To Happiness

O happines! thou fair enchanting form,
That, rob'd in brightness, swiftly steal'st along;
Oft mingling with the gay the glittering throng
Of blue-eyed laughing Hope--or glowing warm,
In fancy's rainbow colours sweetly drest,
Flitt'st on light silken wings before my sight--
Ah! why so soon pursue thine airy flight!
Return--return--and bless this throbbing breast.
Alas ! in vain I spread my eager arms:
In vain I court thy heavenly smile serene--
Thou'rt but a wanderer through this changeful scene,
And fleeting are thy transitory charms.
Yes angel form! thy dwelling is not here;
Thou reignest in some loftier purer sphere!

Susan Evance (1808)

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