2011 Poetry Form Challenge

#10 Sonnetina Tre (Cont.)

Sonnetina Series

Ryter Roethicle


And what shall be my sin tonight
I have no care or responsibity,
Nor do I care about morals, or right
My only concern is my dignity.
Some would call it face, I call it pride
An ease of pace takes me for a ride.
But once enjoyed, I now want more
And gather more, as much I can
What cruelty is there in the human soul,
Saying I canít, thatís enough, thatís all?


Luxuria - Lust

You awaken my senses once again
Is once not enough, do you not tire?
Too much of you will drive me insane,
Yet inside I burn, youíve set me afire.
This desire for you sets all else aside
A forbidden rollercoaster I need to ride.
The scent of you sets my senses ablaze
And forever be burned into my soul,
My conscience cast aside in my craze
I need more of you to make me whole.


Gula - Gluttony

The waistline of my love grows more
How can Cupidís arrow make it so?
I impatiently seek the fruits of our love
Eagerly devouring but never enough,
You give me more, still I want more of
And as you give I stuff and stuff.
I do not eat out of sensual gratification,
That arrow has given me a wound,
A wound that compels me all others shun
And can only heal when youíre around.


Avaritia - Greed

How can I have an excess of you,
We love and see our love accrue.
It is a wealth, but of love alone
The only bank is each others soul
Now weíve joined thereís only one
Still we appear completely whole.
Neither has lost, and both have gained
If it is so, how can it be bad?
Were we tortured, were we chained
Neither weíre only left feeling glad.


Socordia - Sloth

I have not failed, I have gained you
A task that very few could ever do.
And this love created no sluggard
Even though Iíve become your slave.
I shall write thee sonnets, be thy bard
And prove in many ways Iím no Knave.
To be thine I will do anything you ask
Proving that I am far from indifferent
Hoping that in your favour I will bask
As I aim to make you always content.


Superbia - Pride

To love properly, you must love yourself
But Iím not vain, I put you before myself.
A vain man loves himself and himself alone
He preens and primps thinking heís the best
But he is selfish, right down to the bone
And puts himself way above the rest.
I love me Ďcause I love you, there is no doubt
And you love me, thereís a reason to be proud.
For too long now Iíve lived in drought
But now itís time to shout out loud.


Ira - Wrath

I become angry only in defence of you,
I cannot stand by and see thee get harmed
I am your knight, what else should I do?
The slightest threat to you I am alarmed.
Yet I think perhaps Iím guilty of this sin
Impatience travelling to you, watch it begin.
Too many nights without you is a loss
The lust and greed within causes me pain.
Even though many mountains Iíd cross
Iíd gladly do it to be with you again.


Invidia - Envy

I envy no man, if I have a sin itís pride
My life proves Iím here for more than the ride.
I do not envy the rich, I have all I need
Nor does greed turn me to wanting more.
I think Iíve passed it on through my seed
I certainly donít think of life as a chore.
I will not deprive any man of his rights
But I do resent a person asserting theirs.
Too many sins happen, and cause fights
Whilst claiming to be righteous heirs.


Tristitia - Despair

Presumption should never make us neglect that which appears easy to us,
nor despair make us lose courage at the sight of difficulties.
Benjamin Banneker

What greater cruelty can there be than despair
Inner feelings in ones mind saying "I do not care".
This ultimate sin it is a mental curse
A curse that leads to death by suicide
I canít think of anything that could be worse
We have let that person down, whoa betide!
If the person is sad, just give them hope
They need help and friendship is good
They need more than medicine, or dope
When they are deadís too late to say "I shouldíve".

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