2015 Poetry Form Challenge

#18 Rubaiyat

When one hears the name Rubaiyat, one automatically thinks of Omar Kyyam. So it is not surprising to find the Rubia originated in Persia.
It consists of four line stanzas (quatrains) and is usually tetrameter or pentameter form.
Lines one, two, and four rhyme and the third line can be used to interlock the next stanza and by doing so with three or more stanzas, we have a Rubaiyat, as shown in the following example:

The lonely night draw swiftly down
Covering the world in a deep black gown
Creeping softly in without a sound
As I sleep alone in this distant town.

I close my eyes, but sleep can't be found
Till your loving spirit wraps itself around
Then I'm covered and warm wrapped in love
An ethereal blanket keeps me safe and sound.


Ryter Roethical

The third linking line is optional and Fitzgerald often ignored it during his translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Here are the three opening stanzas

Wake! For the Sun, who scatter'd into flight
The Stars before him from the Field of Night,
Drives Night along with them from Heav'n, and strikes
The Sultan's Turret with a Shaft of Light.

Before the phantom of False morning died,
Methought a Voice within the Tavern cried,
"When all the Temple is prepared within,
Why nods the drowsy Worshipper outside?"

And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before
The Tavern shouted - "Open then the Door!
You know how little while we have to stay,
And, once departed, may return no more."

Rubaiyat Challenge

Maryse Achong

Rubaiyat Review

Kathy Anderson

Fair Miss
What Concern

Terry Clitheroe

Australian Winter
Beware the Beast
Coming of Age
Finding Treasure
Ghostly Senses
Journey on a different path
Old Cape Cod
Question of the morn
Silent Screams
Unvain Love
Yearning for the night

Divena Collins

Afrodite Deusa Do Amor
All By Myself
Destiny of Humanity
Eastern Delights
Is Innocence Bliss?
Oceanic Treasure
Pledgeof the Norse
Power of the Wind
Prunes and Custard
Queenof the Nile
Romans Return
Silence of Senses
So Called Technicians
Time for Love

Noreen Collins

An Unrest Spirit
Cruel War
Fantasy of Love
Goodbye Sweet Mother
How Tame The Ocean
Indigo Sky
Non Correspondence
Re-borne To Love
Roaring Twenties
Saga Of Two Knights
Ye Olde Peddlar

Jezz Farmer

Don't Wait for Time
The Price We Pay
Sacred Rite

Ryter Roethicle

Amor ti vieta
Bach's Cello
Final Act
Haunted Vision
Man And Maid
My Three Teachers
Out of the Blue

Leny Roovers

Autumn of my years
Close to the fire
This could be Heaven (Sonnet)

Maryse Achong

Rubaiyat Review

The Rubaiyat is one I have to try;
I did one a long time ago but I
Have long forgotten how I did it then,
So I hope this one does not go awry.

I've taken up my fav'rite 'lucky pen',
Will close my eyes and count from one to ten...
And 'Hey Presto' my Rubaiyat is done;
Perhaps I ought to do this once again.

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Kathy Anderson

Fair Miss

In the dew cups where frogs hide
She sleeps away the nights ride,
Beneath the toadstools and sky,
I saw here laying inside.

Beside the flowers I grew
Hoping to see her on cue
As the sunrise brings her out,
She wakens the robins, too.

Fair miss fae sings to each sprout,
Dances for daises pouts,
Harmonizes the bee's hives
And shakes me from any doubts.


What Concern

Words do fall less upon pages
Etched by nights wand with love's age
An ageless bond bath'd by moons light,
Io queen among her mage's.

Her mage's cast a blue sight
Blue beyond where we'd take flight
All our loves lessons learned,
We're not concerned by white.

Only one heart now does yearn
For failed inks to here earn
What space and time cannot cage,
The best of desires turn.

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Terry Clitheroe

Australian Winter

Standing in the shredded bark of autumn
Now I see a row of trees a naked column
As they prepare a new winters coat
She stands there, all around is now rotten.

The morbid colours do not attest to death
Simply for a while they are taking a breath
And there soon you will see green leaves
And we will welcome the winters aftermath.

The mornings now are cold coloured graphic
The glare blinds and slows morning traffic
Soon enough it is warm as the sun ascends.
And in the heat of day, is almost anarchic.

Now there is a change all but the West Wind
In less than a week now, Spring we will find
As if egged on by the music of birdsongs
Then suddenly the Northerly will be assigned.


Beware the Beast

The Moon is full, now hear his cry
Hear the ghosts cry, hear its sigh
Beware the beast beware its bite
There is every reason for you to fly

Your muscles tensing out of fright
As hellish beasts now fill the night
Finally realising your going to die
As evil forms take their delight.

You hear, you smell its fetid breath
You know that you are near to death
You see two unblinking yellow eyes
Unprepared totally, taken by surprise.

You have no gun, to late for stealth
You draw your knife in moral health
You hear, you smell its fetid breath
Your knife becomes your only wealth

Your brother, a curse of blooded ties
His health and power a pack of lies
You realise the relationship with death
You see two unblinking yellow eyes

The Moon is full, now hear his cry
To keep your life you're bound to try
And now at last it's come to this
Fates single card you can't deny

You sense his strike but it goes amiss
Your knife strikes you dare not miss
As it strikes home you feel him die
Now all your fear can be dismissed.


Coming of Age

See her sitting there quietly smiling still
Originally placed there, against her will
Sometimes duty can be too heavy a cost
How can fate treat this lovely lady, so ill.

No attention span and the words are gone
Mind formatted by fate, the body lives on
There are so many things I still need to ask
What's the point when her life's withdrawn

Those treasures carefully locked inside
An almost empty mind, human outside
Is the loss of wisdom worth the cost,
What's the value of age if memory's died?


Finding Treasure

Let us touch for a little while, Eternity is fine
Let our souls mingle, let yours, meet mine;
Let them both enjoy a glorious splurge
You have become a treasure so divine.

In that time I hope neither will emerge
Instead I pray that they stay converged,
For what we have is no mean feat
You have become a treasure and an urge.

Fate was smiling allowing us to meet
Knowing we make each other complete
And I am yours, and you are mine,
You have become a treasure a delicious treat.


Ghostly Senses

Where have you gone my love,
Your scent is there as you fly above?
Your memory lingers like the fragrance.
A soft pastel scented aroma kind of

I look about and see our books
I open some of them imagining your looks
I can hear your voice as you read to me.
Sometimes pausing leaving me on tenterhooks.

I still play Elgar and close my eyes
I see you sitting listening to this prize
The firelight making your hair more silver.
This music you say is one of your highs

I know sometimes you pay me a call.
I picture you standing there with your shawl
And I feel your touch soft as thistledown
That gentle kiss, the touching of two souls

Was it the wine tonight, or was it you?
Telling me it's time to bid you adieu
Now it's time to raise the curtain
On another story that is brand new.


Journey on a Different Path

Enjoy the mystery that the moon inspired,
Walking down paths you have never tried
Perhaps this will lead you onto another path
Where experience will not help you abide

Then you must take your heart in your hand
And enjoy the mystery the moon has planned,
Surrender to it rather than causing its wrath
The complete stranger that before you stands.

Who is your guide along this strange route?
Experience says, "Ignore this strange fruit".
Enjoy the mystery and the moon's aftermath,
Don't take the familiar path but always be astute.

No guide's needed but a partner helps the way
And together for a journey you may well stay
Until you met you both walked a different path.
Now together you'll walk to Eternities quay.


Kismet, or is it?

Walking along life's mysterious path
Never having faced Fate's wrath
No longer wondering what is in store
Some find ease and relax and breath.

Life has paths that are ordained we take
Alternative moves that they can make
But looking out is seen three or four
Then again others decide time for a break.

So a route is chosen without any strife
Always seeking a more luxurious life
With ease and comfort develop a rapport
But will they enjoy that coming afterlife?


Old Cape Cod

Soon I'll be working back in Old Cape Cod
Where leaves of shades of red are never odd
It will be Autumn there, it's most beautiful time
Too be sure it's a fantastic gift from Natures God.

The days are warm, the nights learning about cold
Rather more concerned about now I'm getting old
The squirrels gathering food, up and down they climb
And in this search they become very, very bold.

Once they know you, they are very demanding
They put on a show and we pay if its outstanding
Fair exchange is no robbery, their show is sublime
They have created between something outstanding.


Question of the Morn

And how must we greet the morn
Will my dreams now fit the dawn?
I came to you because of those dreams
And now admit that to you I'm drawn.

Two boats met on life's ocean tossed
And cause of that our lives have crossed?
Working together we can share our load
Just as working together we won't get lost.

Towards Nirvana together we climb
Knowing this life is just a day in time
Or do we part at dark, and wave goodbye
Knowing in the future there's a time sublime.


Silent Screams

I cannot cry to release my sorrow
Instead I shrug and wait the morrow
There is nought left now but memory
That is with me no matter where I go.

With care I bring back how it used to be
Of days of bliss and nights of revelrie
Death is no lonely stranger to me now
Nor is he a friend that's welcome to see.

Life is now a careful measure that I allow
And only rarely let my true feelings show
Then in solitude I can revisit lost dreams
But I need to love so my spirit can grow.

I have not given up all, and now it seems
There's another to help with my schemes
Someone else that I can care for and love
Someone who's heard my silent screams.


Unvain Love

In a world of symbols and strange scheme
Two people met and shared a dream
Although from cultures and worlds apart
They weren't as different as it would seem.

Unlike all dreams this one did not fade
For this one was not hidden by shade
But made in truth, and giving themselves
Stark reality, knowing they weren't swayed

They saw themselves, they saw the wound
And together helped them clear the ground
Though separate by time and space again
What happens now Fate has drowned.

What time they had was cheaply bought
Because it's theirs for all time they thought
And who knows if Fate at a later date
Will agree to the life they willingly bought


Xenobiotic, a Protest

I have freed myself, not that I was in strife
More that I was tangled in the web of life
The spider of that life made me pay the cost
And just in time I was able to use a knife

To cut myself free and get back on my path
That disdainful breath of Fate and her wrath
Even though it's winter I must stand the frost
Even though it's difficult, follow the footpath.

I have found myself, not that I was lost
An icy world where there was eternal frost
But I was an alien living in a foreign land
Emotionless where everything was a cost.

Smiles were sought and friendship bought
Was it love or simply an expensive thought?
And love came only at an exorbitant price
About it all now honestly I care naught.


Yearning for the night

The poignancy of my memory
As my lover's spirit returns to me
Is acute as I see the night begin
As soon as darkness closes in

I know my loneliness is felt more
I miss you walking through the door.
With music, or port, or a glass of wine
And little things that said, je t'adore.

Seeing faces and events from the past
Making promises that love would last
Sometimes with confusing imagery
Invade my consciousness unsurpassed

Recourse to dreams in a surreal setting
Finally with dawn my sanity getting
Is gone when I see the morn begin
And once more I begin my fretting.



Spring is the beginning of life again
The fresh life smiles and welcomes rain
This world is cold, refreshed and new.
And to all of winter's ills we will abstain.

Seeing all new life beginning to form and shoot.
Inspired as life is green, pushing out new roots.
With time for thought, casting off old travails,
Now I can slip on my sneakers instead of boots.

And scents and odours forgotten in darker times,
Motivate an old poet to write some new rhymes.
In a world that is cold, refreshed and new.
Who knows I even surprise myself sometimes.

Zeitgeist: The spirit of the times; The trend of
thought and feeling in the period.
Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary.

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Divena Collins

Afrodite Deusa Do Amor

A gypsy girl within the land of plenty
Discovered for her self all was empty
Of all within her delights had shown
Her future ahead may be mighty hefty.

It may be they say the land of romance
Shall pay if she may just learn to dance
How to be taught was to her unseen
Even if she only stands half the chance.

But belly dancing was not ever shown
Never with a partner but all on her own
A chance tho' is all she shall ever need
Just to learn what she had never known.

Up raised the curtain bravely she stood
Sensual movements to be within mood
Music of the orient teasing the senses
More than she thought she ever could.

Within all the stars that were ever born
No more was this gypsy to be as forlorn
As she showed them how to belly dance
No more shall her insecurity ever scorn.

Danca do Ventre belly


All By Myself

I know not of the magical touch of love
Does that mean time may ever prove
That for me love shall not ever exist
The earth as they say may never move.

Yet I have felt the touch of his hand
But I shall never really understand
Why does he stop when I need more
Maybe I am stuck in never never land.

But I still dream of all that go amiss
All I ever wanted was just one kiss
Or maybe three, four, or even five,
Maybe then I shall know about bliss.

But dreams they say rarely come true
There shall never be a me and you
Yet maybe within hundreds of years
When skies are green and earth blue.

Past times shall forever be forgotten
All can say we were both as besotten
Or maybe it was only me that shared
All by myself within dreams begotten.


Destiny of Humanity

Where may we go when this earth is done
For there is nowhere else that we can run
Floating upon earths shadow we shall go
Weightless we shall forever be as the sun.

May we float within space forever more
Through a galaxy where there is no floor
Passing bright shooting stars on our way
A far cry from the warmth of earths core.

What of the sun that may be ever as hot
If we float too close that shall be our lot
But images of angels come into my mind
Maybe we shall see them but maybe not.

Silent shall be of the never ending space
Patterns of stars that shall forever grace
The darkness within those heavenly skies
Showers of shooting stars shall interlace.

But the planet of earth may still be there
So spent of time but as extremely bare
Soon it may be just a mirage within space
But there shall be nobody there to care.

Mirage of Earth

Eastern Delights

Come my love unto my arms of passion
Eastern promises are within my fashion
That beheld within past within our cave
Of silent words yet gifted within action.

Starry nights upon hot desert sands
Gifted the touch of those loving hands
I shall ever recall the hot desert nights
'Twas only what a moment commands.

Warmth of the sun became too much
I melted completely within your touch
The Oasis was cool for midnight swim
That tames the heat of desires as such.

Yet that memory shall forever remain
That moment in time shall ever regain
Desires that may ever again complete
A love that shall never ever restrain.


Is Innocence Bliss?

Tell me why cant I within pleasure be
That i cannot let my passion roam free
For what I may feel I may hide within
What on this earth is wrong with me.

Yet I feel strongly about a certain man
To fall deeply in love I just know I can
Yet I go hide behind an imaginary wall
To cool my feelings with a battery fan.

Do not ask me why I may be this way
The lord knows it is to him I shall pray
But even he has forsaken my prayers
Or just maybe I chose the wrong day.

Yet I yearn deeply within for romance
To be as gifted within the lovers dance
They do say passion shall so easily flow
But I wish to learn given half the chance.


Oceanic Treasure

Tales of the sea washed from the shore
But may never recognise print anymore
For words were composed from the past
Arose from the deep from times before

Yet images may appear within the mind
What treasures shall be our future find
Even if the pages were such unreadable
The memory shall never be left behind.

Some were within an old wooden cask
Restoring them may be too much a task
Yet imagine what tales they once told
Before seaweeds became their mask.

Times of the past shall ever break free
Whether land or the depths of the sea
But some may ever be sadly forgotten
Sometimes it shall be best to let it be.


Pledge Of The Norse

She came from the distant Norse land
Of a tongue no-one could understand
Defiant was she within pride of place
Pledged her troth to a warriors hand .

He who pledged his oath unto Odin
Of stealth he knoweth from within
For he fought hard the nordic battle
Knowing it was his tribe should win.

Brave within valour, strong of heart
This love so free he had to be part
Of a passion he had never known
Pagan ceremonies shall newly start

Blood mingled with blood together
Binds the troth for now and forever
Within ancient nordic pact of rights
Let no man or wench deceive never.

Such the harshness of a nordic vow
As practised then but not ever now
Times have changed with the times
'Tis his maiden that now shall show.

Freysa and Svipdag Norse Gods.


Power Of Wind

Eastern winds coming in from the west
But why from west when originally east
Unless of course it was natures whirlwind
But then mother of nature knoweth best.

There is many a time the wind is welcome
Prayers shall provide much and then some
But too much shall cause as much destruction
And leave those contented without a home.

The stength of the wind may drive a windmill
To grind the corn from a horticultural hill
Some shall be greatful for the windmills yield
Most think it was premonitions and do still.

But wind shall always be the part of grace
Gastronomy shall never be such a disgrace
To be as grateful for within natures relief.
It shall only be part what life has to face.


Prunes and Custard

The stones of prunes left upon a plate
A spell unfolds the future within fate
How magical those times of the past
If all comes true we had only to wait.

Yet the custard was so hastily eaten
Greedily a child may not be beaten
Just to foresee what future unfolds
Within mind shall e'er be cheaten.`

Stones now placed around the edge
Ready for a forecasters final pledge
Of the plate that once held custard
Was balanced upon an unsafe ledge.

Old mother goose this had to be said
Swallowed a stone and went to bed
However does nursery rhyme's start
Upon a world of fantasy widespread.


Queen Of The Nile

Upon ancient banks of the river Nile
Past pyramids ever within their style
Stood Egypts ancient tombs from past
Memories of Egyptians were versatile.

Was not Cleopatra borne from that age
Upon a tempests breath as battles rage
She stands proud within her mellow glory
So much her beauty shall never assuage.

Yet her lovers had followed forth anew
Through her short reign she knew a few
One only was named within history books
Antony. was the only one that would do.

But time passed for the truth to unfold
Upon words of those who were as bold
The telling of lies that never took place
Time flies past and memories grow old.

Yet history shall forever take the place
Of the past within her honourable grace
Within future times we shall ever recall
But beauty within time may never trace.

Cleopatra And Antony


Romans Return

I still hear Roman Chariots roll down the hill
When Saint Albans roads are quiet and still
Ghosts from past return to ancient haunts
Future times shall prove they forever will.

They made Saint Albans unto a roman city
Far from their Palace in Rome was the pity
They would never accept this as their home
Not be mistaken as a future of tranquillity

They were borne of the great Roman Empire
To win the battles were their present desire
Lost within a period of old Roman rituals
Cast upon victims stretched on a pyre.

Yet their ancient chants may still echo forth
Within modern times for what it was worth
All within past shall not ever be forgotten
But only upon a sign of a Christian rebirth.

The bell still tolls within the Cathedral
For Christianity shall return to them all
But still in the distance all shall be heard
Romans still chant to the old battle call.


So Called Technicians

I cannot say that I have never tried
But today the internet I was denied
Some geek messed up my home page
I tore out my hair Oh and yes I cried.

But being the one that I shall ever be
He never did him get the better of me
I think I have just about solved it all,
We shall just have to wait now and see

Where are all the so called technicians
I had too much of their contradictions
But why? because I may never be man
With two sweaty socks and no actions.

'Tis why my great need is to advertise
Come now and let us both compromise
If you should pass by this way again
I may surely shrink you down to size.


Slilence of the Senses

Silence of a tongue that cannot speak
May not be a reason for one so meak
For there is never a voice of the dumb
Yet it is comfort within they may seek.

Those who cannot listen to natures song
Shall not within thoughts never belong
To the rightful grace of the human race
Why should they think they are wrong.

Why with eyes open they cannot see
The beauty around them is ever free
There is much within nature to please
From a tiny seed to a fully grown tree.

May those who may speak ever tell all
For to speak just might be the final call
Then may they listen to natures sound
And maybe open their eyes to the fall.


Time For Love

This day I missed the look upon your eyes
Absence within my heart was no surprise
For I shall be ever lost here without you
Like a spent candle that flickers and dies.

I feel an absence of you who may care
And know that we may as ever share
The same feelings that leads to content
For future thro' past may not be rare.

It is why lovers shall belong together
Both are tarred with the same feather
Apart there may be a sadness within
For spiritual lovers may never tether.

Yet I missed that look upon your eyes
However do eyes ever fake a disguise
When both lovers emotions are so deep
May it be we have need to improvise.

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Noreen Collins

An Unrest Spirit

On a cold darkened mysterious night.
In the cemetary`s cold and misted light
A tawny owl screaches up high in his fort
Beneath the fullest moon shining bright.

A Monk had arisen from his ancient tomb
From the mist of time where shadows loom
An unrest spirit haunts thro` the stones
Searching freedom from dank earths gloom.

A monestary in England was once his home
When Henry the eighth sat on his throne
He banished monestaries, monks and nuns
In sixteen hundreds they were o`erthrown.

But now this monk returned once more
His shadow floats thro`the monestary door
Ordained to him as his house of worship
He then pray`s to God as he did before.


A Cruel War.

Oh Great spirit of the waters I call thee
Turn the great tide and set them all free,
No longer send our soldiers to perish
To far distant lands across the great sea.

Far too many young sons, have now been lost
Should they be the ones to count the cost
To be trapped in a relentless brutal war
With morale and valour close to exhaust.

What of their mothers what of young wives
What then of them, when lost are their lives
When all is left are medals they cannot wear
And a newly borne baby's about to arrive.

Hear them Oh spirits harken to their plea,
Boys can be saved from men who cant see
The pain that's inflicted, the tears that do flow
Come turn the great tide and set them all free.


Fantasy Of Love

This love that I feel so deep inside
Just know I cannot any longer hide
Tho` we may be vast oceans apart
I dream of you Oh my love with pride.

I dream of being in your loving arms
Entranced in warm masculine charms
Whatever may happen I know for sure
A little affection shall bear us no harm.

So come to me, my precious delight
Caress me now, and make love tonight,
Drown me in deepest passions of love
In rhapsody `neath this moon so bright."


Goodbye Sweet Mother

My dearest mother how I miss you so
The years passed on but tears still flow,
I wish my dearest one with all my heart
That I was with you when you had to go.

Memories linger on through the years
Secure in our world with never a fear
You were our saviour steadfast and true
To love and guide us, and dry our tears.

Images of you I shall treasure always
`Tis all that is left of those happy days
Of country rambles, amidst wild flowers
Memories live on and shall always stay

If only I was there for that last goodbye,
I would have cradled you, as you did I
Deep in my heart you will ever be near
My beautiful angel from a heavenly sky.


How Tame The Ocean

How vast hath tidal breezes changed
From calm unto violently disarranged
Sands then become like flooded castles
Washed away moats lost and estranged.

To ebb and to flow with high tidal waves
Crashing at rocks and flooding of caves
Treasures arise from long sunken galleons
From the bottom of deep sea graves.

Energetic these waves of variant power
Can also change on it`s spent out hour
Returns to tame these violent waters
For then the sea shalt bend and cower.

Then salt sea breezes caress my hair
I lift up my face to embrace the air
A vibrant cool and refreshing breeze
Drifting towards me calmly to share.


Indigo Sky

When dreams of love and sensuality
Become wonderful years of reality,
Hearts afloat `neath an indigo sky
And Earth seems to lose its gravity.

Butterfly wings that do flutter inside
Deep in love ne`er a wish is denied,
Dreams blessed `neath an Indigo sky
As the heat of sweet passions derive.

Out of darkness appears to be light
Celestial stars are shining so bright,
Spirits of love `neath an Indigo sky
Together at last on this heavenly night.

Love Is In The Air - Josephine Wall


Non Correspondence

I sent myself a letter to read when all alone
Never read a letter since I had the telephone,
The post box remains right outside my house
But all that was inside, an address unbeknown.

Friends keep in touch when they send me a text
Don't know how to answer, and feel rather vexed
I never see a post man except when it's bills
In this my lonely world I remain as perplexed.

Letters sent of love would never go a-miss
I should tie them in a bow sealed with a kiss,
To read once again endearing words of love
And treasure to my heart would be utter bliss.

So I send myself a letter to read when alone,
Never to arrive for strong winds had blown,
Lost high over mountains and wild across seas
Once more persistence rings my telephone.



Squares and angles with colours bold
Stitched together by young and old
Past and present as these years pass by
Each remnant had a tale to be told,

Passed down rags from each relation
Created to serve the next generation
Stitched with pride from nimble fingers
Her heart full of love and dedication.

Many a long hour she did sew and trim
From morning light until evenings dim
A weary grandmother so bent with age
Yet forever thankful and not ever grim.

Her creation meant well for the family
Kept an active mind for many a day
When all was done she uttered a sigh
It was her last, as she passed away.

Her patchwork quilt a treasure of old
Each remnant had a tale to be told.
For each generation her gift of love
Ever preserved by a heart of gold.


Re-BorneTo Love

Howe sweete thys loveinge thou doth endow
I cherishe completely mye hearte toe thou;
Sweet dreames pledg`d toe thee thys nighte
Wythe thy lovinge eyes glazed `neath thy brow

Sleepe well mye love nestle thye wearie heade
On soft breastes upon thye feathered bedde;
For pleasur`s off passione keepeth thee warme
Endearing wordes off longinge soe softlie saide.

Recallinge loste moments that was left behinde
Changinge of thee seasons past ne`er to finde;
Toe return once more bothe spirites borne anew
Callinge backe sweet memories within thy minde.

Awaken mye love feel thy scent of sweet balme
Re-enter thys newe borne World of sensual calme;
Toe again treade thee golden pathe of dreames
Ande once more presse mye hand within thy palme.


Roaring Twenties

The pages of time turns back the clock
Dance thro`out the years before rock,
Giving birth to the craze of the twenties
When jazz aroused the young in flocks.

Oh how they changed. the waltz was tame
But the `Charleston` they bobbed to fame,
They danced with vigour `The Black Bottom`
And the `Scissors` were crossed the same.

But this was so lively this razzmatazz
Spirits were free`d in the joys of jazz
Expressing inwards the rhythmic beat,
Boop boop de doo`s with a final pizazz.


Saga Of Two Knights

Deep in the heart of a woodland glade,
Hand on the hilt of a long sword blade
A handsome Knight came a`riding by
Galloping, forth to his true loves aide.

Beneath the branches on soft dark loam
His fiery stallion snorts breath of foam
He plunges forth thro` the forest green
On a gallant quest to rescue her home.

For she was captured and taken away
By a dark knight on this fateful day
A villain who had taken her for his own
Tethered, and bound. and made to obey.

'Twas full moon waxing betwixt the clouds
Lighting the path 'neath the trees boughs
The swaying trees threw shadows abound
Tonight I must find my lover he vows.

Upon a long pathway that twisted round
Fresh hoof prints were there to be found
A delicate perfume then filled the air
And her gold trinket lay on the ground.

He tied his steed to the nearest tree
Tread on foot for his true love to see
So silently crept and ventured forth
To espy his love saddened was she.

The dark knight stood there out in front
His sword and shield ready to confront
To fight and win this fair ladies hand
There in a battle with bold affront

They came together in a deadly duel
Swords flashing like precious jewels
Who then shall breathe his final breathe
And shall meet the bitter end so cruel.

With a sharp sword thrust thro` his chest
Blood flowing freely from his breast
From the battle he fought and lost
The dark knight slain and laid to rest.

Souls of rage scream unto the night,
An unrest spirit now lost in flight
A bold black raven leaves his nest
And haunts with vengeance to re- unite.


Ye Olde Peddlar

The peddlar doe call to showe hys wayeres
Pryses a farthinge toe olde gayte repayers
Hys rikett olde carte didd fayre welle betymes
Manie longe yeres hadd itt dunn fayre shayres

Callinge att thee cotts nigh everie longe weeke
Sellynge divers thynges wych sum folke seeke
Thayre bee pottes ande panns wyth all thee lyds
Buketts ande bowles, whenn thee olde doe leeke.

Hym calles toe sharpenn blunten`d sheeres.
Toe hys olde carte were a sharpner appeeres
Kniffes ande syssors, honed fyne and sharpe.
One halfpenny onlie ande a porter off beeres.

They cann heare hym cummin forr myles arounde
Hys beeten downe carte ande hys yellin sounde,
Peasant folks saye theye cann still hear hym nowe
Ande hym six futte under thee blessed grounde.

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Jezz Farmer


It all seemed so far away yesterday
But the clock isn't standing still today
The minutes speeding by faster than fast
The time is closer and what can I say

Mayhap a farewell to all that has past
For that moment is in my sight at last
Good bye to the person I used to be
To all the memories that held me fast

For the time has come for me to fly free
Embrace the future that I want to see
As now I know there is no other way
And a man must forge his own destiny


Don't Say It Aloud

It's one o'clock, we daren't be late,
all hungry kids, mum makes us wait
around the table in silent hush
'til Sunday lunch is on the plate.

A chicken roast, we're sat and shush
they have red wine, we sipped fruit crush,
while dad and knife begin to slice
it takes so long why did we rush.

To get the wishbone would be nice,
and pull it hard so wishes splice
with dreams, but don't say it aloud,
a secret wish, is sound advice..


Don't Wait for Time

Do what is right don't wait for time
Be true to self, let your voice chime
Anything else ain't worth the fight
When simply living is a crime

Stand tall and proud you know it's right
Be the power behind your light
Take each breath that belongs to you
And don't give up without a fight

Ignore their words they don't own you
Just do what's right and speak your view
For there will be no perfect time
So do it as you matter too.


Integrity for Sale

As I opened my door your eyes met mine
Instantly flashing the soul for sale sign
Anything promised all you want - my vote
You have all the answers as if divine

But your words are empty and this I know
But how to politely tell you that's so
And I know a wolf who wears a sheep's coat
So I say few words nothing more than NO

You gave my country no hope and no care
With nowt to give because there's none to share
Please do not think I have not taken note
For when you call again if you so dare



The midnight hour striking too soon
The night is young beneath the moon
For a kiss, dear, is it too late
Or will you sing with me love's tune

Is it too soon to hold your hand
Gently pull you to where I stand
Each breath nervous like a first date
Is that moment yet to be planned

For all of time I feel you near
In my thoughts you always appear
For your kiss how long must I wait
I know I'll wait forever dear


The Price We Pay

The root of all evil found in cash
Passes out faster than a dash
Like liquid through fingers is lost
Social disease leaving a rash

A first world nation it is such
Yet poverty is seen too much
Feeding the banks but at what cost
When our government's out of touch

An old man left to die from cold
No food to eat, no hand to hold
His body wrapped in winter's frost
The price we must pay to be bold


Sacred Rite

Calling the elements one by one
Guardians called and circle spun
As Man and gods speak with one voice
For magic must surely be done

Mystical words on whispered voice
The ways of old a modern choice
When Mother Earth has things to say
Darkness and light as one rejoice

To cast the spell the words they say
A sacred rite at end of day
The priesthood signs never undone
The spirit path a witch's way

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Ryter Roethical

Amor ti vieta

Love forbids you not to love.
That gentle hand that repulses me
Sought the pressure of my hand;
Your eye says: "I love you",
Though your lips are saying: "I won't!"
Fedora; Umberto Giordano

Love forbids you not to love.
That message is not from above
Instead it asks, "What do you see,
And on seeing are aware of?"

That gentle hand that repulses me
Still grips me, oh so gently
And close to me you still stand.
And standing oh so closely

Sought the pressure of my hand;
Help me please, help me understand,
I'm confused, what can I do?
Tell me what you have planned.

Your eye says: "I love you",
What is this confusion through?
Deep inside you know what you want
And what you really want to do.

Though your lips are saying: "I won’t!"
They are not saying, no, or don't
Your heart is saying, "I am in love,
And there is no such word as can't!"


Bach's Cello

I allow the music to flow over me
It and my soul no longer entities
The dark, deep tones of the cello
Make me realise the gift of a Deity.

United by music, oh so mellow.
I am part of it and I must follow
Flowing o'er me like an eternal sea.
Unknown by those who exist below.

Existence is all it could ever be
Without this music that's so Heavenly
I'm so relaxed now at peace with all
I can have a port now, Old Tawny.



Some live their lives hand to hand
Leaving a trail like a long riband
Of wagon wheels on virgin plain
Or footprints in the fresh beach sand.

The wind will raise the grassy plain.
Some have lives travelled full of pain
But tides will wash away pain and sin
And leaves all fresh without a stain.

Fields that are planted again begin
To show crops budding deep within
Singing promise of a harvest tune
Then fields become a weeded skin.

Seasons come and go like the moon
And life circles round far too soon
When life ripens, then rots with age
And wisdom changes to buffoon.



Have you seen the bush by moonlight
Seen the Sun kiss the Earth goodnight
Covering her with a sleepy goldness
Just preparing for a time of delight.

Have you heard the birds raucous din
At the end of day as parrots settle in?
Red breasted galahs argue with the rest
A host of colours flitting then settling

See the red rock in the middle at sunrise
Then the contrast 'gainst light blue skies
The richest greens of the northern jungle
And burnt out trees that never die

Evermore you'll love the bushland
White sand beaches and red heartland
See the rains that have long been prayed for
And see the Garden State alive and grand.



Long ago when the world was young
Enchantment spread by Angel's wings
Sprinkling magic dust along the way
As cherubs raise their voice and sing;
Maggie Cusick

Long ago when the world was young
Stories were passed by bards poems sung
Refrains strummed on their bardic strings
And history around the dining halls rung

Enchantment spread by Angel's wings
As faeries danced round moonlit springs
Listening happily to the humans play
Feet moving to their happy dancing's.

Sprinkling magic dust along the way
As birds sang way the end of the day
Around the world and back voices ring
Then in time some faeries learned to play.

As cherubs raise their voice and sing;
Me realised new thoughts took wing
And too this added their own song
That's why the Gods invented spring.


Man and Maid

As the bird wheels lazily in the sky
A young man watches it on high
In the meadow lying on the grass
Seeing time and clouds go by.

There is no time there is no place
The scene is set what e'r the race
For boy and maid must ever meet
For beauty is she and lovely her face.

The maiden now rides down the street
Peddles spinning on winged feet
To meet her love, her soul-mate
Already her heart misses its beat

Unaware of what we know as fate
The maid casually opens the gate
Unknowing, uncaring of what will befall
Longingly kisses her youthful date.

Together they lay this maid and boy
Her mood no longer shy and coy
Exquisite pain bring out her cries
Falling from her face, her tears of joy

With happiness and love, time flies
And barely with the blink of eyes
Time has flown and love has grown
Lovers, loving next to each other lies.

Kisses over, at each other thrown
Each night of love from dusk till dawn
Together they lie, this maid by his side
Till seeds so easily thrown have grown

So with the maid he did abide
Rather than lose her, would have died
A man so strong and full and light
That he was there when she cried.

He was there and held her tight
With each pain throughout the night
And held his daughter in his arms
As his lover carried on her fight,

But Fates too vicious with her charms
And tore his lover from his arms
Dashing his life to smithereens
Sending heaven into alarms.

He held his daughter to his breast
In addition, a holy vow he did attest
That forever he would love his child
In addition, whatever comes would do his best.

No longer a man, young and wild
However, hard as steel and temper mild
Now able to take life as rusted tin
The roughest edges off him filed.

Again, time and fate must step in
Now we hear the warriors din
He has no chance, he has no choice
But protect his love from others sin.

So in uniform he lends his sound
And listens to the cannons pound
Screaming mates give out their voice
Death and maim a cacophony around.

Machine guns sound their rat, tat, tat
Incessant, laying everyone flat
But some get up and move apace
But still it goes on, dat, dat, dat.

The years go on, trench and lice
Mortars and mines and other vice
The man survives as others die
Scars attest each deathly dice.

A thousand nights, a thousand dreams
Horror mixing with peaceful scenes
But war must end and peace again
And home the warriors ship now steams.

The ANZAC dreams are bitter pain
And still return each night again,
But softer with the sands of time
Memory lessened with each grain.

Bathing eventually removes the grime
And washes away the trenches slime
But not the blood and inside scars
And the hideous facts of legal crime

Caused by mans incessant wars
Creating building a million corps
Of each dead lover, husband, son
Laying spent on these hellish whores.

But eventually sanity sees the sun
Allows "normal life" begin again
Lives and loves allowed to grow
And bear the fruit so dearly won.

First time for years he sees his doe
It takes a while for each to know
But blood and love soon over come
What fate has ever dared to throw.

The little child holds under thumb
A warrior father stern and glum
Remembering to love once more
Her smile soon makes his heart strum.

As she grows, he sees once more
The woman that he loved and bore
Their child, but cruel Fate made die.
His heart still swells, still sore.

As the bird wheels lazily in the sky
A young man watches it on high
In the meadow lying on the grass
Seeing time and clouds go by.


My Three Teachers

There are three teachers in my humanity
The first bade me question everything I see
Who said that is the "status quo"?
Who agrees that is how things should be?

The second simply said to me, "Just go,
Travel, only then can your spirit grow".
So, I travelled to many a foreign land,
And saw the wonders there was to show.

As I travelled, I questioned and I learned,
Some truths hid questions in the sand,
And not seeing them blindly went away.
My sprit self grew, but still was bland.

For years I lived questioning every day,
Travelling and learning as was my way.
At night I'd dream but in the morn forgot,
Considering them nothing more than play.

Logic dictating I followed that narrow plot
Sandy questions asking what was what,
Ignored and cast off like my dreams,
Like a fly at which I would casually swat.

Dreams too long ignored find the means,
And sandy questions bursting at the seams
Can always climb over the highest wall
Like a bursting dam creating raging streams.

I heard what had been a subtle call,
Truth had called in a voice so small
I knew she was my teacher this time
She said, "Believe in yourself that's all".

Follow your dreams and you'll be fine
Attainment will make your life sublime
There are three teachers in my humanity
Helping me on my starwards climb.



The night is dark and you're alone.
In fear you hear the night beasts moan
See the shadows creep along the wall
In fear you cringe as ghosties groan.

Spine chills as the werewolves howl
Rotting flesh makes the air most foul
The night is dark and you're alone.
Once more you hear the hooting owl.

In terror you reach for the phone
The line is dead, all help has flown
And evil wagers for your soul
Finally reaping what you have sown

Visions now remembered from the past
No forgiveness now the dice are cast
No priestly rites can save your soul
For Hell as claimed you whole at last

One flash of light and a waking poke
Relief floods through as tears you choke
Suddenly all sense has gone and
This is your first taste of a satanic joke.



In days of old when men were bold
And poetry wasn't really all that old.
Men roamed the land with lute in hand
Telling tales that just had to be told.

But oftimes bastards who were mad
Would try to gag each stalwart lad.
For keeping people informed and sane
Was considered by some to be bad.

Each age that's been in countries seen
The written word suppressed has been
Religion has caused wisdom to be paused
And politics caused literary screen.

But with each age in histories whit
One person has let people know it.
His idealism has led revolutions
That is your oftimes humble poet.

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Leny Roovers

The Autumn of my Years

Life's autumn is a good time to reflect
how acts from our past might yet effect
our future, hidden still within time's veils.
The years ahead I'll use to introspect.

I'd like to leave this life unburdened, hale
acceptance in my heart, no fear to fail;
In offering my spirit I'll be free.
The time still left I'll use to good avail.

Awareness of the way offers the key
unlocks the doors to reconnect with Thee.
In You I'll find my peace and inner space
my life will be fulfilled in high degree.

I try to live a good life with your grace
forgive and bear no grudges or deface.
For love and life you need your self-respect,
necessary at any structure's base.


Close to the fire

As nights are cold this time of year
clouds dropped their rain, left night's sky clear.
The duvet pulled up to my eyes
I seek your warmth and draw you near.

Snuggled against your back, our thighs
fit like the matching spoons supplies
in downstairs buffet drawer's hold;
the end of summer's treasured prize.

Our burning fire works twofold
it helps to drive away the cold
and lights up room and faces both,
we're sitting close, our hands enfold.

We talk, remembering our troth,
adjusting for a mutual growth;
we made our promise without fear.
If life permits, we'll keep that oath.



Thousands of people leave their land
their country ravaged, they are banned;
in search of freedom and of peace
they flee their countries, many strand.

Shipwrecked or drowned, hundreds decease
stacked as cattle on boats to Greece.
Smugglers grow rich from people's fear
they don't know mercy or release.

The free world looks on, they're still clear
slowly the crowds are getting near;
a small boy dies, sign to awake
and practice the values held dear?

Open the borders, share the cake
show compassion, honour's at stake.
It's time for big gestures, think grand!
It's better to give, than to take.


This could be Heaven (Sonnet)

We're offered chances to be loved each life
to bring us balance in a world of strife;
we're also asked to love back in return
our parents, children, friends, husband or wife.
There is one thing though we first have to learn:
respect and love ourselves, instead of spurn.
Accepting who we are gives peace of mind,
it opens our hearts to show concern.
Love takes down our barriers, makes us kind,
entwines the strings between our souls combined;
we'll feel upbeat, benevolence is rife,
with love we can let go, leave pain behind.
Self-examination works like a knife,
it cuts out every lie, allows true life.

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