Sonnetina Quatro

Continuing with the Sonnetina theme is the Quatro , and this one has all the appearance of a mini Sonnet.
It consists of a sestet and a quatrain and as there is a variety of sestets that can be used and similarly quatrains this gives a considerable permutation of form. As stated previously no meter is stated, but tetrameter or pentameter is normal.

The Night Is Dark

THE night is dark and you're alone.
In fear you hear the night beasts moan
See the shadows move along the wall
Spine chilling as the white wolves call
In fear you cringe as beasties groan
The night is dark and you're alone.

Hear evil wagering for your soul
As his creatures are waiting for his call
With slavering jaws that can crush bone.
The night is dark and you're alone.

Ryter Roethicle

The Gothic example above, uses an Envelope Sestet, and changes to the more conventional couplets for the quatrain. However, in the example below whilst changing to a far lighter mood, the poet retains the Envelope Sestet and continues with the envelope for the quatrain also.

Tomorrow is another day
Do not think that you can lay
In ease and wait the sun's caress
Whilst it heralds morn and dress
The dawn with hued colour play
Tomorrow is another day.

The gentle winds of morn makes sway
And autumn breezes scent the air
Playing with the walkers hair
If time froze would we wish to stay?

Ryter Roethicle

As can be seen from the examples above, this form is extremely versatile as there is a plethora of sestet forms that can be mated to a variety of quatrains to create some potentially wonderful Sonnetinas.

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