both make me weak.
Enjoying a good drink is quite legit.

And so every now and then I permit
Myself a glass of Baileys, smooth and sleek.
Though I'm no heavy drinker I admit
Enjoying a good drink is quite legit.

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Divena Collins

House Mouse

Hiya all, I am the little country mouse
And I was created in Divena`s Post.
I live in a cupboard at her house
And now she`s a house mouse host,
I know she is busy, writing in the Tir
So can you all please keep it quiet
And do not tell her that I`m here,
For she surely will create a riot,
I know and she`ll put me on a diet.

I want to join the challenge you see,
That one about my favourite Tipple
I know she made a mouse out of me
But I am really a mouse thats fickle,
I am quite partial, to a glass of wine
With a lovely big nibble of cheese,
It is just an indulgent fancy of mine
Too much, I staggers, and wheeze,
But love this, in the challenge please.


Love Potion 69

Oh I found a perfect tipple, peps me up no end.
Makes me feel alive, when I`ve been feeling low,
Its a guarded secret, but you are all my friends,
Listen to me now. I shall tell you, what I know.
I found it on the internet, when I ventured in line
It was a special offer, thought to buy just a few,
`Twas the label I had noticed ." Love Potion 69"
Not only tasted good, but a full bodied wine too.
If your feeling weary, and not at all up to scratch
. Searching in your mirror, for those deep worried lines
If your restless, or moody, or being a cross patch
Or are too busy, and haven`t really got the time,
Place your order now, you can buy a magnum batch
Just click on the url for "Love Potion.69 ".

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Jem Farmer

Chaffing Sore

One sip has silenced babbling crowds tonight
and all I hear is whispers call me 'Miss'
in rowdy bars that reek of ageing piss
among the crashing glass and hazy light,
where turpitude and sin can seem so right
this world becomes an underground abyss
in whisky shots I often reminisce,
the drunken hags still looking for a fight.
Inside my heart lies broken, cursed by love,
no gentle words repair the chaffing sore
but whisky's liquor numbs the endless pain.
No answers found when its her I think of
and close my eyes from seeing anymore,
for love that once was bliss is now my bane.


Eager Anticipation

Her blue eyes captured mine over creamy froth
as aromas of espresso caught on my breath
to jumble with sudden urgency of want
and coffee stained looks.

Succinct glances drift aside to sweet morsels
and discreet flushes burn over the Danish
in hidden conversations desire reveals
the unasked questions.

By chance or design this dalliance of lust
now mingles in sips of burnt umber heat
and previsions of sexual exchanges
drift before the mind.

Invitations expressed in body language
frustrated by a glance from hard-to-get eyes
showing hunger yet absent of surety
as emotions play.

The games of coquetry fuel the senses
and anticipation lingers on purpose
as you and I whisper sweet wordings it's clear
where flirting will end.

The strength of need reigns over nervous tension
leading to first intimate explorations
the tentative kiss that leads my pulsing fire
to her passion's bed.


Heavy on the Vine

Now grapes are hanging heavy on the vine,
in valleys neath the blazing summer sun.
and senses yearn to savour fragrant wine

All thoughts are lost and memories resign,
as dreams recall a time of loving fun,
when grapes were hanging heavy on the vine

For love has flown beyond the mortal line,
but feelings say we are forever one,
and senses yearn to savour fragrant wine

Each night I sleep and find that love is mine,
until the dawn reveals the world I shun
when grapes are hanging heavy on the vine

As reflections fall like silver moonshine,
I whisper on the breeze. 'I love you, hun!'
and senses yearn to savour fragrant wine

Those precious dreams in which our souls combine,
exalt the day my life is truly done
when grapes are hanging heavy on the vine
and senses yearn to savour fragrant wine


Morning Tea

Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world. --- T'ien Yiheng

The sparring kids are screaming through the house, as mother sighs a weary wish for peace, and casts an eye over her sleeping spouse, the chores will have to wait for her caprice. The brassy kettle boils in clouds of steam, as dried old leaves let their essence fly free, a china cup awaits her amber dream, a drop of milk and silence she will see, the world retreats into a cup of tea.

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Ryter Roethical

Tea For Me

You see the China cups in the afternoon
Sitting in the lounge, or perhaps a cafe
Their teapot placed - thus,
Teabags dressed to the right
A pot with milk, and a bowl of sugar cubes
Don't forget the tongs
It's only etiquette to use the tongs.
Myself I prefer a pint cup
Never washed only rinsed
Builds the flavour over the many years
Two heaped spoons of Tetley's
Water poured on and left to mash.
Four spoons of sugar with a threat of milk.
Now that's a mans cup of tea.


Walking on the Moon

Do you remember that night
I first offered you a glass of wine
You were going to refuse
And then you smiled and said, "Yes"
That wasn't the last time you said "Yes"
That night, or many others.
I asked you if you were happy after
You smiled and asked, "With the wine or you?"
You thought for a moment and grinned saying,
"The wine was nice, but you were………
Like I was walking on the moon".
"Walking on the moon?" I asked.
And she smiled and said,
"May I have another glass of wine please?"


X Bottle Brand

What is my tipple you ask?
Madam remember what I said,
About a glass of Aussie red,
What is a more simple task?
But if I wish to be sociable eh.
I have a tasty white, a local brew
And what's wrong with a Chardonnay?
It's much better shared by two?
Then after sharing a dinners sport
What's better than a large glass of port?
Mind you I'd rather have a few more
But it's crass to count or to score.
What I do know is I love wine
It's Gods way of saying, "Life is fine".


Zinfandel and More

Tonight let's have a drinking race
Fill the tankard with wine that's soured
Without your love no clock has a face.
Competition in jars shall be what's scored
My feet's far too leaded to stand the pace
Life's bitter brew my cup's o'erflowed
Memory still stays and cannot be erased
Till consciousness by sour wine devoured
Overcome by wine I must now seek my bed.

Pour down the wine let us drink to forget
Un-lived dreams litter the path I now walk
Plans made in good faith, caused only sweat
Once loving conversations are now just talk
With pleasured gifts now nought but a blight
All thoughts of love's pleasure now cast aside
Let Horus and Bacchus join with us tonight
For we ignored what was known outside
Admitting finally that love has long died.

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Nia Wynne

Nothing to Hide

Did you see the moon displayed in sky
As it hovered in a mauve sunset?
Someday I'd love to share such lovely days
With black China tea for two, no regrets
In times well spent and friendship honest lent.
There paintings of memory will abide
Through troubled moments and take no rent
For hearts that brew a finer sip, confide
The consumption of love, nothing to hide.

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