Seven Line Poetry Forms

Basically speaking, in poetry a septet is a poem consisting of seven lines, and of any form or meter. It falls in-between the two ingredients of a sonnet, the octave and the sestet, and although a popular form for a short while has lost favour. One would suggest if this form had been popular with an English king rather than a Scottish one it would have achieved a greater popularity for a longer period, considering that it makes a far more balanced Sonnet form. It's probably a pity also that Chaucer didn't have as great an influence on the English court as Shakespeare did.

Quick guide to forms

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Pleiades Seven lines. Each starting with same letter as title
any meter
Rime Royal Each stanza; a. b. a. b. b. c. c.

any meter
Rondelet A. b. A. a. b. b. A..
Lines 1, 3. 7. tetrasyllabic. Lines 2, 4, 6, octasylabic
Saraband a. x. a. b. c. b. c..Spanish
a. a. a. b. c. c. b..Italian
a. x. a. b. b. c. c..
Septet a. a. b. b. c. c. x..

Blank Verse, free verse, or any meter
Sevenling x. x. x.. x. x. x.. x..

Blank Verse, free verse, or any meter
Sicilian Septet a. b. a. b. a. b. a.

no set form, later Iambic
Spanish Septet
or Septilla
a. a. b. c. c. b. a.
no set form, later Iambic.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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