Sonnetina Tre

This Sonnetina form comprises of two quatrains and a couplet (Three Stanzas). The normal sequence is two quatrains and then a couplet, (One stanza short of a Shakespeare). There is however, the mini-Dorn to consider also this variation consists of a quatrain, a couplet and then a closing quatrain, (Dorn uses sestets instead of quatrains).

There are various forms of quatrain, ranging from free verse, rhyming couplets, alternate line rhyme or an envelope, so there is a certain amount of flexibility here.
No meter is stated, but tetrameter or pentameter is normal.

In the example below the poet follows the 4x4x2 and and the poet choses to only have lines 2 and 4 rhyme:


Look at her hands, at the needle and thread,
And the fabrics of folk in her heart.
Look at the lines and the needle-pricked thumbs
and the patches fraying apart.

"This cloth," she says, "was a bridesmaidís dress
And this was a summer skirt.
This was your Dadís and this was my Mamís
And this from your uncleís shirt".

The colours have dimmed in this family quilt
but her love holds the threads together.

Paganini Jones


Vampire Moon

Mine is not to pursue, nor is it to entice,
But realise a realm exists not of man
Where life is not measured in your span
And drinking human blood will suffice.

Hear the subtle beat of leathered wings
And see the silhouette against my light.
Too late, you have ventured in the night
For up here I can see what misery it brings.

Looking down after I see an empty shell
One more soul is added to the ranks of Hell.

Ryter Roethical

In the example above it can be seen that Ryter has used two envelope quatrains and a rhyming couplet. However, in the one below he has changed the closure by placing the couplet in the middle as a pause to enhance the closing quatrain's mood which he has changed to an alternating rhyme format.


In the blackest night of twisted dreams
On a wrought iron holder black and bent.
There is the melted wax of candles spent
Now feel the paralysis of silent screams.

There! Shadows where no light shone
Isolated and all alone!

Shivers now this hot summer eve
That makes webs of midnight lace
For there are certain dreams we weave
That reflect upon a sleeping face.

Ryter Roethical

Bruce meanwhile maintains Ryters mood and simply reverses the rhyme pattern.
Because of love

Because of love I threw away the sense
that guided me throughout the modest years.
The earth grew small, and all my self defence
withered before a ghost of maudlin fears.

Snake eyes can't see the stars, nor can they know
the nightmare depths a wasted soul will sow.

Yet pale is not the kingdom that awaits
my journeyed heart. I planted faith before
I left, and nailed my theses on death's door.
For, only shadows long for feigned soulmates.

Bruce henderson

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