2013 Poetry Form Challenge

#20 Strambotto

This was an early form of Italian poetry that was set to music by composers of the frottola and madrigals of the 16th century. The poetry is set into very strict stanzas of eight lines of eleven syllables. This type of stanza is known as rispetto or ottava rima. The musical rispetto was usualy dedicated to a lady love, Aside from the fact the ottava rima had no set form length and later became Iambic it also came from literature and generally had multiple stanzas, but musical version, the strambotto was typically created with a single stanza.
There are three basic types of strambotto and they are identified by their rhyme scheme.
1. Strambotto Siciliano.
2. Strambotto Toscano.
3. Strambotto Romagnuolo.
4. Variations to the Strambotto

1. Strambotto Siciliano

It will be noted that this is similar to the Sicilian Octave, but follows the Strombotto rules and consists of eight strict hendecasyllable lines (11 syllables), and similarly for multi stanzas.
a. b. a. b. a. b. a. b.

2. Strambotto Toscano

This form is most used for stand alone poetry, but can be used for multiple stanzas. When writing muliple stanzas (as in a song), it is usual to link each stanza by either a refrain or using the whole or part of the last line of the previous stanza as the first line of the next stanza:
a. b. a. b. a. b. c. c.

3. Strambotto Romagnuolo

This form has the octave constructed from a Sicilian quatrain and a quatrain of two couplets. The same rules apply about stand alone poems, and multiple stanzas.
a. b. a. b. c. c. d. d

4. Variations to the Strambotto

In the example below, you will see that Maureen has added a caudate rhyme or tail. The tail is usually a couplet, or triplet, (all lines rhyme). As an alternative, it is also possible to make a Glosa out of the form and start the poem with a cabeza, or texto, remembering that each line of the texto, becomes the first or last line of each stanza.

Maureen Murphy

A Maiden's Admission

Would that I had died a martyr's death for thee;
Bound to birch's trunk, consumed by tongues of fire
Or hung from the archway of paired lemon trees;
Tolling the tragedy of unspent desire.
Perhaps then, thou wouldst finally know and see
That it is I, who match thy passion's attire;
Framed and filled with maiden sensuality,
Solely intended for thy pleasure, dear Sire.

Come, avail thyself! Bide my words! Purge thy eyes!
Too long have I waited to enjoy thy prize;
Too long have I loved thee in painful disguise.

Strambotto Challenge Replies

Kathy Anderson

A Jamais Aimé....Tuscano
Burning Up....Siciliano
Laughter's Lure....Romagnuolo
Spell Lost....Tuscano

Terry Clitheroe

Amava Sempre....Toscano
Black Widow
Con La Morte
Dare I....Variation
Every Day....Siciliano
Fall in Cape Cod....Toscano
Hopes and Dreams....Toscano
I heard not a bird sound.....Toscano
Knights Promise....Siciliano
Loves Absence....Romagnuolo
My Chi is Lost
New Moon....Siciliano
Potency of Dreams....Siciliano
Questions and Answers....Romagnuolo
Red Lady....Variation
Sister Moon....Variation
Value Your love

Divena Collins

Amante Romani....Romagnuola
Anatomy of Nature....Variation
Can I Compare Thee....Siciliano
Il Portere del Amore....Toscano
Love Story....Variation
Lunar Shadow....Toscano
Only Make Believe....Siciliano
The Potters Wheel....Variation
Soldier, Sailor, Rich or Poor
Steps To The Unknown....Toscano
Symphonic Seasons....Siciliano
Two Sisters....Variation
Uncharted Waters....Toscano
Unlikely Tale....Romagnuolo
Way Beyond Belief....Toscano
Whisps of Hay....Romagnuolo

Lorrane Dafney

In the Stillness....Siciliano

Jem Farmer

Blemished Heart
Broken Shadow....Siciliano
Day in December....Romagnuolo
Poets Domain....Sicilian

Maureen Murphy

Fruitful Bearings....Variation

Peggy Nelson

In Dreams I Find You....Siciliano
Lets Widdle....Siciliano
Rembering Her....Romagnuolo
Silence Circles My Being....Toscano

Leny Roovers


Kathy Anderson

A Jamais Aimé (Ever Loved)....Toscano

Eternity joins between night and dawning
Where journeys end then begins again in dreams,
That were our dream, the one we’re always sharing,
United in light of moon, sun gone, it seems
The dreams always were, love not all its seeming,
Sometimes we forgot the dream till it beams,
And when it is lost, cannot find the scheming,
Until dawns twinkle that renews such loving.

Always there has been a glimmer that followed
Often slow so there is so little to see,
Sometimes seeming that time hesitates and goes,
And many times our echo’s meet so free.
That is all; that is trust, which we can only know
What love believes, sharing and caring to be?
And only hope that our time coincides now
In the same moments and the same loving glow.


Burning Up....Tuscano

If the darkness smokes me out and blows your mind
You will remember how I taught you this rhyme,
Come into my Samhain cave where ghosts find
It's not ever over when you go through time,
'If you burn me you'll leave this earth in flames kind
Released by spontaneous combustion's prime,
When you sleep there will be no peaceful dreaming
Only smoke inside your eyes as you're falling!



Sunny days and rainbow displays are now gone,
All things delay their colors as winter holds.
Everything is blue, gray and white, come the dawn;
Come the death of lovers roses, night unfolds.
Fate has upheld it's aims as the rains, bygone,
Dry bones old and tattered ribbons, friendships gold.
Nevermore's raven casts new stones, read upon,
Then carried them away on hueless wings, cold.


Laughter's Lure....Romagnuolo

To hear our laughter when we’re close in pleasure
Makes our hearts sing to the rhythm of laughter’s lure
A melody expressed and released to ease
and told how comfortable we are to please
Stopping societies clash of made up lies
Stumbling no more with their failures demise
Responding, leaving creatures who criticize
Peacefully relaxed in what we fantasize.


A Spell Lost....Toscano

On dappled ground a shadow appears to shape
A shoulder on which sunbeams shine, moonbeams dream,
Yet there's no peace around, just another drape
Of light and darkened hours from whence there's no stream,
No brook babbling along the lonely ways, scraped
Into a semblance, something special that gleams.
Forever is lost in a likely green nook,
As pages we write or read, a spell we forsook.

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Terry Clitheroe

Amava Sempre....Toscano

There is a corner at the end of the sky,
Where each night a single star sits all alone.
That is our star, the one we always wish by.
Together in spite of all that fate has thrown,
We have always loved, time's no mystery.
Some lives we forget until the path is shown,
And when it is dim, you cannot see the same,
Until there is a flicker, that lights the flame.

Always there’s been a flicker that lit the flame
Sometimes late so we have so little to share,
Sometimes it seems that fate is playing a game,
And sometimes we can have as much as we dare.
That is life, that is love, and we can only claim
What fate allows, giving us our lifetimes share,
And only pray to that star we always wish by.
In that same corner at the end of the sky.

Natural Magic - Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale


Black Widow....Variation

Have a drink my dear, nodding his head
She was so young and he so much older
Lost in his smile, believing each line he fed
So smooth, she loved the lies he told her
So confident as he led her slowly to the bed
Feeling victory, he touched her bare shoulder
Let me help you take off your clothes he said
Grinning more as each touch became bolder.

Grinning more as passion took over his brain
He had his way not realising he'd ne'er see day
Her cries changed as she cried and cried again
She cried and cried and let him have his way
Each climax each time the end justified the sin
Smiling knowing that in the end he would pay
With the dawn and last release he felt the pain
From her bite as her venom took life from him.


Con La Morte....Romagnuolo

Why is it only with death that we realised,
That it's too late, and we've lost a friend?
Wondering why did we wait until love died,
Questioning, why does there have to be an end?
Be assured all things have not been said, have they?
Before it's far too late, open up today
Believe me, say it now, drop your pride and bend,
It cannot wait you must speak before the end.


Dare I....Variation

Dare I bid you stay one moment more with me
The loss of thee is far too great a burden,
One that my heart and soul could not carry,
Believe I am ever loath to say amen.
Instead, stay if only for a while and see
The truth, and what ever thing could happen when
Working as one, we find all is possible
And everything can be achievable.

I will not offer you the world that is ours.
Live my dream with me let us reach for the stars.

The Confession - Frank Dicksee


Every Day....Siciliano

Every day I wake and every day I am blessed
Who would not be when my first thoughts are of thee,
And yet in any way I would not feel stressed
Because all things are exactly as they should be.
Each day together we create some kind of love fest
But that fest many life times ago we did agree
That by fate we'd both been in some way addressed
And this would be the way throughout Eternity.

Passion - Frank Dicksee


Fall in Cape Cod....Toscano

The cold and sombre, purple skies of fall
Are memories that are precious to all now.
The screaming of children whilst they're playing ball
Replaced by gulls hungrily foraging for chow,
In the white capped surf that covers it all
And the crashing capped waves that dig and plough.
There is no crusted bread torn and fed by hand
Especially peanut-butter mixed with sand.

Especially peanut-butter mixed with sand.
Whilst white silver scars pattern every dark cloud
Presenting a different sky from a summer's strand.
And gone are the ghetto blasters booming so loud
And the screaming tyres as teenagers act so grand
Wintery rain now pours from the forming shrouds
Making the highway just a slippery black band
But a presence no more than nature will allow.



Who says the Earth is not alive, look she sleeps
See how green her hair, so peaceful lying there.
In this valley her vigil with the Sandman keeps
To deny this short repose would be unfair.
A hundred years is but a blink of her eye
A thousand years and some time has passed by.
Sleep she will have, our master willed this day,
So we see her lying there at peace this way.


Hopes and Dreams....Toscano

As night time descends by candle lights flicker,
I think of you and wish for so many things,
Too complex for our lives and I would prefer,
A more simple one, like two birds on the wing.
What kind of heart would never ever transfer
Too where life is free, and all hearts freely sing?
I can only wish and dream, it to be true,
But more so if it were spent ever with you.


I heard not a bird sound....Toscano

I heard not a bird sound in the trees today.
The birds were listening, silent as they mourned,
And the wind did not disturb them in any way.
The death of winter was always forewarned
In spite of its struggle that it will always stay
But death, and darkness and cold are 'er scorned.
The pains of summer's birth now ease for awhile,
The beaches start to fill, and the vendors smile.



I'm so jealous of the midnight moon's soft glow
The way its soft rays kiss you while your asleep
I wish I was there once more beside you right now
Sharing the hours as they slowly forward creep
In absentia the hours pass even more slow.
And once more kiss those languid eyes whilst you sleep
Those balmy days we spent together so close
Until that final moment when we had to say “Adios”.

I'm so jealous that the black night skies must know
That my loving fingers ache to touch your face.
It's daylight here and time moves even more slow
And in that distant bed, my memories still race.
Often remembering nights when we came aglow
Even more jealous now the moon has took my place.
But my thoughts have softened when I remember this
That fresh meeting in the airport; that hug; that kiss.

Jealousy and Flirtation - Haynes King


Knights Promise....Siciliano

Too long I loved thee in painful disguise,
With open eyes the truth is so plain to see.
Yet 'twould seem but fleeting moments of our lives
Would be true admitting to reality.
In truth I called but you ignored my cries
Wasting life and time with trivialities,
Caused by guilt and loyalties imposed lies,
Ignoring what could be our eternity.

Too long have you waited to enjoy your prize;
'Twas here all the time awaiting your pleasure.
There was no need to guess, my love is no surprise
I can offer you it, beyond all measure.
We cannot fail, there must be no compromise,
And then we will become each others treasure.
A life, eternity what ever we devise
Will be ours for sure, and love beyond measure.

Come, avail thyself! Bide my words! Purge thy eyes,
What I promise is clear, and reality!
Offering a worlds of love that shall comprise
Of spending eternity, and more with me.
No conceit in this offer, take it, arise
Join me, I know that is where you want to be
Too long I loved thee in painful disguise,
With open eyes the truth is so plain to see.

Waterhouse - la belle dame sans merci


Loves Absence....Romagnuolo

The clear blue sky and the cold white fields compare
Only with the absence in your heart of me.
The leafless, lifeless trees reflecting how bare
Your thoughts and memories, of our dreams could be.
You teased me with words, lulled me with promise
When my senses were dulled, filled me with praise,
I became besotted and filled with desire.
You are gone, but how do I put out this fire?

Spring Maiden - Sir Frank Dicksee


My Chi is Lost....Variation

My chi is lost out there, a free naked spirit,
Searching for plum blossom in the morning grass.
Stolen from my human frame by an Afrit
Why did I not stay with Po? Stead Africas
Called me to her with her many mysteries,
How much the heat and sweet flowered scents contrast.
My chi is lost somewhere, a free naked spirit,
Searching for plum blossom in the morning grass.


New Moon....Sicilian

Tonight is the first new moon of this new year
Not ashamed just shy, wondering what's happening.
See, it hide within the clouds then disappear,
Just for a while, black clouds hide the golden ring
Liquid moonshine falls, welcome patches appear,
But this site is only a temporary thing.
With the site of gold again it's what we fear,
And brown dryness proves that rain's a passing thing.



Once we were lovers, and now not even friends
We're isolated by indifference and pain,
Willing to stay, I tried so hard to make amends
If only we could become lovers once again.
But you went your way and I went mine, like fools
Listening to others and following their rules.
Now two half souls mourn missing their other part
And blaming life and fate, for each broken heart.


The Potency of Dreams....Siciliano

Lesser loves have died more happier for naught,
Dare I dream as much, and they can be of thee,
Lending such a power and strength to my thought,
When any fool knows that to wake need not be to see?
Shall I open my eyes happy with what's bought
Content how seem'd so cheap is mortality,
And for that precious love I so blindly sought,
Each hour a facade of accepted reality.

Each hour a facade of accepted reality,
And yet I am sick from this want and desire.
My hapless dreams have caused my heart to see,
Passion can be summoned easy by the hour.
Within my breast beats a heart tortured by thee
I dare that you know within your heart this fire.
And dare also you share my mortality,
Apparent calm yet inside full of desire?


Questions and Answers....Romagnuolo

What is a life if you cannot live it?
What is existence if you cannot be it?
Why listen if all that is spoken is shit?
Why watch if it offends, or bores you to bits?
Why follow like lambs, when you really should lead?
Why eat the crumbs, when on the best you can feed?
Question all faiths that have been touched by man
Believe good will survive if only you can.


Red Lady....Variation

There she sat framed in the firelight
I watched her brush each flaming lock
Her red hair highlighted a flaming sight
And Fate watching us did not mock.
Instead this night a gift would be right
Regretting deeds, that this act would shock
Whilst darkness ruled, love would live
And once again she would have her man

Thus with this oath Fate forever swore
For just one night, spirit would be flesh
One night of darkness nothing more
Love would live and souls would mesh.
In spite of time I had to stop once more
As she rose and turned to meet afresh
That precious second was all it took
To realise why she was my all

She came to me with outstretched arms
Tears of joy running down her face
I surrendered easily to her charms
That she offered me with loving grace
Mad in love, her kisses made our heart race
Both accepting Fates gift without alarms
An eternity of love without any fears
A memories that would all those years.

Our kissing ignited our red hot passion
As quickly her red chemise fell to the floor
Our senses were sent reeling in celebration
Our cries of joy, together ever wanting more
Even though Fate showed us her compassion
Everything must end again making hearts sore
That damned cockerel, becomes dawns chime
Human feelings can't transcend its allotted time.

Not ever dawn may we ever see it fill
And we cannot ever enjoy it together
But for us this compromise fits the bill
For be it known Ghosts will love forever.


Sister Moon....Variation

I watch you walking up the darkening hill
And the gossamer like wings of your dress flair
Flying out it flutters and twists and spills
Seeing the nights wind playing with your hair
As it is streaming outwards of its own will
Seeing it contrast against skin soft and fair
Giving the appearance of an ethereal Sidhill
With her outstretched arms, tanned and bare.

Feel our outstretched arms welcome each other
Serenaded gently by the winds soft song
I see your clothes against your body they press
Your figure is showing through the gauze
And see our Sister Moon set your hair ablaze
Against a dark blue sky all twinkling with stars.



Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

We used to love then, but you don't anymore,
You wandered off and with it you took my soul.
It was ours, not yours to take, and I implore,
Give me back my half and help me plug this hole.
Without you and your love I am incomplete,
And yet before you, I'm sure I was replete.
Love has never made sense, before I was full
But now, I am ever just an empty fool.


Value Your Love....Siciliano

Value your love its the only thing that lasts
Eternity is a long time in fates planning
But without your complete consent its all past
And then all you will see is love waning.
When in reality our future could be a blast
Then it will be with love forever gaining
Then we'll find out how much our love's amassed
And through eternity how much joy it will bring.

An Offering - Frank Dicksee



Should I write more to you about how I feel
Or simply sit back and hear, saying nothing
Absorbing all, treated like a block of steel?
You know my loss was greater than anything,
And I am still held at fault, it's so unreal.
Yet friends took sides balancing everything
In their eyes they saw only the other deal,
It should be past, but some are still muttering.

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Divena Collins

Amante Romani....Romagnuolo

How deep is the love within a Roman Empire
Such warmth within passion like none before
Borne of affection with sensuality and desire
Within a Roman heritage of fantasy and lore
As they wine and dine upon orgies of a feast
Upon the trodden grape and head of a beast
When the entire feasting has nearly all gone
It is back towards love they all indulge upon.

Fierce within battles upon chariots of fire
Caesars of lost empires lay within the past
For Romans this day that inherit their desire
A future through the past again may be cast
Intense is the love that their future inherits
Beauty deep within shalt induce loves merits.
So gentle the touch that induces his charms
Caressed in the warmth of his lovers arms.


Anatomy Of Nature....Variation

Within heart and soul I shall feign as to keep
The knowledge of this earths eternal wonder
Within the oceans waves that rise and fall deep
To crash upon rocks as violent bolts of thunder
Spent of passion remains as calm within sleep
Waters glisten like gems that none may plunder
Soft the sigh of a mermaids cry as she weeps
Within fate fantasy of lore shall fade asunder.

Weep not for the ocean that is wild and free
Save thy tears for the anatomy of the tree
For it is they who are within danger to be.

Art by Vladimir Kush


Can I Compare Thee....Sicilian

Come hither to me let us sip the wine of love
To seduce sweet lips unto an eternal desire
Within sensual delights upon dreams thereof
That shalt smoulder within the warmth of fire
Beneath a sky of starlights that glisten above
The temperature shall rise a little higher
Thy heart and soul I shall endeavour to prove
I shalt never be of interest to any other sire.

So come let me love you and indulge upon wine
I cannot compare thee not ever to endeavor
This night is young for sweet pleasures divine
Shall remain within memory now and forever
Within hearts which destiny shall re-entwine
Not even within eternity shall this love sever
For this unity of love shall retain the star sign
That fades into the void of oblivion together


Il Portere del Amore....Toscano

Let the power of love be with us forever
Of passions that promise an immortality
A completness that two hearts endeavour
To remain both together for an affinity
For nought within love may slight or sever
These precious moments of loves divinity
So shalt it be of the true powers of love
Be blessed and complete together thereof.


Love Story....Variation

The air you breathe sighs gently upon my face
Such was the warmth I had captured within
Upon a sensual feeling as thy fingers trace
How on this earth may this be cursed as sin
For a love such as this shall be no disgrace
When a warmth of passion shall surely win
Within loves instinct of an eternal embrace
Upon an enticing feeling that excites therein.

Who but within passion shall spark up this glow
Only those who are entranced by love may know
That within loving eyes sweet sentiments show.


Lunar Shadow....Toscano

Oh brightest moon that shines thy beams upon her face
That she shall bathe within light of heavens rays
Which may warm her heart within thy solar embrace
However the distance she shalt greet thy final phase
Whatever the sign that the Gods shall send her grace
'Tis then that heaven upon this earth she shall praise
Upon a moonless night when a dark presence looms
She evades an evening shadow cursed with gloom.

Pen and Ink Drawing by Peter Willowdown


Only Make Believe....Siciliano.

What wonderment within a childs precious mind
That releases magic images from a picture book
Tales of fantasy found upon the leaves that bind
Pleasure within her eyes shall never be mistook
Within every page imagination starts to unwind
That shall encourage her forth to a new outlook
Of a fantasy that only a childs mind shall find
Upon faerie glades entranced by a shady nook.

Beautiful World Of Aarti Khurana


The Potters Wheel....Variation

The ability to accomplish the potters wheel
An art to be moulded when the clay is wet
Within skilful hands and the sense of feel
Sensually moulding before the clay has set
A fascination that holds an artistic appeal
That one so accomplished shall not forget
Complete satisfaction of art shall reveal
Her final achievements so expertly met.

But a disaster could very well come her way
If there is no power there shall be no play
That shall cause a major collapse of her clay.


Soldier, Sailor, Rich Or Poor....Variation

Shall he be a soldier that fought with pride
Within a far off battle fields dug out trench
Or shall he be a sailor upon the ocean wide
Sending far of signals to his comely wench
No harm in dreaming if it be she his bride
To be undecided may prove such a wrench
Who ever she choses love shall be her guide
Even if he`s a rich or poor, Italian or french.

Love has no limits of class or distinction
A lady can tell with her inborne instinction
Just as long as there is never a distraction.


Steps To The Unknown....Toscano

Dare I take one step further unto the unknown.
When the night was dark within a shrouded mist
No moon within a darkened sky to be shown
Tho' my instincts tell me that I must persist
I who lack courage to go forward all alone
May just seem strange when I cannot resist
Yet something had drawn me I cannot explain
But I just felt I was never to return again.

Those were of steps within past had forgotten
That faded away within memories of that time
Of a kingdom that reigned by one as besotten
Who left to be a poet composed within rhyme
As ancient steps remain crumbled and rotten
So for me to walk upon them may be a crime
Mysterious was that night my courage failed
Behind that mist could be a danger unveiled.


Symphonic Seasons....Siciliano

Now gathers the morning sunlights bright array
A maiden awakens within her descant sings
As ripples of a streams sweet refrains play
To a chorus of wakened birds upon the wings
Above as the boughs of blossoms gently sway
Sweet is the sound that mother of nature brings
That shall herald within a fresh summer day
Within a haunting finale of her cello strings.

Nigh unto the night of deep symphonic dreams
Of stardust sparkling harmoniously upon high
That never shall keep to a rhythm as it seems
Mother nature tunes the season with a sigh
Until the autumn changes and winter redeems
Tis then the maiden of seasons questions why
Why do we suffer such melodious extremes
When a musical composition shall now apply.

Art By Hans Zatska


Two Sisters....Variation

What yields two sisters in laughter and fun
As youth then awakens affection and jollity
Pretty as the flowers that bloom in the sun
And the stream below that induces frivolity
For the beauty of youth shall not be outrun
Nor shall their purity e'er decline in quality
For pride within fashion may not be undone
And ne'er be forced a decline in modesty.

What an artist creates shall come from his heart
The pleasure he achieves shall only be a start
Of inspiring images he masters upon art .

Art By Frederico Andreotte


Uncharted Waters....Toscano

Where is this place I perceive within my dream
A place of beauty that haunts me thro`the night
Of the oceans water that narrows unto a stream
From an ancient city that is now lost from sight
No more shall the life within that city redeem
Nor restoration shall bring the past unto light
Lost are the ancient ruins in uncharted waters
A city robbed of ancient sons and daughters.

Yet here floweth still the wild torrents unseen
An imagination of beauty through silt and grime
A glance from the past yet only within a dream
That shall re-occur as often from time to time
Within an ancient prophesy of a high esteem
Here within another dream upon another clime
Still they lay silent there in the ocean this day
Yet silent dreams may re-occur in another way.


Unlikely Tale....Romagnuolo

Hail this dark and sacred night of halloween
That wakes the dead within this darkened night
Do not tread where fearful phantoms have been
Nor follow paths that may be hidden from sight
Ripened fruits of earth may be your forfeit
Given within quantity must forever be discreet
For this must then go back to the natural heath
Sacred offerings to past spirits beneath.

Thus are the gifts supplied upon hallows eve
Ghost shall be present if only upon disguise
A more likely version that most shall believe
That shall be of virtue to those of the wise
For they shall be the prophets of the future
That the earth is a gift for all to nurture
Thus bequeaths a final statement of halloween
Predicted by spirits of the future unseen.


Way Beyond Belief....Toscano

Mans dominion had once trod the earth of time
Scattered fragments of memory soon disappear
Through the vast and vibrant spaces so sublime
Within a planet he had once thought to be dear
He who had conquered the concepts of rhyme
Held within his heart all that had become clear
Visions of life appeared where once was void
Yet within fantasy discovered the humanoid.


Whisps Of Hay....Romagnuola

I shall part with all I own for a country man
Tho' I may search the green meadows over
For dreams of love shall be part of my plan
To savour the scent of hay 'midst the clover
And a breath of spring to entice us there
As we lay close together within country air
What better shall I offer for a lovers tryst
When eyes may show all as love in the mist.

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Lorraine Dafney

In the Stillness....Siciiano

One morning after the fog had lifted we
Took a walk in the woods and noticed the still
Neither one of us dared to make a sound be
As we watched the river flow, we felt its chill
And delighted in the wonders left to see
When suddenly we heard a very loud shrill
A red robin discovered her nest empty
Mother nature provides and preserves at will.

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Jem Farmer

Blemished Heart....Toscano

The memories return with the autumn leaves
And love's old bruises burn in echoes of pain
Without an invitation a thought retrieves
The eternal need to feel your touch again
Each night sleeping eyes close as a dream believes
The sun will return to shine after the rain
For in the realms of sleep I know love is real
And in your embrace I am able to feel


Broken Shadow....Siciliano

The dreams of Peter Pan fade away in time
A broken shadow no needle can repair
There's no detective to solve this silent crime
Forever's soul is lost and the heart lays bare
When love dies again within a senseless rhyme
As broken hearts no longer pretend to care
And in the distance wedding bells call their chime
While Peter Pan flies alone in the night air


A Day in December....Romagnuolo

Eyes of children shine with anticipation
Excited chatter in their letters to Saint Nick
While parents are laden with that frustration
Of knowing just the perfect present to pick
Each gift disguised in bows and shimmering wrap
The energies of Christmas must be on tap
As the last parcel is placed beneath the tree
And then there is time for that last cup of tea.


Poet's Domain....Siciliano

I hear winter in the gently falling rain
When skies are weary, cast down in autumn's grey
While Bach's music echoes through the writing brain
A poet shares breakfast coffee with John Suchet
His words flowing among the creative chain
As the pen and ink begin their working day
So it rains while dreams fill the poet's domain
And rhythmic rhyme and music come out to play.

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Maureen Murphy

Fruitful Bearings....Variation

Perhaps it was the bounty of greenery;
plush ferns and fronds mothered by bent boughs of leaves,
dappled with sunlight and shadows' artistry
that invited Eden under my dreams' eaves.
I never expected its strong chemistry;
thinking our noon stroll had slipped through conscious sieves,
beyond the sleeping planes of ego's country,
far from where my soul loomed passion's vivid weaves.

Still, I startled to feel its spirit within;
the sacred genesis of mortal woman
prizing man's presence as loving companion.
And as her song of flesh fruited temptation,
I followed pathways to love's pollination
and what your kiss sowed, in Eden's denizen.

Peggy Nelson

In Dreams I Find You....Siciliano

Each night before falling into our new dreams
Eccentric wishes, peaceful; we both confess
Affectionate love gladly given in themes
We’ve dreamt splendid moments; each tender caress
Our Dreaming now filters life’s painful extremes
Soft loving touches, no words need to express
Misgivings clouding, shall we drift back in dreams?
Ending all our dreams unsurpassed with finesse


Lets Widdle....Siciliano

He floods my mind with his humorous riddles
Making love spells spin within my shattered mind
Will our love arise; will it be more Piddles?
Gathering golden moments, two people bind
We are not Russian; next move in the Middle
We’ll find ourselves more worthy, ever so kind
playing, laughing, but; Lately we widdle
We’ll run for a touch down, leave past tense behind


Rembering Her....Romagnuolo

The one who cared for us in this mortal place,
That secret spot only known by one's best friend,
Or that mothers often divine about, with grace,
And never tattle nor make shameful, just lend;
To pass over like sheer butterflies do now
As they fly above it all, never just show,
But lend their colors and light to; that's how
Love gives us all a place to rest, lets winds blow.


Silence Circles My Being....Toscano

Stranded and alone in the white drifting snow
No signs of movement, silence enters my head
Chills running rampant from the winds that blow
So cold, so chilled and shocked by what lays ahead
Looking, seeking for shelter to warm my soul
My God! Dear God! I see visions of the dead
The Sun has arisen; warmth comforts the land
My Love, I’m going home, God wins what was planned.

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Leny Roovers


Once a promise has been made, you'd better keep
your word, or else your soul gets dark by regret.
As flow of days dulls senses, minds fall asleep
till they wake up in loss of dreams' real threat.
Hot blood runs faster when both hearts start to weep,
no time to loose, before we clear off old debt.
Lightness of heart and mind follows as result;
in facing up to truths, our soul shall exult.




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