2012 Poetry Form Challenge

#13 English Quintain

This is a popular form of Quintain having no set measure or foot and has a rhyming scheme of; a. b. a. b. b.

The fields we have planted
Have ripened slowly to a golden husk.
Soon they will be harvested.
The air will be rich with wheaten musk
Then again the field will return to dust.

Ryter Roethicle

This Quintain is an excellent base to work from for any longer poem (ie. ballads). Two stanza, and we have a Sonnetina Cinque and several poets have added two couplets to the two quintains in various ways and by combining the stanza to 14 lines created a sonnet

13 English Quintain Posts

Maryse Achong


Kathy Anderson

Antique Scents
Dance Softly With me
Forest Dew

Terry Clitheroe

Boatman The
Canberra Ride
Claire de Lune
Come to Me Softly
Each Night
Fools Paradise
It Started With a Kiss
Let Me
Love Dreams
Lunar Ballet
Quantum Spirit
Questions of Magic
Solar Power
Twilight Thoughts
Zilch Again

Divena Collins

Daphne and Apollo
Death of a Computer
Destiny Nil
Gift of Man
Go with the Flow
Life After Death
Love Created
Green Fields
Kings Hawk
Plaisir D'Amour
Purely Temptation
Silent Voices
Spirits of the Lake
Stop The World
True Fantasy

Lorainne Dafney

Busy Bees

Jem Farmer

Sugar and Spice
To a Ghost of a Rose
Welcome Surprise

Leny Roovers

Rotterdam 1940
Winter Birds

Dinah Serritelli


Maryse Achong


I made a list the other day,
No 'to do' list this I might add,
But rather an attempt to weigh
The pros and cons, the good and bad
My reasons to be joyful, sad.

The list was long I must confess
It was not easy to prepare;
As I attempted to assess
My position, it became clear
I am quite happy t'would appear.



We come before You as we are
No frills no clever words to say,
Completely bare, each wound each scar
Open to You, we're on display;
We bow our heads and look away.

No way to whitewash our misdeeds,
To justify the wrongs we’ve done;
Then You show us how Your Heart bleeds;
Though we may deny You or shun
Your Presence, still we cannot run.

We may know You by different names
It matters not ,You answer all
And though we still play silly games
You pick us up when'er we fall.

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Kathy Anderson

Antique Scents

I heard the word of a new shoppe
That sold old clothes and other things,
So it happened that I went by there
For frippery even though I needed nothing.

Soon as I entered in it hit me
That olde scent of aged wax and weave
Of elder fabrics perfectly kept up
From unseemly odours that cleave.

No mere frivolous perfume
But of care and loving repairs
None wasted upon noses that consume
A less perfect wear by modern care.

Wood smoke, cigars and olde pipes
Lingered on an old mens smoking coat
As much exposed to Bay Rum cologne jars
Tang before their pine tar water bath soak.



"You need much help dearest lass."
Says the tawny good elf lad,
So he puts the wine glass
In front of her to make glad
Her sorrowed eyes, no more sad.

He set about her old home
Like a train passing through night
And left a trail of gnomes
To guard her treasures right
And cleaned away the dirt in sight.

Now the lass is smiling fine
To find her home clean in time
For the lad that came to call
To win her hearts treasure all.


Dance Softly

Dance with me softly down by the shores
Listen to two heartbeats as loons sing
Sitting together knowing what's in store
Smelling wild roses softly fading
And by the by see wine sky shading.

We'll embrace softly for an age
Then interlacing hands, gentle hands, again touch
Our promise was on the first page
That delicious kiss so much meant
If only an embrace could be as soft, just soft.

The evening sonata begins doves cheek to cheek
Their sense of knowing what would ensue
No words spoken, your touch lets you speak
Thoughts weaving love's cues
Eyes take over the band leaders view.



There was no one to envy the flute in my hands
Long ago wishes never got close
None to feel blest that played in the band,
Only a river of fear held me morose
No place in any heart but a ghost.

No one to transpose from hand to mind,
My music died e're it was born
Cold flesh never knowing its time
Nor feelings floating on skin torn
Scarred by unanswered prayers this morn'.


Forest Dew

Sparkling nymphs play at dawn
With the fae laddies they find fair
To dance many a dance in airs
Above the ground or on lea's green lawns
Betwixt forests mystery where bluebells pair.

Beneath canopy even falls violet
Upon branch and nest lay its breast
Awaiting morns sweet suffuse wet
Cooling the heat of noon's bright protest
In honor of Summers sonata in ultraviolet.

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Terry Clitheroe

The Boatman

Do not call the boatman early
We must all wait out our time,
He will not come if it's untimely
He'll leave you waiting out of line
And the future will not be fine

If he comes and takes you early,
Your fated future won't mesh with life.
You will have to take what's given
Moving away from your intended wife
Choosing another to share your strife.

Wandering the empty halls of time
Forever seeking your lost soulmate
Instead of being with a loving partner
There's a different meal on your plate
And learn alone, lessons dealt by Fate.

Your former lover cannot help you
Your times together are dead and gone.
Out of sync with each others time now
Different cards have now been drawn
Leaving two souls weeping all alone.


Canberra Ride

Shaded trails of asphalt filled promise
I pushed time in one end of today,
And saw how those promises diminish
Like the red cars that pass, I am in the way
And my marvellous thoughts easily decay.

Flashing bands of what has mattered
Are ignored and pushed well out of sight
By impatient, ill bred cretins in well catered
Four wheeled drives impressed by might,
With little thought for others or what is right.

Patiently I spur my horseless carriage on
Carving my way through fume infested track
Wondering if this time, I will see the dawn
Before I have to turn round and head on back
Or attempt to get off, and take another tack.

Suddenly I'm free and can move at my pace
What heat there was is now a flowing breeze.
Brooding cameras prevent the thought of race
And the clear road ahead only serves to tease.
None too soon, a leafy street is there to please.


Claire de Lune

The moonlight shines on singing waters
A chorus repeated by humming stones
In a composition of competing meters
That brings peace to my stressed bones
On hearing a piano's soft sensuous tones.

Feeling the presence of those supple fingers
And under the spell of each nights moon
There is always the wish for it to linger
For tis not hard for two souls to attune
As nightly this music flows in the room.


Come To Me Softly

Come to me softly down by the river
Let us listen to the heron and the swan
Sit softly beside me as if meant forever
Sniffing the soft air as the day travels on
And on and on feeling as if we truly belong.

I'll kiss you so gently at first for a moment
Then kiss you, and kiss you, and kiss you again.
I promise you there will be no torment
Instead I will drive you, like me, insane,
If only I can kiss you again, and again.

The river sings softly, the birds do to
They sense they know what they've begun
Words now unspoken, eyes speak for you
Mind spinning love we know will go on
Eyes speaking volumes of eloquent song.



Only in death is a body perfect
No more corruption of the flesh
No more wrinkles will we detect.
With the sod the corpse will mesh
The tomb will become our creche.

Only in death is a body perfect.
My body now shall live forever
No change each day, no mood effect
Sod and body now blend together
They become one and last forever.


Each Night

Each night as I dream I close my eyes
And see you walking towards me again
That smile, those eyes are no surprise
Their total absence would drive me insane
Seeing them forever is what I hope to attain.

Each night in my dreams, I dream of you
Of perfect love and forever golden days
You stay with me the whole night through
So familiar are you and your loving ways
So perfect an answer to all my prayers.

And now I know my wish will come true
All we have to do is patiently count the days
As each one creeps slowly into our view
Our impatience rewarded by long delays
So relax, write poetry, and see how it pays.


Fools Paradise

Some joker is whistling for his dog
And overhead the moon looks bored.
A thought occurs to me in this fog
That maybe this is heaven's reward
Not for lack of sin, but life unexplored.

So maybe there are angels lurking
Dressed in every scary thing that be.
Hiding in every shadow, waiting
Ready to jump out and surprise me
Trying to shake this passive lethargy.

I walk under a giant old elm tree
That is rotting from the inside out.
I wonder if they think this of me?
Then suddenly in my mind is doubt.
Suddenly I want to scream and shout.

Life is not about feeling safe within
Rather's about testing the water's heat,
Not by finger's touch, but jumping in.
At life's end handing back battered meat
With a sign saying, "My life's complete".


It Started With a Kiss

Should I kiss thee? I think looking into your eyes
Knowing what we have started can never end.
Knowing that with the kiss and loving sighs
Our love will be forever, never need to mend,
It started with a kiss as now upwards we ascend.

I have kissed thee, and looked into your eyes
Now what has happened I hope never ends
For I know thy kisses and thy loving sighs
Forever, loving, and never needing amends,
It started with a kiss as now upwards we ascend.


Let Me

Let me hold you close for just a while
Press your self against me to feel hearts beat
Push me away for a moment to see my smile
Then pull me close, and appreciate love's heat
Feeling as I do that our love is so sweet.

Come close let me hold you pressed to me
What is a hug other than a wish to unite?
A simple act that became loves master key
Which brought us ultimately to loves height
And eventually sleeping until morning light.

Let me hold you close for more than ever
There's no-one else that interests me like you.
The bonds of our feelings we couldn't sever
There's no moment with you that I could rue
Spending eternity together till all life is through.


Love Dreams

Dreaming of the romance of this night
Dark blue skies, form a stars back drop
The beauty, the lure of the full moonlight.
Sitting on a seawall at some exotic stop
Barely touching as love slowly develops

Magically, soft, wet lips, light our fuse
Senses lost giving in to our feelings
Touching, surrender, as control we lose
Naked bodies, our senses reeling
Opening, giving, nothing concealing

In turn offering ourselves in love
Now with no thoughts of self or same
Becoming a pure, loving treasure trove
And with that love I cry your name
We have created an everlasting flame.


Lunar Ballet

I lie awake with the stars out on stage.
The moon moves along like a dancer
Moving gracefully from page to page.
Each one pirouettes her, then steadies her
All cast off, until, just she is standing there.

Now the moon completely owns the sky
The stage is hers and we the audience look
As have not others in all the years gone by?
Even the most hardened heart has not forsook
To pause a while amazed how long thy took.

Such is the power the moon holds over us all
And so she has for millions of years or more
The Sun is king; he has the ability to enthral.
Poets and writers, have created all this lore
But simply put, the Moon we all adore.


Quantumn Spirit

In an increasing circle of yellow light,
He pierces the dark world of his children-
Entering the world, scattering night.
Blackness vanishes from the world of men
And for a while the slate is clean again.

Somewhere there is controlled darkness,
There light and truth cannot penetrate,
And hatred grows in a festering mess.
The men who live there silently wait
Feeding out lies, deceit, and teaching hate.

Too many are aware preferring love instead
For it is mans way to look towards the Sun
And anything dark to feel fear or dread
The coward would merely turn and run,
But the hero says the day has just begun.


Questions of Magic

No more is it the time of magic, its now of men
Merlin and all his kin have left the stage and sleep
Slumbering in their cave awaiting until when
Once more they must emerge from sleep so deep
Working spells, as evil from the land they sweep

Then once again in battle we will see the way
The strength of arm with sword, or axe and shield,
Again the mighty kings must field and fight the fey
And blow for blow, and spell for spell, or yield
For in the end the weaker magic will lose the field.

What if by chance they do not emerge when called
Will we be able to learn their secrets in time
Is there some kind of insurance scheme installed
'Cause it's no longer warriors it's terror and crime
And lets be honest terror is by cowards and slime.



The sky is dark outside but I see your eyes
Shining brighter than any star could ever,
To me, it will never ever be a surprise.
Finally I am glad that you did discover
At last, that we will be together forever.

Outside the night creatures create their sounds
Whilst we mortals inside have made our own.
Now in satient state listen to feathered clowns
Smiling, realising how, close we have grown
And thankful also for their friendly drone.

Finally the world is still as we slumber
Even the avian's outside contribute nought.
Mortals such as we sleep and remember
In our dreams all that tonight has bought
Probably everything in Eternity we sought.


Silent Voices

She heard a voice no one was there
Softly were the words it had spoken
It had come from I dont know where
For the trees behind her were oaken
But their spell of silence was broken.

So gently flows an incoming breeze
With whispers of a history to be told
Wild flowers grew beneath the trees
For a young maidens eyes to behold
Who crept through undergrowth bold.

Silent the voice that spoke in her mind
Visions took over and had told her so
Imagination was never very hard to find
Where the rhythm of breeze`s shall blow
A childs fantasy has much room to grow.

She answers her images within herself
Completely lost in her world of dreams
Faeries goblins, and that of a wood elf
Yet silence pravails to high extreme`s
But within play it is more that it seems.


Solar Power

The young sun is a child no more, instead
He has learned his craft in spring, and now
Rising early he calls us all from comfy bed
To share as much together as time will allow
Hoping he has learned what he needs to know.

He has four cousins they are the winds
Who he uses in the lessons taught by time.
When they blow we bless or curse, or remind
That the sun has at last reached its prime.
We must be careful to watch each daily climb.

For those that are foolish and ignore each ray
Will soon find out what sun block means,
See those lumps appear and they rue the day
They exposed themselves to solar schemes
And a surgeon's knife destroys their dreams.


Twilight Thoughts

As twilight begins to dim the evening sky
You hear the birds giving their final calls.
The wind in the trees echoes daytime's sigh
Seeing shadows lengthen as suns light falls
And the sun disappears down blackened walls

Finally the sun sets and daylight is gone.
And daytime scenes disappear with the light
Sentient familiars standing, waiting the dawn
As references change to become those of night
Then tactile senses replace those of sight.

The coldness of midwinter is with us now
And the lack of leaves on some trees is seen.
In sixty days winter will have to take a bow
Then the new colour will be shades of green
Along with others as spring creates her scene.


Zilch Again

I had such dreams now they are gone
Now gentle reader that journey has ended.
Mute will be my muse she has withdrawn
Too cruel was my wit and I have offended
A future of promise is now suspended.

Someone from the past emerged once again
After that I feel I have been cast aside
Now all of my plans I can throw down the drain
Not because once again to him she is tied
But because now all emotion is being denied.

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Divena Collins

Daphne and Apollo

Enchanted dreams beheld loves emotion
Enhanced within a magical morning mist
Touches them true with love and devotion
Passions new found they could not resist
Of mystical moments as they both kissed.

Love shines like stardust within their eyes
The burning desires of passions that flow
It is this both lovers shall never disguise
They shall only allow this ecstacy to grow
Knowing that desires shall reach a plateau.

Enchanted dreams shall forever show true
Restlessly desirous voluptuous pleasure
Of feelings they shall never misconstrue
The passions of love they cannot measure
Remaining close together shall treasure.

Daphne and Apollo - John Waterhouse


Death of a Computer

Do you recall me or are you so proud
That you cannot look death in the face
Nor speak to a ghost within a shroud
Why is it that I am now out of place
That you can no longer me embrace.

Maybe you cannot see or hear my voice
For I shall only be a night vision to you
Within a dream that shall fade by choice
Dreams of the living scattered askew
When memories remain all but a few

Did you not feal the warmth of my breath
Of a gentle breeze that drifted your way
What was in life it shall be within death
By night shall be dark but never by day
I shall return to my saviour hidden away.

Here I shall stay in my darkened tomb
Until a new full moon becomes bright
I shall then return from a sacred womb
For then only shall the timing be right
From out of the darkness into the light.

It is then I shall seek my own true love
To be close by his side for an eternity
It is written in the scripture high above
When the dead recovered their sanity
They shall return love with no depravity.


Destiny Nil

My faith in humanity has been destroyed
From this day on I no longer shall exist
My life and love I had once employed
Much anguish could not be dismissed
From hurt and pain thro` tears of mist.

How could this have happened to me
I thought I had earned lifes blessing
I was so happy in love and trouble free
With everything I yearned progressing
Only to end within sadness depressing.

There is no joy no promise to forgive
Have arrived here many times before
All I ever wanted was love and to live
Fate found a way to return once more
A love that once was shall ne-er restore.


Go With The Flow

I feel the gentle flow of love for you
When I close my eyes I feel your kiss
It is then I finger my guitar like I do
I gently pluck a melody of lovers bliss
To howl at the moon shall not go amiss.

Emotions of love thro`sweet music is real
For deeply within reveals a rhythmic flow
That only a musician and a lover can feel
So come my beloved let this loving grow
Let me play you the only way that I know.


Gift Of Man

He`s a pillar of strength sometimes weak
Within reason he follow`s good intentions
Of what he is about to perceive or seek
And keeps to himself this new adaption
Until he is certain, he shall never mention.

A man stands proud in all he achieves
Knowing his actions are within his right
But if he fails within himself he grieves
Miserably he feels he has lost the fight
And to drink is his only pleasure in sight.

He loves with a passion that shall fulfil
A beautiful woman who turns his head
He shall master her love with all his skill
A man is a man and lust has to be fed
His natural instinct shall lure her to bed.

All that he yearns is to give true love
His passion of desire since time began
It is written within his prophesy above
He shall love her avidly all that he can
For such it shall be the gifts of a man.


Green Fields

I listened to his words of poetic stance
Words that he whispered of love divine
It was then he said would I like to dance
But he trod on my toes the rotten swine
He had just then ruined a perfect chance.

He took me upon a boat afloat on a lake
Serenity was there `til the boat he rocked
Good job it was me that was wide awake
He lost the oar I would rather have walked
Be glad when the blasted thing is docked.

But dont get me wrong for I love him true
When he`s not occupied reading his book
There was never a dull moment hitherto
But there`s things I just cannot overlook
His book from the library was now overdue.

Bed was a prime time place to make love
Now all I am hearing is a rhythmic snore
Romance is the moon and the stars above
But I know he has heard this all before
He now has his bed made up on the floor.

A time to make love within green fields
Past is gone we shall love for tomorrow
For fruits of togetherness forever yields
And forever says fare thee well to sorrow
Once upon green fields our love shall follow.


Life After Death

The treasured times we both have had
Shall be locked within my heart forever
Such happy moments sometimes sad
But we weathered the storms together
Knowing love shall not destroy us ever.

Memories that linger within loves heart
Shall remain within our pleasures anew
And when time comes when we depart
It shall be love that shall see us through
What we thought then had all come true.

What we had shall be with us no more
But sweet memories shall always stay
Words of love shall open deaths door
There shall be no words of love to say
Tho' our spirits shall linger another way.

A new dawn shall shine through a cloud
This new awakening from dark unto light
Spirits arise from their perished shroud
No more in bleakness and out of sight
But 'neath a moons beam shining bright.


Love Created

I see only the mist that covers my eye
Of a morning dew that flows a sad tear
So sad is the heart that makes me cry
Where is the lover that held me so near
I crave for his love and cherish him dear.

I know one day soon he will love me true
To gather me close like he did before
Since then it was but our love that grew
Each time we met it was he that I adore
And all we ever did was to love some more.

Come to me my love when the time is right
I shall be waiting here with joy in my heart
Just to be with you again thro` out the night
This love we have should never to be apart
Hearts have been blessed by cupids dart.


Kings Hawk

Revenge were the words of Genghis Khan
An eye for an eye his Highness proclaimed
For I am after all a most reasonable man
His hawk attached to his wrist remained
Alert and protective loyalty unrestrained.

It came to pass when the earth was parched
The burning sun had shrunk the dry ground
Up and down mountains the King marched
To prove to his subjects the earth was round
But dry was his throat with no water abound.

He sat by the bank with his chalice ready
For at last he had found a still water hole
But he had not held his chalice steady
And his hawks wings capsized the bowl
Woe betide the hawk as a careless soul.

This had occured twice more of the same
Revenge were the words of a thirsty King
The hawk was killed with bitter shame
From his sword he took a final fatal swing
And severed the hawk down upon the wing.

He climbed once more the highest mountain
To search in vain for another water source
Until he came to a mirage of a fountain
Which was never really as true of course
By now his throat was parched and hoarse.

Therein the water he found a dead snake
Which beknown to his loyal hawk as lethal
Who had tried to halt his masters intake
'Twas proof of his hawks loyal betrothal.
An eye for an eye was his destined call.

Be not forgotten the hand that feeds him
For a creatures loyalty rewards you true
Thou shalt not destroy him at your whim
For all he was doing was protecting you
Upon priority of his high security view.

"Heather Dale - Hunter"


Plaisir D'Amour

You ask no more than what I feel inside
Sweet the passions of a true love divine
This warming glow that love shall provide
To sample the sweetness of lovers wine
As love misted eyes reveal all the signs.

I feel you much closer that I did before
For time has only enhanced deep therein
Within this passion it is you that I adore
Ignoring the signs would be a mortal sin
Everlasting love shall not end but begin.

What is meant to be shall be but strong
The strength of our love shall pull through
Nothing on earth is to say this was wrong
For you and I know that this feeling is true
We shall treasure each other as lovers do.



This night of howling winds that rest by day
Which may cease the blessed power of light
That may be proven for reasons to dismay
So those that pray shall perhaps be alright
For they are blessed with gifts of foresight.

Bills of fuel crammed thro`a letter box door
But more or less the final cost can be cruel
A duel at a court house devours much more
That bore a big hole from accounts for fuel.
And all thy shalt nurture is a bowl of gruel.

Come forth the reason for daylight saving
Just craving for existance for all it is worth
Let belts be tightened thro`rapid fading
Upgrading your loss for providers rebirth
Thy shalt never need to relieve a tight girth.


Purely Temptation

She purrs like a cat on a long pile rug
Awaiting lanquishly to tempt her prey
Eyes so blurred from a fertility drug
She the temptress that slumbers by day
Awaits the night she shall have her way.

Her victim to be shall be so unaware
What she has in store for his pleasure
But rest assure she will be right there
With a fate of ecstasy he shall treasure
His fantasy shall be of no half measure.

Lustily she awaits to ravish his charms
When a full moon shines love awakens
Cats will be cats and can do much harm
If his masculine feelings are forsaken
It is she who has teased shall be taken.


Spirits of the Lake

I do not know what fate awaits me
Through the mists of a boating lake
For love is blind and I cannot see
So lost in a dream I dare not wake.
I cannot swim for a lifetimes sake.

Why was I present in the first place
Never have I walked within my sleep
Nor had I any real need to embrace
Those dark misty waters of the deep
When I was so warm in bed in a heap.

Was it spirits arisen from the past
To inform me this lifetime was over
And I was to meet my maker at last
I who arose from a pillow of clover
Embraced again by my spirit lover.

I knew then what fate would await me
Through the mist of time upon that lake
Love was blind but now I did foresee
Lost in a dream yet so widely awake
For spiritual hearts shall never break.


Stop The World

Ashamed to be part of the human race
Stop the World for it is time to depart
No more do I need a life time to face
The trials and hurt of a broken heart
Sorrow was with me to play the part.

I thought I had found a love so true
But in my sleep It was only my dreams
For loving was meant for a chosen few
That played a part of their high esteems
Which never had been for me it seems.

Time has now erased loves feelings inside
For me it never had any reason to grow
Stop the World while I still have my pride
I have a need to get off thus I do know
For my love deep within has been denied.


True Fantasy

I percieve when this planet had first spun
Clear yet deep within my memories eye
The various countries placed one by one
For I watched from the mists thro`the sky
Of lands and seas and of mountains high,

Vast oceans of blue and mountains green
How beautiful this planet was going to be
The creator envisioned a perfect scene
From a masterful dreamland of fantasy
There was nothing like it within the galaxy.

Of various breeds within land and the sea
Wild the beasts had taken over this land
To roam this new wilderness wild and free
Dinosaurs and mammoths, were planned
Centuries before this planet was manned.

Down came heavens within torrents of floods
And changed the sea and landscape anew
An ark was constructed to save their brood
For the Animals to alight upon two by two
Thought to be fantasy that I knew was true.

Through the good and bad times long past
That I watched from the mists thro` the sky
It was time for me to be reborne at last
To return with the angels upon wings to fly
If this be a dream then asleep shall go I.

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Lorainne Dafney

Busy Bees

In fields of gold below the sky
bees live and work in harmony
pollinating crops when they fly
thanks to their generosity
come celebrate each days bounty.

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Jem Farmer

Sugar and Spice

It is sugar and spice that makes her nice,
So says the rhyme from nursery school days,
No mention is made of the eyes of ice,
And impish smiles as her mischief she plays,
What makes the girl who thrives in boyish ways?

Perhaps the sugar-coated puppy tails
Fell in whilst stirring the DNA pot
Soft lace and ribbons and painted finger nails
While she tinkers with bikes and greasy grot
The girl of all things nice - oh no I'm not!


To a Ghost of a Rose

Another time and place we said 'I do',
The word love meant forever you and me,
Eternal destiny came into view,
Only in my arms could you ever be,
Only in your kiss could I fly so free.

A promise made and shared throughout all time,
Yet we knew the coming of pain and strife,
And all too soon another ritual rhyme,
My pathway home is the journey of life,
Until the day I see my darling wife.


Welcome Surprise

Here in the middle of every day,
A peace between the frying bacon strips,
And eggs that are cooked the sunny way,
The brief thought into the heart gently slips,
While sprit dreams surge through fingertips.

The power of light needs no standing stone,
Nor gathering of crowds to call it true,
The candle flame burning brightly alone,
While sparrows frolic in the morning dew,
Before the golden skies return to blue.

And near the roses sings a speckled thrush,
Rejoicing in the early morning sun
The perfect song to break the dawn rise hush,
A surprise twitch that's simply chanced upon
Brief moments as nature can't be outdone.

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Leny Roovers

Rotterdam 1940

As cruel hands pull out your beating heart,
its arteries no longer bear your blood.
Your body crumples when your soul must part-
another life is smothered in its bud.
All red is rinsed away in heaven’s flood.

Once you stood proud, your arms embraced the world,
but envious eyes shot poisoned darts your way;
your strength grew weaker as more bombs were hurled
and it was clear you wouldn’t see the day.
Why does the end of love sets off to betray?

An empty shell raises his arms up high,
it all began when death turned black our sky.



Grey covers of fat clouds obscure the Sun,
his rays of light and warmth can't reach my land,
while days get shorter since summer's brief run.
In long winter months his touch has been banned,
I miss his comfort and caressing hand.

A small strip of light for just a few hours,
is all the solace now left for my soul;
there is no pleasure from spring's bright flowers
as they lay dormant, in seasons' control,
awaiting their key to play a new role.

For four long months these stifling blankets shroud
Sun's face- his warm embrace is not allowed.



There is a silent watcher in my mind,
investigating every wisp of thought.
Among the bits and pieces that he finds
are faded threads of dreams, no longer sought-
once brought to light, they vanish into naught.

As breath flows in, my chest expands with air;
each cavity is filled with living force
while outward sighs give birth to silent prayer.
I am connected to my inner source,
In deep surrender I now trust Thy course.

Enveloped by clear consciousness I rest,
in confidence I'll one day pass Thy test.


Winter Birds

Amidst red finches and blue tits,
my solitary robin waits;
capped bramblings search for favoured bits,
greenfinches scurry with their mates
as friend blue jay samples spilt dates.

Bold jackdaws chase green parakeets,
swinging from long peanut chains;
newcomers in our cities’ streets,
they’ve taken over parks and plains-
competing now with beaks and brains.

My lonely robin still awaits
sweet reuniting with its mate.
All summer long they were a pair,
yet wintertime they cannot share.

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Dinah Serritelli


I smile at the images that fill my head
Sitting comfy cozy in my favorite chair,
Through my memory maze I softly tread
My mind roaming from here to there
Shuffling around with nary a care

I’ll keep the good…discard the bad
Shred the thoughts that made me cry
Living with regrets is just way to sad
Better to leave the sleeping dogs lie,
Why? I’d rather be happy…that’s why.

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