2013 Poetry Form Challenge

#03 Spanish Sestet or Sextilla

This form is derived is derived from the Italian and Sicilian ones, but gives a little more variety to the poet. Each line usually has eight syllables, but there are versions of this form that use Tetrameter and Pentameter. Like the Quintilla only two consecutive lines may have the same rhyme pattern.
In the example below, it uses a. a. b. c. c. a.

I sit and play as life goes by
Questioning fate and asking why
Why do some draw a useless card
Whilst others lives are so easy
Against their ace we draw a three
What is it that makes living hard

Ryter Roethicle
Here is another example where the alternate rhyme scheme is used; a. b. b. a. c. c.

Come take my hand my autumn angel
No longer summers colours bright
And days share equal time with night.
Lush green colours are no longer visible
The crops are gathered, and been sold,
Our legacy the colours of red and gold.

Ryter Roethicle

#03 Spanish Sestet or Sextilla

Maryse Achong

Me Drive?

Terry Clitheroe

Autumn Love
City of Angels
Enter Spring
Had We But World
Hyundai Again
Just Flown Away
Kidding as Usual
Love Forbids You
Noche de los Tiempos
Venuta e Sega e Merda
Verdad Ocultada por las Nubes
Wind Thoughts

Divena Collins

By Lamplight
Driven Crazy
Fortunes Folly
Heaven Sent
Love Endowed
Past For Future
Rodregus Mouse
Spirits of Love
Stormy Clouds
Youth Recalled

Loraine Dafney

Spanish Eggs

Jem Farmer

Bloody Bipolar
Spanish Guitars
Ultradian Trip

Gaer Llwyd

September Equinox

Divena, Terry

Anam Cara

Terry Clitheroe

Mirror of Senses: Sextilla Series

Maryse Achong

Me Drive?

I do not drive, I never learned,
Though nowadays I wish I had;
I should have listened to my Dad
But I was young and unconcerned.
One day perhaps before too long,
I tell myself... I’ve heard that song.

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Terry Clitheroe

Autumn Love

Come take my hand my autumn angel
No longer summers colours bright
And days share equal time with night.
Lush green colours are no longer visible
The crops are gathered, and been sold,
Our legacy the colours of red and gold.

This time is ours in our own private nest
Away from cooler seas that chill the air
Our evenings by a fire in a comfy chair
It is now we find that time alone is best
We have earned through our endeavour
Our future lives stretching out forever.


City of Angels

I tried to listen to the earth today
And all I heard was the scream of jets.
Black car fumes, dust and cigarettes
Nothing works here there is no way.
The Earth breathes and lives and cares,
Breathe, and live in this filth, who dares?

Rain will not wash away this kind of filth,
Those in control are deaf, and set in mind.
They silence those who care and are kind
Nor do they care about their peoples health.
The boom of the earth they have not heard,
For they have never known or cared!



Mirrors are clouds that hide the truth
They tell lies because they cannot see
Nor do mirrors know what is of thee
What is of now and was once of youth
You see a picture in front of you
Which changes every time you view.

Look at a picture every ten years
Each time an older person appears
Different it appears inside the same
Inside there is still beauty and care
To one who is not in love this is rare
But realizes love is in no way a game



Believe in dragons, that they may live again.
Cannot we believe and see what we will see?
The time is ripe that we may live in fantasy
Cannot fantasy and life be both the same?
Lording over land and sea, the gentle beast
Knightly lore was blackest deed and evil feast

For dragons lore was part of what used to be.
But blackest deeds and wicked tricks overthrow
Whilst secretly they hide and secretly they grow
Hear amid our deepest dreams the creatures plea.
Magic's gone that helped kings gain their power
Now they emerge welcomed from their bower.


Enter Spring

I heard a sound today in the trees outside
The magpies heard and with the plovers joined in,
As they celebrated the last shower of rain.
God had breathed out, the wind smiled and cried
Green shoots emerged, and new life began.
Spring has returned, and she loves us again.

I heard a sound today in the trees outside
After seeing once again a clear blue sky.
And children playing on the park close by,
Today the future smiled whilst winter cried
Because winters confinement is now chained.
Spring has returned, and she loves us again.


Had We But World and Time - Glossa

Had we but world and time
This coyness, Lady, were no crime
We would sit down and think which way
To walk and pass our long love's day.
Andrew Marvell..."To His Coy Mistress"

As now I love you, I shall in a thousand years
I have done before, the parting leaving tears.
It shall be so again, but let them be of joy
Thinking we have a love that is sublime
Had we but world and time
Each parting leaving us less as natures toy,

In life's springtime we will meet again
My passion driving like a man insane
And you my dear so shy and oh so coy
And I would have you by bedtime
This coyness, Lady, is no crime.
In my heart I knew it was no ploy

Summer is a time of light and life
Sometimes of conflict and also strife
As one will help should the other fall
At journey's end with the close of day
We would sit down and think which way.
But love and patience conquers all

In autumn there is much more peace
And love now takes on a sense of ease.
Or a single glance that means so much
A hand, a smile on our journeys way
To walk and pass our long love's day
Familiar traits, knowing by just a touch


Hyundai Again

Driving past a car yard something caught my eye
A red Hyundai Getz called out to me
Red is one colour I never want to see
Hoons drive red cars that I see flash bye
Careless and breaking every road rule.
I like white cars they are really cool.

I bought my white Hyundai, 20 years ago
She was good and faithful but suffers age
And I thought it was time to turn the page
So to Google search and new cars I did go.
I printed out a list of what I wanted to see
As I drove past, Murgatroyd had called me.

Going in I stated what I wanted to drive
Against better judgement and normal thought
She called me again wanting to be bought
During that test drive, she felt really alive.
On Friday I'll pick up my car that is red
When a week ago I'd rather be seen dead.


Just Flown Away

For a while I knew heaven but it flew away
Yet it carried our dreams every single day,
Like the birds we watched that were part of us.
Now they are gone, and our dreams are no more
And never again wade in at the evening’s shore,
Because heavenly sands have turned to dust.

For a while sunsets were deeply coloured
Now misty and clouded no longer amoured
For the sun has gone out of both our lives.
Pain has robbed you of what was really true
And memory is now just a distorted view
But in my mind, love and truth survives.


Kidding as Usual

Winter is still all around, yet there are sounds,
Forecasts tell us he's still doing morning rounds
Nor should it judging by frost in early morn.
Sounds that winter is not able to free,
But during the day we look around and see
Spring buds; is it too soon for them to be born?

How often do these signs betray the facts
And then see birds carry out spring like acts,
Believing that early spring is about to show
Late winter oft show signs of what's to be.
With parrots screaming out look, look at me
Noisy showy buggers always making a row.

Some trees too used to winters changing moods
You see the experienced local tree standing nude.
Prefer to wait, after all they get chance to rest.
And whilst the imports flash their buds and hues
Jacarandas will provide really scenic views.
In a few weeks will compete as a colourful best


Love Forbids You

Love forbids you not to love.
That gentle hand that repulses me
sought the pressure of my hand;
your eye says: "I love you",
though your lips are saying: "I won't!"
Fedora; Umberto Giordano.

Love forbids you, not to love;
Having known you, how could I not,
Not a victim of a match makers plot
I did not need any gentle shove,
To be with you is all I'll ever crave
I have become your humble slave.

That gentle hand that repulses me;
Does it intend that I should go away
Instead of holding so that I stay
Why does it grip, not set me free
It confuses me I don't understand
You know I'm yours to command.

You sought the pressure of my hand;
But I feel the wanting in your touch.
Is it only at dreams that I can clutch
Yet you say solitude is where you stand.
Body language gives a different view
Creating this great desire for you.

Your eyes say: "I love you",
Your lips still say to me: "I won't!"
I cannot believe that you don't
I'm confused, what should I do?
Yet I hear you say: "please, go away"
But everything else says: "stay!".

Though your lips are saying: "I won't"
Everything else tells me that you want me
Please stay here where you need to be,
Would I hear you call out: "please don't".
Should I call your bluff and leave right now,
Or kiss me, and make that final vow.


Noche de los Tiempos

In the mists of time we shall meet again
Break bread, and from the wineglass sup
Sharing life, more tasty with each cup
Singing songs of a once familiar refrain
Songs, that speak of our love in rhyme
And echoing throughout all of time.

In the mists of time together we danced
Moved and danced then we romanced
A piper played, we held each other tight.
Music lingered, changing with our mood
Our dance of love a sign of all that's good
Searching each others eyes, far into the night.



As normal winters misery shortly returned
With no more morning birdsongs to hear,
Last week they called out loud and clear.
And last week promises of summer burned
Idiotically we cast aside winters layers
Then once again we sat round blazing fires.

Every winter's day we prayed for rain
But fickle nature decided to abstain.
Then in spring we were promised drought,
But with spring it bucketed down
With several floods in parts of town
I suppose really we shouldn't shout.

We are paying heavy for all that rain
Having quenched its thirst's alive again
The ground grew with all kinds of bush
That Greenpiece wouldn't allow to go
Week by week we saw fire fuel grow
Then lightening, fames, death in a rush.

Now with Tasmania's forests all on fire
Destruction in the Eastern states higher.
What was promised has now all gone
Farmers moving out, there is no gain
Another year of loss, another year of pain
There's no more benefit to anyone.



How often do these signs betray the facts
And then see birds carry out spring like acts,
Believing that early spring is about to show
Late winter oft show signs of what’s to be.
With parrots screaming out look, look at me
Noisy showy buggers always making a row.

Some trees too used to winters changing moods
You see the experienced local tree standing nude.
Prefer to wait, after all they get chance to rest.
And whilst the imports flash their buds and hues
Jacarandas will provide really scenic views.
In a few weeks will compete as a colourful best



Waking in the morning is enlightenment
Seeing the morning sun aglow with life
Your morning stretch, feeling free from strife
Your lovers smile, and a feeling of excitement.
It's seeing the flowers in your garden bloom
Hearing morning birdsongs in your bedroom.

In the morning you brush and clean your teeth
Smile at the mirror your mouth feels refreshed.
Happiness has once again been accomplished
This simple act means much more underneath.
It is reality, one of the many sparks of each being
The Quintessence of elemental feeling.


Venuta e Sega e Merda

It's raining hard outside at last
The birds for once are very quiet
No deeds for them to brag tonight
Though in my trees not closely massed
Probably in contempt of what they do
That is stain my car with their poo.

I grew fruit and veggies in parts I allot
But the bastards flew past it all
Looked, dived not eating it whole
Pecked part eaten and left to rot
Then flew up to a neighbours tree
Cawing with contempt at what I'd see.


Verdad Ocultada por las Nubes

In the mists of time we shall meet again
Break bread, and from the wineglass sup
Sharing life, more tasty with each cup
Singing songs of a once familiar refrain
Songs, that speak of our love in rhyme
And echoing throughout all of time.

In the mists of time together we danced
Moved and danced then we romanced
A piper played, we held each other tight.
Music lingered, changing with our mood
Our dance of love a sign of all that's good
Searching each others eyes, far into the night.


Wind Thoughts

First Thought

Kiss flavoured winds are my thoughts
Over mounds of passion wisely bought
Flesh draped so subtle yet so easy I find
And giving flesh a form in pastel strokes
Kiss flavoured winds are my thoughts
Lips brushing skin, naked in my mind.

Second Thought

Winds off an ocean that whispers and calls
Guitar strum sounds echoes from walls
Matching heartbeats with sensing ends
Movements touches and sounds enthrals
Winds off an ocean that whispers and calls
Embracing thighs whilst making friends.



When you waken, listen to the silence
Which you hear with a different sense.
Loving words were said as you slept.
Perhaps your lover's spirit said something
Replying with something equally loving.
Your spirit heard as its vigil kept.

You both may sleep, but never your souls
Because even when apart they are a whole.
Even when apart they still converse
There is no distance that can deter
They constantly whisper to each other.
Timing and placement they both traverse.

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Divena Collins

By Lamp Light

What wonders found within a lamp
That glows of warmth in the dark

Shadows flicker with just a spark
Images within shall minds revamp
Appear from shadows oh so near
Of ghostly figures depicting fear.

How can a childs play be so drawn
To dangers that may hurt as much
And warned they are not to touch
But fascination may already spawn
Their eyes so alight within magic
How then can this glow be tragic.

When a child has inborn desire`s
All they see is a flame so bright
That glows of magic in the night
They see not the danger of fires
Flames grow high of red and gold
A child entranced may not be told.


Driven Crazy

I found a job in a farm yard
Drivin'a tractor aint so hard
No lady I turned out to be
What else was I meant to do
I was one of the chosen few
And was to be the life for me.

It is now I let down my hair
For a country life I now share
This is what I was meant to be
I know what its like to be alive
All alone in my tractor I drive
This was to be the way for me.

I drive a tractor round the farms
What shall I do wrong that harms
Except run over the farmers son
He looks at me from head to toe
For I watch these interests grow
Maybe it`s just I need someone.

I drive a tractor dont know why
Or drive this man crazy if I try
Maybe its just my need to thrive
What I need or life is to me
A county life is my place to be
If they need a woman with drive.


Fortunes Folly

What she sees in a crystal ball
When future images pay a call
Shall it be of a lovers dream
That predicts a fortune of fate
An undying love is ne-er too late
If a romance shalt reign supreme.

Mystic powers that are unbeknown
That only the gifted shall be shown
What must her future that lies ahead
Reveal deep inside the crystal globe
May it be wise for a novice to probe
Shall she rest easy within her bed.

Spirits are drawn to take a chance
Lost in a daze of meditating trance
That thro' the past shall bring forth
All she had relented from the past
Her image of the future shall cast
Within the shape of a new rebirth.


Love Endowed

Thy fond kisses thou shalt endow So blessed be thy tender touch Within a heart that beats so much Whilst endearing passions grow. Love shalt ever be a part of mine Thou shalt ever be my valentine. My feet not yet touched the ground Thy love whose arms hath held me kind That for many days when love was blind Within moments we both slept sound There was no other who loved divine That shalt ever be my valentine.


Past For Future

I saw the old folk that lived within
Deeply imprinted within my mind
That years of memories unwind
Those aged families next of kin
How the years had passed them by
Such sad tears of sorrow that cry.

A palace is what they thought
Though humble as it may seem
If only to have shared a dream
It was much better than nought
But time had shaken dreams away
All their future had gone astray

The old homestead shall not stand
Tho' desolate and cold it shall be
That once sheltered their family
Who put all they had on the land
Tho' small, it was all that they had
That is what makes this all so sad.

One day soon developers shall visit
And change the outlook of the land
It is they who have the upper hand
To demolish all that was exquisite
And what shall be there in its place
May it haunt them all with disgrace.


Peguses's Wild Oats

A creature dwelt within the woods
So strange was he with many moods
For he was half horse and half man
Peguses he was beknown by name
I think his parents were to blame
He thrives the very best he can.

Being half horse he needed his oats
But in a supermarket everyone gloats
Horses are banned from the store
But his other half was a proud man
Yet begged them to lift the ban
Or he will never shop there no more.

So they finally gave him his porridge
Much more than he could but forrage
That will last him 'til next his need
He trotted back home to the woods
With a supermarket trolley of goods
For it's wild oats he needs to breed.

Man shall be a horse for all that
One end breeds and other to chat
If man or horse dont get his oats
Then it is sorry life they may lead
It may be the end that they need
For pleasures of love he devotes.


Rodregus Mouse

If I was hurt bad and in pain
Drenched in a shower of rain
If I was bitten sore by a beast
Totally ignored by my best friend
Would you help me out to defend
Or even be sorry to say the least.

If the shoe was on the wrong foot
You know that I wouldnt ever scoot
But offer you my most humble hand
In case you would trip on your laces
And end up having to wear braces
I shall comfort you where you land.

When ever I takes a run and jump
On my head swells a great big lump
Why oh why must it be this way
The cat's waiting around the bend
I know its not his love he sends
Upon my whiskers it's not my day.


Spirits Of Love

Why should love forbidden be
When a passion within reigns free
Why must this longing never be so
Shall it not show within their eyes
Or gentle song of a lovers sighs
When the warmth begins to flow.

To cross the bridge of happiness
When cool waters beneath caress
Freedom of spirit hearts of love
Shall fly to freedom together
Both spirits to remain forever
Upon the wings of a turtle dove.


Stormy Clouds

Dark clouds that gather together
The humidity of stormy weather
Let thunder roar lightening flash
To regain sensuality within lust
Within the heat on earths crust
Teasing lovers sensual panache.

What is it about a violent storm
Flashings of power as clouds form
Is it the heat that turns them on
Or the atmospheric humidity
To relax the cause of frigidity
Upon fears of a storms passion.

Stormy skies shall regain their right
To haunt in darkness thro`the night
Within the mist of a heavy cloud
Those who reap the power of love
Shall but worship the sky up above
Blessing ever the fear of a shroud.


Youth Recalled

I wish I was a woodland nymph
To dance naked through the trees
I would only have myself to please
And the royal harmonical symph
Carefree and so happy I shall be
When all shall forever recall me.

I wish that I could turn the tide
And alter the waves of the ocean
For such would be my devotion
To be a mermaid devoid of pride
For topless I shall swim the sea
And all shall forever recall me.

I wish I was Eve without Adam
And I think that he would know
I have more than him upon show
And shall never be titled Madam
So carefree and happy I shall be
But he may if he need recall me.

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Lorraine Dafney

Spanish Eggs

Gently saute two onions then
Add garlic watch closely turn when
Just brown now set aside to wait
Scramble the eggs till their edges
Are firm to cut and make wedges
Fold over and present on plate

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Jem Farmer

The Accident

The shards of glass that stopped the fall
Are splintered out upon the ground
Except one in my heartbeat's sound
I'd heard the engine fade and stall
As spinning wheels then pulled away
And left me to my dying day.

A pool of scarlet slowly grows
Below my lifeless body here
No more shall my heart know of fear
For my soul danced into shadows
And left behind the taste of pain
Until it walks this way again.

I felt the road that burned my skin
I felt the burn of gravel rash
She had not seen me in her dash
My eyes gazed up to wonder in
Just what had she found not to like
In words: Look left, look right, THINK BIKE!


Bloody Bipolar

Upon the ground my broken dreams
Are scattered like shards of glass;
As dull as old unpolished brass.
The tears that flow in watered streams
As thoughts of joy now sail away
To where my mental demons play.

I hear the birds that sing outside,
I watch them fly across the blue,
Then turn around away from you,
Inside my mind it's time to hide,
Forget the dreams of running free
I'm losing touch with sanity.

From birth to death my mind breaks down
No ready cure or easy fix
Constantly thoughts twist in helix
To drag me down to where I drown
Alone, in pools of crying tears
Beneath the sound of silent fears.



The demons are here, back again,
Refusing to leave me alone
Yet I must face them on my own,
They drag my soul through shards of pain
As they did before, years ago
And again I can't let it show.

They haunt my dreams then cast me out,
Beyond the reach of all I love
I cannot find the way above
The pain. I can't scream nor shout
Beyond the truth of pure belief
There's nothing left but inner grief!


Spanish Guitars

I pray we walk in lunar light,
Beneath the gathering of stars,
To music from Spanish guitars,
So that our senses can invite
Desires of love between us two,
In cool night air just me and you,

A place for silent secret things,
For thoughts inside a loving heart,
The thoughts that dwell where we must start
In silver light that moon shine brings
We'll talk and walk before we kiss
Then slip away into love's bliss.


The Ultradian Trip

In non-stop circles my mind turns,
From highs to lows my brain, it burns,
I'm torn in half between the two,
A speeding car, out of control,
My aching head must take the toll,
There's nothing left for me to do.

I cannot see what lies ahead,
I cannot hear the words she said,
As darkness comes to take me back
To hidden pain of crying fears
My heart is lost in weeping tears
Yet still I fight to stay on track.

This pain inside I need to hide,
It's buried deep where none confide
And now I feel that all is lost,
I've lost my grasp, I’ve lost my grip
On this the ultradian trip,
And I alone must pay the cost.



A skilfully dismembered mind
Touched by the acts of unkind;
It cannot find clean air to breath.
And in the darkness words descend
As all desires must break and bend
To form a strangely silent wreath.

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Gaer Llwyd

September Equinox

hardwood smoke scent captures noses
bright beach plums overtake roses
hound dozes, hoses away
stepladder up, gutter to clean
on branches, fat squirrels are seen
school-bound teen scene, football play

ripe cranberries float in their bog
sweat pants and shirts warm the jog
nights of fog, grog hot with spice
spindrift and whitecaps fill bays
neon sunsets shorten the days
Jack Frost's craze, glazings of ice

village tourist shops closing down
now cord piles for woodstoves abound
cornstalks found, bound to lamp posts
old sol wanes in late afternoon
in phase of the great harvest moon
wind chimes' tune, loon cries the loss

starlings mob in wavering clouds
at the cider mill there's a crowd
calling loud, proud geese on wing
with festivals casting their spells
sound of barn dance fiddling swells
joy upwells, dwelling as king

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Divena, Terry

Anam Cara

We found love in the mists of time
Another place in another clime
We knew we were lovers before
Somewhere within time had shown
With eternity of bliss ever known
That touched both hearts sublime.

Of warmth within we both knew
Thro'all ages we remain as true
In eternity stars forever shine
A galaxy of love and utter bliss
Sealed with a tender loving kiss
Shall ever belong to me and you.

Ceochain Ama

Somewhere in the mists of time I met you
We shared wine and bread together you and I
Singing songs that will echo through eternity.
And now each life I wait until our rendezvous.
Each blessed meeting this life's days are good
And as essential to me as any nourishing food

Somewhere in the mists of time we danced
As a piper played, we held each other tight
Searching each others eyes, far into the night.
And moved and danced then we romanced
Music doesn't linger, it changes with the mood
Our dance of love's a sign of all that's good

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Terry Clitheroe

Mirror of the Senses

Sight: the First Sense

I see your reflection in the window
Do your eyes hide your sorrow?
Visual inquisition they do not admit,
And wonder, who is it really I see?
Without answers my mind isn't free
What do I see, what do you permit?

What thoughts hide behind your smile,
Surely your love of me isn't so fragile?
You turn to me two more mirrors,
And yet that love your eyes do admit.
Each time we meet we further commit.
Slowly windows change into doors

Sound: the Second Sense

I see your reflection in the window
No sound of your love, I wonder,
It does not speak, will not admit.
It turns to me, still with a smile
Not a sound from you to beguile,
What do I hear, what do you permit?

You know that triangle of words
If only your spirit could be heard.
Tell me you are willing to commit.
Endearing words will remove this fear
They're the only ones that I hold dear.
I wish I could hear them come from it.

Smell: the third sense

I see your reflection in the window
I sniff the air, but where is the odour?
That sweet fresh bouquet where is it
Clean, showered and freshly soaped
This reflection doesn't bring me hope
What do I sense, what do you permit?

This glass image has no fragrance
This is nothing without your presence
Where's the aroma that belongs to you?
There is non of loves pungency in it
How can this unscented image commit?
This is a non smelling image that I view!

Taste: the fourth sense

I see your reflection in the window
I ask, "What flavour does it endow
Am I allowed to savour any bit?
It does not make my tastebuds drool.
It looks so bland, food for a fool,
What will I taste, what do you permit?"

Of saltiness flavour, there is none
The flavoured loves juices are all gone
There is no finer taste I will admit.
Need I search for spice and cumin?
Than that of a fruity loving woman
If I taste you, will you commit?

Touch: the fifth sense

Your reflection in the window
How can I make its heart grow
Oh! Were it possible to touch it
How well I know your softness
With warm wet lips so soft to kiss
What do I touch, what do you permit?

No impostor's image that's before me
And your love that special joie de vie.
I feel trembling flesh willing to submit,
Holds your shape and your form
Soft and pliant so willing to conform,
Under my touch, I feel you commit.

Intuition: the sixth sense

I ask, "What lurks behind your smile
I know I'm the lover you wish to beguile
I see the love light that your soul emits?"
There is only one thing now I need to know
Are you my Juliet and I your Romeo?
No longer asking, "What do you permit?"

In a silent place I feel your soul
We know completion, we are whole
Now we have integrated our ego.
The physical world is another place.
The ideal model takes on your face
That reflection I saw, in the window

Soul: the seventh sense

The reflection I see in the window
I search my mind, I need to know
The past has gone but you remain
We are now closer to being whole
Is this an image of your soul?
Eternity has finally become our domain.

You turn to me, and offer your soul,
Because of the love we share, we are whole,
The window of love open to us both
No longer having any sorrows to hide.
As together through Eternity we abide
I see your reflection in the window.

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