2015 Poetry Form Challenge

#06 Half Measure

This is a variation of Common Measure, and there are two choices. The first consists of two rhymes in iambic trimeter, (3 feet), and three rymes in the second. This gives suggested patterns of:
x x x x x a
x x x x x b
x x x x x a
x x x x x b


x x x x x a
x x x x x b
x x x x x c
x x x x x b

Half a Measure?

Half Measures don't work well
in daily life, at least;
in poems they sound swell-
iambic feet released.

Its lines can rhyme two ways:
a-b-a-b, one goes;
the other option plays
in a-b-c-b flows.

Above I chose for one-
in here, its second choice.
Whatever way you choose,
make sure your rhyme has poise.

Half Measures thus work well,
in poetry, at least;
six running syllables,
produce iambic feasts.

Leny Roovers

Half Measure Challenge

Kathy Anderson

The House
All That I Have

Terry Clitheroe

Essence of Corectness
I kiss Your Lips
I know
Rain Descending
Taste of Enlightenment
Units of Love
Vulnerable Cycles
We Who Have Loved
Xmas Tale
Your Spring our Autumn
Zeehan Sunsets

Divena Collins

As You Like It
Country Tales
Desires Within
Entwined Together
Futuristic Past
Of Elfin Lore
Polska Polka
Silly but True
Solar Eclipse
Spell Bound
The Temptress
Two Empty Chairs
Witches of Salem
Woman vs Man

Leny Roovers

Ich will dir mein Herze schenken

Kathy Anderson

All That I Have

is my beating heart and work weary hands
to offer the one who understands this
isn't all of me but parts seen less grand
than a soul, a mind, a dream of your kiss

for you are reveries unknown gold band
scenes from a fantasy where we find bliss
under an evergreen bower we'd stand
tempted to do more than walk into mist,

is some dream that's becoming realities
unrealized beyond dawning's expand
skies horizon over green hills abyss
of galaxies expanse in no mans land.


The House

is too cold to write much
hands frozen stiff and eyes blued
looking for true Springs lift, as such
a respite is long long overdue

holds too much stuff as crutch
for what life never gave me, true
the view is blocked by brick hutch
where spartan beginnings grew

now must be cleared by a touch
that wastes no sentimental clues
to the future situation dreamt niche
in the mind of the princess of shew.

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Terry Clitheroe

Essence of Correctness

Am I too near those dreams,
Of times when things were real,
When no one denied their eyes
Or what they could truly feel.

Remember we were not afraid
And good things were all we heard
Manners ruled and opened doors
Comedians never used swearwords.

When children's games were simple
And everyone really had fun
Today we hear of schoolkids
Taking out problems with a gun.

Childhood was a time of innocence
When we learned wrong or right
Lesson learned might be a black eye
Now a machete ends the fight.

I wonder where it all will end,
Will values return again
Or is it that all the good
Has just gone down the drain.


I Kiss Your Lips

Again and again, I kiss your lips
Knowing you can no longer feel me
Nor feel the touch of my fingertips
But I remember what used to be

No longer can I feel your heat
For death has made us part
How strong our hearts would beat.
Yet I know I can feel your heart.

Love is only a timely dance
Heartbeats of love and togetherness
This is more than Romance
Love saying to you "God bless".


I Know

I know that I've met my love
Somewhere in the mists of time
And that ever in the stars above
We meet and share, you are mine

When fates decree to be sublime
We have a life others dream of
Somewhere in the mists of time
I know that I have met my love

Separated now by a different clime
But secure in the knowledge of
A union that will be soo fine
I know that I have met my love



How freer's the jungle of reality
Home amongst the hardwood trees?
The energy's seeping back into me
In this shelter I can do as I please.

Home amongst the hardwood trees
Civilisation's left a bitter scar.
In this shelter I can do as I please
Here I will build my final gunyah.

Civilisation's left a bitter scar
The wounds're in the jungle of my mind.
Here I will build my final gunyah
And rest till eternal peace I find.



Mark well at what you chart
Gifts of love, full of Grace.
From all others they stand apart
Only in ageing, changes pace.

Post memories into your heart
Beyond their current place,
Help the love you carry start
You'll see its ageing face.

Loves come and some will go
There's some you hope will stay
Make certain that you know
Why some you turn away.

One day someone will say "Hello",
Skies will turn blue from grey
You'll glow from head to toe,
You have qualified that day.

Soulmates - Michele-Lee Phelan


Rain Descending

Rain descending from sombre clouds
From the grey morning aware
Hearing rain drip from silent trees
Carried to us in the dawn air.

The birds sit quietly in their nests
Listening to nature's sounds
Rain descending from sombre clouds
To the grey morning grounds

A gentle breeze picks up the cry
Moving the clouds from the East
Opening them up bringing light
With the light new life will feast.



Thou art silent my love
Thy shining eyes aglow
Lips wet with unused kisses
The soft firelight tells me so.

Flickering light creates shadows
Tearing away all my defences
Sometimes blending and hiding
Always arousing visual senses.

No longer silent my love
Thine eyes have said so much
Thy lips wet from our kisses
Feeling our souls now touch.


Taste Of Enlightenment

An enlightened heart's awake
And it does not demand.
Encouraging love for loves sake
Given a feeling so elan.

My enlightened heart is full
And all it needs is you.
There is no need to pull
My eyes have picked a view

Come the morning I awake
My dreams are cast aside.
I love you make no mistake
My enlightened heart's awake.


Units of Love

Heaven's the kiss that ne'er dies
Sadness a dream that doesn't live
Worst's the feeling of loves demise
Pleasure's the feeling when you give

Music's the beating of two hearts
Sometimes a fast dance sometimes slow
There's a dirge when lovers part
Longing the feeling all lovers know

Fingers are spasms down your spine
Happiness you touching my face
Possession's three words, "You are mine"
Contentment the long arms that embrace

Silence is louder than words
Feeling quiet whispers "I'm thine".
Snuggling together like lovebirds
Love is ours not yours or mine.


Vulnerable Cycles

Focussing on lessons taught
Joined by the watchful sky
With it cold winds are brought.
The night crawls slowly by.

Birds grow silent in their nests
The earlier chatter silenced
Snuggle together breast to breast
As winds through trees advanced

Clouds come and with them rain
That drags life out the soul
Trees sound like they're aflame
But feel instead piercing cold

Night settles peacefully
Creating victims for the mould
And the clouds move easterly
As nature again takes hold.

For a while the winter turns
Again there is death all about
But never long a concern
For then is bet another drought.


We who have loved

We who have loved so well
Yet by cruel Fate we are apart
You left me so early my love
Tore away my bleeding heart

Love had not reached its zenith
Yet so strong did our love grow
You presence here is not a myth
There's nothing surer that I know

I hear your words whispered to me
As you still come to me every night
You stayed around to help me see
And made sure I did what was right.

One final time I see your form
Telling me it's time to move on
One final kiss so soft and warm
A fading shadow, then you've gone


Xmas Tale

The woman sat drinking at the bar
Dressed in black from head to toe
Black stockings, black dress, black shoes
With all the accessories to go.

She sipped a glass of Chardonnay
Movements planned and few.
Each inquiring Beau was told
"Keep away, She's not for you."

The Barmen ever protective of her
Kept her always in their view.
Fielding away all would be Johns
Leaving them all to sit and stew.

She sat and she drank until nine
Then moved to a table prepared
The waiter unfolded her napkin
Placing it on her lap as if he cared

"Madam, Is everything to your liking"
Feeling that they had been blessed
She smiled at him so sorrowfully
"Thank you Robert this is your best"

With a smile that said everything
He strode away full of zest
Prepared to do almost anything
For this mysterious guest.

Although her appetite wasn't great
It seemed as if she enjoyed every bite
Gently eating all put before her
Even though her frame was so light.

Her complexion contrasting clothing
Her pallor was quite, quite white.
She suddenly stood up from the table
The barman noticed her fright

The waiter moved swiftly to the table
Seeing the lady beginning to sway
And before he could get close to her
She had vanished completely away.

The regulars knew what had happened
Having seen this event through the years
The strangers to the bar sank their schooners
Turned amazed, to order more beers.

The lady you've seen lost her husband
Whilst waiting Christmas night
Some years he comes in looking
As though trying to do what's right.

They always miss for some reason
As though fate's playing a game.
What's the truth we don't know
Or who or what's the blame

One Christmas she'll be sitting at the bar
And he'll come strolling in.
Then we'll know they're forgiven
For whatever that was their sin.

When they touch we'll go crazy
The happy shouting will begin
And this bar may loose its licence
For making such an unholy din.


Your Spring, Our Autumn

Autumn's now many days long
For you, spring has not begun
Here months away, another day
Winter has no snow just sun.

No worries about storms of snow
Our big concern is only rain
Our Spring is 6 months away
Autumn is going down the drain?

Too long neglecting what to do
Missing the showers of spring
Ours months away, another day
Without rain, spring is missing

Be thankful for the rain in May
Worship green and budding life
Realizing, ours is months away
'thout rain there's naught but strife.


Zeehan Sunsets

I see no auras from the sun
Just a red glow across the land,
Signs that night has begun
The blackness starts to expand.

Mountains in the east life's done
Hiding what's "Tasmania's grand"
The scene bows to what has come
Merely what nature had planned.

A beautiful spot's been outdone
Change of scene so she might expand
Beauty boring, Nature undone
Each night, each day, Heaven strands.

New scene, refreshed, equal to none,
Just look, then you'll understand
Merely signs that night has gone
All around, beauty to hand.

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Divena Collins

As You Like It

Hot is the breath of fire
That a dragon may sigh
His flames upon a pyre
Plagues the fearful eye.

Yet just once he was slain
By a Saint named George
Yet they both felt the pain
Within heat of the forge.

The story it was changed
From a loss of memory
Such mystery deranged
Was not documentary.

Yet as the real story goes
Never was to be a myth
Who on earth really knows
They say his name was Smith

So Master Smith of the past
Had been the dragons bait
Saint George did never last
For was ever much too late.

Dragons shall for ever exist
Within folk lore of past
Upon future times persist
Past bade them hither cast.


Country Tales

March came in like a lamb
As a calm, breath of spring
Upon green meadows of balm.
I heard the cuckoo sing.

The great winds blow in march
May it be rain or early snow
That bends the willows arch
When the march winds blow.

As the thrush hugs her nest
Upon blue speckled eggs
Tis her that knows the best
When for her chicks she begs.

For a peck of march dust
Is worth a kings ransom
Let them take if they must
If only just to leave some.

Wood Thrush and Chicks


Desires Within

Of tantalising words
So soft do they whisper
A tempting of senses
Gentle touches linger.

Warmth within passion
Sends shivers down the spine
Speedily within breath
Thats flows with love divine.

Their sensual dance begins
Within eyes that show much
Of erotic temptations
Within fantasy of touch.

Senseless within desires
Of pure provocations
May it be love or lust
Or merely frustration.


Entwined Together

Two paper clips on my desk
Entwined together
Some may think grotesque
But love shall not tether.

Side by side clinging close
Unto love that shall not end
With affection that shows
Upon both they shall depend.

Cast aside they shall not be
Their love has true feeling
And love like you and me
When love is appealing.

This may be a first attemp
Of paper clips serenade
That shall not be exempt
If only just as an aid.


Futuristic Past

This day is past history
Tomorrow we start anew
Within dawns future glory
Yesterday we bid adieu.

Yet time shall linger on
The clock may forever chime
So soon we shall be gone
As native drums beat time.

But future may leap ahead
Where then shall we all be
Shall a future be misread
Never again to be as free.

May the past thro' future
Improve within this age
When natures creatures
Shalt turn a future page.


Of Elfin Lore

Impish grin upon his face
Depicting of mischief
His spirits shall not erase
The wrong of natures thief.

Stolen eggs from the nest
As natures birds fly free
Yet openly confessed
Where was the absentee.

He made quite an uproar
Had broken natures laws
He had never done before
The crime had not a cause.

Time was spent amending
Sweeping up the leaves
For new nest eggs pending
Protected from thieves.


The Polska Polka

Shall we dance the Polka
Come let me show you how
The native dance of Polska
May step and hop to flow.

Both the rhythm and rhyme
Shall be much of the same
To dance within prime time
Forever shall bare no shame.

With arms around each other
Stepping unto the rhythm
The nearness of each other
Remains within loves prism.

Come let us dance the Polka
Much closer we shall be
The native dance of Polska
Composed for you and me.


Silly But True

Some say such stupid things
Often wonder why they do
For many a mood may swing
Yet they offend very few.

Every one may love to laugh
When ever they hear a joke
And found it best by half
The funniest words spoke.

But from the mouths of babes
Innocent to say the least
laughter may soon cascade
As words are increased.

He who hears repeats all
Kept within a childs mind
Right up to the final call
They are never far behind.

O M G Helllllp


Solar Eclypse

When the day turns to night
All shall seem so strange
There is no sun nor any light
All upon earth shall change.

The moon shall shade us all
From the rays of the sun
When upon darkness we fall
A solar eclypse had begun.

Nature is so very strange
Folk cannot understand
Why must we pre arrange
What nature had planned.

Strange tho' it may seem
Most folk may fantasize
Such a spectacular scene
Sent to us from the skies.


Spell Bound

As she ventured forth
Dense the darkest shroud
That spread from the north
Shadows shook and bowed.

Leafless trees remain silent
Yet something seems strange
For bright eyes came and went
When stars were out of range

Demonic shape's of a storm
Black as the ghostly skies
A thunderous vacant form
Was this evil in disguise .

Shapes appear so easily
Within a darkened night
Words uttered feasibly
Beneath the dawns light.


The Temptress

The mood was right lights low
What ever then may go wrong
When love in her eyes show
Yet he did not belong.

She had one over the eight
For drink she could not take
But it was much too late
He fears for his own sake.

His mood had been shaken
Too much, to bear so soon
A temptress was forsaken
Within a hot afternoon.

Yet still she came on strong
Near the edge of the sofa
Something had to be wrong
For he was no Casanova.

Let not this go unspoken
Given just half the chance
Hearts shall not be broken
If ever there was romance.


Two Empty Chairs

He who may endure love
Deeper within than most
Cast not affection aside
But for ever be as close.

She who radiates warmth
Shall be blessed within
With eternal love divine
That e-er be pure of sin.

Both hearts beat as one
When soft touches caress
Gently within passion
As lips may softly press.

Two empty chairs stand alone
Footprints within the sand
lost love's of the ocean wide
Walk all alone hand in hand.


Wiches of Salem

Born to the trials of earth
Heaths of herbal mantric
Spells and potions dearth
To be shunned as magic.

Potions only nature grew
Was a gift that could cure
Within their herbal brew
Of properties as pure.

Some thought it was evil
To possess such a wrong
Twas a curse from the devil
Yet their trial was as long.

Shunned within society
Guilty before the judge
Fated within depravity
Such was that evil grudge.

Yet they had done no ill
Gifts bestown of nature
Crossed off by the quill
Innocence lost by stature.

But they shall not forget
The evil hand that had bade
It maybe their turn yet
To feel the accusers blade.


Woman Versus Man

Challenge man if you dare
But a woman may ever win
To be honestly fair
Man might as well give in .

Dare not his woman vex
He knows she cannot lose
When it boils down to sex
She maybe pick and chose.

What man in his own right
Shall refuse all her needs
But she shall win a fight
For 'tis he that she feeds.

She for he may not exist
Warmth he has within
He, she shall not resist
Might it be love or sin.

Yet can man do without
The love a woman gives
So far beyond this doubt
Both have a need to live.

Leny Roovers

Ich will dir mein Herze schenken

My heart belongs to thee
Through you I can atone,
Become myself, be free,
I live in you alone.

Your spirit calls to me
And guides me on my way
To reunite with thee,
I feel you when I pray.

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