Mount's Bay

Bay of the Mount! whose opening coasts are spread
From Mousehole Island to the twin-starred Lizard,
Whose waves are speckled with the mullet red,
From head to tail all good--except the gizzard;
Whose sons the patriotic flame display
Which warmed the breast of Hampdens and of Sidneys,
Whose sloping headlands with potatoes gay
Bloom with the scarlet robe, and silvery kidneys:
O! land of yellow ling, and powdered hake!
O! cornucopia of clouted cream;
O! nurse of matrons skilled the pie to bake
Beneath the furze-fired kettle! Not a ream
Of folio paper from the stores of Hewett,
If I could write thy praise, would give me room to do it.

C. V. Le Grice (1773-1858)

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