2017 Poetry Form Challenge

#05 Muzdawidj

Persian poetry influenced other nations and whilst Turkish poetry also developed it was slightly later and influenced by Persian poetry and was popular in Turkey until the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
Early Urdu Mathnawi was at first religious in nature, but because of Persian influence included romance, and adventure and even secular stories.
The Arabic Mathnawi (Called Muzdawidj) has one major difference in that it is presented as a triplet;
a. a. a. / b. b. b. / c. c. c.. pattern, rather than a couplet like the Persian version.

This Bitter Earth

It went to my head what you said yesterday
And again the thoughts burn yet become doubts play
For whenever hearts are involved I must pray.

How goes these whispers into the heavnelies
To evoke imaginative displays, please
Me as much as the cello with bow glories.

Charms take me away as do the words we speak,
When there are clouds in our eyes they tend to leak
For far gone days and flung desires bespeak.

Kathy Anderson

Muzdawidj Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Those Were The Days

Kathy Anderson

Autumn Rains
Blind Faith

Terry Clitheroe

Beach Thoughts
Dreams Give Wings
Escape at Last
Found from lost
I Am The Wind
Juxtaposition Nil
Mists of Time
Olfactory Presence
Questions of Value
Regalo di amore
Waking Sky
You have become
Zero Promises

Divena Collins

Blessed Be
Computer Geeks
Halloweens Witch
I Remember
Kiss Flavoured Winds
Of Roman Heritage
Old Tuckers Tale
Prophesy of Thought
Refrains of Autumn
Restless Dreams
Serenata Ti Amo

Jem Farmer

Trick or Treat
Witches Take Flight

Ivor Hogg

Coast Guardians

Leny Roovers


Ryter Roethicel

Amore Autunno
Celebration of Life
Final Countdown
I Am The Wind
Nature Overcome
Presencia en mi mente
Scented Presence


A Time of Life (Summer)
Green No Longer (Autumn)
Knock Off (Winter)
Gloriosa and More (Spring)

Maryse Achong

Those Were The Days

My thoughts drift back to days so long ago
When we were young energetic and so
Unaware of the curve balls life would throw.

We were all so naive, had stars in our eyes
We learned in time about life's lows and highs
The pitfalls caught some of us by surprise.

Happiness though has far outweighed the pain
There has been much sunshine amidst the rain
Given the chance I'd do it all again.

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Kathy Anderson

Autumn Rains

Went to hell where crisp was all there was
Had to go there to enjoy Autumn's new rains
A drink of mead to the earth before she sleeps

In Avalon women departed to learn season of magic
The suns blessings became tears relieving antalic
No alcoholic dreams just dreams chronologic.


Blind Faith

Blind faith was what led her to the fields
To blend a special dark brew that death sealed,
As each generation of witch carries this shield.

Eyes shielded from despair can only wear
A webbed banner about shoulders that dare
To harken to the old songs chanted there.

In fields of black and yellow decay
See no light in forevers twilight way
Gone from archaic sun by moons sway

She sways by Liliths might on wings
Of blind faith born in cauldrons ring
A stew of wond'rous power, life it brings

To the lines of ancestors rebirthed
On earthly plains each Octobers loosed
Again to dance with shadows ne'er dread.

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Terry Clitheroe

Beach Thoughts

A rising gentle sea-breeze blows my cares away
There's a welcome change from the hot north way
In that cool welcome breeze the jacaranda's play.

The birds become more alive sat on each bough
The day's heat has moved away from them now
And somehow clearing away this sweated brow.

I sit back with my glass of cold Chardonnay
Savouring my wine, listening to music play
Late summer has its own rewards I often say.

Peaceful music now is the reward, so kind.
Feeling the cooling change, I change my mind
I lean forward so as to let my poetry unwind.

I now grab my pen and paper to write upon
The schools are back and the kids are gone
A gentle wind blows, my mind and soul are one.


Dreams Give Wings

Dreams give wings to my hidden hopes
In my sleep I dare to dream not mope
Life might be an ever upwards slope

Causing all my fantasies to take flight.
And bring my deepest desires to site.
But carefully planned there's always light.

Yet swift as rain from thunderous skies
Seeing passion and wanting compromise
And in acceptance find a pleasant surprise

Pours sorrow into my proffered heart.
Hopeful that something may finally start
My dreams finally rewarded with a new start.

What causes a greater harm than fancies
My frail imagination reigns suddenly dances,
Your look's told me I've more than chances

It lends power and strength to all feeling?
My mind amazed and my senses reeling
So I'll take my chances into your hearts stealing.


Escape at Last

To learn to love, you must first learn to cry
Offer your heart before love says goodbye
Smile looking at her; let her see your eyes.

Our bodies and minds are conditioned by life
Show your emotions don't be stoic in strife
Realise now lies are deadlier than a knife.

For too long now, my heart has been asleep
But slowly through joy, I'm learning to weep
Like that of a soul taking a great upwards leap.

Now there are tears as my heart opens again
Not tears or sobs of a heart wrenched in pain
And having achieved love desires to remain.

At last it has become the time for you to cry
As anger and frustration from inside you die
Here beside you I wipe the tear from your eye.

I have looked in your eyes and I see your tears
You have held it inside you for all these years
I'll hold you and kiss you, removing your fears.


Found from lost

I lost my heart to a heart unknown
Around which has hard callous bone.
My mind was set and my heart like stone

Hidden deep within my tangled mind
I did not look for love nor expect to find
And to all temptation I had gone blind.

Waking each day, I feel her within my heart
Who once was a stranger and is now a part
And all my thoughts and feelings I can impart

A special someone who makes me feel whole
A someone with whom I now share my soul
Now I see that all is well, there's no control.



Who says the Earth is not alive, look she sleeps
See how green her hair, so peaceful lying there
In this valley her vigil with the Sandman keeps

A hundred years is but a blink of her eye
A thousand years and some time has passed by
Sleep she will have our master willed she lie.

But now man has stepped in and all is changed
The Earth is wetter, warmer and warmer ranged
Ice is melting the world has become deranged.

The greedy ignores it and politicians are paid
Hypocrisy rules and the selfih have strayed
But media, and common sense is not swayed.

We know that truth belies the corrupted scam
And now the general public does give a damn
The coal miners from the Coral Reef must scram.


I Am The Wind

I am the wind breathing new life on the land
Beach flags signalling OK as lifeguards planned
And how the spirals twist and spin on the sand.

Each breath refreshes you, and brings forth new life,
Blowing in your smiling face, removing all strife
Or can be bitter and cut you like a knife.

I am the wind that happily plays on the water
Sails on boats as they turn making them flutter
A calm and gentle wind making waves scutter.

Or turning the brightest day to murky gloom
Leaves flying outwards and downwards to doom
And scattering waves into foaming spume.

Making wave upon wave crash onto the strand
A dead, brown sea that comes alive at my hand
White teethed foam obeying every command.

I am basically good, but angry when maligned,
Respect me humans there's much blown by the wind
For with too little respect you may well find.


Juxtaposition Nil

There is no way to mend a broken heart
One minute you're happy and all is smart
The next moment you are forced apart.

The possibility of meeting again is never.
Taxing your mind thinking it was forever
Reasons are complex, meaning whatsoever.

You have to realise both ways love is blind
Very often lovers end up by being maligned
And to loss and pain they must be resigned.

There is now a blackness were love once shone
That pain deep down will never ever be gone
The only thing to do now, is to move on!


Mists of Time

Somewhere in the mists of time I met you
We shared wine and bread together time flew
And now each life I wait until our rendezvous.

And the songs sang will echo through eternity
Sharing wine and bread and song, being happy
Confident of a love that is more than certainty.

Each blessed meeting this life the days are few
But planned by fate, getting stronger as it grew
Forever knowing that we will never, ever rue.

Once again somewhere in time we shall meet
We will break bread, and with the wineglass greet
We will move in time and feet will tap the beat

Know life's wine shares, more tasty with each scene
We will smile kiss and touch knowing what has been
And sing our songs and speak our love in between.

Seeing future life's together as a worthwhile climb
We'll share wine and bread, for I'm yours you're mine
Knowing we will meet again somewhere in time.


Olfactory Presence

The dog's been walked as the evening draws nigh
A sun, gorgeously red is sinking in that sky
And I smell the sweet roses as I pass close by.

I've stopped for a while to sniff in the view,
There's Roses, Jacarandas and Lavender to
What more is needed as the day says "Adieu"?

The front of the house is where the day began
It was the first place to see and feel the sun
The glare straight in my office, by 9 there's none.

Long shadows now cover the front of my place
Each day quicker now each day a faster pace
As if it was in some kind of evening race.

Darker and darker, now my front garden's hid,
And still the memory of the day cannot forbid
But of the scent the night will never be rid.


Question of Values

When you look deep into someone long enough,
Discovering their morality and how they bluff,
But too often there is the avoidance of stuff.

The eyes of a child sees things day to day,
So the child smiles and is rewarded some way
Without any concept of how stories can play.

A child has no concept of lies, only rewards,
With time the child learns about life's awards,
There is no understanding of moral records.

The child only learns what has been taught,
Its path in life becomes set by what is brought
If only adults gave their education a thought.


Regalo di amore, (Gift of love)

Given to the light especially, is a gift of love
Whilst all I see are reflections from above
But what is love but wealth undreamed of.

I search the heavens just to thank the stars
And see them twinkling for hours and hours
That tells me that this gift alone is ours

I see a flight of angels delivering this gift
And rarely has their arrows flown adrift
Gained sometimes sneaky, oft-times swift.

By one who has oft-times drawn his bow
There are no victims, or complaints, know
His victims all possess that special glow.


Waking Sky

Who has never enjoyed the midnight sky
Breathing freely in it's warm autumn air
Had not feelings like possessed of flight

Felt free, wind blowing through their hair?
Been entranced looking at stars on high
And aroused feelings, becoming aware

Who's not revelled under the midnight sky
Listening entranced by the singing stars
With the full silvered moon smiling on high

And flapping shadows cast by sleeping galahs?
Creating a magic winds with a silken sigh
The moon in Venus lighting the morn is ours.


You have become

You have become a presence in my mind.
My thoughts once controlled and of a simple kind
Now wander off far into space and leave me blind

I don't like it, for no longer's my mind free
Instead, my waking time is taken with thee
And thinking of things that could perhaps be

In my minds eye I see you everywhere
When thinking about someone for whom I care
Willing in every way my life to alter.

Each waking moment of my time is brought
So naturally for you to invade my thoughts
In things so different now my life is wrought.

All this I obtained for such a simple fee
Of the future, of love and of you and me
Someone to share my life with so easily.


Zero Promises

Who has not enjoyed the midnight sky
Been entranced looking at stars on high
Had not feelings like possessed of flight

Breathing freely in it's warm autumn air
Gently aroused feelings, becoming aware
And felt free wind blow through their hair?

Who's not revelled under the midnight sky
With the full silvered moon smiling on high
Creating a magic winds with a silken sigh

Listening entranced by the singing stars
The moon in Venus lighting the morn is ours.
And flapping shadows cast by sleeping galahs?

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Divena Collins

Blessed Be

Black is the night that surrounds a full moon
Putrid the stench from a black ladled spoon
Reaking of blood from a relentless racoon.

Louder the call of the black feathered raven
Screeching of an owl that protects his haven
That surrounds the witches fearless of coven.

Deep in the heart of a dense woodland glade
The twigs for the cauldron are carefully laid
As the witches of All Hallows masquerade.

Be not afraid of their ancient celebration
They shall fly high within perfect formation
For one of them could be your past relation.


Computer Geeks

Thoughts of wisdom shall not ever go amiss
For computer problems very often point to this
And perfection within shall display utter bliss.

Gone are the days of simple mathematics
Paving the way for learned computer fanatics.
That boast ingeniously they are no gereatics.

Why does these machine`s intrigue them so
Who they really are is what they love to know
No human brains are as such an I.T. may show.

But what would they do without all the fuss
Their nights on end is just another to cuss
Only to face another day with a bigger plus

There is no rest for those computer geeks
To arise once again preventing data leaks
Until time bales out it is the gift they seek.


Halloweens Witch

Go you first to knock at the old witches door
I did last year and I shall never any more
Even though she makes toffee by the score.

Toffee apples were never quite on my mind
Though she appeared to be extremely kind
This halloween witch was too perfect a find.

I should never knock at her door in the dark
However many of her hounds that may bark
For anger awaits naughty children who lark.

She's busy I know upon this Halloween eve
Lord knows the curse she has up her sleave
They say she's quite nice if you can believe.

She rides on a broomstick within dead of night
A silhouette so dark in the mystic moons light
And laughs aloud when she appears in sight.

So you can knock first I would rather go last
If anything happens it shall be me that runs fast
Though I heard she has run out of spells to cast.


I Remember

I remember the time when this earth was new
In a beautiful garden where flowers once grew
Our World made from love within oceans of blue.

I remember the rains and the floods that came
Of Adam and Eve within their glory brought fame
To love one and other birthed more of the same.

I remember the islands that had kept us afloat
When medieval man made a thing named a boat
Clad in animal furs within a watertight coat.

I remember the images of life way back then
Man dwelled in caves but I do not know when
For they disappeared before life changed again.

I remember past times when great wars arose
Everything to be gained as the holy battle goes
Greed coveted our planet from under our nose.

Yet how could I forget when this earth was new
In a beautiful garden where flowers once grew
This World made from love within oceans of blue.


Of Roman Heritage

Oh Ancient coinage of an old Roman land
Ye who hath passed on from hand to hand
Treasures recovered was then unplanned .

What stories do ye tell of thy past domain
For Augustus Caesar was once your reign
And is not likely to return back here again.

Are thee the coins of a Roman soldiers purse
Perished in battle from an enemies curse
That failed in battle and retained the worse.

May this be a part of your Emperors wealth
Who within his rights accomplished stealth
Which he had cast aside while ailing health

Or Gladiators who braved the arena back then
Who had risked their fate within the lions den
They shall never see the light of that day again.

Times past by hath been crumbled to cinders
I feel great worth now here within my fingers
For as I touched the past my memory lingers.


Old Tuckers Tale

I have seen the passing of seasons go by
The wild geese returning to a summer sky
I have heard the song of a musk deer cry.

Ran thro' the forest toward a wolverine lair
Fished within waters with a mean brown bear
But left all alone they never seemed to care.

I have ridden the prairie upon a worn out nag
With nothing to sustain in my old tucker bag
But what the heck shall still be here to brag.

Have shared with the indians a wigwam tent
Swigged a shot of moonshine real hell bent
The smoke of my peace pipe came and went.

Paddled far within my canoe upon the falls
Until the raging rapids did smother my calls
Would much rather do that than nout at all.


Prophesy of Thought

Calm are the minds of the ancient followers
That drinketh of herbs beneath willow bowers
Amidst far away lands of eternal wild flowers.

Peace within humanity brotherhood maintains
So distant from battles from far off domains
Unto a land of destiny bearing sweet refrains.

For they hath travelled far over mountains high
Seeking perfect solitude beneath the blue sky
Knowing greatly within that this quest was nigh.

Time stands still when they reach great solitude
Calmness takes the place of an unsettled mood
Hence prophesy of thought shall e`er remain food.


Refrains of Autumn

When autumns notes are played upon her violin
Strains of musical harmony sounds deep within
Wild the wind of autumns symphony doth begin.

Refrains of falling leaves float to the ground
Silent within their melody with ne-er a sound
As bare the twisted bowers become unbound.

Golden carpet with refrains of brown and red
Sweet repose as nature rests her weary head
Amidst soft earthy notations of autumns bed.

A lullaby that sends wild autumn winds adrift
That lends a gentle sigh within an evening mist
Delights of nature shall play no greater gift.


Restless Dreams

Restless I sleep within a realm of dreams
Alone and yet I feel him with me it seems
I see a presence within moonlight streams.

Humidity this night awakens passions wonder
Bringing forth stormy cloud burst of thunder
How on earth shall I surrender to slumber.

Where is he now with his needed affection
When he promised sweet love to perfection
When all I have here is an image reflection.

I wonder does he feel so restless tonight
Maybe together we shall have second sight
And deep within our dreams we may reunite.



Add blood to cauldron upon this all hallows night
Let spells from the darkness smother all the light
Whilst tongue`s cast spells from witches in flight.

Black is the sky within the bleakness that looms
Darkened by the evils of the warlords and broom
Hidden within shadows that then spoke of doom.

Harken to the screech as the raven cries death
Who breathed the very last of his cursed breath
As he lay down bewitched upon an earthen heath.

All is very strange upon this blessed Hallow's eve,
Phantoms and demons within past ghostly weave
Relive upon this fantasy of whatever they believe.

Gifts they received forever begging for more
Tapping the knocker of yet another front door
For fruits of the seasons they forever bore.


Serenata Ti Amo

She held close to her heart this booklet of rhyme
Of words therein composed of his love sublime
That shall be with her forever `til the end of time.

Love through the ages shalt not be unbroken
Expressing of feelings shall not go unspoken
Poetical stance shall be his everlasting token.

Eternal dreams he speaks of with his smiles
Composed deep within it is her he beguiles
She is there in his verse most of the whiles.

He write`s of a passion she has never known
Of an eternal love that has never been shown
Throughout eternal years this love had grown.

For this was a love that was not meant to fade
Feelings within words were forever displayed
Within a poetic rhythm of his sweet serenade.

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Jem Farmer

Trick or Treat - Muzdawidj Triad

Children come knocking on every door,
Expectations demanding more and more,
Sweets and treats don't pay like they did before.

A ghostly sheet rippling on windy nights,
And vampire teeth giving adults the frights,
But bobbin' for apples remains out of sight.

Witches and reapers ring the ding-dong bell,
Trails of candy blood mixed with wild hair gel,
Trick or treat; a fun-filled night spent in hell.


Witches Take Flight

From death comes life as the old year comes to end,
And the seasons turn to their wintery wend,
The Wheel of the Year follows no fashion trend.

A witch's spell calls to the spirits long gone,
In sacred rite as gusts of wind swell and moan,
Such is the power of all that they have known.

Jack O'Lantern calls to children through the night,
A pumpkin glows in flickering candlelight,
With a trick or a treat as witches take flight.

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Ivor Hogg

Coast Guardians

There is no place I'd rather be.
Than here where I can watch the sea.
Which ebbs and flows continually.

The beach that forms the boundary
and seperates the land and sea.
Is prone to change erratically.

I know the changes I can see
Last only temporarily.
Until the next tide probably.

Most changes only transient.
They're very rarely permanent.
A fact that's clearly evident.

To those of us who watch the sea
and check the shoreline carefully.
For any changes there might be.

Which give rise to apprehension.
Warranting closer inspection
and if need be intervention.

Our aim to keep the boundary
that lies between the land and sea
Completely safe and hazard free.

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Ryter Roethicel

Amore Autunno, (Autumn Love)

Come and take my hand my autumn angel
A time of year with a much different smell
And the lush green colours no longer visible.

We are no longer in spring or summer bright
The days are now sharing equal time with night
With some birds off on their migratory flight.

Our legacy is now the colours of red and gold
The harvest's been gathered and the crops are sold
Waking up each morn feeling the frost and cold.

South winds from the cooler seas now chill the air
Winter is not far away I must declare
With evenings by the fire in a comfy chair.

Time at last is ours in our own private nest
It's what we have earned, time alone is best
A time together with the world at rest.

Our future life is stretching out forever
There can be no roadblock to our endeavour
Let us walk this path now and stay together.


Celebration of Life

The feeling never leaves when you love someone
The parting of a lifetime when your love is gone
Sob gently over her, your tears constantly flow on.

It's with you for eternity when your soul is shared
That you'll never meet again is nothing to be feared
Her spirit looking at you, knowing that you cared

Her spirits touch, a spirits kiss, a spirits gentle tears
Keeps her by your side through the passing years
You feel her guiding you, helping meet your fears

Knowing deeply in her heart that you love her so.
Smiling softly, knowing you'll never let her go
And with each passing day love will only grow

If being together is part of the greater beings plan
And I believe that Fate does all that she can
Then you'll be united, your woman, with her man.


Final Countdown

Finally there's no time left for us to weep
Life and the world's just become a useless heap
And become instead a time when all must sleep.

There's no way possible that we can pretend
What man has created no way can he amend
With certainty as darkness comes, it all will end.

Then watch as one by one the stars fade and die
Ultimately leaving a vast, empty sky
The human cast leaves one by one with a sigh.

There'll be no sun to rise and no wondrous dawn
Nothing of life, no seas in which they can spawn
Because the moon and stars will all soon be gone.

On the stage of life no-one'll be left to play
No roles left, no songs to sing, no ballet
All the actors will be gone, no lines to say.

The final curtain falls stating all of life's through
No last night drinks and snacks nothing left to do
And now with the dimming lights I bid "Adieu".


I Am The Wind II

I am the wind breathing new life on the land
See how the spirals twist and spin on the sand
Shaping the shores and islands that look so grand.

Each breath refreshes you, and brings forth new life
Singing to you softly like the sound of a fife
Or can be bitter and cut you like a knife.

I am the wind that happily plays on the sea
A calm and gentle wind that makes waves be
Without any wind its boring you'll agree.

Or turning the brightest day to murky gloom
And scattering waves into foaming spume
That in turn often takes humans to their doom.

Making wave upon wave crash onto the strand
A dead, brown sea that comes alive at my hand
A powerful force that's beyond your command.

Respect me humans there's much blown by the wind
My plan is to leave you a little chagrined
For with too little respect you may well find.


Kiss Flavoured Wind

Kiss flavoured winds consume my every thought
Breathing becomes faster and very hard caught
Over mounds of passion so easily brought.

Silk draped subtle and yet so easy to find
The beauty of nature so skilfully designed
With lips brushing skin, naked in my mind.

Like a brush giving flesh form in pastel strokes
Those kiss flavoured winds are my very thoughts
Luring me, willing me, I'm so easy to coax.

Hear wind off an ocean as it whispers and calls
Light guitar strum sounding echoes from walls
Then stronger, more powerful, like waterfalls.


Nature Overcome

Scarlet waves of clouds're madly drifting by me
As gravity rolls them noisily to infinity
And the signs of the storm much easier to see.

A dingo howls on the distant grassy plain
Before retiring to the shadows once again
To be out in what's coming isn't too sane.

Then flashes of light crash down from the skies
Nature's power she will not ever disguise
I see it reflected in that wild creature's eyes.

It's not stalking me, it's genuinely afraid
I realise for protection towards me it's made
Fear of me overcome, through the storm it stayed.

Lightning flashes again in its dazzled eyes
And fear overcomes its desire for a prize
Nature has overcome nature, a huge surprise.

Nuzzle meets palm and a friendship is made
Throughout the storm by my side he stayed
Permanent under that heavenly cascade.

He sat close to me as I stroked and I talked
He hesitated, looked then away he walked
Things are different now; perhaps, one day.


Presencia en mi mente

You have become a presence in my mind.
My thoughts once controlled and of a simple kind
Now wander off far into space and leave me blind

I don't like it, for no longer's my mind free
Instead, my waking time is taken with thee
And thinking of things that could perhaps be

In my minds eye I see you everywhere
When thinking about someone for whom I care
Willing in every way my life to alter.

Each waking moment of my time is brought
So naturally for you to invade my thoughts
In things so different now my life is wrought.

All this I obtained for such a simple fee
Of the future, of love and of you and me
Someone to share my life with so easily.


Scented Presence

The dog's been walked as the evening draws nigh
There's been a light shower, the roads still dry
And I smell the sweet roses as I pass close by.

I've stopped for a while to sniff in the view,
Savouring the scents of all the springtime new
Seeing roses, jacaranda and lavender to.

The front of the house is where the day began
Warming sun over my solar panels ran
It was the first place to see and feel the sun.

Long shadows now cover the front of my place
As if it was now some kind of astral race
And now in the darkness sight will be erased.

Darker and darker and now my garden's hid
The scents of day change to a nocturnal bid
And the scents of night we will ne'er be rid.



Where do you go each night when your eyes are closed
Is there a place or person still undisclosed
A garden where all your dreams are exposed?

I know a place with paths of yellow moonlight
With scents and feelings destined to delight
Where feelings of unhappiness have taken flight.

A place where happiness and love just abounds
A place where Cupid and Eros nightly do rounds
And all that is heard is that of loving sounds.

Take my hand and my heart and we will go there
A place of love we'll share when our souls are bare
Because you are the answer to my prayer.


Seasons Muzdawidj

A time of life - Summer

This period in life is all of natures own
A time of life for all and all that is grown
But maturity means adolescence has flown.

Its splendours surround as new life abounds
Flowers have woke and sprung from the ground
And the trees awake each morn to bird sounds.

The fresh fruit is lush and begins to ripen
In the wetlands abounds the rich green fern
See swelling leaves colour and widely open.

All around life is thriving, growing with zest
And every plant and every beast is at its best
Its that time of the year we know we're blessed.

It can be worn for a while this summer's crown
And with time and dignity it should be shown
A time of life for all and all that is grown.


Green No Longer - Autumn

There comes a time when all must rest and bide awhile
Hordes of creatures, piles of nuts and food compile
And the weakening sun forgets its daily smile.

With the frost plants and trees realise the time
And produce a heavenly scene that's so sublime
Where paths of yellow to deep red begin their climb.

Gradually the scenery creates Nature's work of art
In which every plant and worn out tree takes part
And every witness to this site gives their heart.

The avian life decides what they have to do
Gathering along a route that each year they flew
And so for many months bid their homes adieu.

But other creatures must make a different plan
And nest and sleep this time where e're they can
Whilst also avoiding all the ways of man.


Knock Off - Winter

All plants are stripped not at all like their best
But on seeing this's no need to feel stressed
For this period of time is a time of rest.

Beneath the earth most things are asleep and still
Bulbs lay dormant and seeds await natures will
All pray that they will avoid springs fatal chill.

The kernels of trees lie protected in the ground
Waiting the time they can at last be unbound
Then fine new green shoots will happily be found.

The earth's energy also needs time to refill
Batteries recharging, taking her fill
And fields lie fallow, gladly paying their bill.

She lies there a blanket clutched to her breast
And for three months nought will disturb Natures rest
Because everyone knows the old biddy knows best.

Spirit of Winter - Josephine Wall


Gloriosa and More - Spring

Each and every plant that pushes forth new leaves
In spite of what the human race believes
Is well aware of the life that it conceives.

Richly blossoming forth its symbolic scenes
With colours and scents and several other means
That helps to procreate and pass on its genes

And all the other creatures that pass on seed
Those creatures fertilize each plant and weed
But rewarded in turn for their reliable deeds.

Know as the seasons each year wax and wane
With time we see one year's loss is another's gain
And just for a while some will be seen to reign.

We discover that Nature balances out with time
Making certain that nothing can e're out-climb
Another for long and stay forever as prime.

All things are equal with Nature we must learn
Its only through hard work that we may earn
And a balanced life must be our main concern.

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Leny Roovers


Between each dawn and dusk you sustain hope
as in soft tendrils, braided to strong rope;
you are the healing sun on life's green slope.

Between the thinnest layers of air, there's you
as in the softest sounds of sighed adieu;
your vibrant presence deepens every hue.

Between each uttered word, your silence reigns
as in warm blood that flows within my veins;
you permeate my being and my pains.

Between my consciousness and sleep, you dwell
as in my lover's touch and in waves' swell;
you are the witness of each birth and knell.

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