2020 Poetry Form Challenge

#07 English Sestet

This sestet evolved from the popular Sicilian one and of course was made even more popular by Shakespeare who uses this sestet rhyme scheme in his sonnets. Iambic pentameter in the prefered meter for this form although the original form used an eight syllable meter. Although it is mainly used as the turn or "Volta" in a sonnet, but it can be used as a stand-alone vignette, or to consruct a ballad or a tale. The pattern is thus...
x X x X x X x a
x X x X x X x b
x X x X x X x a
x X x X x X x b
x X x X x X x c
x X x X x X x c

Sestet From Sonnet VI

Ten times thyself were happier than thou art,
If ten of thine ten times refigured thee:
Then what could death do, if thou shouldst depart,
Leaving thee living in posterity?
Be not self-will'd, for thou art much too fair
To be death's conquest and make worms thine heir.

William Shakespeare

English Sestet Challenge

Maryse Achong

I Won't Forget
Remember Me
Saying Goodbye
Sesaons of our lives
We're Forty Six Years Old
Waste Not

Kathy Anderson

Angel Dragon
Deaths Dragon
Lucky Dragon
Star Dragon
Tree Dragon

Terry Clitheroe

Lovers Question
Mother Moon
Nature Sequence
Ode to my Cherry Plum Tree
Regret Nothing
Touch Me
Uncharted Waters
What of Our Souls
Z The Final Axis
Zilch Tonight
Justice 1-3
Nature Sequence

Divena Collins

Devil Verses Thor
Flames of Desire
Mountain Dew
Mountain High
Natural Instinct
Of Poverty
Raggedy Doll
Resplendent Love
Ruby Red Wime
Scent of a man
Warmth Within
What Price Gold
Wind Power

Lorainne Dafney

Garden Porthole

Peggy Nelson

Biblical Folklore
Surfs Up Dude

Leny Roovers



Maryse Achong

I Won't Forget

I'll remember each kind word you've uttered,
I won't forget the nice things that you've done,
And even when my life is hectic, cluttered
My memories of you will still live on.
You'll be with me no matter where I go,
That's something that I thought that you should know.

I won't think of times when I was distressed,
Will not dwell on events that made me cry,
For I know that I have been truly blessed
And to say otherwise would be a lie.
Life's winds assail me, blow me where they will,
And though I stagger, I'm left standing still.

I'll recall the good times and the laughter
That we shared, those are all a part of me
'Til I die, and perhaps even after,
For who knows what life beyond death will be.
I want to thank you for the part you've played
In my life, and the difference you made.


Remember Me

"All I ask of you is forever to remember me
As loving you."

I want them to sing this song when I'm dead
For those I've loved and those who have loved me
If they can't sing it let the words be read;
I pray that this will be my legacy:
That they will know long after I am gone,
The love I had for them will linger on.

Not much material worth for them I fear,
A little bit of jewelry, maybe
Some bits and pieces, antique furniture,
And if they want, my heartfelt poetry.
But they can rest assured that I will be
Close by, given that opportunity

And if they think of me once in a while
Then perhaps they can ask Our Heavenly
Father to look upon me with a smile
And show me some measure of His Mercy;
For even when I did not pass a test
In most cases I'd done my very best.


Saying Goodbye

So many thoughts go flitting through my head,
So many emotions course through my heart,
The seasons of our lives how they have sped;
Time to close half shut doors, make a new start.
I feel the sun's warmth slowly chase the chill,
But there are shadows that are lurking still..


Seasons of Our Lives

August thirty first nineteen sixty two
We gained our independence from the crown
A coming of age for us, our debut;
Hoisted a new flag pulled the old one down;
And though I celebrate, my heart is sad,
At what is happening in Trinidad.


We're Forty Six Years Old

August thirty first nineteen sixty two
We gained our independence from the crown
A coming of age for us, our debut;
Hoisted a new flag pulled the old one down;
And though I celebrate, my heart is sad,
At what is happening in Trinidad.


Waste Not

A waste of time to play a mindless game,
Life is too short to spend it being sad
About things which will always be the same;
Far better to spend time in being glad.
Avoid the things that only bring you down,
Much easier to smile than wear a frown.

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Nia Wynne

Angel Dragon

Above you rises the expansive sky,
Home of white winged guardians of old,
There to protect and defend from on high
All mortal souls from shadow realms so cold
That no life could exist there, merely death,
So think of them and they shall give you breath.


Deaths Dragon

Upon your demise his dark wings unfold
For when life escapes your lips, he is there
To carry you home to your place, foretold,
Whether it be heaven or hell, beware,
The shadows be his domain in the night
Where dawn never comes nor sunshine's pure light.


Lucky Dragon

When you find a four leaf clover of green
Or a butterfly's wing falls at your feet,
Then flowers grow where none have been seen
Nor planted, take a moment for this treat
And recall the last rainbow you did see
For knowing this dragon will set you free.


Star Dragon

Hie thee home to the most sacred blessed star
As brilliant wing'd Draco takes you high
Away from Deaths lair, to honor afar,
Your name given to a new twinkle, fly
You past millions of heavenly spots,
There your spirit stays, never then forgot.


Tree Dragon

Upon the earth green and growing things thrive
Because the verdant winged beast is guide
For the leaves in Spring to come back alive,
To all those beings without fur nor hide,
But flowers know who sings so they may bloom
And in pastured groves of oak, give no gloom.

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Terry Clitheroe


I always love the early autumn
With dying leaves of Gold and Brown
The fallen leaves upon the lawn
A crinkled patchwork eiderdown.
Setting the scene for a future time
Where once again life will be sublime.

So on and on life goes ad infinitum
Now a time of rest for all that's grown
And I'll always love the early autumn
With dying leaves of Gold and Brown
Sometimes seeing the most beautiful sites
Still warm days but with chilling nights.

Later to Earth a time of sleep will come
She'll be wearing then a drab nightgown
Some beasts now also prepare their home
And will gather what summer has grown
Then they themselves will the winter sleep
Waking with Spring and with duties to keep.



Two lovers met under a starry night
For a while the world was still, just a while
They watched and provided their light.
But the moon and stars are ephemeral
And whilst we mortals can stay in one place
Celestial beings must around heaven race.

Once they were mortals just like you and I
Who lived and fell in love but moved on
Now they move on each night across the sky.
To every pair of lovers they are drawn
Remembering warm nights so long ago
And all those special feelings they still know.



There is no music that surpasses that of amore
Nor any dance where two hearts beat as one
Meeting together all that fate has in store
Living and loving until this life on Earth is done
The music plays on as I hold you close to me
And the songs sang will echo through eternity

Eternally by Shinobinaku



It is not the end, just because we have to part
Rather it is the intermission, merely a pause.
And like everything that concerns the heart
Our parting just seems to be the close.
I pose the question, "What of the seasons?"
It's just winter has struck that is the reason

I say that love is not dead nor can it be so
We now have something we can build on

But we know what we have sown will grow
Just as it has, in other times now past.
There is no doubt now as we both know
We have the proof that what we have will last.
Unlike you I know that I will hide my tears
But like you I know there are no fears.


Lovers Question

Shall I undress your demons first,
Or touch you, softly with a smile,
Then with a kiss calm the thirst
That I see running in your eyes,
And help cast away all your fears?
For all time, I will stop your tears.



It was late last summer the mandolin played
You looked at me wiping away your tears
Holding hands in the dark you cried and smiled
Saying, "I've been without you all these years"
Now I listen all alone as the same music plays
Who could not remember those happier days?

But now as another musician starts to play
This time there are tears and once again you cry
A different mood, we are together on another day
And yourealise no matter what, love cannot die
Soft sounds of the mandolin permeate the room
Though the lights are dim, there is no gloom.


Mother Moon

My mother moon, do you shine as you feel
Do you see the sorrow and feel the pain?
To meet for so short a time and join and love
The subtle agony of lovers being apart again.
Missing each other with the coming of night
Creating in our hearts and souls a blight.

My mother moon, the tender stories told
That our tears are like stones on a beach
Eventually turning to sand and washed away
In time our salted tears will be out of reach.
My mother moon tell me the tears will dry
So perhaps with time the pain will also die.


Ode to my Cherry Plum Tree

Look!! Outside a pink budded tree, a sign
Spring has arrived, morning's chorus agree
The proof is the white spots that form a line
Along the road running parallel to the tree
And my car the recipient of each avian gift
That is the target no matter to where I shift.

Now that tree has donated its fruit to me
And I poor mortal respond within the law
For with drought and summer I am not free
To give you ought but shower water I draw.
With that grey offering you seem to survive
And thankful I am you remain alive.

Autumn has come and although still warm
I see you droop as if you've had enough.
You've done your job despite threats of harm
I in turn have done my best, and you are tough
And I remember strong winds shaking thee
Walking to my car I sensed you greeting me

Now is the time I know you dread the most
You are stripped and do not appear alive
Selfish winter is the most unkind host
Where we worry if you will survive.
But just when we begin to worry most
We wake up and see your pinkish host,



In days of old when men were bold
And poetry had just been invented.
Men roamed the land with lute in hand
Spinning tales that made folks contented.
They told of love, more often told of war
For a night enjoying what they paid for

But oftimes bastards from the bush
Would try to gag each stalwart lad.
For keeping people informed and sane
Was considered by some to be bad.
Religion has caused wisdom to be paused
And politics caused feelings censored.

Each age that's been in countries seen
The written word has been suppressed
But with each age in histories there's been
His idealism has led and freed oppressed
That one person has let people know it.
And that is your oftimes humble poet.



My wings will soon fly o'er the Pacific sky
Escaping again from the once was morn.
First we'll cover where the day will die
Reaching out east where the world is born
And with that death wake to see the sun arise
Reborn and fresh as its celestial prize.


Regret Nothing

I do not regret my life nor do I weep
As it passes like smoke from a chimney
Now Autumn leads me closer to sleep
And a young man again I will never be
My Heart no longer beating as once it did
As in my youth, down banisters, I slid.

My wandering spirit is less and less spry
Still you my love can stir my heart aflame!
I have lost freshness of passions eye
Yet I will always love thee just the same.
We are all mortal, just trying to be proper
As trees change their leaves to copper.

Oh life, do my desires grow tamer,
Or is life all becoming a useless deed,
When in springs echoing early hours
I always galloped by on winged steed?
May I be blessed with you ever more
Till death places us on her final shore.



Spring is when Nature comes alive
The air is clear and all life is new
Whilst worker bees rush from the hive
On their daily task to help life renew
Blossoms bloom on bush and tree
Ne'r holding back Nature pays the fee.

For this task each plant gives in return
A drop of honey to this busy bee
Nor is there any need for concern
Knowing for every task there is a fee
Thus rewards for helping to survive
For in this simple way all life conceives.



Like any sailor who's caught at sea
In raging storm and mountain wave
Like a sea anchor thrown out by me
I face the storm with love you gave.
The storm rages and tries it's best
Once again putting me to the test

The sails are furled ship battened down
Blackened sky hid by sea of white
Even hell throws in it's own nightgown
As nature unleashes all her might
I know in time this storm will die
And in the haven of you again I'll lie


Touch Me

Touch me once again with your soft fingertips
Nay do not now retreat from thy search of me
Neither do you stop the travel of thy lips
Instead I must close my eyes, lost in ecstasy.
My wanton breath unwillingly betrays me
Thou art now part of me, so I am part of thee.

My wicked temptress, now you own my soul
With your touch you arouse my bodies fire
Thy taste of me is complete now we are whole
My body arcs as a release to heaven I aspire
Finally to spend myself into thy heavenly cup
From which eyes shining you so lovingly sup.


Uncharted Waters

In the unchartered waters of the heart
The tour guides are fellow travellers,
Equally lost and unsure of the parts
Played in emotion's deep-backwaters
Backpacking each day exploring the way
How can a leader not know what to say?

In the unchartered waters of the heart
Where each one must chart a course of need
Sometimes accede to ways that will impart
A smoother journey that will in time succeed
Always helping to seek a star to follow
Means that sometimes one own life is hollow

. In the unchartered waters of the heart
Where often hidden shoals and mysteries
Wait to wrest the traveller none to smart
From bliss to horror, living lives of lies
A corporate being who's life is a mess
And certain in time becomes soulless.


What of Our Souls

What of our souls, I need to know the answer?
When you left I felt I had lost a part of me.
We were as one you and I, my soul partner.
You told me so that night and set me free.
T'was months, we are halfway to meeting again
We'll be free to love again and Heaven attain

Is the one I love merely love or am I free
And my heart not mine anymore, merely on loan
Am I only on lease until you once more agree?
The wait is over in a short while, no longer alone
You my soul partner waiting patiently out there
Again seeing that look, telling me you truly care.

Is there some way a soul can pass on a part
Thereby continuing a love that never ends
Will my death be the start of another chart
Or will it be merely a door where we transcend
In passing be united forever in love
And for us the circle no longer turns above?

Mysteries within our souls by Amie Roses


Z The Final Axis

Just for a while we stopped and smiled and talked
And as we talked, souls touched, we fell in love a while.
How long is a while I thought and so I checked
I had no need for it's quite a while, and I see you smile.
Today can seem like eternity but true love is a day
A day that is like no other, so we call it eternity.


Zilch Tonight

My words fall dead upon the floor.
Bugger 'em, they were useless anyway.
Another syllable, statement, a bore,
What is wrong, too much work today?
My muse has gone doesn’t want a drink
I need her tonight to help me think.

Destroyed by an overworked mind,
Then lined up against the killing wall.
There was no blindfolds I could find
So we all took aim and fired at will.
Another senseless act of damage,
Wreaked upon the English language.

The eulogy was just another silly argot,
So much carnage created by my cup,
By bullets, aimed and hitting the target.
Another battalion of words stepped up
For their now impending execution
But suddenly I saw the light of elocution.

Mark Twain



Part I

On a prison bed in a time just gone
An evil murderer lay at ease
No conscience for all the evils done
His death would be a breeze.
Once again people wished him dead
Societies conscience needed to be fed.

There was no Hospital waiting
To take his sinful body parts
Because of his evil all were hating
Despite the shortage's of hearts
For evil must be purged from us
And over this there'd be no fuss .

Day by day his sour face set hard
And evil had tainted all he'd touch
He'd walk about the exercise yard
Contemptuous of so much
As if to say to other prisoners
I'm superior causing angers.

For this creature cared not
Who or what he'd kill
The death of man or babe
Did not give him a thrill
Emotion at the loss of life
Not shown or cause him strife.

His heart had died before his birth
It just hadn't stopped it's beat
The pap he sucked to nourish him
Had changed to vinegar at the teat
Rancid food was made sour by him
Drinks full up to the stinking brim.

Hell was in awe of this earthly beast
And were welcoming his demise
Classrooms were set there at least
He'd teach demons how to victimise
And Lucifer was oft times heard to say
Welcome Bro, show them the way.


Part II

On a flea rid mat somewhere in time
An angel lay there slowly dying
Not for her celestial tunes so fine
And even Tara's harps were crying.
For though so young she'd given all
From her, sadly life began to crawl

No Hospital here waiting to use
Her well used preloved body parts
For poor must work hand to hand
Wearing out the strongest hearts
And even the angels working here
Realised what was their fear.

Day by day they work secure
Doing good with all they touch
Working around the sick and poor
Heavenly-natured in as much
To say to all she helped and fed
Surly not aware she'd soon be dead.

For this angel cared no matter what
Her love of life she could not kill
Each man, each babe, who or what
Each one she saved gave her a thrill
Emotion's, strong avoiding strife
Her sense of love and love of life.

Angels waiting knew of no cure
By her bedside their vigils keep
Heaven awed by one so pure
With a love that went so deep
Everyone of the Gods in Asgard
Had helped to play the final card.


Part III

Fate stepped in as she often must,
Scales unbalanced by this life's need.
One a blaggard no-one could trust
Who only fed deep on evils greed.
On the other a slight young saint
Who aided others without complaint.

What is a body but an empty shell
That protects a beating heart?
That's in reality's a simple pump
Seeming just another body part.
And this is all that was pleaded
Was what this poor saint needed.

There was no fear that evil's cup
Would ever taint this simple lass
When goodness puts the ante up
Evil can't bluff, has to fold or pass.
A black knave against a full house
Is a winning hand, a different class.

What occurred that night was never known
But a sight the guards will remember well
The sight that greeted them that morn
Was a horrific scene from Dante's hell.
The evil monsters heart ripped out
Lying there an empty shell no doubt.

Satan welcomed his latest guest
And hugged his long lost son
Demons bowed and welcomed him
Cognisant of what he'd done.
But Satan realised he'd lost a ton
And goodness had once more won.

On a white bed somewhere in time
An angel lay there soundly sleeping
In the background a celestial chime
To her alone Tara's harps were playing
Asgard's Gods stood there surveying
And watched where she was laying.




Given any chance at all new life begins
Creatures know their place and seek a mate
See the humble spider and the web she spins
All beasts live in harmony within their state.
Every plant that pushes forth new leaves
Aware Nature’s balance must be achieved.

All this was given to man and his conceit
Who with time forgot this is not his plan.
In reality profiteering in mankind’s deceit
Stating all this has been given to man.
Ignoring that everyday a species dies
We should turn deaf ears corporate lies.


Given any chance at all new life begins
Growing, forming, shaping adapting to strife
Thriving shaping living and fitting within
This is the challenge Nature puts on life.
Each plant mutates and has adapted so
It lies dormant in sand and sleeps in snow,

Each plant finally awakens within the ground
It is now the time and the chance to grow
And plant life everywhere starts to abound
The rivers of flowers and plants begin to show
All this and more is part of Natures plan
The least of which should humble man.


Creatures know their place and seek a mate
But what is man if nothing but a beast
Thinking he is the master of his fate
But just like them must breath and feast
Too wrapped up in his scheme of things
Following what ‘er his planning brings

The simple ways that feel the Earth
The Brehon laws of the Ancient Celt
Knew what Nature was really worth.
Know how the original creation felt
Beasts and plants in absolute harmony
Man has to re-learn what has to be


But what of hidden places that are dim and dark
Man in his arrogance removes things of fear
Are they any less of Nature than a wildlife park?
They are persistent and return year by year
They always come back when he turns away
In spite of mans work Nature has her say.

What of the creatures that thrive in this domain
Creepy crawlies that feed on mans refuse
The little beasts that are part of the chain
Even for them Nature has an important use.
Soon there will be a time when Nature wins
See the humble spider and the web she spins.


All beasts live in harmony within their state.
Should one species become too strong
The balance will change and thus their fate
Nature will level it out before too long.
And Natures balance is without deceit
Until along comes man with his conceit

Ignoring that he’s only an alternate form.
Tribal ways “Civilisation” ignores the fact
Thus ignoring every other creature born
But it’s out of ignorance not an evil act
Science and technology only deceives.
Ask the ancients what the tribe believes.


Every plant that pushes forth new leaves
And blossoms forth its symbolic scenes
Is aware of the life that it conceives
To procreate and pass on its genes
Reliant on symbiosis for the key
And needs the help of worker bee

And as the seasons wax and wane
Discover Nature balances with time.
One years loss is another's gain
So that nothing can out climb
All things are equal we must learn
A balanced life is our main concern


We all travel through life like wagon trains
Leaving our tracks where we go on the grass
Like wagon wheels on fresh virgin plains
Making our presence in life felt as we pass
In time the wind will blow away our trail.
We cannot beat nature on any larger scale.

The once lush fields once again become dirt.
And so, the seasons come and go, as do we
In the depth of winter there is another desert
Nature has decreed it so and we must agree
So from her for a while man has just thieved
Forgetting Natures balance must be achieved.


Spring is when Nature comes alive
The air is clear and all life is new
With worker bees gushing from the hive
On their daily task to help life renew
In return each blooming bush and tree
Donate a drop of honey to each bee.

Every year this way new life returns
Feeding, nourishing, finding out life’s worth
There any never any need for concern
Just live in simple ways upon the Earth
Living as one with the Earth, a simple feat
All this was given to man and his conceit.


In much older times what men took from Earth
Was replaced in kind with some other gift
Always it was considered to be of equal worth
Sometimes slaves killed at the end of shift
Man was considerate and simple in his ways
Knowing that nothing is free the user pays.

Now he just rips it of the earth with no thought
Coal, diamonds or gold taking out great wealth
Ignoring it’s from Nature that they have bought.
Clean suited owners think only of themselves.
The Celtic ways have been cast out by man
Who with time forgot this is not his plan.


Truth is written in figures made to conform
The truth and everything suffers in the process.
The speaker stating facts that do not inform
Talking of ideas professed by vested interests
Trees are cut down and not replaced by the same
The lungs of the earth are part of this stupid game.

The "Rent a crowd" protesters are idiots at play
Mercenaries laying in front of a logging truck.
When fines are paid, go home to their chardonnay
Newspapers sell revelling in pretentious muck
Media Baron's smile drinking their whisky neat.
In reality profiteering in mankind's deceit.


We are not kings and we never shall be gods
But see vast oil tankers pulling into port
Draining all the Earth placing us at odds
Continually needing more, running short
The Barons of Power will rape elsewhere
And we their servants are told not to care.

Satan looks at our acts and laughs at us,
He would destroy our Earth and call us fools
We had only to take it and not make a fuss
And thus today the greedy make the rules
These sons of Cain taking where they can
Stating all this, has been given to man.


Look, see the eagle soar such a wondrous sight
Majestic, riding the thermals where he belongs
See the feathers spread out balancing the flight
Playing with the air, soaring, listen to his songs.
As he sleeps in the night another raptor is king
He is wise and has no respect for fools who sing

Man knows that there is beauty in their flight
This is often where his wisdom flaws.
He will not spend time during the day or night
To give to Nature the respect he owes.
Instead vested interest concoct more lies
Ignoring that everyday a species dies.

XII Finale

See the world from space how lush and green
What man has done in the name of gain
But down here the destruction is obscene.
Meaning civilization has gone insane.
We destroy forests to build new towns
Acting like a bunch of painted clowns.

Cars and trucks we drive pollute the air
One day soon we will be asked to pay
But we carry on regardless without a care.
Faced with the truth what will we say?
Ignore the media for they have biased ties
We should all turn deaf ears corporate lies.

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Divena Collins

Natural Instinct

Unqualified in the skills of knowledge
My practical ability conceals expertise
Devoid I am of any technical ingenuity
My efforts shall not afford guarantees
For I lack what they call worldly wisdom
Thus shall not take capability at random.

Comfident only within the trials of life
Conjuring Qualifications of time lacked
Craftsman only within a trail of failures
For no inborn ingenuity should interact
Discriminated for lack of qualifications
Casting aside obliterated exploitations.

Yet I cook, sew, and spin the finest yarn
And mingle with the best within reason
I can knit and clean the very best I can
I can read, compose poetry of seasons
Within autumn I may share with my love
All of sweet dreams that bless thereof.


Devil Verses Thor

Warmth of a sun fades 'neath cloudy skies
Much too soon this light shall fade to dark
Creating strange fearful shadows unknown
Dark of night where a Devil leaves his mark
'Midst shooting stars that soon fade away
Within darkness of evil the Devil may play.

Streaks of lightening that speak of doom
Thunderous clouds bursts explode below
The Devil within power at war with Thor
To violate this planet within force of show
And obliterate the centre of earths core
Reveals within power that exists no more.

Spent of fire with thunderous of weapons
Floods that escape from a wild restless sea
Morning shall show within dawns new light
Just how the environment was meant to be
Peace and good will may eventually regain
Back towards a future with no cosmic rain.


Flames of Desire

Love is oblivious to all that occurs
Eyes may reveal what hearts do not
The fire of love shall journey forth
Chastising flames that flicker hot
Teasing the senses of touch within
The flames of love behold no sin.

Hot is the touch of a lovers hand
Of desirous moods that linger so
Casting a spell of wanton passion
For desirous love shall ever flow
The heat of his love may be shown
As the warmest heart ever known.

Rest assure that love shall linger
A promises that lovers shall give
Shall soon dwell upon more to gain
For what was once a flame so alive
Turns to ash that smoulders within
As eternal warmth flares therein.


Mountain Dew

Winds that whisper within mountains
Echos of voices from a previous lore
As Spirits of the past visit the future
Within eternal heights for evermore
Ghostly visions devoid of all breath
Warn the living of an eternal death.

Yet still this mountain side prevails
Fascination that shall beckon forth
Drawn like a magnet unto danger
For all that their presence is worth
Casting aside fear of the unknown
Bravery shall exist and valour shown.

Spirits remain as ghosts of the past
That shall prove not of hesitations
Premeditated thoughts of the sky
Shall remain within constellations
Of heavenly stars that shine above
Revealing eternal visions thereof.


Mountain High

I cannot and I dare not climb to the top
Not even to overcome my fear of heights
Down slippery slopes of snow cap peaks
I the intuder shall obtain no legal rights
To claim if I disfigured an arm or my leg
Not even if I lose all my pride and beg.

It shall be upon my own safe interest
To stand at the bottom and look ahead
And admire the views from a distance
A mountaineer I was never to be bred
Yet so beholdent to a luring attraction
Should I dare to interpret their actions

My admiration shall not ever go amiss
Brave the courage that urges them on
Though a mountaineer I shall never be
For my days of bravery are so long gone
Come to think it is only strength of will
When this mountain high is only a hill.


Of Poverty

Within days of yore upon a sad ordeal
Poverty that crippled the humble meek
Stessful days of a labourous rejection
Cast aside but the destitute shall seek
For a compulsive attitude driven forth
May prove success for all of his worth.

Cast aside as the farmyard labourer
No work at all within the cotton mills
Miners only for the God forsaken pits
No confidence to achieve better skills
There is no choice for the humble man
He must give and take the best he can.

Times of the past shall ne-er be forgot
Each generation shall be taught just so
Yet they speak now of the good old days
That they accepted all life had to show
To make the best of what they never had
Life then was too short to remain as sad.

Winds from Art Novaeu


Raggedy Doll

If this be love set her free
It brings her so much sorrow
Must she now endure this pain
There shall be no tomorrow
Love was once her life giver
Until tears flowed as a river.

Cast aside as an old rag doll
Past affection void and nil
Love was no play nor a game
To return at future`s will.
Broken hearted tears may flow
Deep within`tis eyes that show.

Playful instinct lost and gone
Past memories cast asunder
Love was not destined to be
Just a five minutes wonder
Never to be cast to one side
A raggedy doll has her pride.


Resplendent Love

Charmed within the eye of the beholder
Bewitched within a spell of loves elation
That which motivates the power of love
Shall not be a charade of false devotion
That attributes unto a charlitans charm
Nor shall affections induce much harm.

Honourable courtesy may forever permit
Pleasurable desires of wanton courtship
Resplendent within loves sweet passion
To embrace their endearing relationship
Shall ne-er be a disgrace within morality
When a lovers token fortifies sensuality.

Casting aside cruel instigators of shame
For shameless loving shall never be free
Of cruel accusers within self disillusions
That only believe what they wish to see
But throughout eternity love shall remain
As true as their moon shall wax and wane.


Ruby Red Wine

Just a simple glass of red port wine
Fires illusion within innocent minds
Within grapes of a summer harvest
Flowing like jewels of red that blinds
A victims balance to falter and sway
With faulty vision be it night or day.

But the unsuspected may fear no ill
When their feelings are numb within
For they who cannot keep to balance
Oblivious to whether`tis port or gin
Those who indulge in natures berry
Cares not to all who is not so merry.

The day after`tis he who may suffer
With symptoms akin to a violent flu
Ice packs and remedies to no avail
So much for the night afore`s brew
All he shall do is sleep like a log
Then awaken to the hair of the dog.


Scent Of A Man

The scent of man holds much to desire
Magnetised within a womans illusion
Luring her charms within natural musk
He shall impress never with repulsion
It may only be those appealing charms
When he gathers his lover in his arms.

The scent of a man shall induce a mate
Natures allurement of baited motives
To attract his temptress like a magnet
As much as this seductiveness gives
The desire and fantasies of his woman
Are enticed by the scent of her man.

Winds from Art Novaeu


Warmth Within

Cast aside the bitterness of winter
When cold winds blow from the north
With a promise of frost before snow.
Spring flowers shall soon burst forth
When the winter months have perished
It is then springtime may be cherished.

Lovers shall reunite within this season
Feeling the warmth of love deep within
Sofly spoken their words of affection
Creating the moment when love begins
The sensual warmth of a summers touch
Shall endow the charm of fantasy much.

Autumn shall blow what was once green
Unto golden hearts of a new serenity
Blowing softly within the winds of time
The blessedness of lovers sincerity
Retains warmth both may share together
Where eternal love shall remain forever.

Tutt Art - Robert Papp


What Price Gold

A new golden dawn shall soon appear
That shines amidst the valley of hope
When all this island shall turn to gold
In a land of honey hills slippery slope
Where golden bees shall never share
Their sweetness with the honey bear.

Golden rainbows shall often appear
Upon the golden memories of Kings
That reigns within the golden palace
Cherishing all the riches life brings
Of coinage that was lost within time
Cast aside upon a Kingdom sublime.

Warriors threaten with golden swords
Peace shall no longer behold the land
Where protection shall no longer be
Without their golden warriors at hand
This was their land of gold and honey
Obliterated for the greed of money.

Calming thoughts had ruled this day
Care not for fools finery and stature
'Tis best to have little than not at all
Shall not be a golden dawn of nature
That may release heaven unto earth
A Kingdom of gold has no real worth.


Wind Power

Come winds of march and blow this day
Cast floods of winter storms adrift
That we may seek life anew for spring
Upon seasonal charms of natures gift
Sends whirwinds from a distant shore
To amend the earth that weeps no more.

Earth is sodden from raging storms
Soon it shall be planting season
Creation of wonder is never found
Flooded earth shall be the reason
Within springtime may surely die
Lest winds of time the earth to dry.

Secluded places there are no floods
Upon mountains may be high and dry
If early spring gathers frost or snow
Then mountain blooms may perish nigh
Winds may blow in most peculiar places
When a lady loses her airs and graces.

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Lorainne Dafney

Garden Porthole

Come see my garden, past the wooden gate
It makes creaking sounds, just like an old man
I watch seasons change and anticipate
To see what mother nature and I plan
Together we plant side by side as friends
The flowers for spring, that mark winter's end

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Peggy Nelson

Biblical Folklore

In biblical folklore dragons now arrive
Spitting and blazing all countries land
Stomping and quaking Chinas road drive
Millions of dragons splashing with hands
In the Gulf of Mexico causing ruins in lands
Now ain't that just grand?

Thousand have died throughout the world
Is this is a sign of Gods punishment?
From seven headed Dragons they've hurled
Why didn't religions stress more and implement
Now we Sit stupefied or be in bed curled
The coming of the dead end world

Are we as humans so stupid and blind
Why should rich give a damn 'bout poor
Not caring 'bout others, closing their mind
Perhaps, someday when dragons abhor
Without Warning fire wealthy mankind
Fire them all, let them have foolish poor mind

Those rich in gold will learn the poor mans world
To learn what it's like to be dirty and poor
Be taken down the dragons spiked back curled
Without food, without help and being cruelly sore
Thrash their trash dragons, bring civilized earth
Rest in peace Dragons, back to heavenly birth



Wintertime will soon bring fallin' snow
Time to decorate Christmas trees
Gaze out windows watch snowflakes blow
And cover the land with ices
Time to smell aromas of fleshly baked pie,
With loved ones and reminisce of years gone by

Springtime springs into action
Time to plant seeds and watch them grow
Play games, ride bikes, run a marathon
With the kids and band aid their stubbed toes
Time to fast forward to another timely zone
How quickly Springtime's flown

Summertime arrives with plenty of things to do
Take a trip, go camping and fishing
Go to the zoo, the beach and mountains too
Unlimited time in dreams you were wishing
With loving nights, watching stars shine ever so bright
Making memories together under the moon light

Fall brings more excitement and winds
Trees shed their colorful leaves
Time to cut faces on pumpkins
Eat turkey, pies till everyone heaves
Time to end this seasonal poem
For love has fallen and it's time to roam.


Surfs Up Dude

Reminiscing 'bout year round surfing
With surfing dudes on Wikiki
Many dudes to set your heart to singing
While catching threatening waves from the salty sea.
Indulging in peaceful walks at ones own command
Blissful tears freed and covered by the riverside sand

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Leny Roovers


As first green leaves turn yellow, red and brown,
the days are shortening with rapid haste;
I watch my trees reveal fast balding crowns-
their once thick foliage drops down- erased.
Our summer showed her face just for a while,
she hides behind thin veils, this autumn's style.

As nights are growing colder, frost appears
and on the meadows, cows are draped in shrouds-
white witches' breath still lingers ere it clears;
above, the sun plays hide and seek with clouds.
The coat of autumn smells of rain and earth,
while day by day dark winter gains in girth.



My hands explore your body's soft warm skin,
imprinting on my fingertips your feel;
your fragrance is inviting- lips join in
and as I taste, I mark you with my seal.
Revisiting each place of joy, I kiss,
in knowing your swift answer brings deep bliss.

Your arms now hold me, while my limbs enfold
you, wanting to dissolve in you again;
I wish to disappear in you, remold
my body, till we share the same domain.
There is but one heart beating and one breath-
each utmost pleasure, an exquisite death.



I'm on a thought-filled roundabout that jams;
at least eight exits I can see, don't move.
As racing thoughts can't leave, their flow just crams.
My traffic-cop is on a strike, I prove.
Some thoughts start honking loudly, they want out,
but I have no control, I've lost my clout.

I watch the inner turmoil, hear the brakes,
as slowly traffic comes to a standstill;
first dust should settle, lest I make mistakes,
before I restore order with my will.
When silence reigns once more, light works again,
there's little traffic- none in the fast lane.



In spring our love was hot and quick, we burned
as flames consumed our flesh, then huddled close;
we cherished given days while seasons turned-
meetings were poetry, alone just prose.
Spring flowers bloomed and made our garden lush
with reds and pink, put on by lover's brush.

The summer of our love taught us to share
our fears and sorrows, next to joy and play;
trusting that warm shoulder, knowing each cared.
Together we climbed high and learned to pray.
As summer flowers grew to carry seed,
we worked to keep our garden free of weed.

In autumn, love is warm and comforting,
a known and treasured recipe, approved;
we've saved our summer flowers, assorting
seeds, so next year's blossoms might be improved.
As autumn's flaming blaze brings back our spring,
our hands reach out, invite our hearts to sing.

While winter of our love is not yet sealed,
we'll try to make provisions for that time-
store memories within this autumn's yield
and brighten winter with our summer climbs.
Still fragrant flowers of the seasons past,
will warm our future days, as love still lasts.

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