Beymorlin Sonnet

The Beymorlin Sonnet form was first described in Wauneta Hackleman's; "Study and Writing of Poetry by American Women Poets circa 1996, p84. It states;
"The rhyme scheme can be either Shakespearian or Petrachan in end rhyme and that there should be an internal rhyme with the first two syllables at the beginning of each line and do not need to be of the same rhyme scheme as the end rhymes.
Here is an example of the Shakespeare and two Petrarchans.

Lovers Lake - English Sonnet

The magic of a lake shall forever appease
So calm the thoughts she dreams within
No tragic moments of floods shall sieze
Yet balm may soothe the worries therin
A moon shall shimmer in a magical way
To entice the hearts of natures charms
So soon this enchantment turns to day
To suffice unto perfection never harms
She sits by the lake dreaming of a love
It may only reveal deep imagination
But fits perfectly 'neath a moon above
This day she sought for loves salvation.
Tho' sorrow had prevailed within the rain
Tomorrow it shall be this love may regain.

Divena Collins

A Mere Mermaid - Italian Sonnet

Cast away tall ships from strong wild oceans
That play upon tides of an incoming strand
Let free of mermaids for high waves demand
To see a future upon loves deep devotions
Part fish and human within loves emotions
Their wish may come true upon earth inland
Shant talk of fear or what fate may remand
Or walk as humans for future premonitions
But how shall their dreams remain as true
To show desire of a fate which tranforms
How may a maid survive when she is shy
This day his quest shall be out of the blue
Yet he knows that she shall never conform
For she shows no limbs nor feathers to fly.

Divena Collins

Tree Hugger - Sicilian Sonnet

I feel thy strong roots within that sap shall seal
That deal with mother natures passions warm
What harm may it cause if I hugged this appeal
For calm are my intentions within sweet charm
I hunger for sapplings the ones that show real
But anger amidst an under developed balm
For trees that are oaken a charm shall reveal
That free's this love so shall forever be calm
Sap flows with such an admirable stranger
He knows how to melt a heart that may freeze
That reverts winters bed within a manger
And converts hearts upon a summer breeze
Such wiles of ways that amuse a prearranger
Beguiles warmth of love within green trees.

Divena Collins

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