2009 Poetry Theme Challenges

#8 Sunset Boulevard

We have all been working hard and think we deserve a trip to the theatre in this challenge. So gentlemen get your tux, and ladies shall we get glamorous for a night out at the musicals.

Our theme is the musical Sunset Boulevard by Andrew Lloyd Webber and to set the stage:

The story begins in 1949-50 with down-on-his-luck screenwriter Joe Gillis having car trouble, on Sunset Boulevard, in front of former silent film star Norma Desmond's mansion. To keep the repossession agents at bay, he hides his car in Desmond's garage. After 20 years out of the limelight, eccentric Miss Desmond wants to make a screen comeback. Gillis comments, "You used to be in pictures, you used to be big," she retorts "I am big . . . it's the pictures that got small!" She invites Joe to live at the mansion if he'll edit her script, Salome, for director Cecil B. DeMille. Joe goes to the studio to borrow money to pay off his debts and meets sweet, pretty Betty Schaefer, who works with him on his own script and falls for Joe, leaving her boyfriend, Artie.

Norma has also developed feelings for the young screenwriter, buying him lavish gifts; she even attempts suicide when he goes off to a party. Joe finishes Salome and the phone rings: The studio is calling, but it turns out that Norma's car is wanted for a film, not her. Max, her ex-husband (and live-in butler), can't bring himself to give the ex-star this sad news. So, Norma happily meets DeMille, who is, of course, non-committal about Salome. Meanwhile, Norma has detected that Joe and Betty are lovers. She telephones the younger woman to confront her, but Joe grabs the phone from her hand, asking Betty to come see first-hand the hell he is living in. Betty arrives, and Joe breaks her heart by telling her he's a kept man and is planning to stay that way. As soon as Betty leaves, however, Joe tells Norma that he's leaving her as well and heading back to his hometown in Ohio. He also bluntly informs her that Salome will never be filmed and all her fans have forgotten her. Norma, furious and grief-stricken, fatally shoots Joe. Descending into insanity, Norma mistakes her arresting officers for her beloved fans and studio executives. Thinking she is on the set of Salome, Norma descends the staircase with the immortal phrase, "...And now, Mr. De Mille, I am ready for my close-up."

This time I'm staying, I'm staying for good; I'll be back where I was born to be... With one look, I'll be me!

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Happy quilling


Sunset Bolevard
Challenge Replies

Jem Farmer

Bottled Tans
what is love
Ryter Roethicle

Bad Love
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Question of Morality
Nia Wynne

Some People

Jem Farmer

Bottled Tans

Army dreamers
have no victory
someone out there
moving benchmarks
L'Oreal tans concealing furies.
Hired smile
poured wine
unwed lips meet
kissing ass
to pay the rent.



Tip tapping his fingers
words on screen
phrases of make believe
Tap tipping my keys
plot lines emerging
mystery and romance
moral dilemmas
Tap Tip Tap
imagination's prize
edit and print.


What is Love

What did love have to do with this,
sex was the key to ambition,
the price I had to pay,
principles and morality mean nothing
when opportunity calls,
should I feel guilt between her thighs,
when whispered false promises sate her need.
my lies give her what she wants,
so I sold out for glory,
a cyprian path to fame.

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Ryter Roethicle

Bad Love

Bad love is like stale bred
Nothing is likely to rise from it
Its crumbs fit only to feed the useless
Too lazy or too spoiled to search for food.
The yeast having risen once already
Cannot change its state and swell again.
Bad love tastes like a leaden boot
Tainted with the shame of deception,
And the putrid stench of a week old sock
Until in decomposing it strangles the heart


Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Before we met
I fell in love,
and gave my heart and soul
to one promising to be true
and to her alone.
Not knowing or caring
what fate had in store,
I love her still
and I always will.
but she has gone now.

We shared so much,
and loved so well,
then fate led me to hell
when she left me……. alone.
Forever cognisant of the past,
the time has come to move on,
those memories will last forever.
finally with someone else
I'll sing my new song as I leave
the Boulevard of Broken dreams.


Question of Morality

I will whore myself for fame and fortune
I am not ashamed
a whore is just a person
who sells themselves for gain
but instead of mind a muscle
not the muscles of the arms and legs
it is the genitals that are the muscle
and the mind also be involved
am I any different than a lawyer
or in reality any worse?

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Nia Wynne

Some People

Users of all kinds
Want whatever they want
To be their god of life,
Or perhaps just a momentary
Pleasure, sure to be a treasure.
Though some would just take
And never give in return,
Burn your candle two ends
Leaving nothing but pain and sorrow.
Others seem to give, yet sanity be their price

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