2012 Poetry Form Challenge

#01 Enclosed Triplet

The Enclosed triplet is a very interesting form and if the a.b.a..b.c.b. format is used it forms the basis for the Sicilian Triplet , Terza Rima, using the enclosed word as continuity, or where lines or words are repeated there is the Villanelle, or later the Terzanelle.
The alternative left with is to have the centre unrelated completely as shown below

How would we know if our feelings are low
So low that teardrops stain porcelain faces
When faces are painted a warm loving glow

Which glows through when a lover embraces
If his embraces are few how may we know
Shall love flow when a tender heart races.

How can it be when true love hurts so much
So much it can break in two loving hearts
When hearts may respond to a sensual touch.

For touch prevents them from falling apart
Playing a part of true lovers games as such
To stop love from hurting is a work of art.

It could be that love came much too late
That it was never to be for you and me
For the love we had then was our fate.

Divena Collins

Enclosed Triplet Replies

Maryse Achong

Follow The Leader

Kathy Anderson

Storm in a Teacup

Divena Collins

Beasts Of The Forest
Computer Geek
Daughter of Heaven
Four Strong Winds
Mei Long (Sleeping Dragon)
Natures Seasons
Princess Niamh And Oisin
So Life Began
Tawny Owl
Zumba Rabiosa

Jem Farmer

Beyond My Eyes
Fairy Glen
In The Hurricane's Eye
Morrigan's Hounds
Mountain Retreat
One Foggy Morning
Was He Pushed

Ryter Roethicle

An Illusion
City of Angels
Darkness Looms
How Often
In Another Place
Mountain Retreat
Nature and Chrismas
Realising Summer Love
X Factor
Your Memories
Zerstorer Perhaps

Gert Strydom

An Eternal Kind of Love
Cassinga Jump
Coming of Spring
Far Too Little We Know
In Each Raindrop
On A Visit To Cape Town
What Extraordinary Circumstances

Divena & Ryter

My Shy One
When Spirits Fly

Maryse Achong

Follow The Leader

You took my hand and whispered, 'Follow me.'
And though I was afraid I did not leave
Because I trusted You implicitly.

But I must have been so very naive
To think Your request was a simple one
Still I can't count the blessings I receive.

The goals You set are not easily won
And oftentimes I stumble, even fall
But You are always there to help me on.

I want to give You everything, my all,
To have You as the focus of my life
To answer eagerly Your every call.

In this world where hurt and distress are rife,
Where wrong is often made to appear right,
Protect me from the chaos and the strife.

I look to You My Lord, my Guiding Light,
I cling to Your Word so I can be strong,
So at day's end I'd have fought the best fight

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Kathy Anderson

Storm in a Teacup

you brought this storm in a teacup
milky murk poured into the suns
brilliantine webs as we look up

but no sparkle emitted
through the dense clouds of the lightener,
a hazelnut cream thunder spread

a spread of desire on ones hips
from head to toe layers drip on
thicker buzz to delight your lips

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Divena Collins

Beasts Of The Forest

Come now and gather closer to me
All thou wild beasts of the forest T
hat dwell forever within harmony;

Let never a hunter mar thy trail,
Nor render thy pattern to cease
For thy freedom shall soon prevail.

The woodlands big enough for all
To survive side by side together
Come harken to the wild life call;

If only they are given a chance,
Ne-er having to suffer the strife
Nor spears from a hunters lance.

Pity the creatures large and small
And be thankful to thy lord above
That thou art humane and stand tall

Every creature that dwells upon land,
Survives with love and protection
With a caring heart and gentle hand.


Computer Geeks

Whatever would we do if computers went extinct
And something new was placed there in their place
Shall company`s as huge as microsoft all go skint?

Could our brains cope with learning something new
To be reconditioned again when it is never possible
If not to master the pace, whatever would we all do.

Consumers never have a say we can never change
What we have learned is of no interest to them
They are so intellectual and think we are strange.

When we think we have mastered mostly everything
And turn on our computers to instal lots of updates
When all is lost, we who dont know must phone Peking.

Half an hour flies past, listening to unwanted music
Patience runs out and tempers are now wearing thin
All we wished to do was return once more to basic.


Daughter of Heaven

Within the clouds as shapes take grace
I look for visions of those I have lost
But all I can see is a wide open space.

Where has all my old family gone now?
That I knew once and loved as a child
How those fond memories ever grow.

They say heaven is a wonderful place
I thought once my heaven was earth
Then lost a daughter without a trace.

Oh how I missed my dear mother so
Who comforted all my pain and hurt
I cannot see heaven to let her know.

Brothers and a sister have gone amiss
One day soon I shall see them all again
So sincere was the sunrays gentle kiss.


Four Strong Winds

Loud the thunder rolled through clouds
lightning streaked across the dark sky
While showers of mist formed shrouds.

Torrential rain upon the sodden roads
Of rainbow hazes streaked with oil
Within ripples as the floods explode.

Danger warns as the storm advances
Sirens sounding throughout the night
Impatient travellers taking chances.

Never drove in floods like this before
Sunken vehicles from four strong winds
Lose control within four locked doors.



Such is the warmth of a summers day
Within the heart of a woman that loves
Tho' bitter the frosts of winter doth lay.

Calming the moments of blissful charms
Of true devotion within a lovers eyes
As he gathers her close within his arms.

Gently the caress of his sensual touch
Of searching fingers that forever find
That lovers passions desire so much.

Theirs is the pleasures of loves delight
That surrenders unto the gifts of bliss
Dancing within harmony unto the night.

There is no ending to an ageless love
It lingers deeply within young and old
Loving spirits shall but ever rise above.


Mei long(Sleeping Dragon)

Oh mythical dragon from the east
Awaken from your dormant sleep
Blow once more of fire deceased.

Roam the great corners of the earth
Imperial palaces of ivory and jade
Return to the richness of your birth

You have been silenced far too long
For the land of creature`s awaits
Gracious flames of your fiery song.

None so bold has walked this land
That fears when evil shall be done
When a lifetime has been spanned.

If you are a legend born in the mist
How can we tell if we dont really know
Were you a myth? or did you exist?.


Natures Seasons

Green the meadows which thrive in the spring
Awaken to birds song that trills in the dawn
Follow the Cuckoo`s sweet song on the wing.

Spring awakens the dense woodland green
For all of earths nature shall spring alive
A prettier picture has never yet been seen.

Summer adorns the trees that were bare
Petals now boast natures magical boughs
Capturing moments of wonders to share.

As dusk descends changing all things bright
Unto mystical shrouds of a summers mist
Shading the skyline softly towards night.

Come Autumns carpet crimson and gold
Thy host of leaves fierce winds blew down
Devoid of autumns multi shades of old.

A vision of emptiness within thy space
Thou hath withered with ne-er a sound
Haunting palid forests within thy grace.

Pretty is the picture of winters scene
Images from a magical fairy tale lore
Softly the snow adorns pines of green.

Praising each year the change of seasons
Transforms the woodland to all its glory;
Blessed be to nature who has her reasons.


Princess Niamh And Oisin

Ride thy steed thro`the land of Tir na nOg
O-er mystic meadows unto magical scene`s
Of rivers and woodlands midst mists of fog.

Faerie tale castles from ancient folk lore
Green Irish hillsides roll down to the sea`s
Within celtic coves upon Tir na nOgs shore.

The great warrior Oisin fell deeply in love
With Princess Niamh of the ancient castle
That stood upon the hill top so high above.

Her father the King dwelt eternal years
Within the magical land of the ever living
To lose his daughter had shed few tears.

They ride the steed across the deep ocean
No hooves must touch down upon this land
It is they shall love eternally with devotion.


So Life Begins

Hath thy not birthed this child out of love
For love thou hath felt since his time began
A love that flourished from the spirits above

Cast thy seeds unto the passions of woman
When her passionate feelings were involved
What else shalt be resolved from this plan.

Had not the tale of Adam and Eve been so
Of how human instincts changed their view
And how in this world the populations grow

For what they thought was something new
Instinctive emotions that only they found
Invented by love`twas all they once knew

But a poisonous apple they ate from a tree
The fruits of love being a mere temptation
Remains a grave warning for you and me.


Tawny Owl

Born to view upon a moonlit night
Eyes of the night that glow in the dark
Of amber jewels that gleam as bright

High upon boughs of a wooded glade
He craves existance from earth below
That hides in the dense thicket shade.

Hunted prey that sleeps in the shadow
Within what may be a safe sanctuary
But the sanctuary is much too shallow.

He spots a mouse downward he flies
Surviving to live is only for the fittest
He swoops upon his prey by surprise.

There is no pity for lifes resistance
Within the cries of the wilds victim
Nor pains from a lifetimes existance.


Yin - Yang Zen

Gentle water of peace flow upon mountain
Thro` mist of ancient chinese cultural lore
Unto sacred path of calm crystal fountain.

Water of life that flow thro` earthen vein
Flowing gently spiritual power of Yin -Yang
Sharing nutrient ofcalm unto bamboo cane.

Thus sway gently to the music of a breath
Of life giving air that dance with a breeze
Within a Zen garden which nature bequeath.

Spiritual calmness that ease troubled mind
Shall benefit greatly with a calming touch
That all within a Zen garden shall unwind.


Zumba Rabiosa

C`mon everybody now lets get fit
Christmas is past it is time to fast
Think yourself slim come lets try it.

If you can Rumba that is great
Your are half way there already
And you wont have long to wait.

Get into rhythm follow that beat
Dancing to the Zumba Rabiosa
Great fun to do and really neat.

Things will never again feel grim
You`ll look and feel much better
And praise yourself for being slim.

Wriggle those hips waist and thighs
Zumba Rabiosa lets have some fun
You will shortly get down to size.

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Jem Farmer

Beyond My Eyes

As night-time closed around my mind,
I watched a lady rise above,
Within her face beauty defined.

Lady of night who stole my heart,
Led me to see beyond my eyes,
As drifting clouds made their depart.

The ancient songs echoed all night,
As eyes gazed upon lady's face,
A sultry smile, in lunar light.

All questions asked in ritual dance,
Out in the night where all is seen,
So live again in her romance.


Fairy Glen

The moss green walls rise high above,
As a poet sits down to dream,
In this place, I was born to love.

Cascading Conwy waters flow,
As a poet sits down to dream,
And old memories come and go.

When first I crossed the Beaver Bridge,
As a child who lived in dreams,
And clambered on the wooded ridge.

I fell in love with this place then,
As a child who lived in dreams,
Still, today it’s my Fairy Glen.


In the Hurricane's Eye

The swirling wind to touch the ground,
A sudden energy outbursts,
Yet its eye cannot see the found.

Above, a beauty to behold,
As it blindly wends its path,
Its wake of destruction unfolds.

Listen! A child's voice speaks of love,
Calling out to the angels there,
Mercy's prayer to powers above.

Surrounded by a violent rage
A child knelt in a calming peace,
Winds holding life within their sage.


The Keepsake

Old chintzy flowers on lampshade,
The yellowed tag says 'half a crown',
Yet memories ne'er dim nor fade.

The price you paid a whole week's wage,
Seems nothing in the here and now,
Expensive in old money's age.

Oh, how the years have hurried by,
The children grown now parents too,
And dreams still dance in the lamp's sigh.

That 'Half a crown' now seems well spent,
A lasting thought that's here to stay,
Convincing us of love's intent.

The lamp now sits by my chair,
It brings you here within its light,
And I speak as if you were there.


Morrigan's Hounds

Be sure your deeds do not awaken,
The Morrigan and her hellhounds,
As then, your soul is forsaken!

So deep within conscious abyss,
Where the secrets of dreams reside,
Devoid of innocent remiss.

Avenging huntress comes alive,
With straining hounds that call the night
As she seeks who cannot survive.

Her eyes are watching from the gate,
And piercing through a moonless night,
She sees the souls poisoned with hate.

Retribution comes from her hand,
On hearts corrupted by the lies,
Keeping pure Avalon's land!


Mountain Retreat

The stars shone down upon the ground,
While I sat strumming my guitar,
And time stood still and gathered round.

O'er the mountaintop glazed the moon,
While I sat strumming my guitar,
And saw the rocks that gods had hewn.

The bacon sizzled in the pan,
While I sat strumming my guitar,
As trees whispered of nature's plan.

The pinewood burned in the campfire,
While I sat strumming my guitar,
My senses climbing ever higher.

So when I need to rest my mind,
While I'm sat strumming my guitar,
It is mountains I come to find.


One Foggy Morning

A dreamy state in morning mist,
As curls of cloud, recline on earth,
The walking feet dare not resist.

The pathway fading just ahead,
Recoiling into the low clouds,
A mystery remains instead.

Wandering feet know their own way,
Whilst striding on without time to pause,
And dwell upon what comes today.

Old footsteps echo on the breeze,
Through dreams of love that time forgot,
Yet still it whispers through the trees.


Was He Pushed?

When hearing old familiar rhyme,
My mind asks if the story's right,
0r is it concealing a crime?

Upon the wall old Humpty sat,
Why was he there, what was his care,
And what were all the king's men at?

Where were they when his fall took place?
Were health and safety even called?
How could it happen, this disgrace?

They claim Humpty just simply fell,
No soldier could fix him again,
But I am sure there's more to tell.

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Ryter Roethicle

An Illusion

The illusion of desire I know is real
I look at you, and in doing, see your eyes
Then I realise the cause of the way I feel.

There is no magic in love, it is the cause
No wands that are needed to be waved
Rather it's the way of speech, the pause.

Something is said and then a look given
Another phrase, a look, and then that touch
You realise then, that you must give in.

Forever more you are under her spell
But there's no need for fear or even doubt
For like you, she to is bound as well.


City of Angels

I tried to listen to the earth today
But screaming jets are all I hear
Nothing works here there is no way.

The people here do they forget
Or have they ever known or cared?
All I can hear is the scream of jets.

The Earth breathes and lives and cares.
Rain will not wash away the filth of kind
Breathe, live in this filth them that dares

Nothing works here there is no way.
They are deaf who are set of mind
I tried to listen to the earth today.


Darkness Looms

When darkness looms, the day fades away
No comforting light shines upon or within
It's hard to see beyond this dreary day.

Tonight only foulest evil shall hold sway
And blackest night shall pave sin's path
For in the night is when the wicked play.

Around corruption purest white turns grey
And night creatures shriek their hellish din
Living things seem hollow and full of decay.

It's hard to see beyond the dreary day
As long as it stays dark, evil always wins
With corruption and decay from evils prey.


How Often

How often do we punish the one we love?
Words said in heat, regretted in morn's light
As pure venom was poured out from above.

And with the morning our conscience shakes
Wishing that we could undo what was said
And repair the scars and fix heartbreaks.

And our loved one says, "don't be absurd"
"I forgive", but in her voice you feel the hurt
And from her tone, something else is heard.

How quickly she turns away, and hides again
You reach for her and take her in your arms
And gently turn her to you and see the strain.

Thankfully there's been no permanent harm
And there is nothing wrong between you two
That cannot be fixed by this woman's charm.


In Another Place

In another place, in some other time
There's a land of fantasy beyond our reach
It is a perfect place with a perfect clime.

Where all our hopes and wishes to be
And all we dare and scheme and plan
Will live there within our dreams to see.

And every night they're waiting there
Refreshed and new for us to see again
A kaleidoscope of life's rich fare.

Our bodies perfect, strong and true
No lust or other hungers to satisfy
A land of love where all's true blue

So each night as on your beds you lie
Why not relax and close your eyes
And as you doze see your cares go by.



As I lead you by the hand into the night
The cares of the day are stolen away
As we wend our way by moonlight.

My heart's sure what we're doing is right
As we stroll along our grassy path
Hearing the flutter of an owl in flight.

I gaze upon your eyes shining bright
Craving this moment to stay forever
Walking hand in hand through the night.


Nature and Christmas

The floods are now starting to recede
One hour of hammering hail and rain
Was another of natures Christmas deeds.

Receiving flash floods and damaging hail
Destroying roofs and breaking glass
Certainly made a mockery of "Wassail"

But unlike the country that bore that song
Nature moved on causing no more strife
And blue sunny skies will be here ere long

Barbeques'll fill the air with meaty scents
Laughter and banter will be the sounds
As copious cans're relieved of their contents.



Like a prisoner you have me bound to you
And my hands do not feel any prison bars,
But I'm not counting days till freedoms due.

There was no crime, or deed, or whistle blew
There will be no fear of breakout, or escape,
Instead its bonds of love that angels brew

I'll be a model prisoner, and never go askew
But not with chains of hardened steel
Misery and unhappy days cast aside, or few.



Listening to the rain against the wall
Creating a constant sensuous tempo
Drip, drip, drip, the rain droplets fall.

A warm sensuous mood pervades all
Feelings moving, inhibitions gone
Drip, drip, drip, the rain droplets fall.

You smile, your eyes light up in thrall
With loves sweet juice we toast each other
Drip, drip, drip, the rain droplets fall.

We've no concern about what may befall
For what we have created is no delusion
Drip, drip, drip, the rain droplets fall.


Realising Summer Love

I promise that you will be my summer love
And all our years there will only be one
You are the only one that I will think of.

We do not need a spring for love has grown
Now here we are with the fullness of it all
Fate has done her best with the seeds sown.

What of autumn is there any need for it?
A perennial love like ours has no need
Our love goes for as long as we permit.

There's no winter where we're concerned
This is a marathon and do not need to rest
We'll reap the benefits of what we learned.

There is no season for us except summer
Our love has grown and it will not fade
For like a great wine it can only get better.



Summer....The time of life


This time in life is natures own
Full of splendour as new life abounds
A time for everything that's grown.

Flowers spring up from the earth
Displaying their beauty for all to see
A time of life knowing what it's worth.

Grateful to life for all that is grown
As fruit is lush and begins to ripen
And for gathering all that's been sown.

All around is life growing with zest
Worn for a while a summer crown
Where plant and beast are at their best.


Winter....The time of rest


All plants are bare no longer their best
The future is sleeping in the cold earth
Because now it is the time for all to rest.

Within the earth they are asleep and still
The kernels of all life must lie there ready
As the bulbs and seed await natures will.

All other forms of life are dormant also
The earth's energy needs to recharge.
Fields lie fallow but soon they'll grow.

All the work is done at the water mill
And the miller too must have his rest.
But the fish still swim in ice cold chill.



There is a season for everything
For birth, for youth, for love, for death
The seasons carry on ever circling.

The pain of birth is the pain of life
Some have it easy without problems
Some have it hard and full of strife.

This strife will carry on into youth
High spirits does not mean conduct
Nor is quietness a proof of couth.

Some can love only themselves
Others like you and I, love forever
No need to put our lives on shelves.

Like all else there is the time of all
Rich man poor man, beggar or thief
It's how you respond hearing that call.


Your Memories

Will you remember me, as you grow old
As a loving memory, of days long past
Another photograph, once framed in gold

If we came face to face, what would you say
Would you notice the friendly smile on my face
Or just smile at me and go on about your way

Would we recapture, all of yesterdays sighs
Remembering the passion, on moonlit nights
Or just daydream still while wondering why

Pretending not to care wishing it to be right
Even closing my eyes and wishing on a star
Do I need forgiving, perhaps I just might

My sensitive heart now forever holds a scar
If we came face to face, what would you say
From a memory, I'm remembering from afar.


Zerstorer Perhaps

Each day to me is like a holiday
And that is because I enjoy life
Each one becoming one of play.

Why should I be miserable, I’m alive
As healthy and happy as I can be
Despite whatever shit, I will survive.

I’ve been closer to death than most
And better men than me have died
But I’m here, stead of saying, “Adios!”

It has made me question all beliefs
And found with very few exceptions
Most religious leaders are simply thieves.

I’ll climb down from my high horse.
I’ve said too much, upset too many
Realising the truth is a matter of course.

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Gert Strydom

An Eternal Kind of Love

While time far too quickly passes us by
in the presence of things pure and true
that between some beloved partners does lie,

sometimes the vast protecting sapphire sky
hangs covering over us, in it's deep blue
hangs somewhat sheltering over you and I,

as there's longing for something in each eye
of every great thing that we can pursue,
while continually time gets wings to fly

but somewhere a kind of essence does lie,
like something precious with a prefect hue,
as true love is the thing that does us tie

while in every thing for which we vie
you accompany me in all that we do
and somewhere is lost the me and the my

while own interests we do at times defy,
your graceful face remains my only retinue
until the very day that we do die,

even in all that we treat with some fie
we stick to each other like a kind of glue
while time far too quickly passes us by.


The Cassinga Jump

That night great strain was on each youthful face,
in the hangar we did equipment check,
called-up each from a different place.

The Hercules roared at a quick pace
as in many sticks we were strapped in,
with the flashing red light my heart did race;

to some an enemy jump is commonplace,
a paratrooper did vomit on me
and I begged God for His saving grace.

Suddenly I had to step into space,
I heard the roar of anti-aircraft guns,
snipers in trees was another menace

while I felt the wind's jerking soft embrace,
as we got down in a wooded terrain,
saw some women of the fleeing populace,

but that was only the smallest preface
as rockets and bullets whooshed over us,
called-up each from a different place.


The Coming of Spring

When everything is awakening in spring,
when a myriad of colours are displayed,
when God does to many things, new life bring,

there is a great kindness at the begin
of the season that replaces winter
when blossoms, many plants are flowering,

when everywhere some insects are buzzing
in a quest to propagate their own kind
when many butterflies are fluttering

when birds have very happy songs to sing
during the bright day and in the dark night,
when everything is awakening in spring.


Far Too Little We Know


Not all kinds of things can be explained
by mere science or by some philosophy
and so the essence of life has remained

without its knowledge ever been gained
a very great kind of strange mystery
in that it does exist unrestrained,

when couples from pleasure have not abstained,
as in love some small cells brings a child to be
while after death life cannot be maintained

or knowledge of its wellspring be retained
while its source seems divine, something Godly;
not all kinds of things can be explained.

While some mysteries still has a haven
in their own undisturbed happenings
while human science still measures uneven;

if texture, colour and waves in heaven
of a rainbow is in the knowledge of things
the impact, the magic of it is not given,

even when men are despotic or craven,
on faith like butterflies, angels have wings,
as does remain the lore of the raven,

even the devil has hoofs that are cloven,
some stories have got some imaginings
while some mysteries still has a haven.

People might think I am on the loony side
but not all discoveries have been made
and to real faith some powers remain wide.

a man may have a tender hearted bride
as true love's mysteries do not just fade
while all their guests do them well wishes bide.

when hidden facts appear from where they hide,
new kinds of things may appear from the shade,
with knowledge man wants to rule and divide.

in life by limited resources we decide
the way of things and do others persuade
and to real faith some powers remain wide.


Yet still far too little we do know
even of ourselves and of our earth,
about the way that everything does go,
we experience the sun's early glow
while we learn and adapt from our very birth
are caught by the wonder of drops of snow,

yearn for something more beyond the shadow,
for a supreme being that knows our true worth
in life's daily continuous ebb and flow
and in rebellion we suffer blow by blow,
while to existence there is no rebirth,
yet still far too little we do know.


In Each Raindrop There Is a Kind of Magic

In each raindrop there is a kind of magic,
magic in the falling blue-white thunder,
the thunder that in a flash downward flick

the flick of something about which I wonder,
the wonder that again brings fresh new life,
new life to where seeds are turned under.

The bright rainbow has a own kind of spell,
a spell of time when the hot sun blazes,
blazes in brilliance as all is well,

while the deep well suddenly amazes,
amazes with water that is clear and pure,
pure to the taste as heat hangs in a haze.

Nothing can the power of rain remove
as overnight the grass and the crops jumps,
proving the great power of divine love.



With the bright moon that is tonight missing
as if it has suddenly strayed somewhere
the stars dimmed out, the air is rushing

while almost like a machine I am falling
from very high while breathing pure oxygen,
an exploding lightning bolt makes my ears sing

while the altimeter I am watching;
with each enemy guard, guard-tower primed
against penetration, in I am fluttering,

at terminal velocity it's terrifying,
while life comes to a standstill around me
but that moment is but very fleeting

before a device is reminding
that the rushing ground is almost too near
and the jerking parachute is opening;

right after the equipment bag I am landing,
snatching off the chute, cocking the weapon,
with the bright moon that is tonight missing.


On a Visit to Cape Town

I was looking at the ocean, looking again,
I saw seagulls swarm under in the bay,
while standing for moments on Table Mountain,

in the air there were some tiny drops of rain
as it was quite a cloudy kind of day
with a storm that it could for days maintain,

more and more power the wind did gain,
to and thro boats and ships did sway
as if nothing, could the rising storm restrain,

a Japanese tourist did to me complain
as the wind swept his camera away
and his growing terror was quite plain.

At the Strand a moment did peace contain
until a myriad from busses came to play
in underwear and it went against my grain

when modesty some did totally disdain
and no attention I tried them to pay,
as the beach became their deafening domain,

from their whistling my ears were in pain
as some children were running relay,
while an elderly lady walked a dog on a chain

and my Pierre Cardin shirt got a stain
when a toddler with an ice-cream did stray
before her parents could control regain.

At Clifton most girls did topless tans attain
but some of them were lovely anyway,
coaxing, no modesty they did retain

and the failure of my morals was almost certain
while on my towel I did blushing lay,
had a quick escape route to ascertain

as a beautiful blond did her eyes on me train,
with open eyes I did for guidance pray,
as another girl did on company bargain

and fighting her attention was in vain
as she smiling came my way,
while dumbstruck with her I did remain.

On the promenade from a girl I did refrain;
at Sea Point a man could go astray,
could almost any kind of pleasure obtain,

in the background was a sneaking villain
that had just come out of the subway
while rain again start falling as a curtain,

glitzy places wanted people to entertain
and a train rattled on the far-off railway
while from living no one could abstain,

to a taxi driver I did my destination explain
before catching a plane on the runway;
I was looking at the ocean, looking again.



Some deep red roses bloomed in the rain,
the rain sieved down for days without end,
an end to winter brought the spring again;

while again roses at a time would be send,
be send as messengers of a love that's true,
that's true in all things that had happened.

I held red roses wrapped in a big bunch,
a big bunch to make up for being apart;
after days apart we did meet for lunch,

after lunch a sweet kiss would test her heart,
her heart would respond with some kind of bliss,
or bliss would be absent in our own art.

Nothing could love remove, her eyes did shine
as I saw her face, hurried to embrace;
the depths of love did prove that she was mine.


What extraordinary circumstance brought me? (Variation)

What type of circumstance brought me
in my own birth
to a planet that is not of death free,

to a world that constantly is in decay
here to this earth
where but a single sun brightens the day;

I could have served at the feet of God,
in joy, in mirth;
where I now in destruction's footsteps trod?

I ask these questions in true sincerity
when hope I girth,
what type of circumstance brought me?

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Divena and Ryter

My Shy One

My shy one there is much to be patient of;
Thy eyes say much, soft and gentle,
And has quietened in speech my love!

Thy trembling fills me with awe, sweet one
I cherish thee, my arms yearning to hugg
Fingers trace thy cheek, gentle as can be done.

Heart bursting with love none can excel
Thou art a precious petal floating above
Come take my hand darling let thy fears dispel

Your lips tremble as if love to remove
All doubts, entranced within your spell
Take my hand and my love I'll prove


When Spirits Fly

You raise me up with soft whispers of love
Knowing that we shall both forever share
Those precious dreams that we speak of

You raise me up from land across the sea
I gaze from afar into loving eyes of blue
When our spirits fly you are there with me

You raise me up when I am feeling so low
That I cannot speak nor even to kiss you
When we are apart it is then I miss you so

You raise me up through clouds of sorrow
Knowing you will always be there for me
To cherish our love forever and tomorrow.

You raise me up when we are both together
I feel my heart beat faster with your touch
It is then I know there shall never be another.

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