Written at a Farm

Around my porch and lonely casement spread
The myrtle never sear and gadding vine
With fragrant sweetbriar love to intertwine;
And in my garden's box-encircled bed
The pansy pied and musk-rose white and red,
The pink, the lily chaste, and sweet woodbine
Fling odours round: thick woven eglantine
Decks my trim fence; in which, by silence led,
The wren hath wisely built her mossy cell,
Sheltered from storms in courtly land so rife,
And nestles over her young and warbles well.
'Tis here, with innocence in peaceful glen,
I pass my blameless moments, far from men;
Nor wishing death too soon, nor asking life.

John Bampfylde (1754-1796)

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