Sonnetina Due

A most aptly named Sonnetina, perhaps the most obvious way to build any form would be by using couplets, and what is not appreciated is the ability to make each stanza stand alone on it's own merits.

Whilst not using rhyme, the poet below certainly manages to drive her ideas home:


Thread-bare and weary, patience frays
into lint found in pockets and bellybuttons.

Time taunts, teases and skips away,
with hope, bundled in rope, jerked behind.

Contentment and peace cohabit in a cabin
on a mountain no seeker shall find.

Childless women make noises about choice
while empty wombs weep bloody tears.

Suicidal humanity clear-cuts ecological lungs;
Gaia, betrayed, plots revenge.

Lori Martin


Let it Fall

So, let it fall: and best off all, heed every call, be in the thrall of laws of fate
Essence of time, force you to climb, turn on a dime and compensate

Live by the truth, don't lose your youth, don't be uncouth, grow as you must
Bearings need oil, lifestyle needs toil, don't act the foil, move on like dust

Get what you need, put down your seed, succumb to greed, gather in worth
Don't use a crutch, keep out of Dutch, don't eat to much, or swell your girth

Watch things you say, sanity each day, kneel down to pray, live the moment
Keep on the hop, need never stops, blood pressure drops, stay on one bent

Give kids candy, be a bit randy, also handy, yield to the call
Live your whole life, and avoid stife, cautions are rife, so let it fall!.

Dana Rowe

In the example above Dana has based his work on the Rhupunt, and Ryter responds to him below with a Ghazal.
All Things Must End

Save not a thing it all must end
It's inevitable all things must end.

Why must someone have to die
Why must there have to be an end

Why is it only then we realise
That it's too late, we've lost a friend

All things have not been said have they?
Say it now, drop your pride and bend

Friendship is still the greatest wealth
Why must we wait until the end?

Ryter Roethicle

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