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I would like to thank you for visiting me again. Your emails and suggestions have all been duly noted and I hope this year we will provide just as great a pleasure as we have in the past. Please don't stop sending me your creative comments and suggestions about the poetry you would like to see here.
This year "My Selected Poetry", will concentrate on Sonnets, starting with it's creators in Italy and Eurpoe and avoiding the English take over until after the Elizabethan era. As you may know women who wrote sonnets during this period were going very much against society and I will do my best to include as many ladies as I can during this period.
I am open to suggestions at all times and should you have a European sonnet that you like please contact me and hopefully we will be able to share it with the rest of the sonnet world.
Dante Rossettini stated; "A sonnet is a moments monument". This is precisely what I wish to create, a series of monuments to the sonnet form.

My Selected Sonnets 2012

I Have Set My HeartGiacomo da Lentini
Sonnet IVGuido Cavalcanti
Sonnet VIIIGuido Cavalcanti
Sonnet XIIGuido Cavalcanti
Beauty Of Her FaceDante Alighieri
There Is A Gentle ThoughtDante Alighieri
My LadyDante Alighieri
For This Whole YearCecco Angiolieri
If I Were FireCecco Angiolieri
Of CeccoCecco Angiolieri
Through The HeartFrancesco Petrarca
From What IdeaFrancesco Petrarca
Consuming ThoughtFrancesco Petrarca
Fiammetta SingingGiovanni Boccaccio
Sonnet VGiovanni Boccaccio
Sonnet VIGiovanni Boccaccio
Why Should I seekMichaelangelo Buonarroti
From thy fair face I learnMichaelangelo Buonarroti
No mortal thingMichaelangelo Buonarroti
To Vittoria ColonnaMichaelangelo Buonarroti
I Have Had A Good DreamVittoria Colonna
When On My RockVittoria Colonna
As Heat From OurVittoria Colonna
So Sick of WaitingGaspara Stampa
Every Planet AboveGaspara Stampa
Rime 104Gaspara Stampa
Sonnet 1Veronica Franco
Sonnet ILouise Labe
Sonnet IIILouise Labe
Sonnet XXIVLouise Labe
Sonnet ISor Juana Ines de la Cruz
Sonnet XSor Juana Ines de la Cruz
Sonnet XXSor Juana Ines de la Cruz
SonnetJuan Boscan
Sonnet LXIJuan Boscan
SonnetCristobal de Castillejo
Sonnet IGarcilaso de la Vega
SonnetGarcilaso de la Vega
SonnetGarcilaso de la Vega
Sonnet IGutierre de Cetina
Sonnet IIGutierre de Cetina
Sonnet IIIGutierre de Cetina
SonnetBaltazar del Alcazar
Sonnet XIIFrancisco de Aldana
Sonnet XXXFrancisco de Aldana
Sonnet XXVIFernando de Herrera
SonnetIIMiguel de Cervantes
My Nymph is LovelyFrancisco de la Torre
The Good ShepherdLope de Vega
To NightLope de Vega
On the Beauty of His BelovedLope de Vega
Sonnet XVIIILouise Labe
Sonnet XXIIILouise Labe
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Only after the last tree has been cut down
Only after the last river has been poisoned
Only after the last fish has been caught
Only then can we realise that money can not be eaten
- Cree Indian Prophesy