2017 Poetry Form Challenge

#14 Octave

The term Octave means any eight line poetry form of which there are many. Most of these are discussed in their specific Octave form site in the Octave Poetry section. What has been ignored is the octaves with couplets, blank verse, free form, and unusual rhyming patterns, and interior rhyme.
The poem below whilst neither rhyming, nor blank verse shows a disciplined use of meter:
How Do You Know

How do you know you cannot fly higher
Until you take that first step into space?
The Eagle started as an egg,
That became a blind chick,
And now she looks from her lofty perch,
Regally on humanity below,
Remembering that breathless moment
When she took that first leap.

Ryter Roethical

Octave Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

What Matters Most

Kathy Anderson

Crystal Palace
Fractured Life

Terry Clitheroe

Abyss of a Soul
Once Again
Prelude To A Kiss
Questions of Love Answered
Row The
Visit with a thought
Yin and Yang
Zen Storm

Divena Collins

Blessings of Love
Exotic Dancer
House For Sale
Mother Of Nature
Primeval Tree
Sweet Autumn Fantasy
Witchety Poo

Ryter Roethicle

Autumn Of Swans
The Basic Rules
Colours From My Toybox
Foggy Windows
Guilty As Charged
Hallows Thoughts
New England Thoughts
October 11 2009
Unanswered Thoughts
Zero Birds

Maryse Achong

What Matters Most

What makes a person special someone asked me,
Is it good looks, wealth, both, or something more?
I pondered on this question carefully,
And there was one thing of which I was sure.
It matters precious little what you possess
If that does not include a caring heart
For without that you're just a shell, or less,
For that's the place where living, loving start.

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Kathy Anderson

Crystal Palace

A crystal palace is hanging in the sky,
Leaves of trees below, silvered by Full moons light.
All are as nothing compared to where you are.
Where you are, being no small mistake,
Small mistakes are what happen in life
And in life there are no grand designs for us,
For we are all made of stardust
The stardust shining above endless clouds.



Scarlet letters fall from ethereal trees
Whose arms hold the escritoire of a heart,
Burnished, beating, blazing for a word from thee
For thou art the aire in her branches
Breezing through the tiniest twig of thought,
Thinking now that Falls Queen has met her King,
A Prince among the oaks set in snow starred fields
As the Meadow Lark sings in the lea where loves leaves have fallen.


Fractured Life

With fractured steps and frozen souls
Those who venture to go out in the night
Are not what they seem at noons day light
For day is not the realm of certain fright.
So the black eyed friend you thought you knew
Became the monster mad from loves first bite
And once he had you, you then wished for flight
But ever onward marched the years between, the Halloweens.

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Terry Clitheroe

Abyss Of A Soul

The dark abyss of anyone's soul is not a void
Just undiscovered and waiting to fill that void

The dark abyss of a soul is never empty
It's the part of your soul no one should be
For the hidden secrets waiting therein
That are to be found by a searching mind
Looking with eyes that see deep wherein
Sometimes anticipating what is to find
Using ears that hear all that is within
Using senses that see when all else is blind.

Suddenly aware of a different kind of notion
As though standing at the edge of the ocean
Questioning whether to wade into the water
But afraid that there may be sharks.
Or just wading in the shallows just in case
Diving in regardless of any kind of slaughter.
In reality isn't it just Politically Correct remarks
Or excitement of thought making the heart race.

Eating wild fruit, learning how to fly,
what more is there to live for?



I don't want us to be perfect.
We've differences of race and thought.
I want to accept our differences
And build on them as strengths.
Consider two circles overlapping
Yours is one of bluish purple
And mine of emerald green
The two extremes so strong

Each one stands out in hue alone
There should never be a need to change
Combined they make an earthy brown.
Brown is the colour of the earth
And love should be of the earth
Just as the circles seem to unite us
It's only when we are free we realise
That with the earth we are one.



Once again, I kiss you on your lips
Knowing well you cannot feel me
I imagine your fingers lightly touch
Desirous of what reality should be
We cannot feel each others warmth
Yet we bask in the glow of memory
I know now you have felt my love.
Now we dream about what is to be

You know I am forever bound to you
We share a soul and we will forever.
We talk although you cannot see me
You smile as though I have replied
Knowing I am always alongside you
And although you cannot feel my touch
I know forever I can feel your heart
Tis you, the one I love so much.



Sitting here by the water's edge,
I watch a hawk soar
her flight feathers extended
as she hovers in all her majesty
every now and then,
you can see her trim her feathers
as she hovers so silent,
searching the world below.

She is balancing so beautifully
on that thin edge of warm rising air
dipping and rising on the thermals,
warm drafts of air from down below.
Suddenly her wings close
and she plummets to the ground
swiftly rising again, a rabbit gripped in her talons
all that is heard is her victims dying sound.



How much freer is the Jungle of Reality
At home amongst the hardwood trees.
I feel the energy seeping back into me
In this lush shelter, I can do as I please.
Civilisation has not left it's bitter scar
The wounds are in the jungle of my mind
Its here I will build my final gunyah
Here I will rest till eternal peace I find.



Life sifts through fingers like grains of sand.
because there is no way of stopping it
and so time remorselessly hurries on
till one day they stop and take a look.
When they look in the mirror they see
some events happenstance and unplanned
Whilst others carefully planned and plotted
leaving a face looking and feeling their age.

There is a smile at memories brought back
with only one regret…There's so little time.
Others spend their lives not living dreams
and when they look into their mirror
they see a face that is unused and boring.
having wasted their time in the bed of life.
Remember when Peter meets you at the gate
He will ask, "Did you use your gifts?"


Once Again

It was good whilst it lasted
but it's the end of my dream
right now I must wake up
and face reality once again.
I still walk around
and remember each scene
but now it is daylight
and I'm awake once again.

I should have known better
known Fate would step in
I guess I was hoping
she had moved on once again.
But now I know different
just another place that I've been
as I'll get out my First Aid
and fix my heart once again.


Prelude To A Kiss

As I look at you held so safely in my arms,
Looking into your dark eyes is like looking
Slipping into two deep dark mysterious pools.
I see your eyes close, then, even so covered
I remember the way that they looked at me
I felt them holding me like a snake's charms
Unable to move, transfixed with wonder
With it a total collapse of will, then desire.

Our lips touch and creates magic so benign
As I feel your soft, warm lips melt on mine,
The dull day takes on a far different sight.
The day lights up and, the sky blues, bluer
The clouds whiten, then the day explodes.
When you kiss, you cannot hide yourself
Holding back at first, then you surrender
Souls unite in a commitment to loss of self.


Questions of Love Answered

Enjoy the mystery that the moon inspires,
walk down paths you have never trod
perhaps that will lead you to a path
where your experiences will not help.
You must take your heart in your hand
and surrender it to love completely
in return it will offer you all you wish
you will create and live your dreams.

Remember true love creates memories
that will paint you a thousand pictures
and it will offer a million experiences
you'll write an eternity of loving words
those words will stay with you ever
until the final days are just thoughts
then love spirals down into infinity
and memory will be just the dust of time.

Lifes Companion - Boulet


The Row

It was getting close to home
the couple had had a blue
they had said terrible things
and neither would give in now.
They had driven several miles
down an old country road
and neither saying anything
so as to let the other gain.

They passed a field of mules and pigs
and the wife said sarcastically
"Those creatures look familiar,
are they relatives of yours".
Her husband scowled and frowned.
"Damn," had she won the cause?
"Yes" he said in a smiling voice,
"they're all my bloody in-laws".



Our souls have joined
even though we are worlds apart.
We think that distance separates us
until now it has only been time.
Our lives have been ever joined
and so it is ordained by fate.
You are my mate, my soul love
we share our lives our tasks.

Sometimes, like now we meet
after I have spent my life searching
and I know it is the same with you
this then must be our chosen lesson.
But rest assured as we learn
we grow closer to the final time
as each life, each love brings us closer
to our final unison with life.


Visit with a thought

I shall visit with my thoughts tonight,
for they have made me very curious
and I find no comfort in their leaving.
Some consider life as an actor might
a shallow life and highly spurious
and their loss won't find me grieving.
But I assure you they are important,
what use is an act without a memory.

Just consider one thought worth all
so very much worthy of conceiving
that will make the shallow furious
and the sage nodding in his great hall.
Reason will always create attention,
and introspection should be honest.
With time reflection will create thought
and find believing through experience.


Yin and Yang

I did not need you all the time by my side
I know you feel the same about me also
we are so independent you and I, both strong
is this why our love is yet stronger
I also know we are far more weaker now,
so much more in fact than the plebs we know
because you are so strong, you have hit me
matching me until I realise the truth.

We are so strong in our love you and I
Like magnets, we must offer our other self
Lest we repel each other by our strengths
Meeting side by side, not face to face.
So shall it be through life that we shall travel
Not meeting head on, but adding to each other.
Because of these facts we are bound together
As long as we stay, one North, one South.


Zen Storm

Sonorous grey clouds
passing under white cotton
exchange angry crashes.
Huge raindrops threaten
earth below waits in welcome
clouds pass on their flashy way.
Radio's blasting out warnings
"Do not drive through floods."

Dark mountains echoing
counting delay of flashes
wondering if here to stay.
Sirens contrast now.
Buses line up with volunteers
prepared to help the needy.
Nature defeats man again
no victory against Wind and Water.

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Divena Collins

The Blessings Of Love

Come my love, enfold me in thy, loving arms,
Hold me to thy heart, and let it beat, with mine
Experience the magic, that is placed deep within,
Treasuring moments, we both may share,
A gentle kiss, the tenderness of love`s blessing
Entwined in the warmth, of desirous passions,
Oblivious to the eyes, of the World around us,
Let the blessing of love, remain in our dreams.

Forever to cherish, thrills of endearment
Like butterflies, fluttering softly, of wings,
Breathless, rhythmic movements, gentle sighs,
Strong feelings, that should never be denied,
Come my love, enfold me in thy loving arms,
Experience the magic, placed deep within,
Oblivious to the eyes of a world around us,
Let the blessing of love, remain in our dreams.


Exotic Dancer

I wish I was a pole dancer
To slide up and down a pole,
I`d be as sexy as can be
And tease all hungry souls.
I would look cute in a thong
And topless maybe great,
To make men shout for more
And entrap them with my bait.

Oh I wish I was a lap dancer
And dance away the blues,
To do a jig on their laps in
Winkle picker stilletto shoes.
If only I was a belly Dancer
I`d wobble and shimmy all night.
With a jewel inside my navel,
And be a turkish delight.

I would love to be a stripper
If I was once again young,
I would be their cutie pie,
If my body was better hung.
But I have floated in the clouds
Had much too many wishes,
Now I`m back to earth again,
I`d better go wash the dishes.


House For Sale

The wind and rain battered the moors,
A house stood empty and old
Nobody lived there, for many a year,
It stood there bleak, and cold;
A sign that swayed to and fro,
Creaked in the wind, by the gate
It had read `House For Sale`
Dated eighteen hundred and eight.

No one dared to visit this house
As a haunting took place inside,
A lady in white was said to walk
Clad in wedding attire as a bride;
Years gone by, a handsome Lord
Wed, a comely lady renowned,
This was to be their dwelling place
A home with six acres of ground.

Tragedy struck on their wedding night,
Their beautiful home all aglow
Caught fire from a tallow candle
In the drawing room down below;
`Twas the lady that sadly perished
On that cold and windy night,
Her man, tried in vain, to save her
But alas he had lost the fight.

Years gone by, the house rebuilt,
A ghost in search for her groom,
Very sad, with tear filled eyes,
She still haunts all of the rooms.
Still, she`s calling out his name,
Thro` prevailing wind and hail,
As she harkens, all she hears is
The creaky sign of `House For Sale`.


Mother Of Nature

Clothes she wore, were ragged and torn,
Bare footed, for shoes were not worn,
Weather beaten, now lined with time,
Braved the seasons, `til past her prime,
The sky was her roof, high overhead,
Leaves from trees, made a warm bed,
Berries, and herbs, she ate for food
By streams, she drank when she could.

Her friends were the beasts, and birds,
To them only, she had spoken her words,
Never complaining, wealth she had none.
None but the stars, the moon, and the sun,
Time gave her wisdom, the woods she knew,
Her days now are numbered, all but a few,
She has contentment, spending each day,
Enjoying her life, in her own special way.


Primeval Tree Of England

Oh ye primeval tree of England, gnarled with age,
Shedding, once more the leaves of autumns page,
Age old myths, within rings of your ancient tome,
Returning Autumns neutrients to woodlands loam
Ye who have thrived thro`seasonal days of yore,
Ne`er a century past, when cast the fruit you bore
Wisened branches, weaving outwards to embrace
Remembering youth, once natures form of grace.

For thou hath felt the chills of winters snow,
And faced the floods when rain doth overflow,
So deeply grooved the bark around your girth
While grasping fibrous roots within the earth,
Yet still thy brightened leaves start to fall
Whenever this seasonal Autumn begins to call
Oh ye primeval tree of England, gnarled with age,
Shredding, once more the leaves of Autumns page.


Sweet Autumn Fantasy

Images of love, she smiles in a field of gold,
Summer past, autumn winds begin to play,
Dreams of ecstasy, wrinkled leaves unfold.
Pleasures of the heart, are hers this day,
A new dawn, is her lover, senses awaken,
She lay down, in an amber, and russet bed,
Where divine fruits, of autumn are shaken.
Chestnuts, now strewn, where they tread.

Sweet innocence of youth, in all her glory
Feeling the folds of nature, take it`s part
Deeply she, who yearns this seasonal story,
Treasuring precious moments in her heart,
Gathering all the beauty, and inspiration
Holding it forever there, in a painted mind
Yielding now, within her own temptation,
Composed in autumn`s fantasy, resigned.


Witchety Poo

I shall but tell a strange old tale
Because it`s most certainly true,
An ugly witch, lived in the woods
We kids named her, Witchity Poo,
She was indeed, a most ugly witch
With warts, on a long hooked nose,
And evil was much, too tame a word
For when we saw her, we all froze

Witches trials were drawing near
To us all, it was called Halloween,
But they were not all about fun,
Kids, had to hide from the scene.
We too heard tales, of evil things
Taking place in a clearing near by,
Witches performed magical rites
And Witchity Poo took the prize.

Our mother said, we must stay clear
Of woods, in the months of the fall,
For Witchity Poo will surely revenge,
Casting her magical spells on us all.
We did sneak out, on Halloween night
But we stayed away, from the clearing,
And high in the sky. I`m sure we spied
Witchity, on her broomstick, sneering.

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Ryter Roethical

Autumn of Swans

It seems to be my new favourite place
I watch the swans gathering to leave.
I thought all swans were the same,
Then I remembered where I was, the USA.
Nothing is the same especially the climate
And the swans must fly south to survive
Because all too soon there will be a storm
And then there will be no food to live.

I remember six months ago in another place
Watching swans swim around so regally
Ignoring winters onset, there would be no snow
No lack of food, no need for her to fly away.
She still took on a thicker coat for warmth
Because where she lives it still gets cold,
But in a few months all will have changed
And again we'll see beauty to behold.


The Basic Rules

I have found Nature's power, can you feel it?
It creates the loudest thunderstorm in my heart,
Whilst in my mind there resides soothing rain
And I have found ultimate peace within my soul.
There's no secret, no need to commit or submit
'cept there is a need, an urgency, of when to start.
Respect nature, and all beings, show no distain
You'll find that living like this makes you whole.


Colours from my toybox

It's something I did when I was alone,
Cognisant now but not repentant
I did nothing I was ashamed of
Scratching in the book with my crayons
Drawing aeroplanes and nudes,
I was too young then to fall in love,
And everyone seemed taller
And heavier than me.

My parents would leave me in charge
But I didn't go to bed when I said I would
In spite of the promises made
Perhaps by that time I'd seen too much of life
And overheard too many conversations
Even then realising the hypocrisy of adults
My innocence becoming a pose,
My crayons releasing my feelings.

Silence was a pretty thing,
My many coloured crayons my expression,
The only noise as my feelings were birthed
On cartridge paper solid enough
To hold my expressions, my feelings,
My cowardice or was it wisdom
Provided the cunning to hide masterpieces
Distractions to earn admiration and parental kudos

Would you like to join me in my memory?
Throw away that biased newspaper your reading
Its all controlled by Murdoch and wealth,
Seldom if ever containing the truth now
And instead of watching ABC News,
We can watch the world go by and draw it all
I'll give you one of my crayons if you like,
But not the dark red it's my favourite.


Foggy Windows

Let me tell you about the way I feel
About you and how I'm missing you
Silence in a room once filled by laughter
Looking out the window misted with our love
You are not there and still the windows mist
Then I realise that the mist is in my eyes
Salty tears reminding me of days and nights
Spent laughing and happily fogging windows

I know reading this your windows will mist also
My eyes are already wet fogging in your absence
The time will go slowly, each minute an hour
Slowing even more as the time together nears
And when we meet again the time will fly to fast
So fast that each hour will pass like a minute
As if to make up for the time lost whilst apart
And once again look out through foggy windows


Guilty As Charged

How often do we punish the one we love?
Words said in heat, more poison than a snake
Pouring out pure venom from our mouths.
And with the morning our conscience shakes
Wishing that we could pull back every word
To repair the scars and fix the heartbreak.
But our loved one says, "don't be absurd"
"I forgive", yet in her voice you hear the pain


Hallows Thoughts

Only in death is a body perfect
No more wrinkles do we detect?
No more corruption of the flesh
With the sod the corpse will mesh
No need of a mirror to inspect
The tomb has become my creche
Sod and body now blend together
Combined now shall live forever.



Think on this you mortals that we are born
Into a world we do not know or remember
We enter as babes unknowing, daily learning.
Wanting to know, wanting this and that
Wanting to know why, wanting to be older
Each year realising more, we know everything
And know is the answer to all that is said
But when asked who did that reply, "I dunno".

We marry without knowing what it's all about
We choose someone we think we love
And our groins ache to prove that love
We become parents learning as we go
Amateurs trying to do better than our parents
Then finding ourselves saying "Mum said that"
And our mistakes growing daily bigger
Seeking our knowledge, rejecting wisdom

As time moves on the children move away
Silence and new habits have to be learnt
And what do we know of retirement?
All our experience is worthless, goodbye
The cheque may be big, the hole is bigger.
Finally, once again, we are like children
Finding our way, learning new things
Until it is time for the final lesson.


New England Thoughts

A cooling breath steals life from the leaves
And the leaves lose their lustrous greens
Taking on a Kaleidoscope of vivid colours
From pale yellow to rich gold or a deep red.
This mellow scene attracts so many visitors
In reality they're seeing the death of a year
And nature creating the nakedness of winter
Where stark blacks contrast with white snow.

It leaves me feeling unprepared, I'm an alien
I'm a stranger with different experiences
More prepared to view this as a time of sleep
Where chilly short days need long sleeves.
I know that winter eves are spent by fires
Believing in a short time warmth will follow.
Our burnt out forests look dark and sallow
But come spring will be green once again.


October 11 2009

Now I've driven south as far as I need go
And must say farewell to all my friends
Some old, some new, who I'm glad to know
Some moved on following their own path
To others I had to say; "It's time to go now,"
Knowing my promise to return is true
And fate willing will be able to share part
Of my path in life with them next year.

We shared so much these last few weeks
And time flashed by as is her crazy way
We saw the colours change along our road
Where the green of life changed to other hues
Bringing the end of one life to promise of new
And so it will be with us, parting is not death
It is the birth or rebirth of life and love
With the promise of new dreams for the future.



There's nothing tonight except music and wine
You are a million miles away or so it seems
So far, that it's hard to think of you as mine
Or remember how we realised our dreams.
Should I change the music to better the mood,
Or perhaps a simple Chardonnay would be fine?
In reality the only thing that would do me good
Would be to feel your lips once more on mine.


Unanswered Thoughts

See as we walk the way the shadows hold hands
The sun creates black images out of golden bands
The way they blend and merge as we wander
Making them more real than us we wonder.
Look, see how they unite, the way they blend
And having joined cannot be pulled asunder
This absence of body, is this what reality means
Is reality the truth, and all composed in dreams?


Zero Birds on Route 44

The rain has ceased with the start of morn
Now I can't see the Cape because of mist.
For just a while the whole world seems still
Even more because of my Australian mind.
I miss the sound and flight of birds.
There is ample green, and trees abound,
Tis only fall; surely they cannot all have flown
. Not even the humble sparrow graces the scene.

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