This is a very underestimated and sometimes a very challenging poetry form. It consists of three stanzas, a quintet (5 lines), a quatrain (4 lines) and a sestet (6 lines), giving a total of 15 lines.
The first phrase of the first line usually sets the refrain R it is admissable to use the whole line used as the refrain.
The rhyme scheme is: Ra.a. b.b.a.... a.a.b.R.... a.a.b.b.a.R.
The meter is considered be open and the French style is not bound by a rhyming pattern and is also more of a light and buoyant even "flashy" form of poetry which uses short lines. The English style however, is much more dour and serious, even meditative and uses tetrameter or pentameter. Here is an excellent example of the English style of Rondeau.

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing,fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Lt. Col. John McCrae, M.D., 1872-1918


Susan Vitteta

One Breath Away

Michael Dixon

A Proposal
River Bank

Lori Martin

Away the Eagle Flies
Into A Light Gray Mist
The Pain Inside

Leny Roovers

Empty Canvas
My Four Cats
Pain V
Pain VI
To Say Goodbye

Ryter Roethical

All things must change
Dancing to loves tune
I Surrender to You
In Brimbank Park
Tears have been shed
The glass is broken
With Husky Voice

Susan Vitteta
One Breath Away

From you I am one breath away
Thought I'd lost you that fateful day
Inhuman hands destroyed the we
They cared not for humanity
I drowned that day in tears of grey.

With black soul I vowed they'd pay
Through haze of grief I'd find the way
Knowing you'd not come back to me
From you I am one breath away.

Think not bad thoughts you used to say
Draw not bad karma, keep mind gay
Heeding your words I rose from debris
You were not gone, you were flying free
Patiently waiting for our day
From you I am one breath away.

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Michael Dixon

A Proposal

When you were mine and I was yours
The highest mountains we would soar
Through clouded whispers in the sky
Past the stars above we would fly
You were the one I did adore

An ocean blue that meets the shore
Is where I once did stop to pause
To ask of you but you were shy
When you were mine and I was yours

Do you take me with all my flaws
And to others you would ignore
You at me with tears in your eye
Motioned no and began to cry
My heart belongs to another cause
When you were mine and I was yours


River Bank

In a lovers stream is where we once played
Coloured black nor white but a shade of grey
To give to take down sandy river banks
Throwing stones of old to the depths they sank
We built from new with hands layered in clay

And in my mind I recall to this day
Your tender smile and the love you conveyed
Moments to cherish for you I do thank
In a lovers stream is where we once played

One year however the rain went away
And a paradise lost turned to decay
At first I thought it be a nasty prank
The grey drained turning my waterway blank
On a muddy bank is where I now stay
In a lovers stream is where we once played

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Lori Martin

Away the Eagle Flies

Away the eagle flies into silent blue
while wistful eyes watch, shiny with dew,
her confident grace sails eternal skies
oblivious always to humanity's lies,
horrors we put our Mother through.

Still freedom stands despite the few
who try to spoil her mirth with evil brew,
supported she is by good's rally cries,
away the eagle flies.

War, hate we've known, but this is new,
an assault on innocence, a day we'll rue;
eyes may weep and hearts heave sighs,
from this sorrow greater strength will rise;
our belief, our Faith, shall soar anew
away the eagle flies.

In Remembrance of September 11, 2001


In Loves Garden

In love's garden, a goddess strolls
enveloped in a gossamer cloud
sips fragrant tea from china nestled in hands
bare feet whisper with meandering path
dawn's arrival transforms dew to jewels

reverent roses of burgundy red,
hydrangea, lilies all curtsey with grace
as wild bird choir fills air with hymns
in love's garden

from window high he murmurs a prayer
wipes tear from eye as adoration swells
she senses he's near, a smile alights
eyes kiss briefly before lips follow suit
a hush descends as soul mates rejoin
in love's garden


Into A Light Gray Mist

Into a light gray mist I climb
clocks still, silence; time unwinds.
Away from terror of these days,
verdant hills welcome escape;
heart beats steady to soul's rhyme.

Enveloped in peace pure, sublime,
nature's beauty sweeps all stress away,
each breath feeds strength as thoughts stray
into a light gray mist.

Through quiet woods a stone wall twines,
squirrels scurry for nuts among old growth pines.
Their branches moan with aches as they sway
while kaleidoscope leaves crunch their say.
Ah yes, closer to freedom with each stride
into a light gray mist.


The Pain Inside

The pain inside never goes away
Often expands with each passing day
Original sin buried in dark past
A lifetime spent hauling secret's ballast
A child's bright sun clouded over with gray

No longer will joy come out to play
Inside quiet rooms, safe, instead she'll stay
Wonder how long isolation might last
That pain inside just won't go away

Righteous preach, "where there's a will, there's a way"
Many times she's tried to do as they say
Now from her life hope's resolutely cast
Desert beyond seems impossibly vast
A shattered ruin to become demon prey
'cause the pain inside never goes away

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Leny Roovers

Empty Canvas

An empty canvas is set out again,
its waiting face still blank, devoid of pain.
The painter's haunted eyes and trembling hand
will soon with angry strokes start to command,
exchanging hurt and fury to obtain

a palette like a multicoloured stain,
from which is chosen aptly, not in vain,
that special shade to make the image, planned
on empty canvas.

Now paint on linen, strong as song's refrain,
is wiping out the white with near disdain;
each touch of brush is adding to the land
so boldly caught in colour's striking strand.
Transformed are dreams from painter's fevered brain,
on empty canvas.



Mirror, with your silvery face,
why do I have to run this race?
The eyes you show me every morn
are looking back at me with scorn,
I can't keep up this deadly pace.

You show me truth, without much grace
and plainly dressed, no silk or lace,
but naked, as we are when born,

There's no compassion, not a trace!
My cries all vanish into space;
the face you show me looks forlorn,
bears lines put there by burdens borne,
I'm giving up and rest my case,



Alarm bells ring before first light
when from a warm cocoon of night,
a pale bare arm is raised to kill
the ugly thing- prevent its spill.
A newborn week cries out in fright.

Outside, the cutting rainís cold bite
contributes to the daily rite-
monotony transformed to drill;
alarm bells ring.

Long queues of cars, en route in might-
a convicts' army- work is plight;
from steamy windows, skin looks ill.
In near collision, tires scream shrill-
adrenalin runs fast, hands tight-
alarm bells ring.


My Four Cats

My four cats are inspiring me,
they're daring me to set thoughts free,
with tails straight up into the air,
four question marks, it isn't fair!
A purr, a meow, what could it be?

Four impish faces look with glee,
eyes greenish gold, are what I see,
are hypnotising me, they stare,
my four cats.

They don't need words to voice their plea,
the speech they use to a degree
is as effective as it's rare:
A purr, a meow, a silent glare,
A gentle scratch, they love and care,
my four cats.


Pain V

The light is slowly weakening,
as sight impaired by darkening;
a growing cloud of thumping pain,
white lightning tears apart the brain,
cold dread of what is happening.

The pain is almost sickening
and flow of thoughts is thickening,
a stream of nearly frozen rain.
The light is slowly weakening.

Control of will is slackening,
a box of pills is beckoning,
relief in neon coloured bane,
seductive promise to obtain,
enfold this final reckoning.
The light is slowly weakening.

Pain VI

With white-hot blades of twisted steel
my brain is being carved, I feel
the edges of serrated knives
dissect and turn, till fear arrives:
will ever peace return to heal?

In slices thin, exquisite, real,
with artistry displayed like veal,
the pain is served, exposed, it drives
with white-hot blades.

It offers yet another meal,
thereís no refusing of this deal;
it must be swallowed, it deprives
the mind of choice, but it survives
the onslaught of the knives that peel
with white-hot blades.


To say goodbye

We say goodbye after life ends,
when in the company of friends
a loved one, whom we'll have to miss,
disappears into the abyss
whereto from life his death him sends.

Death is impartial and will cleanse
away all guilt and will not fence
with words, nor promise bliss.
We say goodbye.

This is the time to make amends,
to right a wrong that causes bends,
to leave this life without a wish,
to be at peace with one last kiss,
accept the final rule that stands:
We say goodbye.

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Teagan De Danaan

All things must change

All things must change, it is the way
Do not expect the same each day.
Plan for things, but do not expect
That all that's good Fate will reject
Remember, when you sow, you pay.

To find true love, we all will pray
Until we do, our lives are grey
Pain making some too circumspect
All things must change.

But Fate does not have a heart of clay
And has been known to turn away
Or perhaps she is the architect
And two souls meeting her project
The story unravels as in a play
And things have changed.


Dancing to love tune

Dancing to loves tune, spin and turn
The fever of love causes you to burn
Inside your heartbeat skips and pounds
Your eternal love forever resounds
And whilst apart your innards churn.

Your lovers steps you quickly learn
Bodies touching as you nightly yearn
The sensuous tempo of loving sounds
Dancing to loves tune.

Each night to loves dancing we return
Souls locked in a heavenly sojourn
Earthly bodies lie on silken grounds
In a ballroom fit for loving rounds
There is no contest, no points to earn
Dancing to loves tune.


I Surrender To You

I surrender to you my heart
So certain that we'll never part.
In life we'll set a paradigm
So others will know there'll be a time
That their love will one day start

Secure in knowledge whilst apart
Of making love growing a fine art
In a garden of love so fine
I surrender to you.

A garden created whilst separate
Blooms more each day we are apart
The blossoms created so divine See them seek and intertwine
In a bower forming a loving heart
I surrender to you.


In Brimbank Park

In Brimbank Park its hues of green
Its hills and trees a perfect scene
We did not know that first time
A love would grow so sublime
I remembered where we'd been.

As our love grew we did not mean
To cause others pain or to demean
But hurt we did and met one time
In Brimbank Park

We sat and talked on a bank of green
Sadly knowing what should have been
I touched your face no longer mine
And we drove away that final time
Two lonely people left the scene
In Brimbank park


Tears have been shed

Tears have been shed so many times
perhaps too often playing games
and so with time we build a wall
to stand behind and hide from it all
and miss our soulmate ofttimes.

But if we take a chance sometimes
walking a path that upward climbs
dare at time to look over the walls
Tears have been shed.

Fortune favours lovers most times
do not judge on past bedtimes
do not judge on what befalls
love oercomes the worst pitfalls
and into the most joyous climes
Tears have been shed.


The Glass is broken

The glass is broken, time stands still
Sand can no longer the bottom fill
I need the time to rush by fast
Still it dithers and minutes last
No need to rush, time I must kill.

It's cruelty stands against my will
Because of this life has no thrill
I'm forced to capture what has past
The glass is broken.

When we meet again see it overfill
In a time that's less than miniscule
Why is time so poorly miscast
When then we pray to see at last
No sand will fall and time stands still
The glass is broken.



Tomorrow belongs to no one
yet we plan our dreams upon
such a fickle thing as fate
and smiling kiss our mate
then see it all is gone.

Instead of that, Fate has won
and what we as two begun
is beaten soundly at the gate.

So no longer two is one
what ere they dreamed upon
has been cast aside by Fate
saying farewell at another gate
what was two is one, just one


With Husky Voice

With husky voice, she beckons me
across vast deserts and endless seas
her magic is only seen in her eyes
my soul hears her voice inside
her absence is not meant to be.

Thoughts of her invade my revelry
and I long to be in another city
from which I can hear her cries
with husky voice, she beckons me

Soon will begin a great journey
across a world and then we'll see
how love created such divine ties
and the ending of all our sighs
silenced for all Eternity
with husky voice, that beckons me

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