The Ghazal is a very interesting poetry form and it exists throughout the whole of the Moslem world having originated as an Ottoman poetry form. As their religion spread throughout the Ottoman Empire, so also did their poetry.

Mostly the Ghazal is far from religious in its subject matter and indeed the form appears to be blessed with an abundance of erotica. This is probably why the form became very popular in Europe in the 1800's and then in the US with the "Flower Power" generation.

Unfortunately the essential elements have been lost with these "Modern Ghazals" and now is the time to revive them or at least make it known what those essentials were.

The Ghazal is a series of couplets each one capable of standing alone as a poem. The first couplet is called the matla or the place where the heavenly body rises. This sounds like a pretty good start for a poem.
This couplet also sets the meter of the poems and the rhyming pattern. In the true Ghazal, the last word/s of both lines of the first couplet must be the same.
Similarly, the last line of the following couplets must also end with the same word/s.
Modern Ghazals seem only to rhyme these last words. Below is an example which follows the traditional pattern.

Bitter Race

Tonight lets have a drinking race
Without your love no clock will race.
Fill the tankard with wine that's soured
Make our feet too leaded to leave the race.
Memory lasts longer than liquor poured
Un-lived dreams litter the path we race.
Life's bitter brew this cup o'erflowed
With thoughts that makes my heart race.
Till consciousness by sour wine devoured
Strikes me out of this hard fought race.

Ryter Roethicle

Ghazal Posts Contents

Kathy Anderson
A Scent and a Kiss

Sal Coraccio
Home Early

Lori Martin
Loving You

Leny Roovers
Your Voice

Ryter Roethicle
All Things Must End

Lori and Ryter
Seasons (4 Sonnets)

Carly Svamvour

Kathy Anderson

A Scent and a Kiss

Sealed inside the bud of rosy love
Lies dormant a fragrance of true love

Slumbering beneath the sky
Snow covers blooms once opened to love

Silence under mornings golden rays fly
Fallen leaves plucked from the arms of love

Silver moon above earth so high
Heals with a kiss once scented by love.

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Sal Coraccio

Home Early

Sighs of passion ride the air,
lovers laughing fill the air.
Recognition; blinding light,
accusations in the air.
Poison arrows in the night,
a fog that chills the midnight air.
Words of hatred taking flight;
knives and glassware in the air.
Shaking fists and knuckles white,
spitting bile into the air.
Truths and lies in anger bite,
teeth exposed and sucking air.
Enraged hands are squeezing tight;
struggling, gasping - must breathe - air.


Warm fingertips upon your skin;
Rose petal painting tender skin.
A blush that spreads onto your face,
And goose bumps roaming rising skin.
We feel the heat in this embrace,
Fire smothered with moistened skin.
Fuelling flames at a quicker pace,
With tightly gripping firming skin.
A moment free of time or space,
A universe of pulsing skin.
At last a gentle fall from grace;
An afterglow of sweetest skin.

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Lori Martin


Fight began over one dirty glass
Family photo, hurled, lay 'neath broken glass.
In winter storm, he drove to Seth's bar
Tiny faces watched through frosty glass
As he complained about his life's stress
Seth kept refilling his emptied glass
He slipped as he stumbled to his car
Falling ice resembled tears of glass
Weaving 'round corner he lost control
His life's blood clung to the shards of glass
When police arrived, they knew the score
Surveying the scene, crunching through glass
Two grim faces stood outside her door
As she realized truth, she dropped her glass.


Loving You

You asked me, could I ever love you?
A wounded bird, I was afraid to love you.
Taking a chance, you tossed hat at my door
I responded, yes, I think I do love you.
We met, your love shone in your eyes;
despite fears, I decided to love you.
We talk every chance that we get
and each day even more do I love you.
At second meet, I demolished your barn
so ferociously it is that I love you.
Once lost in the darkness of sorrow
I'm now bathed in light of I love you.
Your love gives me strength to go on
I could not live if I did not love you.
Reality challenges strength of our bond
No matter what I will always love you.
You asked me once, could I love you?
You are my heart's greatest joy and I love you.

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Leny Roovers

Your Voice

The tender touch of your voice sounds within,
brings ripples of laughter- joy wells within.
Every inflection I feel on my skin,
a surge of the love that grows from within.
My heart is a flutter, my thoughts now spin,
they echo your words, thrilling deep within.
Each word softly spoken- threads fitting in
the growing bond, building strongly within.
With you in my life, my heart found its twin,
the distance there is, is not felt within.
I know that one day, our dream will begin,
we'll be together, not only within.
Patience and trust eventually win;
I'm certain of that, know it deep within.

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Ryter Roethicle

All Things Must End

Save not a thing it all must end
It's inevitable all things must end.
Why must someone have to die
Why must there have to be an end
Why is it only then we realise
That it's too late, we've lost a friend
All things have not been said have they?
Say it now, drop your pride and bend
Friendship is still the greatest wealth
Why must we wait until the end?
Declare your love or regret forever
Love is riches you cannot spend
The dead take nothing with them
It's inevitable all things must end.



Like a prisoner you have me bound to you
Not counting days and weeks till freedom due.
There are no prison bars, my hands to feel
Like a prisoner you have me bound to you.
A wound from cupids dart that will not heal
Not counting days and weeks till freedom due.
No fear of breakout or escape, there's no appeal
Like a prisoner you have me bound to you.
My life is sealed by chance, just one deal
Not counting days and weeks till freedoms due.
Not counting days and weeks till freedom due.
Like a prisoner you have me bound to you



Lying, listening to the rain drops fall,
Drip, drip, drip, hear the rain drops fall
A warm sensuous mood pervades all,
Drip, drip, drip, hear the rain drops fall
Feelings movements, inhibitions gone,
Drip, drip, drip, hear the rain drops fall
Drinking loves juices our senses done,
Drip, drip, drip, hear the rain drops fall
What your eyes are saying is no illusion,
Drip, drip, drip, hear the rain drops fall
What we have created is no delusion,
Drip, drip, drip, hear the rain drops fall.

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Lori and Ryter


The Awakening.(Spring)

New shoots timidly peek through snow
Seeking warmth of adoring sun's glow.
Birds return to begin anew
Their songs dispersing winter's woe.
Ice surrenders its chilly reign
Life's currents again freely flow.
Buds stretch towards tender caress
As gentle breezes softly blow.
Mammals on fire seek love's fix
Parading glory in lusty show.
Vibrant cheer gaily paints the Earth
As blossoms erupt, all plants grow.
Spring lightens hearts and steps alike
We witness its beauty and we know.


A time of life.(Summer)

This time in life of natures own
A time of life for all that's grown.
It's splendours as new life abounds
A time of life for all that's grown.
Flowers spring up from the ground
A time of life for all that's grown.
Fruit is lush and begins to ripen
A time of life for all that's grown.
All around is life growing with zest
A time of life for all that's grown.
Plant and beast are at their best
A time of life for all that's grown.
Worn for a while a summer crown
A time of life for all that's grown.


A Time of Reflection. (Autumn)

As summer's greens transform to gold
we witness death of all once known.
Grey clouds obscure bright summer blue
as mem'ries wane of sun once known.
Chill northern winds descend, disturb
comfort's sought in warm thoughts once known.
Rainbow of leaves dance in a gust
our hearts rememb'ring love once known.
Animals gath'ring winter stores
clinging to contentment once known.
Leafy quilts preserve Mother's roots
minds reflect on happiness once known.
Autumn's last hurrah fades away
pausing to regard bounty once known.


A time of rest. (Winter)

All plants are bare, no more their best
For now it is a time of rest.
Beneath the earth asleep and still
The kernels of trees lie at rest
Bulbs and seed await natures will
With other forms of life at rest.
The earth's energy needs to refill
The fields lie fallow and at rest
Work is done at the water mill
The miller too must have his rest.
Fishes must swim in ice cold chill
But slower now for even they rest.
So for months no movements will
Disturb nature for she is at rest.


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Carly Svamvour


Over the city, over the fields - home;
Across the ocean, into the sky - home.
I heard the drums drum; were you in that dream?
I felt it like an ache in the wing. Home.
Though I recall nothing of heaven's gate,
I will see your glow, and know I am home.
Now we are walking down that dusty road,
you, me and that little dog - I am home.
I have felt my heart pain, known joy, light;
It's enough to know; enough to come home.
Oh, Brother you will know my name; you'll know
that I am on my way - I'm home. I'm home.


Seasons (Spring)

You ask me if I'll go, come Spring?
but I could never leave in Spring.
In April, I've got wanderlust,
but there is so much here in Spring.
'Twould be nice to see the mountains,
but we have things to do in Spring.
'Twould be good to see the trees bud,
but magnolia blooms here in Spring.
'Twould be good to cross the country,
but it's so nice here in the Spring.
'Twould be good to see the kiddies,
but I could never leave in Spring.

Seasons (Summer)

There is a westbound train in Summertime.
Oh, there's so much here in the Summertime.
Well, I have never crossed my own country,
but the new swans come round in Summertime.
'Twould be nice to see the prairies, wheatfields,
as the train goes by in the Summertime.
I could catch up with my eldest daughter,
stay a week or so in the Summertime,
take a swim in the ocean, see the birds
and it's cool out there in the Summertime.
Oh, maybe July, August, or the Fall,
but I couldn't leave in the Summertime.

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