2018 Poetry Form Challenge

#23 Rime Royal

This stanza form like the Sonnet is believed to be of Italian origin, and appears to be formed out of the, stanza called Ottava Rima, by removing the fifth line. This reduces it to a seven line stanza of three rhymes, arranged with a rhyme scheme of;
a. b. a. b. b. c. c.
It seems probable that its inventor was Geoffrey Chaucer, who had many compositions using this form, of which the following is an example:
Domine, dominus noster.

O Lord, Our Lord, Thy name how marvelous
Is spread through all this mighty world," said she
"For not alone Thy praise so glorious
Is given by men of worth and dignity,
But from the mouths of children Thy bounty
Is hymned, yea, even sucklings at the breast
Do sometimes Thy laudation manifest.

"Wherefore in praise, as best I can or may,
Of Thee and of that pure white Lily-flower
Who bore Thee, and is yet a maid alway,
I tell a tale as best is in my power,
Not that I may increase Her heavenly dower,
For She Herself is honour and the one
From Whom spring wealth and goodness, next Her Son.

"O Mother-Maid! O Maiden-Mother free!
O bush unburnt, burning in Moses' sight,
Who ravished so the Soul of Deity,
With Thy meekness, the Spirit of the Light,
That His virtue, which was Thy soul's delight,
Conceived in Thee the Father's wise Essence,
help me to speak now with all reverence!

"Lady, Thy goodness and Thy generous grace.
Thy virtue and Thy great humility-
No tongue may say, no pen may fully trace;
For sometimes, Lady, ere men pray to Thee.
Thou goest before, of Thy benignity,
And givest us the true light, by Thy prayer,
To guide us all unto Thy Son so dear.

"I cannot bear the burden, blessed Queen,
Of fitly praising all Thy worthiness,
My wisdom and my knowledge are too mean;
But as a child of twelve months old, or less,
That scarcely any word can well express,
So fare I now, and therefore do I pray,
Guide Thou that song of Thee which I shall say!'

The original did not have stanza breaks, however, for the sake of explanation they have been included here.

In the sixteenth century, Rime Royal was regarded as the almost exclusive classical form for heroic poetry in England. It was already accepted in Scotland by King James I., and it is believed that this is the origin of the Royal title.

The seven-line stanza began to go out of fashion with the revival of Elizabethan poetry, but Spenser re-energised it in his Hymn of Heavenly Beauty, and Shakespeare in The Rape of Lucrece part of which is below.

Borne by the trustless wings of false desire,
Lust-breathed Tarquin leaves the Roman host,
And to Collatium bears the lightless fire
Which, in pale embers hid, lurks to aspire
And girdle with embracing flames the waist
Of Collatine's fair love, Lucrece the chaste.

Haply that name of 'chaste' unhappily set
This bateless edge on his keen appetite;
When Collatine unwisely did not let
To praise the clear unmatched red and white
Which triumph'd in that sky of his delight,
Where mortal stars, as bright as heaven's beauties,
With pure aspects did him peculiar duties.

For he the night before, in Tarquin's tent,
Unlock'd the treasure of his happy state;
What priceless wealth the heavens had him lent
In the possession of his beauteous mate;
Reckoning his fortune at such high-proud rate,
That kings might be espoused to more fame,
But king nor peer to such a peerless dame./b>

As can be seen from Chaucer the original Rime Royal had no particular meter or line length, but from the fifteenth century as the example of Shakespeare's The Rape of Lucrece shows above, Iambic Pentameter was the form used.

At the start of the seventeenth century Rime Royal went out of fashion. It has been occasionally revived, but not in poems of any length or particular importance.

The subjects of rime royal poetry was courtly, moral, or classic tales, and generally must be elevated: love, chivalry, saints' lives, classic tales, tragedies. Rime royal was not used for low comedy or bawdy tales. However, times and fashions change and here is an example of a modern Rima Royal.

Snake Dance

In swirls of coloured snakes all eyes were held;
fast changing patterns stunned, bewildered, caught-
spectators sat like statues, were compelled.
As looping crossings tumbled, shapes were wrought
that mesmerized my thoughts until distraught.
On trails of satin ribbons sighs disclosed
the liberation shared by those exposed.

Leny Roovers
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Constellation Sonnet Challenge Replies

Maryse Achong

Believe it or Not
Colour Me
Fighting Females
Healing Hands
In Your Hands
Time Out

Kathy Anderson

26 Reasons

Terry Clithero

Beach Thoughts
Discordance of Time
Had we but world and time
In another place
Late Flight
My Shy One
Nocturnal Calls
Suppose I Die
Two Lovers
Unquiet Love
What Do I see
Your Desire

Divena Collins

Atlantis Truth or Myth
Cupids Dart
Gaelic Gypsy
Lament Not
Methuselah Returns
Perfect Lady
Responsive Love Quotes
Rising Lark
Spirits Return
Unknown Paths
Values of Nature
Way to Go
Yearning to Love

Maggie Cusick

New Dawning

Lorainne Dafney

Garden Patchwork
Silent Agreement

Jez Farmer

Invisible Hand
Out of This World

Feral Pen

Places We Can Go

Peggy Nelson

Come take my hand
Entwined Hands
In Dreams
My Overstuffed Teddy

Ryter Roethicle

Autumn Love
Darkness Calls
Eternal Fire
Fall in a Cape Cod Campsite
Flying Thoughts
How Often
How Stupid
Humpty Dumpty
Opening My Toybox
Part Moon
Suppose I Die
Vostri Occhi

Maryse Achong

Believe It Or Not

I say my prayers to the God that I know,
Am guided by the dogma I've been taught;
And though at times they are hard to follow,
I try. My mind, my heart and spirit caught
Up in what I believe. Others have sought
And found their peace on different paths. I say
To each his own, but where I am I'll stay.

Some try to shoot my faith down bit by bit,
With bullets trained on things I hold most dear,
They're determined to make at least one hit,
Perhaps they even offer up a prayer
That they will find their target. I don't fear;
My faith has weathered storms and will survive,
It is nourished and very much alive.


Colour Me

Colour me contented in shades of gold,
With streaks of midnight blue when I am sad
Splash red everywhere when I cannot hold
My anger, grey when doubts make me feel bad.
When hope abounds 'tis green in which I'm clad.
A chart with every colour that is me,
I never know what shade I'm going to be.


Fighting Females

Two small dogs constantly fighting
They try my patience to the max,
Growling, whining, barking, biting
Is it because I've been too lax?
I might as well just face the facts,
They're spoilt and I must take the blame;
Can't help but love them all the same..


Healing Hands

'Oh God' we often pray, "please put a hand,
Show us the tunnel's end is within sight,
Help us believe though we don't understand
That it is darkest just before the light."
And then just when it seems as if the night
Will surely conquer us, daybreak arrives,
And once again You heal our wounded lives.


In Your Hands

It's Sunday and I'm feeling rather low,
So much unhappy news in the past days;
I mouth Your Name and question if You know
What's really going on; but my heart says
"Yes, He's proven it in so many ways."
You soothe my cares as only You can do,
Although I am so unworthy of You.


Time Out

Sitting on the old bench in my garden
Looking on as Marble and Tawny play
Enjoying the warmth of the morning sun,
I think it's going to be a lovely day
My heart and mind at peace; what can I say,
Sometimes my plate is full, too much to take
But then He fills my cup my thirst to slake.

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Kathy Anderson

26 Reasons

Twenty six reason to feel blessed
As one day unfolds in sun
Sunny arms bring joys and rest
As two peoples love gives one
A new life beginning life's first run
Counting steps till it's become fifty
Savoring the twenty five, as it comes swiftly.



Life is a buoy floating in the universe
Where we hang on, sink or swim
Stars float above like jellyfish arms
Spreading thin light in nights dim
Dream can't compare dark depths of seas whim
Waves lap the brim of galaxies never seen
Circling sharks catching schools of silver beams

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Terry Clitheroe

Beach Thoughts

Will you walk with me tonight along the beach?
Wear something warm, it is growing chilly.
Warm summer walks are well out of reach
Autumn is fast approaching winter really.
And though more north and setting early
The suns setting is worthy of a look or two
Always providing a more than Heavenly view.

The moon extends her fingers into the waves
Intimately uniting the Heavens with the sea
Giving her everything that she really craves
Touching her nightly where the sun should be.
Raising lovely feelings throughout all eternity
The sea doesn't regret the suns desire to leave
Nor in the morning does she the moon bereave.


Discordance of Time

Hear you this rhyme and its journey
The glorious colour confusion found.
Hear you about time and its cacophony
You cast a rich dark colourful sound
Through pain, and joy, darkness commands.
Aged eyes see colours now with lesser tint
Looking back wondering where time went.

Parsleys rage, Rosemary's lost time
Listening to sirens and burglar alarms
Regretting indiscretions and anti-social crime
Like speeding offences escaping by smarms
And flattering police and using your charms
Now sixty years old and no longer a beauty
You have to compromise with gentle acuity.


Had we but world and time

Had we but world and time
This coyness, Lady, were no crime
We would sit down and think which way
To walk and pass our long love's day...
Andrew Marvell: "To His Coy Mistress"

As now I love you, I shall in a thousand years
It shall be so again, but let them be of joy
I have done before, the parting leaving tears.
Each parting leaving us less as natures toy
Forever with you I would eternally enjoy
Thinking we have a love that is sublime
Had we but world and time

In life's springtime we will meet again
And you my dear so shy and oh so coy
My passion driving like a man insane
In my heart I knew that it was no ploy
It would simply be love, I would employ
And I would have you by bedtime
This coyness, Lady, were no crime.

Summer is a time of light and life
Of being of help should the other fall
Sometimes thro' conflict and also strife
But love and patience conquers all
Each day along fates path we will stroll
With journey's end at the close of day
We would sit down and think which way.

In autumn there is much more peace
Familiar traits, knowing by just a touch
And love now takes on a sense of ease
Or a single glance that means so much
No questions left asking such and such?
A hand, a smile on our journeys way
To walk and pass our long love's day.


In another place

In another place, in some other time
Beyond our reach is a land of fantasy
A perfect place with a perfect clime.
Where all our hopes and wishes to be
Live their only in our dreams to see
And all we scheme and wish and dare
Every night is just waiting there.

A kaleidoscope of life's rich fare.
For us to see again refreshed and new
There we exist without a care
Our bodies perfect, strong and true
A land of love where all's true blue
So each night as on your beds you lie
Why not relax and let your cares go by?



I'm jealous of midnight's moon glow
Its soft rays kiss you while you sleep
I wish I were there beside you now
As the hours so slowly forward creep
In return building feeling oh so deep
In absentia I wish each one from me
And those languid eyes I long to see.

I'm jealous that the night skies know
That my fingers ache to touch your face.
It's daylight here and time moves so slow
But in that distant bed, my memories race.
I'm jealous now the moon takes my place
But I realise that in time we'll meet again
Knowing that our feeling will be the same.


Late Flight

Late flight, late night, the day is over
With a glass of wine I contemplate the day
A different scene my eyes now cover
As quickly I pack my clothes away
And go to feed at the hotel buffet
Soon good food and wine do their work
Sitting there my mood begins to perk.

One thing is lacking, that's good company
It was thought here I could stay two days
But in this strange town no-one knows me
Though so far I have nothing but praise
And the Indian restaurants my spirits raise.
I had a huge laugh as I drank my wine
On looking I saw it was Australian.


My Shy One

My shy one there is much to be patient of;
Thy eyes say much, so soft and gentle,
But thou has quietened in speech my love.
Be not silent, I wish thy fears to dispel
Know I am entranced, held by your spell
My heart bursts with love, none can excel
And of my love forever, I wish to tell.


Nocturnal Calls

Finally before you die
You hear the cawing of a Crow.
In the tree near where you lie
Calling you down below
Feel the pull, inexorably slow
Hear Satan welcoming you
The Crow is shouting out Halloo!

Hear Heaven call saying goodbye
See it sitting above your door.
Listen to its sounds as you die
Welcoming you to Hell with its caw
On the edge of the hole in the floor
You see the pit, what can you do
Its stringent voice, its loud halloo?

Dragging you closer to that hole
Its sulphurous reeking Stygian smell
Feel Hell pulling on your soul
Guided by this bird from hell.
Your fault you chose your soul to sell
The only blame is always laid on you
Now you can hear that Hellish halloo.


Suppose I die

Suppose I die, what would you think of me?
Is there a treasured spot saved in your heart
A place there saved, saying you loved Terry,
And that place saved, will it be a special part,
A conversation piece on which to start,
Or merely another image you recall at times
Oh I remember him, his forms and rhymes?


Two Lovers

The time is near and once again I weep
Too soon it comes each year this tim of pain
The pain of loss of you that cuts too deep
The time we had is gone, each night live again
And your look your laugh still infects my brain.
Would that I could change the fact of death
But Cancer most of all is caused by breath.

When first we met, like any magnet we repelled,
'Til unknowingly we turned and met so strong.
No power could separate, at love we had excelled
Our love though brief on earth, will be so long
But know this, I know that together we belong
We knew that to each other were strongly tied
Like Romeo and Juliet, by love we are so allied.

The Universe expanse and Infinity too short
Eternity will be our time, soul mates, shared souls
For what the Gods have joined, they will not abort
Though death has parted us, you wait in hallowed halls.
Next life we'll have a garden somewhere without a wall
Like the Phoenix out of deaths flame we will arise
Out of Winter's darkness will come our new sunrise.

For Alex and Margaret.


Unquiet Love

Let me kiss you as if there was no tomorrow
And from those kisses let us build our lives
Ignoring all the past, laying aside all the sorrow
In doing so we know that our love will survive
Each time we touch or kiss we feel more alive
I know the taste of love is the taste of eternity
I also know now the pleasant taste of certainty.

Let me take you in my arms and hold you now
Close your eyes and trust me for this short while
I promise, you have my word, my solemn vow
When you open them I know I will see a smile
Each touch, each kiss makes it more worthwhile
Without love there can't be trust, no trust, no love
A paradox I promise with that kiss we will solve.


What Do I See

What do I see when I look into your eyes?
I see my future spent forever looking into them
There is never any need for me to disguise
My deeds often wild never caused mayhem
That nothing on Earth could ever condemn.
There is no crime in possessing a simple love.
Or any need to whisper what I speak of.

Instead I should shout out to the world
In my loudest voice, of my desire of thee
With thy compliance souls will be unfurled
Tell me that to this love you do agree
And hold it plain for the entire world to see
Know that I love thee, and will forever more.
Our love like flags will be seen on distant shore.



True love is a treasure seldom discovered
First a tender brilliant consuming fire
Simple in the making, but needing to be fed
Giving it the strength of spun gold wire
Once tempered only with passions fire
Doused only in the dampness of the sheets
Made by lovemaking and constant repeats.

But in time even the greatest fire must wane
Just as life must cycle so love must also rest
Only to this higher level will love attain
A stature that only time and truth can attest
Then finally finding they have been blessed
Smiling and with knowing whispers touch
And in doing so realise they have so much.


Your Desire

What is your desire my precious lady,
Let us wander in those heavenly skies.
But you know they are yours already!
They are in your smile and your eyes
My love can never be a compromise.
Ask of me anything that you would wish
I will help make our problems diminish

You need say no more words to me now,
For all things of love we will accomplish.
Take up your violin; for I am your bow,
And you may play me anyway you wish.
I'm a simple pawn, you are my empress
You are above any other that is a Queen
You are my life and in sleep my dream.

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Divena Collins

Atlantis Truth Or Myth?

Where is this place I perceive within a dream
a place of beauty that haunts thro`the night
of oceanic water that swell to the extreme
upon an ancient city which is lost from sight
no restoration shall bring the past unto light
lost ancient ruins within uncharted waters
a city robbed of past sons and daughters.

Yet here floweth still wild torrents unseen
past images of beauty through silt and grime
a glance of the past yet only within a dream
that shall re-occur as often from time to time
here within another dream in another clime
still they lay silent within the ocean this day
until deeper images re- occur in another way.

What shall remain `neath the deepest ocean
that only the mermaids shall cast their spell
shall they be lost within powers of emotion
or shall they resurface from the deep to tell
none shall be salvaged from the waters swell
when rising storms took Atlantis off course
dreams of salvation were that of remorse.


Cupids Dart

Let blessed tymes of worship be of he
no truer love that I shalt thee endow
and no other precious eyes shalt see
where lovers fantasies may not show
tho' silently this joy of passion flows
casting a spell of endearment within
ne-er shalt be mistaken as carnal sin.

'Twas nought but whispers of his voice
he spake not of hate but joy to my heart
for love was the instigator of his choice
I shalt not wish his presence to depart
it may be too late he has sent his dart
for Eros may not go amiss for romance
poised in Piccadilly awaiting his chance.

It was I that he had his emotions upon
normally I would of said go take a hike
but I guessed he would feel withdrawn
besides he had something I would like
so it had to be Eros and I his Phsyche
I knew not what I had let myself in for
yet I rather have he than that of Thor.

Cupid And Psyche art by Frederich Paul Thumann 1834-1908.


Lament Not

Shed not a tear for me when I am gone
but rejoice for the time that I survived
thus my epitaph shall be scrolled upon
I do not feel my life has been deprived
on my epitaph it shall state that I tried
pray for me please do not ever weep
for I'll be blessed with eternal sleep.

Look for me not within ranks of death
for eternal spirits shall arise once again
tho' I shall be devoid of my lifes breath
nor shall my life flow through my vein
I shall still arise to my spiritual domain
so shed not a tear I shall not be beaten
nor may my flesh upon bones be eaten.


Gaelic Gypsy

Deep within the green woods shady nook
where a gypsy plays her music as she sings
by the rhythmic flows of a babbling brook
as she plucks a melody upon guitar strings
dreamily contemplating of so many things
a freedom to love within music and song
with heartfelt passions that did so belong.

Born to live freely with fortune untold
there was none but a breeze upon her face
within moon and stars when future unfolds
that a gaelic gypsy shalt forever embrace
what she accomplished no other may grace
Of natures wonders upon her youthful eyes
held no secrets within this her paradise.

Her songs shall be of a call to the wild
that shall echo within the earthen floor
of the very same when she was a child
time shall not fade within her freedom
nature shall rule her beloved kingdom
there is nought within love to go amiss
blessed be the dawnings dew drop kiss.


Methuselah Returns

Primitive within thoughts of antiquity
remains a relic of prehistoric extinction
vulnerability towards future eniquity
fortold from medieval goth predictions
yet he has surpassed many generations
he was ancient of past historical times
yet within stature shall remain sublime.

Bearing witness to the greatest of floods
mass deteriation upon the globe of earth
of all that nurtured within natures moods
instinctive behaviour upon animal rebirth
only Noha within his Ark showeth mirth
when their journey reaches a final phase
Methuselah shall return back to appraise.

He shall survive until the end of his days
within stature he bears so much wisdom
when this earth shall reach a final phase
remains forever within Gods Kingdom
yet may return here upon earth seldom
shall there ever be a soul left to impress
Methuselah he says no more and no less.


A Perfect Lady

She cannot wink unless she blinks
no matter how hard she shall try
has no control over her optic link
directly from the brain to the eye
yes that could be the reason why
for a lady to wink is not of fashion
yet desirous moods induce passion.

She must ever be of demure nature
to taunt or tease may never permit
shall not inherit a tempting feature
crossing her legs as she openly sits
never blaspheme when a mood fits
but walk tall like a lady so sedate
it is then she shall entice her mate.

most of all she must never be free
with her speech of wanton pleasure
if anyone should talk it must be he
a quiet lady shall be much treasure
then she will live up to his measure
womens rights were never his issue
one bird in a nest is better than few.


Responsive Love Quotes

I must confess to thee thy words are impressive
such emotion of love shall capture my inner soul
may it be any wonder that I may be enthusive
for within thy passion I shall ne-er control
an overwhelming promise that thou doth extol
I knoweth of no other that may impress me such
upon sincerity of affection thy please me much.

A tenderness pleasurable within loves emotion
inspirations I respect of persuasive sensitivity
thy speak true from within thy pledged devotion
that prey`s upon a maidens wanton vulnerability
amending thy motives to passionate desirability
I am touched by thy words of loves quotations
Composed of passion with as much inspiration.


The Rising Lark

To rise with the lark on a bright dewy morning
when a haze of sunlight filters thro' trees
'tis the day afore that shall give no warning
if a strong winds blowin`or be it a breeze
or even summer morning or winters freeze
there be no telling what country lanes be
for simple country folk alike thee and me.

If hot days ahead our work load is hard.
ploughing the land and the sowing of corn
and shovelin` muck from thee old barn yard
the crazy old lark she dont know she was born
we shall survive take the bull by the horn
lead him onward to the far away cow field
where they may breed true if cows do yield.

Poultry plucking shall be done the morrow
of chicken and geese and wild of pheasant
off to market where we banter or borrow
life on the farm may be dismal or pleasant
'tis why the past takes care of the present
when thee rising lark may once more return
she to nest, we to the old apple cider urn.


Spirits Return

I cast my eyes within a mountian stream
there I saw a vision of the future past
twas once predicted vaguely in a dream
which ancestors of old at one time cast
mirrored in a stream on a mountain pass
all may return such as spirits upon earth
cast upon water images of future rebirth.

When the great drums of war had ceased
time had passed of heartache and sorrow
within the north the south west and east
sworn to peace within flights of an arrow
no more shall plains of corn grow fallow
spirits shall arise within the wolves song
back towards a future where they belong.


Unknown Paths

Only one single tear rolls down my cheek
making a pathway for more shall follow
If only my sensitivity was never as week
this has all happened many times before
and within the future there shall be more
casting dark shadows that shant go away
memories linger for yet another sad day .

Where has my happy carefree years gone
shall I ever feel joy like I did within past
when I skipped in the meadows all alone
if only then I knew what my future cast
for happy memories shall never out last
the pain and misery that festered within
that shall remain so forever sadly herein.

For strength of mind I never shall master
sensitivity may ever be my final down fall
shall in many ways be a heart felt disaster
yet I hear echos from my past time`s call
I may ne-er climb over an imaginery wall
look ahead and the past shall but follow
where confidence then shall surely grow.


Values Of Nature

Smoke caked chimneys shrouded the sky
blackened soot from a smoke filled stack
within times of a child hood long gone by
memories linger upon a desolate rail track
meadows to ponder was what I did lack
how I longed to be gone from this shroud
I was all of a loner so trapped in a crowd.

Shadows from past shall forever prevail
education never meant for me to ponder
so strict the rules way back then to entail
enforced of punishment is it any wonder
I rather to have been in meadows yonder
punished for a knowledge that I did lack
within the future there was no going back.

But that time seems a million years away
since then I found my peace from within
upon green pastures of country meadows
I learned from my past never to give in
within the future shall my new life begin.
I may never be the scholar from the past
but within love and nature am alive at last.


The Way to Go

What sites of wonder shall traveller see
as he journey's forth from place to place
within countries that so different may be
this world we live in is a wide open space
yet we all play a part of the human race
the stars shall appear the same all over
and for every man, there shall be a lover.

Rapidly the human species may all expand
unto all the nations far apart from another
yet within speach they may not understand
when their sign language is too much bother
especially if they all must chatter together
how can one tell if accents are so confusive
the louder they are all the more intrusive.

Yet they all find a reason to be understood
when their actions speak louder than most
most nationalities are all of a similar mood
all they ever need is an understanding host
that they shall direct them all that are lost
from New Yorks City to Old London Town
they shall find the place all chartered down.


Yearning To Love

Wistful longing for a lustful desire
instinctive yearning that lovers crave
that forbidden fruits may she inspire
when passion of love shall then enslave
there is none such demand to deprave
as hankering needs shall be gratified
when the pleasure of love is satisfied.

Impatient demands of wishful thinking
impetuous fumbling far beyond control
twitch within the eye forever blinking
revealing the plight of a nervous soul
whose only desire was to meet her goal
unquenching thirst to put out her fire
for she knows not yet when to expire.

Yet thoughts within speak of a passion
that she had never experienced before
maybe in the past it was not of fashion
that it may be entirely her to explore
may her worries be over for evermore
for the laws of nature is never absurd
love within passion spoke the final word.

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Maggie Cusick

New Dawning

Night is falling softly, ending of day
bright the lights glowing in darkening sky
far down below people kneeling to pray
wishing for wisdom with years rolling by
promising faithfully, hearts do not lie
Morning now creeping softly from the east
Brand new beginning, futures supreme feast.

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Lorainne Dafney

Believe It Or Not

All colors blend together upon grass
as pretty flowers wake up from their beds
fragile young petals that can break like glass
in pink, blue, yellow and purple line walks
if you listen closely you'll hear bees talk
about the fragrances that fill the air
with perfume inviting us to springs fair


Silent Agreement

Rainbows will cover once bare garden walls,
as spring rains and sunlight cast their magic
now slowly but surely seedlings grow tall
even between the the cracks and foot traffic.
All blooms survive nothing ends up tragic.
Mother Nature she forgives and forgets,
gardeners hands that toil without regrets.

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Jez Farmer

Invisible Hand

I sought the sanctuary of her light
Within silver beams that caress the earth
She brings lost souls comfort throughout the night
As witches dance and sing with full moon mirth
But I was seeking another rebirth
The unseen gods that I could never see
Until I opened my eyes and saw me

My lord and hunter, the bringer of light
The invisible hand that drew me here
As you opened my eyes that darksome night
Addressing my doubts and courting my fear
Until the path ahead was bright and clear
When you felt my need that hidden desire
To dance with you amid the Beltane fire


Out of This World

Like musician's strings but between the sheets
In taut anticipation sinews wait
To dance in carnal rhythmic repeats
Entangled nerve endings reverberate
As chaotic senses intimidate
Before launching the power of torment
And no conclusion in rebel's intent.

In old-fashioned glances, a renaissance
The subtlest touch has hidden effects
Just torqueing in an intimate response
To that viscous fluidity of sex
As bodies arch concave and then convex
While losing identity in desire
A coupling forged in searing flames of fire.

Surrender and yield to wantings of lust
Abdicate self with no question for why
While floating in the spirals of stardust
That cascade like gold in a falling sky
Enticing the passions to simply fly
On the laughter of a mischievous imp
That leaves the senses tactile and limp

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Feral Pen

Places We Can Go

Arise take your leave of darkened musing
Emotion feeds on all that it is fed
Feed it then a choice of better choosing
And let your day with happy heart be led
For hearts must be the leader of the head
If you can look within and find this so
Then come, for I've some places we can go

Would you journey, to mother's gentle smile
While infant suckle hungry at her breast
Now watch her bow to softly kiss the child
Smiling as her lips, to the babe are pres't
How could there ever be a scene more bles't
If you can look within and find this so
Then come, for I've some places we can go

An April sunrise tease the mountaintop
But shrouded, clouded fog the valley keep
Yet soon sunlight sparkles on each dew drop
And wakes the slum'bring morning from its sleep
No day but this holds beauty half as deep
If you can look within and find this so
Then come, for I've some places we can go

Two heartbeats find a rythm they can share
The rythm turn into loves melody
For only love can keep the music there
So temper'd with a spice of parody
This never ending lovers rhapsody
If you can look within and find this so
Then come, for I've some places we can go

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Peggy Nelson

Come take my hand

Come take my hand in dreams not planned
Where all dreams are answered and observed
From horror to expanding love commands
A trip where thoughts are rightfully deserved
Answers to questions of past and future to understand
And when the dream is over, the wiser we will be
Until dreams bring the horrors into humanity.


Entwined Hands

From out of the secluded underground world
A tree emerged in the middle of nowhere land
Although it did not speak, mystically it was so loud it Hurled
The trees structure was of peaceful entwined hands
There in the middle of nowhere a message stands
Held within the entwined hands a song of futuristic dreams
Simple words every person or animal would surly beam

Animals instinctively knew the intensity of this spiritual tree
Veggies/fruit were eaten; mysteriously the tree vines grew more
Millions came in groves, the sick, the poor the rich to see
No matter what was eaten from the tree no one was ignored
The tree inspired and grew from country to country to adore
The Entwined tree was a cure and love spread all over the lands
The simplest song was sung from the tree of the entwined hands


In Dreams Of Past, Present and Future

The past was viewed in dreams of only me and you
building sand castles and surfing the waves all day
On the shoreline along the beach, made special for two
We were best of friends as we played in the suns array,
Friends forever throughout life we hoped to portray
We kissed good-bye, promising we'd meet someday again
The past is gone now, yet I feel the urge from the wanting pain…

Today I live in the present and drove to the same salty beach
I sat there where we played, wondering what became of you
Thoughts heavily weighed how you could be so close at reach
As the waves broke upon the shore, many thoughts came through,
Wonderful feelings submerged my mind with ideas to pursue
I drove home with a yearning heart and proceeded surfing the net
Finding your name all over the world, the outlook sank to fret…

Years have past by with unfulfilled dreams of you and I
All present fantasies are laid to rest of laughable dreams I've dreamt of
Futuristic dreams of sunsets with breathtaking stars in the sky
While walking and taking hold of the reaching hand of my love
The future looks brighter with colorful, vibrant images to dream of
Past and Present has been redecorated with future dreams to perceive,
Of you and I together on the beach; playing the dreams of make believe


My Over Stuffed Teddy Bear

My over stuffed Teddy Bear, I love with all my heart
When darkness from the skies enter, I grab my Teddy Bear
I held him every night and squeeze him till he fell apart
When I felt lonely and sad, I knew Teddy's waiting there
The only thing that's missing is the love he can not share
It'd be nice if he could hold me as I've held him during years
And when pain and crying came, he could kiss away my tears

All his periwinkle stuffing's pouring out; his head is cracked in two
I Loved my colorfully decorated Teddy Bear I've had for many years
I realized one day he was ragged and torn; missing nose and eyes of blue
I gave him one last kiss on his cute pink lips and wiped away my tears
Somehow I've slept without Teddy, now that I've driven away dark fears
The day I said good-bye Teddy and laid him in the sewing box all a fray
I knew one day when I'm old and grey, I'd lay next to Teddy and stay.

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Ryter Roethicle

Autumn Love

Come take my hand my autumn angel
No longer summers colours bright
Lush green hues are no longer visible
And days share equal time with night.
Cool mornings and a paler sky sight
Leave a legacy the colours of red and gold.
So thankful crops are gathered, and sold,

This time is ours in our private nest
Away from cooler seas that chill the air
It is now we find that time alone is best
With evenings by a fire in a comfy chair
Now that time is best to show we care
And future lives stretching out forever
That we earned through our endeavour



Sleep reigns with dreams of us whilst I sleep
I know I'm dreaming, because you are here
As each night our loving meetings we keep
A world away, I close my eyes, you appear
In day too far to pull you close I fear
I spend each day wishing it were through
For now these dreams will have to do.


Eternal Fire

The fire we made last night I see still glows
And though for a little while we must part
Making our way apart through winter snows,
That fire we made last night was only a start
How much I love thee who has won my heart.
The embers caused an ever burning flame
To link our souls together in love's game.


Fall in a Cape Cod Campsite

The cold, sombre, purple skies of fall
Are memories precious to us both now.
The screaming of children playing ball
Replaced by gulls foraging for chow,
And crashing winds that dig and plough.
No crusted bread torn and fed by hand
Or peanut-butter mixed with sand.

White silver scars pattern each dark cloud
A very different sky from a summer's day
Gone the ghetto blasters booming loud
And the screaming tyres as teenagers play
Makes the road a varnished black highway.
Dead leaves lie in what was the swim pool
Families are gone, the kids back in school.


Flying Thoughts

My wings cover all of the chequered earth
Under the deep blue of the morning sky
From the distant east where the sun gives birth
Towards the far off west where daytimes die
And o'er white clouded earth where I must bide.
Adapting to civilised nefarious schemes
Envying the birds that live my dreams.

My wings take me close to a heavenly swath
Where angels and birds mix and abound
Looking down on mans cacophonic path
Contemptuous of all mortals on the ground
And how to those dimensions we are bound.
Living only to satisfy societies need
That is just based on the media's greed.

My wings take me away from the day
That starts from the rising of the sun
And leads me on towards the night
Where I see the darkness has begun
Or is it ending and their night time done
From my point on high should I wish it so
I can make the day, never come, or go.


How often

How often do we punish the one we love?
Sometimes words have more poison than snakes
Pouring out pure venom from above.
Then with the morning realising as one wakes
The stupidity of our deeds and conscience shakes
Wishing that we could take back every word
Trying to heal the scars caused by the absurd

And our loved one says, "I forgive everything"
You hear, but in her voice you sense the pain
And from her tone, you hear alarm bells ring.
How quickly she turns away, and hides again
Just gently turn her to you and see the strain
Behind her smile, but know there's no harm
That cannot be fixed by this woman's charm.


How Stupid

How stupid! What kind of fool am I
That when I tell you that I love you
I should expect a movement of your eye,
Or a few simple words to lift my blue,
Or some indication, just one simple clue?
Commit to love there's naught to fear
When I've told you what you want to hear.


Humpty Dumpty

I was not meant to sit on a wall
But it was you who put me there
I did not wish to have this fall
I believed when you said you care
And my shell is broke beyond repair.
There is no help in which to turn
Another lesson I have to learn.

Any knowledge that I can gather
Curious about life and love and all
Is so uncertain, like the weather.
I was not meant to sit on that wall
I did not wish to have any fall.
But fall I did and down I crashed
And all hopes of love are ever dashed.


Nuovo Viaggio

Soft winds blow over moonlit sheets of green
Highlighting darker paths of what was brown,
To an unknown future, and places yet unseen.
Leading from what was once a familiar town,
And doubt enters the mind and on the face a frown
Swiftly removing pictures of what could have been.
As strong winds blow over sunlit sheets of green.

What was promise now seems lost in all the rain
A feeling that hopes and dreams have washed away
Creating more fear to walk on this new path again
All chances to start anew at the start to this day,
But come the morn, a new sight will be on display
With once dull pastures shiny, refreshed withal
And drought starved trees again standing tall


Opening My Toybox

Opening my toybox after all this time
Those within saw my look and my shame,
Clearing memories covered in dust and grime.
They knew of my life, and were not to blame.
So I spoke with, Kanga and Wambi again,
It has been so many years since we last spoke
But after a while I realised I am a lucky bloke.

The beings there were awake somehow
Uncared for, ignored, yet still alive and warm.
We sat and talked and things are alright now.
Yes! aware and alive and still with form
Bringing back memory of a previous norm,
But that norm was a boy, innocent still
But the adult has taken advantage of free will.

Silent tears are now falling down my face
This place of solitude has so much around
There is no one to understand my place.
Yet no-one would know just by the sound?
But finally I'm trying to mend my wound
I've found some old friends that still exist
We'll talk about all the things that we missed.


Part Moon (Ballad)

There is only part moon rising in the sky
Still it's able to lighten the Jacaranda leaves
And now the darkness is no longer an ally
In removing the thoughts my mind perceives.
I know the truth is what my heart believes
That chill half-hearted light now brings remorse
Into a soul more wanting to stay its course.

The new moon tonight has ridden up on high
It's brightened rays send forth silver sheaves
And makes the shadowy side ignore the lie
Until dawn turns blue, finally darkness leaves
And will disappear until night again achieves
And creates a memory of this growing force
Into a soul more wanting to stay its course.

But now the old moon has been drawn so fine
Your sleepless face can barely bless the wreaths
On the ground with one grey kiss as you die
Put sharpened blades of light into their sheaths
Making each night of darkness where sanity grieves
But a love once held strong needs no recourse
Into a soul more willing to stay its course.

Unseen in the darkness your lover receives
Your words as a gentle murmur to endorse
And knows that eternity is all and recedes
Into a soul that thought to stay its course.
Created by two lovers without any remorse
And welcomes the more delightful eve
Now knowing that darkness helps lovers weave.

Art by Josephine Wall


Vostri Occhi

What do I see when I look into your eyes?
I see my future spent forever looking into them
There is never any need for me to disguise
My deeds often wild never caused mayhem
That nothing on Earth could ever condemn.
There is no crime in possessing a simple love.
Or any need to whisper what I speak of.

Instead I should shout out to the world
In my loudest voice, of my desire of thee
With thy compliance souls will be unfurled
Tell me that to this love you do agree
And hold it plain for the entire world to see
Know that I love thee, and will forever more.
Our love like flags will be seen on distant shore.

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