2020 Poetry Form Challenge

#20 Sevenling

The Sevenling was created by Roddy Lumsdon, and as its name suggest is a seven line poem consisting of three parts. Lines one to three consisting of contrasting or connected, or statements consiting of details, names or possibilities.
Similarly lines four to six should be relative or a further expansion of the first stanza.
Line seven can be a summary, a punchline, strange twist or a narrative summary.
There is no Title required or set meter.
The Sevenling should be mysterious, offbeat, or disturbing, and give a feeling that only part of the story is being told.
He loved three things alone:
White peacocks, evensong,
Old maps of America.

He hated children crying,
And raspberry jam with his tea,
And womanish hysteria.

And he married me.

Anna Akhmatova

Sevenling Examples

Terry Clitheroe

Drinking Coffee
Going Away
How Much
I must Be Old
Moons Charms
Now that I have known you
Open Doors
Red Rose
Sans Love
What is Love?
You Came To Me

Don Tyson

I've Found a New High

Terry Clitheroe


All I'll see is forever black
Winter outside cannot match me
And in darkness I find solace.

I have traded the pain of love
For the far stronger one of loss
My icy shroud only hides the pain.

No matter my eyes are closed


Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee after a walk
Sitting here listening to people
And seeing the occasional friend.

The sky outside is very dark
And the weather report is for rain.
I've been very lucky so far.

I think my luck won't last!


Going Away

The living room is silent now
You have walked out of the door
But this time you're not returning.

Your journey began months ago
Well before that step today.
All that time I knew and dreaded.

I always knew that you would leave.


How Much?

How much do I love thee
I need not count the ways.
Instead I thank the Gods

Should I shout thy praise
Or modestly say nothing
Only we know the ways.

My mind spins in wonder


I Must Be Old

Walking today, dressed warm
Cyclists pass in shorts and T shirts
I am warm and comfortable.

I remembered myself years ago
As a coach they all had to wear longs
In winter except when racing.

Who cares when it's hot?



Life sifts through my fingers like grains of sand.
there is no way of stopping it
and so time remorselessly hurries on.

One day we stop and take a look.
Some waste away their lives wishing
and when they look in the mirror what do they see.

I see my face that feels my age.


Moons Charms

The moon charms ocean tides
bewitched waves chase midnight dreams
and the sand sighs its resignation.

The white foam filled waves
thunder deepened with nightlight
see lovers walking on grey sands.

I draw the curtains and go to bed



Now that I have known you
I can say that I would give up eternity
For one more touch of you.

To feel your breath on my face
And your kiss on my lips.
The warmth of your body next to mine.

What else can I say except I love you.


Open Doors

Some open doors, for others they close
Some have a life that's always hard
Winners win what ere is chose.

Losers are born, destined to lose
From life's rich reward ever barred
In life, in love, there is no pause.

Always wondering what is fates next card.



You have become a presence
no longer is my mind free
all waking time is taken up with you.

My thoughts once controlled and simple
wander off in space, leave me blind
And think of things that I would like to be.

Feel our souls around each other wind.


A Red Rose

You came in smiling
Clutching a dark red rose
That you had found.

Holding out your rose
Offering it to me to smell
You put it to my nose.

The fragrance made more by your touch.


Sans Love.

Sans love this world is a useless ball
full of soulless beings
mindless and no use to anyone.

With love it throbs with life
see it pulse as we all sport.
hear love's wondrous call.

Excuse me I didn't hear what you said.


What is love?

Love is watching her as she sleeps
Seeing her breathing, smiling, happy
You only have to touch her.

But why wake her up?
She is happily sleeping
Why should she be woken?

Looking, you know what love is!


You Came To Me

You came to me naked
Yet you were fully dressed
I took your hand and we blended.

I see you and your eyes
They vow your love to me
Knowing our love is well served.

We get all we deserve.

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Don Tyson

I've found a new high

I've found a new high
a drug of choice it seems
searching my new thesaurus

sentence structure be damned
proper syntax not preferred
all are a bane to this poet

grammar I failed three times

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