2015 Poetry Form Challenge

#01 Ghazal

The Ghazal is a very interesting poetry form and it exists throughout the whole of the Moslem world having originated as an Ottoman poetry form. As the Moslem religion spread throughout the Ottoman Empire, so also did their poetry.

Mostly the Ghazal is far from religious in its subject matter and indeed the form appears to be blessed with an abundance of erotica. This is probably why the form became very popular in Europe in the 1800's and then later in the US with the "Flower Power" generation.

Unfortunately the essential elements have been lost with these "Modern Ghazals" and now is the time to revive them or at least make it known what those essentials were.

The Ghazal is a series of couplets each one capable of standing alone as a poem. The first couplet is called the matla or the place where the heavenly body rises. This sounds like a pretty good start for a poem.

This couplet also sets the meter of the poems and the rhyming pattern. In the true Ghazal, the last word/s of both lines of the first couplet must be the same and similarly, the last line of the following couplets must also end with the same word/s.

Modern Ghazals seem only to rhyme these last words. Below is an example which follows a more modern pattern.

Bitter Race

Tonight lets have a drinking race
Without your love no clock will race

Fill the tankard with wine that's soured
Competition in jars shall be the race

Pour down the wine drink to forget
Make our feet too leaded to leave the race

Memory lasts longer than liquor poured
Un-lived dreams litter the path I race

Life's bitter brew this cup o'erflowed
With thoughts that makes my heart race

Horus and Bacchus joined me tonight
Overcome by wine and slows the race

Till consciousness by sour wine devoured
Strikes me out of this hard fought race

Ryter Roethicle

Ghazal Challenge

Maryse Achong

Ancestral Ties
Between Us
Endless Searching
In Celebration
Indian Arrival Day
Life's Gifts
Mother Earth
Natures's Secrets
River Song
Ties That Bind

Kathy Anderson

An I for an Eye
August Leaves
Ever Dreamt of a Rose
Good Cheer
A Scent and a Kiss
The Sea Is Laughing

Deborah Bel

Lovers Leap
What is this Destiny

Gloria Carpenter

Essence of the Dawn
Inner Glow

Terry Clitheroe

Bitter Race
Global Warming
Kiss Flavoured
La Morte d'une Souris
Winters First Day
You Saved Me
Zen Conversation

Divena Collins

After Noon Nap
Amazonian Women Warriors
Blind Date
Flames of Passion
Ode to Mother Earth
Open Minded
Past To Future
Reasons for Seasons
Sentiments Returm
Shadow of Doubt
Themes and Schemes
Wild Horses
Ye Olde Cobbler

Divena Collins 2

Flames Of Passion
Of Eternal Love
Spirit of the Sea
The Spirit Within
Well Stone A Crow
Whisper To Animals

Sal Coraccio

Home Early

Allura D

Love's Visage

Lorraine Dafney


Kevin McKinney

Black Swan
Gated Community
Less Is More

Ryter Roethicle

All things must end
Autumn's Last Days

Carly Svamvour


Maryse Achong

Ancestral Ties

"Come my children lets get together
Take my hand brother and sister
Look around you what do you see
Rainbow people of La Trinity."

From many different countries they came to our islands,
And so our ancestors made their homes in these islands.

From Europe, Africa, India and China they came,
And mixed with the indigenous folk of these islands.

A huge melting pot of people is what they became,
Representing all the ethnic groups of these islands.

The term Rainbow People is just one popular name
For the inhabitants of our beautiful islands.

With no one race to call my own I can now proclaim
I am a true product of my beloved islands.


Between Us

Come walk with me along this golden shore
The way we walked upon that other shore.

Life was simple then and dreams plentiful
Just like the grains of sand that fill the shore.

The secrets we shared with one another
Have stayed forever hidden on that shore

The footsteps that we left behind us then
Were like the ones we make now on this shore.

Life's ups and downs that have since assailed us
Are like the ebb and flow that wash the shore.


Endless Searching

Why do we waste so many hours searching,
No time to taste life's sweetness, always searching.

Far too busy to smell the flowers blooming
We chase elusive goals, forever searching.

The secrets of success we are pursuing,
Lie within in our hearts, no need to go searching.

Time is precious and we are pilgrims passing,
Savour each moment, no time to be searching.

We should spend our sojourn here celebrating
As we wend our way through life, not in searching.


In celebration of Indian Arrival day

"Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is but a vision. But today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this day."
Sanskrit Proverb

They came from India to this new land of hope
They left their motherland with their hearts full of hope.

They crossed the Kala Pani with fear in their hearts
Yet through it all they were sustained by their hope.

They arrived on a boat called the Fatel Razack
And whilst the journey was long they never lost hope.

Both Hindus and Muslims came bringing their cultures,
Though different they shared the common bond of their hope.

Today we wear their clothing and relish their food,
Celebrate their coming which was borne out of hope.

Welcome again my Indian brothers and sisters
You have shown us that once there is life there is hope.


Life's Gifts

Let us think about the gifts of life
Those age old secrets of a happy life.

Health is something that all of us crave,
But health is not a certainty in life.

Outer beauty can makes us its slave,
And it does not guarantee a good life.

We cannot carry wealth to the grave
Nor does wealth promise a perfect life.

Power can make sane men rant and rave,
And power can corrupt the noblest life.

Love is the only thing that can save
Us; love makes everything worthwhile in life.


Mother Earth

We're pilgrims on a journey here on Earth
We ought to love the world which we call Earth.

Nature bestows gifts which we all collect,
And despite this we fail to cherish Earth.

We claim all that she offers but neglect
In turn to take care of the planet Earth.

This place that we call home is being wrecked,
And we must do our best to save the Earth.

If we don't learn to show her some respect,
In time we're going to lose our Mother Earth.


Nature's Secrets

Majestic mountains, you hold secrets we do not know
Accounts of heaven and hell that we will never know.

Rolling rivers you carry stories from the mountains
Captivating narrations that mingle with your flow.

Sparkling seas the rivers in their turn confide in you
Their sagas and legends now make up your undertow.

Fickle firmament you watch over Earth's abundance
Your celestial bodies are a part of this great show.

God in Heaven looks down and smiles at His creations,
But He weeps at the havoc wreaked on the world below.


River Song

O river I am lost in the peacefulness of your water,
Who knows what intrigue lies beneath the stillness of your water.

What events have you witnessed that you have revealed to no one,
What plans were made at your side by people who now are long gone.

You must have been privy to secrets whispered in your presence,
Although they never realized that they had an audience.

How many lovers' trysts were kept on the banks of this river
How many promises were made that they failed to deliver?

O river, keeper of many myst'ries throughout the ages
Who knows what turbulence beneath your placid surface rages.


Ties That Bind

My beloved I seek you all the time,
I call out, I speak your name all the time.

Like the waters that surround my island,
I'm encircled by your love all the time.

Although you now live on a different plane
Our connection defies all space and time.

Though I walk alone I'm never lonely,
I feel your spirit with me all the time.

On the day I hear you answer my call
I will understand that it is my time.

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Kathy Anderson

An I for an Eye

I hold in my hand a few words he spoke;
Reluctant to let it go, that my happiness would choke.

Vagarantly his thoughts became my mine,
Invariably a passing trend remaining under cloak.

Natally given a muse for happiness,
Grown now into laughing at the way it floats.

Bestowed a gift that now is revoked of mime,
Never to be shown as a demented hoax.


August Leaves

Shadows fall over me
Much the way August leaves.

For breath of October
Forgets how August leaves.

You're looking charmed
Just like green August leaves.

Is there any magic
When our August leaves?

Recalling how we shared
Before our August leaves.

Sun lights the hours now
As you find August leaves.


Ever Dreamt of Rose

To laugh amongst the lillies
Is an ever dreamt of rose

To weep beside the seas
Mocks the ever dreamt of rose

To humor a users purpose
Is a thorn to the ever dreamt of rose

A satire is never deserved
By the ever dreamt of rose


Good Cheer

Tis now the hour of dread and fear
Mysterious, no good nights cheer.

The ways of subtler minds dream
Any words of love for good nights cheer.

Sweet of wine and romance dancing
Are the best ways of good nights cheer.

Every word a means to draw lines
In sands of time, there's good nights cheer.

Once there was a time I could fly,
Kathy wishes for good nights cheer.


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Deborah Bel

Lover's Leap

Stick figures and a happy face, adorn a windowpane,
A lady watches for her love; all she sees is rain.

Two lovers dueled, for the right, to win a lady's hand,
Below the hearth, a story now, all that's left is stain.

What journey will love travel beneath a starlit sky?
A lover's leap, transfixed upon a lover's heart to gain.

No bird could match the romance of Pegasus in flight;
Whisking heroes to their loves, a moonlit flowing mane.

There is no gentle path to learn, why love will conquer all;
Over rocks and bramble canes, we trudge through lover's lane.


What is this Destiny?

I sought to find my place in destiny's strong hands;
I found the rock I grasped, was 'naught but shifting sands.

I sought a simple reason for displays of setting sun;
I found a golden backdrop, shot dark with violet bands.

I sought to find my face in clips of evening news;
I found some refugees, in flight from war-torn lands.

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Gloria Carpenter

After Evensong

As darkness blankets all that sleep beneath,
a rustle takes on life, and softly glows.

A stirring in the undergrowth appears,
discovered by a beam that heaven throws.

Dispersing waves reveal the gems of night,
reflecting on the wishes each one knows.

Some secrets feel an option of release,
as nightfall beckons whispers to disclose.

If mysteries stay hidden, losing sight,
does blindness open pathways that enclose?

There is a tide for all, awake, asleep
to breathe through beauty as it ebbs and flows.

A shadow hesitates, and then is gone
along a timeless trail of moonlit toes.


Essence of the Dawn

Luxuriating stretches reach the dawn.
A bloom of rising colour blushes dawn.

A moon-disk wafer swallowed in a yawn
Bestows an early blessing to the dawn.

And as the day becomes and then is gone,
An ardent sunset feasts in place of dawn.

Replete, the deepest shades of night are drawn,
And fade into a dream of moonlit dawn.

A luminescent smile reflects upon
Anticipation ~ essence of the dawn.



Tonight a heaven scent of evensong
is wafting, honeysuckle with wild rose.

A fragrant rhythm drifts in shadow clouds
of petals folding essence, in night's close.

Through wends of arching vine, a trumpet calls,
resounding in bell flowers strung in rows.

Amongst the hedgerows, blossoms glimmer white,
in hope of succulence as summer grows.

Below, a clustering of nodding heads
show gratitude, in blessing's graceful pose.

A tiny rosebud dreams of her debut
inside a lullaby of sweet repose.

As darkness blankets all that sleep beneath,
a rustle takes on life, and softly glows.


Inner Glow

When lightness hides behind dull shades of gray,
A vision fades and starts to lose its way.

When locked behind closed doors in dark despair,
It seems there is no hope to find a way.

A stifling place absorbs each breath of air,
While sending thoughts of freedom on their way.

Held deep within, a flicker waits to burn.
It lingers patiently to light the way.

To seek an inner glow, love must return
And rid the heart of fear, the only way.

A beam of hope illuminates ~ a ray,
to light the source inside and shine the way.

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Terry Clitheroe


This may seem a strange time to talk about winter
To us in warmth to those others it's snow and winter.

Cold winds they do blow and whilst they have snow
We have summer and heat, the antithesis of any winter.

Save memories what do I know of snow and winter winds
To long ago, I left and never ever was reminded of winter.

Most certainly our roads are not un-driven because of snow
Save in the mountains where they go to ski in our winter.

My oldest boy wherever there's skiing then there you'll find
Just like his father did, but now I prefer a warmer Winter.

Now its summer here and heat's the rule, far away from snow
His family have a cabin in Canada, and so enjoy their Winter.


Bitter Race

Tonight lets have a drinking race
Without your love no clock will race.

Fill the tankard with wine that's soured
Make our feet too leaded to leave the race.

Memory lasts longer than liquor poured
Un-lived dreams litter the path we race.

Life's bitter brew this cup o'erflowed
With thoughts that makes my heart race.

Till consciousness by sour wine devoured
Strikes me out of this hard fought race.



Dancing to loves tune, I spin and turn
The fever of love causes me to burn.

Inside my heartbeat skips and pounds
But whilst apart my innards churn.

My eternal love for you resounds
And my lovers steps I quickly learn.

The sensuous tempo of loving sounds
Each night to loves dancing we return.

In a ballroom made for loving rounds
Each night to loves dancing we return.

Radha and Krishna,


Global Warming

Seasons have changed as well we know
They're not like the ones we used to know.

Summers are hotter and winter are colder
Not at all like the weather we used to know.

We know memories change as we get older
Statistics and records don't, that I do know.

Global warming's causing worldwide disorder
Something I disbelieved, but now I do know.

The seas will rise as the weather gets madder
And all the places we live we will not know.

Man plays only a small part in all the order
A cyclic pattern's the only thing the world knows.



How much freer is the Jungle of Reality
Does such a thing exist, what is "Reality"?

At home amongst the hardwood trees
I feel the energy bringing me back to reality.

In this lush shelter, I can do as I please.
Civilisation ignores ideas about reality.

It's in here I will build my final donga
A place of mental rest where I find reality.

The wounds are in the jungle of my mind
Confused by information that ignores reality.

Here I will rest till until I find eternal peace
Body and soul will unite and agree about reality.


Kiss Flavoured

With feelings of passion easily bought
A kiss flavoured wind is my thought

Wind off an ocean whispers of a kind
Of an embrace tentatively one thought

Thoughts and dreams of you I easily find
Seeing your eyes light up at this thought

Lips brushing skin, naked in my mind
Matching heartbeats with our thought

Now seeking, touching lovingly inclined
All is given to you with my loss of thought


La Morte d'une Souris

Today I had to kill another mouse
He was small and grey a nosy little mouse.

Lately I had killed several around the house
They were probably kin to that little mouse.

If only they would keep away from my house
I wouldn't have to kill each little mouse.

But they came and searched my house
And I found traces left by each little mouse.

They ate my food, and shat within my house
I resolved that I should kill each little mouse

I placed traps in various places in my house
And one by one, I killed each little mouse.

And in one of the toilets in my house
I flushed away the body of each little mouse.

Should another one come into my house
It'll get the same deal as any other little mouse.



Lying, listening to the rain droplets fall
Drip, drip, drip, the rain droplets fall

A warm sensuous mood pervades all
Drip, drip, drip, the rain droplets fall

Feelings moving, inhibitions gone
Drip, drip, drip, the rain droplets fall

With loves sweet juices we toast each other
Drip, drip, drip, the rain droplets fall

You smile, your eyes light up in thrall
Drip, drip, drip, the rain droplets fall

What we have created is no delusion
Drip, drip, drip, the rain droplets fall



A time of life - Summers Ghazal

This time in life of Nature's own
A time of life for all that's grown.

It's splendours as new life abounds
A time of life for all that's grown.

Flowers spring up from the ground
A time of life for all that's grown.

Fruit is lush and begins to ripen
A time of life for all that's grown.

All around is life growing with zest
A time of life for all that's grown.

Plant and beast are at their best
A time of life for all that's grown.

Worn for a while a summer crown
A time of life for all that's grown.

A time of rest - Winters Ghazal

All plants are bare not at their best
For now it is a time for all to rest.

Beneath the earth asleep and still
The kernels of the trees lie at rest.

Bulbs and seed await natures will
With many other forms of life at rest.

The earth's energy needs to refill
The fields lie fallow and at rest.

Work is done at the water mill
The miller too must have his rest.

Fish must swim in ice cold chill
But slower now for even they rest.

So for months no movements will
Disturb nature for she is at rest.



Even though our worlds are far apart
It is only distance that keeps us apart.

Know, our souls have been ever joined
You are my mate, my soul love, my heart.

It is ordained by fate, we share our lives
Sometimes, like now we have a late start.

We meet having spent our lives searching
This must be what fate wants to impart.

As we learn, we grow closer to the final time
Each life, each love is only another restart.

To our final unison with life, souls joined
Then it means we'll never again be apart.


Winters First Day

Streets of clouds with the sun peering through
Settle to reddened slumber as the day is through.

Birdsongs are absent now from wintry skies
And all avian merriment for a while is through.

Homeward drives made difficult by glary skies
Led by chilling winds that are knifing through.

Soon drives will be made with darker skies
And misty fog with headlights punching through.

And just as bad there’ll be mornings dark skies
Slowing down traffic until the tunnel is through.



Listen whilst the insect busy at work drums
Conscious of the scents, in pleasure she drums.

Roses and lavenders give off their attractive scents
In return we hear bees buzz whilst another drums.

Some birds too whilst not interested in the scents
Slavour, listening hungrily to that sound of drums.

So with Nature we have that constant circle, scents
For some, with others the call of those tasty drums.

Are we any different I ask, spending lots on scents
When home turn the music on and listen to drums.


You Saved Me

Tonight you held my doubting hand,
You saved me by offering me your hand.

Falling in love was never ever planned,
Promising colours that were never at hand.

I never ever wanted love or to demand
Or you would be with me ever at hand.

I opened my mind to your plan so grand
Happy now that I'm going to stay at hand.

You saved me, misguided in a foreign land,
Tonight lovingly you held my doubting hand.


Zen Conversation

Eating wild fruit, learning how to fly,
what more is there to live for?

The dark abyss of anyone's soul is not a void
Just undiscovered and waiting to fill that void.

With the hidden secrets of life waiting therein
To be found by searching and filling that void.

Looking with eyes that see everything in the dark
Looking with eyes that see, and fill that void.

Listening with ears that hear in the silence
And hear and learn so they can fill that void.

Using senses that know everything is nothing.
From that nothing a universe filled that void.

And now together we stand on our own star
Watching as a new universe removes that void.

Freedom - Josephine Wall
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Divena Collins

Afternoon Nap

There is time enough to have a nap
Tired am I it does me good to nap

Oh if only I should not be so bored
Whenever I feel like taking my nap

Like telephone rings upon own accord
Just as I put my head down for a nap

Time passes by but daytime ignored
Yet still I am ready to take that nap

If only my tiredness could be absorbed
Whenever I am tired my need is to nap

Sleep for me shall be by law a reward
I know I shall be free'd after my nap.


Amazonian Women Warriors

Was it way back in old times only a tryst
Did these Women Warriors really exist.

For no fiercer warriors were they to be
As evidence show`s that they did exist.

Wild within her nature fiercer than he
That even their enemy ceased to exist.

Unless a chosen few for breeding a she
No man back then were aloud to exist.

To fight for their Realms for glory free
For only females were prized to exist.

Lay down her weapons to no mans plea
Let woman fight for their rights to exist.

There is no man within her family tree
Forever the realm of power may exist.

Whose sails swell full towards the sea
Where man from past tribe`s still exist.


Blind Date

I once took my chance with a blind date
For before I met him I never had a date.

I was ever the one that was left behind
When ever my friends had loads to date

I just was never to be that special kind
That lads would care to take on a date

If only I knew which one they may find
And was I the right one for him to date.

I did not want him to think I should bind
With one I had just met on a blind date

For I being a Lady genteel within mind.
Shall not give my all upon a blind date .


Flames of Passion

I am but consumed by the flame of his love
Of this desirous passion inspired by love

Casting of spells that create so deep within
That forever nurtures the anatomy of love

Feelings of nearness shall be much to desire
That shall only ever be the creation of love.

His every breath that I feel warms the heart
Shall only be felt as a caress within his love.

Speechless of words shall forever be blessed
Deep within loving eyes may show much love.

I am but consumed by the flame of his love
So much of desirous passion inspired by love.


Ode to Mother Earth

If Mother of nature rose from the earth
Would she find a difference from earth.

When all she knew had been cast away
As winds of time had conquered earth.

Past times were never to be the same
When concrete took the place of earth.

Bricks and mortar that reached the sky,
Foundations buried deep within earth

Fumes from smoke that blinds the eye
Casting shadows upon a polluted earth.

She who shall never seek the flowers
For nutrients are gone from this earth.

Why may all those treasures disappear
That were the jewels from Mother Earth.


Open Minded

Wonders may never cease to amaze the mind
there is so much in nature to please the mind

no finer a place shall be than upon this earth
no other that I can think of within my mind

to wander thro' the woodlands forest glade
shall so easily release the wonderous mind

casting shade below from mountain tops
may of been like a vision within the mind

yet the wonders of nature shall ever bade
everlasting beauty here within the mind

I cast my eyes to the shores of the ocean
what lies beyond may be ever upon mind

or may it be that of a loved ones devotion
who raised my hopes from his loving mind.

whatever it may be thoughts do come true
for a lover shall be true within an open mind.

Tree Spirits - Liza Paizis


Past To Future

When light shall lead us off the beaten track
Or a mistaken turning unto a lonesome track

May it be the darkness that shall turn to light
Within this ancient path that is back on track

Whose footprints have returned from the past
That had wandered before it was ever a track

Natives of the past that had pathed their way
Through a dense woodland to make this track.

Never to know that it's future may still exist
Tho' heavily trodden twas the same old track.

Visions of past shall be bring forth the future
That forever exists within that ancient track.


Reason for Seasons

This day was like the first day of Spring
The winter forecasts snow 'afore Spring

Changes in weather shall be as concealed
What may happen to the Joys of a spring

When snow may plough through the field
Where grew flowers that danced in spring

Winter comes early but naught is revealed
Until it by passes by this season of spring

When the worst happens growth may feel
No longer a witness of romance in spring.

Tis only within the mind of love appealed
A season of fantasy borne within spring

Shall It be according to this natural shield
If love may prosper forever without spring.

Natural warmth may dwell deepy sealed
To return once more shall be it in spring.

"Eternity of Love" - Willowdown

Sentiments Return

Where the surf had caressed the beach.
Gentle wavelets wash the pebbled beach.

'Twas there I found a relic from the past
It only looked like a pebble on the beach.

There was more to be shown much deeper
Never to be known upon a pebbled beach.

Streaks of silver shown through like veins
May it be treasure of old lost on the beach.

Whether it be a treasure to me unbeknown
Worthless or not it found me on this beach.

But this Treasure to me shall now ever be
A relic of past now returned to the beach.

Jasper Agate Amethyst - Rock Formation


Shadow of Doubt

I shall cast not a shadow of doubt
For this shadow is not me to doubt.

Dark images shant change my mind
of creepy footsteps I do not doubt.

Never a likeness image may I find
Imerged within dark walls of doubt.

What maybe a true image of a kind
I shall never be presented to doubt

If it was not of me I shall not bind
for a certainty shall not be of doubt.

'Tis here I rest my case far behind
I shall still have my faith no doubt.


Themes And Schemes

Shades of old I dream of natures theme
Within this spring time's violet scheme

Lavender sheathes with blooms of blue
Adds to the scents of this floral scheme

That shall blend within buttercups hue
To be part of an old fashioned scheme

There is nothing that may bloom as true
As wild flowers upon a meadow scheme

That bend and blow as wild flowers do
Within a cool breath of natures scheme.

Yet those golden times are all but a few
Most are now part of a building scheme.


Wild Horses

So free is the spirits that frolics wild
Like a herd of horses borne to be wild.

Living freely within the rich grass land
No restrictions of grazing in the wild.

To restrict those who get out of hand
Is impossible within a call of the wild.

The stallion leader who is in command
Gains a choice of mare within the wild.

Those rights remain more of a demand
For he is the leader of all that is wild.

But birth rights are not to be planned
Even for those never meant to be wild.

'Tis all a question of the first at hand
That gains all his rights within the wild.


Ye Olde Cobbler

Way back in time wnen skills of the past
Woven from an ancestor from their past

To be handed down to each generation
Within the olde cobblers shop from past

For boots back then had to be as strong
As leather and hide worn from the past

May be for the miners coal to resurface
For work and heat be recalled from past.

Then there was the farmers that toiled
Through heavy clodden earth from past

I recall many an old cobbler and craft
A stitch in time they say from the past

May serve its purpose within old times
If they were repaired often in the past.

Many a craft had been taken for granted
Yet a cobblers craft was that of the past.

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Divena Collins 2

Flames Of Passion

Flickers of flames that dance unto the night
Softly yields shadows through this night.

Enhancing all that becomes within this glow
Loves sweet passion flamed by candle light.

The moon may shine its fullest in the sky
And heavenly starlight may glisten bright.

Natures evening perfumes may fill the air
Of fragrant glowing petals shaded white

But nothing in this world of love compares
As candles flicker softly through this night.

Candle 1 - Vladimir Kush

Of Eternal Love

When soft and gentle breezes blew a kiss
Which placed on parted lips a tender kiss.

Whispered then of love, true love divine
Desirous within a sensual touch of bliss.

Spirits soar while lovers become entwined
Creating precious moments to reminisce.

Both heart and souls eternally combined,
This unconditional love shall always exist.

Love with cherished hearts cannot be blind
When placed on parted lips a tender kiss.


Spirits Of The Sea

Her spirit arose from the depth of the sea
From her watery grave in a relentless sea.

An unrest spectre returned from the deep
From a sunken ship, `twas lost to the sea.

She arose from her darkened silent sleep
As gales broke her silence across the sea.

She called for her lover as she did weep
His spirit to rise from the deep blue sea .

Together they flew from the oceans keep
Arose as doves, from the crest of the sea.


The Spirit Within

So warm this spirit that glows with love
Deepening the thrills of sensual love

Within pleasurable dreams of desire
Enticing emotions within this love

The flames of passion flicker higher
Sparked once again the joys of love.

Awakening of emotions transpire
A warmed spiritual calming of love.

Fantasies of dreams now retire
To embrace close together with love.


Well Stone A Crow

Two fine blackbirds had perched on a pole
For blackbirds often like to rest on this pole.

Six crows came and knocked them off the end,
A man came from Poland, called himself a Pole.

He sparked up a bonfire striking two stones
Threading six crows through the metal pole.

He roasted all the crows on his barbeque
Licked clean his fingers and the metal pole.

Down flew the blackbirds saved from this folly
To tell you the story of crows, and the Pole.


Whisper To Animals

A whisper of kindness is all they need
Soft gentle words even animals need.

For they have got feelings like our own
Whichever the species, whatever breed,

They all need love, and are not alone
A little fondness, to calm and to feed.

Spiritual rewards have oft` been known
Animals in need could be close indeed.

A trust and affinity has to been shown
Together like us, true love is their need.

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Sal Coraccio

Home Early

Sighs of passion ride the air,
lovers laughing fill the air.

Recognition; blinding light,
accusations in the air.

Poison arrows in the night,
a fog that chills the midnight air.

Words of hatred taking flight;
knives and glassware in the air.

Shaking fists and knuckles white,
spitting bile into the air.

Truths and lies in anger bite,
teeth exposed and sucking air.

Enraged hands are squeezing tight;
struggling, gasping - must breathe - air.

Panicked, utterly contrite -
silence slips into the air.

Eyes unfocused wide in fright,
silence slips into the air.



Warm fingertips upon your skin;
Rose petal painting tender skin.

A blush that spreads onto your face,
And goose bumps roaming rising skin.

We feel the heat in this embrace,
Fire smothered with moistened skin.

Fuelling flames at a quicker pace,
With tightly gripping firming skin.

A moment free of time or space,
A universe of pulsing skin.
At last a gentle fall from grace;
An afterglow of sweetest skin.

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Allura D

Love's Visage

The firelight illuminates the face
of love, it lingers soft upon your face.

Angelic halo golden in your hair,
I read the open verse there in your face.

The lines that time has etched and worn with care,
A testament to trials that you face.

Age disappears, your visage shining fair.
Unblemished, yes erased, flown from your face.

Reclining in the glow, white shoulders bare,
The light of love resplendent in your face.

With sanctity, the holiness of prayer-
Madonna beauty there, borne in your face.

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Lorraine Dafney


Can't you tell something's missing
Hidden away still missing

Searched the house not anywhere
I just know something's missing

Perhaps misplaced put somewhere
Not declared lost just missing

Frustration I scream out where
Nothing answers still missing

Blinded by her beauty fair
Never sensed it was missing

Until she voiced her despair
Then I realized what's missing

How could you lie and yell swears
You too felt something missing

Silence overcomes cold stares
You knew our love was missing

But only one of us cared
To find our love was missing

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Kevin McKinney

Black Swan

There is a smile at rest upon your face;
What happy moment lingers on your face?

In formal wear, you glide there with pure grace,
And some sweet memory lingering on your face.

Your head held high above your feathered breast,
To let the sunshine linger on your face;

You scan the mirrored river in a quest
For one whose notice lingers on your face;

One who offered concert and protection
And whose reply still lingers on your face.

This morning, alone with your reflection,
Bright promises are lingering on your face.


Gated Community

Your presence raises the gait of my heart
As your faith once razed the gate of my heart.

Where cold stone walls loom impenetrable,
Tenderness opens the gate of my heart;

Your roots grow deep and sweet blossoms appear
Like vines surrounding the gate of my heart.

In the cool of the shade of this arbor
Soft breezes blow through the gate of my heart.

I savor the scent of that prized heirloom
That garnishes still the gate of my heart.

Generations may pass through on their way
To asylum in the gate of my heart;

And they'll find it here as a monument
To the love that built the gate of my heart.


Less Is More

I have no qualms conceding helplessness,
But I won't swear an oath to helplessness.

To worship the scythe, would not save the grass;
Not even if it swore to helplessness.

We both manage to live free of distress
And love the sun in spite of helplessness.

While billions who claim they alone possess
The truth, in truth, own only helplessness;

They think, as they so eagerly profess,
Their actions excused by such helplessness.

It's hard to settle how they acquiesce
Like lemmings leaping off in helplessness,

The logic borders on ridiculous;
While inculcating other's helplessness,

They ring like hollow tombs of emptiness
Echoing sacred songs of helplessness.

Sure there are powers beyond my hand I guess,
But I won't swear to them in helplessness.

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Ryter Roethical

All things must end

Save not a thing it all must end
It's inevitable all things must end.

Why must someone have to die
Why must there have to be an end

Why is it only then we realise
That it's too late, we've lost a friend

All things have not been said have they?
Say it now, drop your pride and bend

Friendship is still the greatest wealth
Why must we wait until the end?

When it was his world - Vladimir Kush

Autumn's Last Days

Streets of clouds with the sun peering through
Settle to reddened slumber as the day is through.

Black clouds threaten the blue morning skies
A sight that may prove the drought is through

Birdsongs are lesser from almost wintry skies
As all avian merriment for a while is through.

Homeward drives made difficult by glary skies
Led by chilling winds that are knifing through.

Soon those drives will be made with darker skies
And misty fog with headlights punching through.



Save not a thing it all must end
All things must come to an end.

Why must someone have to die
Why must there have to be an end

Why is it only then we realise
That it's too late, we've lost a friend

All things have not been said have they?
Say it now, drop your pride and bend

Friendship is still the greatest wealth
Why must we wait until the end?

Declare your love or regret forever
Love is the riches you cannot spend

The dead take nothing with them
All things must come to an end.



Like a prisoner you have me bound to you
Not counting days and weeks till freedom due.

There are no prison bars, my hands to feel
Like a prisoner you have me bound to you.

A wound from cupid's dart that will not heal
Not counting days and weeks till freedom due.

No fear of breakout or escape, there's no appeal
Like a prisoner you have me bound to you.

My life is sealed by chance, just one deal
Not counting days and weeks till freedoms due.

Not counting days and weeks till freedom due.
Like a prisoner you have me bound to you.



Love knows not it's depth until separation
Kahlil Gibran

We know not how much we love until we part,
What greater pain is there, than when we part?

Each time we meet is now a loving ceremony
And for awhile nothing is able to keep us apart

That love we had together is naught but a memory
But how can anything tear that revelry apart?

Remember love is not just another sweet revelry
True love is when two lovers become one part.

All this is merely one poets simple philosophy
To ease the pain each time we have to part.



Wandering hand in hand easily we touch the stars
Let us dwell there and be free amongst those stars.

Life and love give birth to moments of shadows
Each shadow pales and falls away before the stars.

When lovers touch, loving and love become as one
But loving and lovers are more glorious with stars.

The moon has become the light for all that is love
The deepest love begins under the light of stars.

There is no reason to love, love removes all reason
But all reason is lost, and all love begins with stars.

Other Worlds - Vladimir Kush


Finally with dark it is the time to sleep
Indeed the sun is in the deepest sleep.

On the stage of life no-one's left to play
The actors are all gone, and fast asleep.

Daytime creature await another day
Covering and protecting as they sleep.

For awhile the trees no longer sway
And it seems that all has gone to sleep.

The stars begin to fade and go away
Now it's the time for the night to sleep.

Night Prod - Vladimir Kush
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Carly Svamvour


Over the city, over the fields - home;
Across the ocean, into the sky - home.

I heard the drums drum; were you in that dream?
I felt it like an ache in the wing. Home.

Though I recall nothing of heaven's gate,
I will see your glow, and know I am home.

Now we are walking down that dusty road,
you, me and that little dog - I am home.

I have felt my heart pain, known joy, light;
It's enough to know; enough to come home.

Oh, Brother you will know my name; you'll know
that I am on my way - I'm home. I'm home.


Seasons (Spring)

You ask me if I'll go, come Spring?
but I could never leave in Spring.

In April, I've got wanderlust,
but there is so much here in Spring.

'Twould be nice to see the mountains,
but we have things to do in Spring.

'Twould be good to see the trees bud,
but magnolia blooms here in Spring.

'Twould be good to cross the country,
but it's so nice here in the Spring.

'Twould be good to see the kiddies,
but I could never leave in Spring.

Seasons (Summer)

There is a westbound train in Summertime.
Oh, there's so much here in the Summertime.

Well, I have never crossed my own country,
but the new swans come round in Summertime.

'Twould be nice to see the prairies, wheatfields,
as the train goes by in the Summertime.

I could catch up with my eldest daughter,
stay a week or so in the Summertime,

take a swim in the ocean, see the birds
and it's cool out there in the Summertime.

Oh, maybe July, August, or the Fall,
but I couldn't leave in the Summertime.

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