2010 Poetry Challenge

National Poetry Month

Ivor Hogg

An Everyday Miracle

A never failing crystal spring.
Bursts from the rock face clear and cold.
More precious than the finest gold.
What greater gift could nature bring?

Than water flowing ceaselessly
to form a tiny stream that grows.
Into a brook successfully
Which becomes a stream that flows.

bravely down the mountainside.
Ever increasing as it goes
to join a river deep and wide.
The source of which nobody knows.

A natural phenomenon
We do not fully understand
Why water bursts from solid stone
to irrigate the arid land.

Though scientists try to explain
about the pressures brought to bear
We tend to make it very plain.
In point of fact we do not care.

We use the water for our needs
We have enough and some to spare.
A plan of Natures which succeeds
and makes life easier to bear.

We need the water to survive
Providing drink for man and beast
and help our planted crops to thrive.
It does not matter in the least.

We do not really need to know
what brings the water from below.
We are content to see it flow
Nourishing the seeds we sow.

The river flowing constantly
is just a fact of life to us.
We see no reason we should be
in the slightest curious.

A miracle which we accept
as being how things ought to be.
And not as some abstract concept
to be examined thoroughly.

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