2019 Poetry Form Challenge

11 Cinquain

A very popular five-line stanza. Originally it was a very casual French form where the lines could be of any length, and the form could have either any rhyme scheme or no rhyme.
Now, however, when anyone refers to a Cinquain, they usually mean the version of form set out by Adelaide Crapsey.
This form still consists of five lines, but now has a specific syllable count starting with a two syllable line, and followed by three lines which increase by two syllables each time and the final line reverting to a two syllable line again. The example below might explain it better.
In addition, the lines are usually iambic, that is, the stresses fall on every other syllable, eg:
First two
And two make four
And two to four is six
And two and two to four is eight
The end.

Terry Clitheroe

Cinquain Chain

Many poets have written Cinquains as a sequential series of unlinked poems. As a variation to this it is possible to link them by using the last line of the first stanza as the first line of the next. The final stanza linking the last line back to the first line of the first stanza.

warm on my face
tilted to catch spring breeze
refreshing, uplifting after

ice drapes on roofs
frigid air, frozen breath
car won't start, cloaked people scurry

winter's chill seizes heart
seasonal depression's cure is

Lori Martin
Cinquain Swirl

Taking the chain one step further the first line becomes the link between the former stanzas and swirling effect is created and the poem can go on 2, 4, 6, 8, 2, 4, 6, 8, 2, 4, 6, 8, 2, etc returning to the original pair so the cycle is complete.

he'll say when asked
when we'll be together;
impatient, discouraged,
vision short-sighted, heart can't see
mythical time
where all hopes and dreams dwell
while future plans wrestle with Fate's
rides a rainbow
into happier thoughts
then dances a Passe doble
I'll find my smile,
my heart will stop aching,
life will be painted in pastels

Lori Martin

Cinquain Challenge

Maryse Achong

Happy New Year Again
My Beads
Says Who
Spoken Words
Trini Love Poems
Written Words

Kathy Anderson

Everyday Matters
Loves Way

Shades of Life
Too Tired

Stephanie Bottitta

They Fight

Terry Clitheroe

El Nino (Again)
How Much
Music, Trees, Rain, and Memory
Nature: Two sides of the coin
Of Love
Simpler Times
That Voice
Victory's Senses
Vocal Thoughts

Divena Collins

Blush of Spring
Celtic Parody
Completely So
Jenny Greenteeth
Just a Wee Bawbee
Lady I am
Of Old
Pagan Spring Festival
Pledge of Love
Seing is Believing
Self Esteem
Senses of Love
Times Past

Lorainne Dafney


Jem Farmer

Sense and Sensuality

Peggy Nelson

At Peace
Blind Love
How Many
I love My Body
Life Gives
Thank God
Touch Me
Will You
Your Face

Dinah Serritelli


Maryse Achong


On my foreheadā€¦
Remind me that Lent is
Here; forty days to think about


Happy New Year Again

New Year - the Rat.
Gung Hay Fat Choy to all
As I celebrate roots that are


My Beads

My beads
Have always been
A source of comfort; and
Are kept within reach of my hand.
My beads.
Asking her to
Put in a word for me
Because I am too unworthy.
My beads
Even when I
Don't say the prescribed prayers
I roll them and I know He hears
My beads.


Says Who

She said
She did not think
That she could love again;
But that was then and this is now,
She said.



Without warning
Thoughts of him will swamp my
Mind, and once again I start to
Miss him.

Miss him
In so many
Ways, and I wonder if
He is able to miss me too;

He is beyond
All thought and emotion
Still, I'd swear that he's at my side


Spoken Words

My love,
He said to her,
I'm so happy that we
Met after being alone for
So long.
So long
Wrapped up in lives
That kept us too busy
To reminisce about romance,
'Til now.

'Til now
Valentine's Day
Had been for years just one
More day, but not this time around,
My love.


A Trini Rootsman Declares His Love

Sweet gyul
You're worth more dan
De earring in meh ear
De designer cloze ah does wear
To me.

To me
You are like ah
Shot ah rum in meh coke,
Like ah good punch line in ah joke
Fuh true.

Fuh true,
Dis eh no lie,
You're important to me
More dan ah good stew or curry
Sweet gyul.


A Trini Chick Replies

De only man
I want, is you honey,
Better yet if yuh have money,
Doux doux.

Doux doux,
I like to dress
Up in nice tings for you,
An 'bling' does go a long way too
Yuh know.

Yuh know
You'll always be
The one love of meh life,
But I eh want to be yuh wife,


Written Words

You wrote
Notes on the wind
And sent them on to me,
But I did not understand; then
You wrote.
Words in the sand
But they were washed away
Ere I had time to read them; but
You wrote
Words on my heart
That will live on in me;
These words that I'll never forget,
You wrote.

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Kathy Anderson

Every Day Matters

mostly not mine
belonging to others
dirty clothing fouling up time
not mine

not mine
that pile of dust
just like rust, ruining
what once had so much shine and hope
looks dull

looks dull
my epitaph
no fancy epithets
to make them wonder how I lived
each day


Loves Way

my love
is like the rain
that sweetly falls on you
and whispers through the long winters
of time

of time
that lingers long
stretching the horizon
to the infinity that drops
your name

your name
is like the spring
that rebirths my love
with each spoken utt'rance
of it



of two
there is but one,
what remains of those two,
I held on and waved with on hand
to you

to you
I gave my heart
the only one I have
just for one, not one other
but you

but you,
though you found one
other that you liked best,
she wasn't me, just one other
than I


Shades of life

Shades of
Sweet apple reds
Painted on cheeks and lips
Impart a youthful glow instead
Shades of
Darkness shadow'd
Grey clouds above our heads
Wanting blue skies to look up to,
Shades of
Memories there
Where we unfold
Fly high above the flames,
Echos of dieing embers are
Shades of


Too Tired

Too tired
To cry, to fly,
Life can't give you more
Your soul unwinds the entire day
Too tired

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Stephanie Bottitta

They Fight

We fought
Trying to help
And causing more fighting
The dust settled, here alone again
Square one

Wish to play God
Force changes and penance
Charging down receding sunset

They fight
My young neighbors
Hot blooded Portuguese
Daily divorce and reconcile
I wait

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Terry Clitheroe


beats cappuccino
under a white umbrella
and the pretty girl who smiled
at me.



Barriers of time
The endless Universe
Stretches forth the bony hands of

Calls out to you
With infinities grace
The universe will fill our souls

As time stands still,
Fate has called us forth
It is our time...Love...it is our

A time of love
A time two souls meet again
Then part once more, until we meet



of fate we must
live apart, life's decreed
that it must ever be this way

what is in our hearts
we seize moments each day
tempering souls whilst separate

strength, from our love
learning patience, loving
wondering what's on the muses chart


El Nino (Again)

Too soon
we have been told
it will be our autumn
and yet in your part of the world
spring starts.

The life
we saw in spring
is brown, burnt by the sun
the leaves are dead, lack of water
to blame

We're now
seeing El nino
begin, warm days, dry weeks
water shortage timed showers

warming's to blame
or so the greens will say
its a natural thing that's hap'ning

No lawn
too water, car wash
"If it's brown flush it down
If its Yellow let it mellow"
they say.



on wings of silk
created in a night
of hope and promises of love
in dreams with you
unspoken thoughts now known
giving hope to even more dreams
loves warm winds blow
carrying me aloft
Heaven is within my grasp
too late I'm lost
but such a happy state
rather be lost with you ever



is gone a tree
has fallen and killed
all the power in the area,

a week
of works has left
me a lot to do today
catchup is what it's called

flat there's a choice
library or MacDonalds
an easy decision to make

The place
is full of kids
and noise no empty places
MacDonalds here I come again



Some men
Save butterflies
Beauty a possession
Their prizes, pricked and impaled
On show

Some men
Will kill animals
With high velocity bullet
That shatters thick protecting bone
For sport

On show
Local hero's
Wife a collectors dream,
Dripping with diamonds, but lacking
In love.


How Much

How much
do I love thee
I need not count the ways
and I need only count the days.

I thank the Gods
that've given thee to me
I will love thee for Eternity
just see

Just see
I do love thee
I always shout thy praise
or modestly saying nothing
just smile.

Just smile
I'm in a daze
my mind spins in wonder
my vision alls a blurry haze



The plane

climbing higher,
I realise that however
high we go, tears will never stop
for me.

I can
picture below,
you thinking about me
Wishing that things could be different
it can't.

We can't
alter destiny,
we know that two people
have never loved as we have

I have
earned every
ounce of my pain and love
to every yin there is a yang.

The pain
we have is sweet
tonight the heavens cry.
and their tears are falling as rain


A Moth

I'm drawn
to you, a moth
you are my candlelight
coming closer, ever closer

but drawing me
now my wings are scorched.
again the deadly flame calls me

Why must
it be my nature
my cocoon no longer
freedom to seek you again
I'm drawn.


Music, Trees, Rain and Memory

plays such soft sounds
evoking such sweet moods
warm and tender feelings and thoughts
of love.

Trees wave
welcome they say
relax and stay awhile
find energy and peace with me

Rain falls
cleansing the Earth
washing away our sins
purifying our social life

a time long gone
a time of unlocked doors
music, singing, laughter and friends
I wish!!!


Nature: Two sides of the coin

Dusk falls
Cicadas chirp
in the pool a frog burps
the night becomes alive with sound
I smile.

song or just noise
every night it happens
the noise is keeping me awake

we walk
with care today
beware of snakes they say.
Joe Blakes are on the move again



Shall he
Or shant he jump
Into the ocean down below
Why should he even think this way
He asks.

May he
Think it all over
Deep within his mind
Is this really what he needed

What if
He jumped
And his bones are broken
With oncoming tempestuous storms
In sight.

How then
Shall his fate be
If he survives to tell
Which is most likely never spoken
From him.

Best thing
For his final choice
Shall be never to jump at all
For it may be that he shall be eaten
By sharks.

A seagull
Screams goodbye
Within a deafening screech
Knocks him off the edge of a cliff


Of Love

If only
I could say to
you each day I love you
In some new way my vow of love

Do you
believe there is
someone out there sharing
part of your soul as you share theirs
I do

If you
Love as if there
Is no tomorrow then
by the time tomorrow comes so
will you.



I stand with you
our vision a life as one
and we will share Eternity
and more

In sync
my mind with yours
make the task so easy
minds and souls blending together
as one

Your kiss
tells a secret
and your touch says it all
you cannot hide your love from me
I know.

by chains of love
wrapping around my body
giving the freedom each other needs

like a circle
we go round in lives
reaching out till we are perfect
like love

love joins
I question how
can flesh say what is right
believing illusion the truth
I ask



If only
I could say to
you each day I love you
In some new way my vow of love

Do you
believe there is
someone out there sharing
part of your soul as you share your's
I do

If you
Love as if there
Is no tomorrow then
by the time tomorrow comes so
will you.

Far out
past the reach of
man is a land of hopes
dreams and wishes in this land is our
life's plan

Each day
We kiss, each day
We love each day I love
You more each day you love me too
Each day



as the room dims.
sadly puts the book down
slowly he removes his glasses
and wept.

in the dim light
he pictures her with him
in the light between the shadows

he welcomes her
only just for a while
he feels her warmth and are together
a while.

A while
shadows deepen
and he is left with thoughts,
with memories, such memories

he wipes his eyes
then replaces his glasses
turns the light on picks up the book



I hear
your voice call out
it tells me every thing
knowing makes me very happy
I cheer.

Your touch
So light, loving
lifts my spirit again
I reach out and tell you once more
I'm yours.

We kiss
your lips on mine
I wish always and more
lips travel everywhere you want
so sweet.

I look
and see your face
eyes closed in pleasure
that sight tells me you do love me
I you.

The scent
I smell your love
escaping now love's free
and smile and kiss and touch again
you cry.

Our souls
unite as one
this act of love is not
an act nor will it ever be
you'll see.

5 Senses - Pietro Paolini


Simpler Times

Would you
Go back to times
When life was slow and easy
The horse drawn cart or even further
Think now!

Think now!
Of what you wish
Is there a need to lose
Or is it simply we that change
Would you?


That Voice

That voice
strident, to loud
demanding much too much
I cannot give you what you want

too long a time
infinity to short
measure it in lifetimes on Earth
no time

no time
it goes to fast
and then slows down to crawl
as pain seeps in and floods my mind
miss you

miss you
I ask myself
it is worth it all
to see you smile I cannot be

read flavoured
sweetness isn't all things
sometimes vinegar beats sugar, I like
that voice



Far out
past the reach of
man is a land of hopes
dreams and wishes in this land is our
life's plan

Each day
We kiss, each day
We love each day I love
You more each day you love me too
Each day



hopeful ever
trusting in love always
fate lets them down again then

eternal love
what is victory worth
if it were won too easily

we have nothing
we are born and we die
and for a while we meet and love



your world is far
from mine yours cold and white
mine red and hot they are linked
by us.

I have
missed thee love
our worlds are so far apart
like steel to a magnet I'm drawn
to you.


Victory's Senses

I see
the hill ahead
I change my gear upwards
get out the saddle and honk, honk
the pain

My mind
trained to feel the pain
hears the music I've chosen
and the tempo makes me peddle
in time

I pray
to God please stop
the pain, but still I honk
in time with music I can hear
Please Stop.

The top
I sit again
putting my gear up
peddling as I descend the hill

making the car
in front to go faster
In this descent I'm faster than he

I see
the flag I sense
victory I look behind
Arms in the air the race is won


Vocal Thoughts

Your voice
strident, to loud
demanding much too much
I cannot give you what you want

too long a time
infinity to short
measure it in lifetimes on Earth
no time

no time
it goes to fast
and then slows down to crawl
as pain seeps in and floods my mind
miss you

miss you
I ask myself
it is worth it all
to see you smile I cannot be

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Divena Collins

Blush Of Spring

I stand
Here before you
I see love in your eyes
May this be because it is spring.
For us

I know
That feeling well
Many times I have been there
And I know I would go there again
With you.

Times past
Seasons pass on
And springtime returns again
I feel it`s come back for reasons
Of love.

Spells cast
Love shall then bloom
Warmth within bestows
Fiery red like the blush of a rose
In Spring.

Come now
Share this moment
Let not this chance be lost
For Spring is the time for lovers
To unite.


A Celtic Parody

Why do
Some folk make fun
Of the British celtic race
For the poor old Irish and Scotsmans
No joke.
And yet

So ridiculed
From idle fools for a laugh
Caring not of the bravest warriors
Of past.

Who bore
The cross of war
some live to tell the tale
Of victory they helped to win
The cause.

And yet
Jokes are still told
Of celtic braves of old
That shall now reverse the insults
With pride.

All hail
Irelands Paddy
And hail to Scotlands Jock
Yet England shall rule the roost
Once More.


Completely So

Within every way
When he lies beside me
I feel waves of warmth surround
This love

I savour
His tender kiss
That only true lovers share
Yes,it was all I ever dreamed
And more.

This night
I shall be lost
Within myself all alone
For my memories may prevail
His touch

Yet now
I still see him
Plain within my minds eye
With a smile that I could die for
This night.

Wide awake
I shall not sleep
Yet I know I shall dream
Of all the things he does to me
By night.

For I
Still feel him close
As he shall forever be
Never visions of imagination
But real.

Within every way
He now lies beside me
We feel waves of warmth surround
Our love.


Jenny Greenteeth

Do not
Go near the edge
Of green slimy waters
For within all the murk and grime
lies fate

lost souls
That dwell within
Shall entice forth the meek
Dragging to the foot of the mire
to drown.

Evil spirits
Shall lie in wait
Beneath a web of green
That shall drag ye down dark waters
To die.

Green weed
Shall grip and bind
Pulling its victims down
Where old Jenny Greenteeth may await
In slime.

Be aware
There is no return
For thee shall be overcome
From the evil that shall haunt beneath
The void.

Such evil
Ere thee will find
That lies await to entice
The innocence of a childs mind
Of late.


Just A Wee Bawbee

Whaur hae ye gang
Naething shall meet yer worth
Like in thee good auld pastimes shown
Gang awa'

Cast aside
Wi'a farthing
That wisnae worth as much
But twa can make the spurren jingle
Och Aye

Ye ken
Aboot thee auld penny
Noo one o' they is handy
Fer thee guid auld wooded privvy
O' past

Six pence
A whole weeks wage
Fer they who mined the pits
Ye canna hae the breeks off a Scotsman
Aft agley.

Hoots man
Wits thee cost paid
Dae I no hae any change
Ye hae fiddled and diddled oot
Tae boot.


The Lady I Am

Shall I
Express within
This love I shall endow
I ask only for love in return
From thee.

Pray tell
Within privacy
What do thy think of me
Shall it be to much for me to ask
Of thee.

I know
How I may tease
And taunt thee of this love
But do not think my love is brazen
Or brash.

Thy lady
I shall ever be
So demure in every way
You shall be so proud to have me
Along side.

I shall
Never let you down
I may pledge unto thee
To do all you ever want of me
You'll see.

by Guillaume Seinac


The Loner

Red hair.
Of a celtic lass
Ere to be tormented
For her temper was fiece therein
When riled.

All alone
She has no friend
Avoided by all she knew
Tis the way she was meant to be
When sad.

Cast aside
Within hurt anew
She remained deep within
Pain and heartache she suffered
Of past

For she
Was different
In her beautiful way
Stature became a form of grace

What ails
Folk that bore her
Their slanderous tongue
Have they no grace of refinement
To care.

Deep inside
She feels the pain
Of rejection unknown
Slain by painful ignorant minds
Of hate

Within wisdom
Hath all in her powers
Of natures most natural beauty



When does
Moonbows appear
As an arch over the sky
Or over a waterfall running free
And clear.

They look
Just like rainbows
Without the rain and sun
Believed to descend from the moon

That casts
A spell of magic
From the void of outer space
To charm the most unsuspected minds
Upon Earth.

Shades of fantasy
That glorified the planet
Of past mysteries soon dissolves
Then fades.


Of Old

Of Old
I hear the sound
Of wooden cart wheels
There upon an ancient cobbled road
From past.

I knew
From a memory
That lingered within
I had been down this road before
Long since.

Deep in my mind
I knew I had seen all
I remember sweet bales of hay

The slow
Plod of hooves
Upon an old cobbled road
Echoed within a past memory
Of lore.

Was I
A ghost from past
That trod this road before
Where nothing had changed at all
But time.


A Pagan Spring Festival

Goddes of spring
Of Germanic paganism
Bearing the earths fertility
Of lore.
She is seen high
Within natures kingdom
Changing the earth unto seasons
Of four
Quarterly parts
Within powers of trance
And of a deeper meditation
She blows.
The seeds of time
When all is fertile deep
There grows the trees within nature
As before.
Goddess of spring
And fertility with reason
Cast adrift within cosmic winds
But never.
When stars
Glow brightly in Spring
And the earth begins to warm
Let no imagination deter her power
Of insight.

Ostara - Johannes Gehrts


Pledge Of Love

I wait for you
Life shall not be the same
When I am left here without you

Shall haunt my soul
And break my heart in two
How canst this sorrow prevail of

Past times
Troubles were few
For our eyes had shown so
Crazy with love fondly caressed
Past times.

May we
Both start over again
Like we both were before
To love and forgive words spoken
May We.

Hold me
Show me you care
Teach me once more of love
Kiss me tender within thine arms
Hold Me.


Seeing Is Believing

My quest
Of what shall be
Is to sleep with nature
In a round transparent bubble
To see
All that surrounds
Within the forest green of
Nature wonders as I sleep sound
By night.
Awakening unto
The gentle rays of dawn
To bathe within the morning dew
So fresh.
I shall not miss
A cosy cluttered room
Nor warmth of central heating
That shroud
This atmosphere
Of air borne polution
But awaken cosy in my bubble
And share
All that shall show
Pleasures of natures bliss
Those who sleep in an open forest
See all.


Self Esteem

Of lifes prestige
Shall I really make the grade
When my brain is nought but turmoil

My mind
Is an empty shell
That echos no voice within
For whatever I try to retrieve
Is lost

Past times
Are gone and lost
Future is only a nightmare
I have no faith within myself
At all.

Cast aside
With needs to hide
Where no one may find me
That I may vanish within sight

One day
I might see all
When eyes are clear of mist
Tears that I shed from past sorrow
Shall fade


Senses Of Love

To dream
Of loves sweet kiss
Remaining deep within
Upon that moment the earth stood still
It seems.

To touch
The one you love
Shall melt a heart of stone
And capture loves feelings there of
As such.

To Peer
Into loving eyes
And recieve loves message
Within the windows of the soul
So clear.

To sigh
Softly within
Whispering words that yield
Sweet desires of loves temptation

To love
And to hold on
To what is meant to be
Cherished freely deep within
There of.


Times Past

Times past
Never forgotten
Memories within sepia
Shall be stored as images of
Times past.
That fade within
Shall portray all that was
For this future that soon shall be
Times past.
Ne'er to return
What was once lost forever
There shall be no beckoning back
Times past.

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Lorainne Dafney


See the
fountain basin
filled with shiny pennies
wishes, forgotten forever
still wait


Sweet Heart

with frayed ribbons
yesterday's Valentines
remain as beautiful as the
first kiss.



is the search for
utopia as one
travels seeking direction and

away, somewhere on the
roads left to be discovered by

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Jem Farmer

Sense and Sensuality


Reflect image
The smile eyes don't believe
Yet conceals the torment that cries

The eyes remain
Closed until darkness falls
And silenced doubt can breathe the air

Sleepless nights pass
Slowly while thoughts see fear
And eyes of fear gaze alone in


Of songs pulsate
Demanding a voice sing
But the voice of the angel lies

Harmonies fall
In sad love songs and dreams
Lost dreams that passed in a cold game
Called love,

Called love
Without feelings
Numbed by husky words
The heart lies still in the silent


Of musk explode
Touched by the naked flame
Intensely gentle like falling

Seeking freedom
That waits within weeping
Absorbed by curls of incense and
New hope.

New hope
The first sighting
Of new beginnings found
Patiently waiting in smoky


Invite the tongue
To savour each moment
And languish a little longer
In time.

In time
Conversation stops
Silenced by speaking eyes
As new flavours entice with lips
That kiss.

That kiss
To melt the past
Releasing the future
And patience waits for the sensual


Behind the walls
And icy facades of
Preconception embraced by fears
And doubts.

And doubts
Court uncertain
Thoughts of inner truth
The truth that answers the name of

The need, the want
That cannot be released
Until nothing is left to be

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Peggy Nelson

At Peace

A Man
Clad in fatigues
Folded arms holding cap
Thick trickles of blood on face
War torn

War torn
Vivid pictures
Of military life
Exposed to negative world wars

Painful pictures
Embedded of wars blood bath
A stunning thought not forgotten
Of deaths

Of deaths
Who sacrificed Unexplainable realism
For your comfort and bliss
Your thoughts

Your thoughts
Cause your home sitting FREE

Thoughts are driven
Though realities soul
As more brave men cover your arse
More die

More die
Defending rights
Hoping to see world peace
He lays in the garden of peaceā€¦
A man


Blind Love

Blind Love
One Lad, One Lass
Bonded by vows as one
Vows broken by a secret love
Who's Blind?



Away to be
In dreams were love comforts
And holds me in his caring arms
Me away were
Passions of his love are
Beyond earthly reality
Off to see him
Telling him I'll join him
For pain on earth revolves and keeps


How Many

How Many
days till love comes
infesting mankinds heart
will it crawl or swiftly infect
How Many?


I Love My Body

Fat Cells
On my body
Whiskers growin' on chin
Old age dotted spots are growing

Looking hair days
forever hangs on face
Ain't no wonder I can not see
The truth
The truth
I've connected
All the old aging spots
I've Mapped out trips from all my scars
I have

I have
Taken out my
Dentures, leaving soaking
in beer, at Some run down bar by
My home
My home
Overflows with
Snowflakes from my long legs
Don't need any winter storms here
At home

At home
Unzipped tight blue
Jeans filled with belly fat
Coming forlorn when seeing huge...
Fat cells


Life Gives, Life takes once More

Loves Lost
Within the whirl
Of a raging stream swirl
A passion tossed far beyond and
Once known

Once known
Some wasted days
Spent powerless until,
good-natured moments trickled in
Once more

Once more
With sweet inquire
hearts align with loves gain
releasing the torturous past
Life gives

Life gives
Life takes away
Life stands in confusion
Life's hope rebuilds and departs from
Loves Lost



Of the archways
Brilliant colorful shades
Lingering in serene rainbows
To view.



Winds quickly snatch
Hold once again of hopes
Hurling and meshing to a new
Flinging wishes
A land once dreamt before
Many hopeful situations
Plummeting old
dreams, Old wishes, old hopes
Rising new word worthy art for


Touch Me

Touch me
Touch me softly
Touch me with your sweetness
Touch me on this Valentine's Day
Touch me


Thank God

Thank God!
Our soul's alive

heart's beat fast from relief
An answered prayer for son Ryan
Thank God!!

Thank God!!!
The wait's lifted
Captain Ryan's in flight
home to his love ones he adores


Your Face

Your face
One look, I'm hooked
Reading miles replied
Capturing your shimmering smile
To keep

To keep
To paste within
Memories dear to me
Memories to gaze at through times

Of words
Written sweetly
Sheltered inside my heart
Where no soul could erase etchings
I love

I Love
What I have reaped
Of growing, glowing love
Collecting paintings of his love

Caressed upon my breast
Healing the spinning webs caught in

Of chaotic
Opening a new life
more trustworthy, I see it on
Your face


Will You

Will You?
Be my Darling
Locking hearts together
On this very exclusive day
Will you?
Hold our friendship
In your heart forever
And lock up our blissful friendship
Will you?
Be my lover,
companion throughout life
In every path we walk each day
Will You?
Stand beside me
Hold hands each step we take
And be my only valentine
Will You?
Whisper your love
Or shout it plan and clear
I'll love you darling forever
Will You?

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Dinah Serritelli


Of not knowing
More than I can handle,
Throwing out all things media?

Media circuses
All hustling to be number one

Truth ~ lies
All mixed in one,
Confusing the people
Who do not need to know so much,

But I
In not knowing
More than I can handle
Finds the contentment within me

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