Blank Verse still possesses Iambic pentameter, although there may still be an argument to have an octave, (or 8-line stanza), followed by a sestet, (or 6-line stanza). In which the octave sets up a situation upon which the sestet comments or visa versa.
There is of course no rhyme scheme.


Not long ago as we strolled along the river
Arms around each other in the falling rain
Moving along slowly, unhurried, in love.
Wet hair gleaming like burnished copper
Laughing, seeing how close your clothes cling.
Stopping, sheltering, aroused, pressing, hiding,
Against a tree after our first kiss I looked
Two swirling voids that make my heart sing
The mirrors of your soul, touched by mine
I looked deep, deep into your very heart
And saw your love, saw everything offered
And knew then, that from this moment in time
You were mine forever, my soul, my mate
Looking at me, I knew you felt the same.

Ryter Roethicle

With Free Verse, there is no meter nor any rhyme scheme. What else can be said except that it has 14 lines, and some great sonnets have been written in this form.

A dark red rose..

You came in the house smiling,
Clutching a dark red rose
You had found it comming home
You held out your treasure
And offered it to me to smell
I did and shared your pleasure
A lovely fragrance made more so
Simply by your gentle touching
Such simple things so easy, so grand
So long I have known you
You have taught me love
And the meaning of true friendship
Now you have taught me how to fly
Please show me where to land

Ryter Roethicle

There is another form we can construct from Blank Verse and Free Verse. If we include the same word or phrase to two lines, the lines in between can be said to make a "Sandwich".
If we use lines 1 and 4 and lines 5 and 8., we end up with an octave with a rhyming scheme of a.x.x.a..b.x.x.b. The Tercet can be Blank, Free, or have a scheme of a.x.x.x.a..or..a.x.a..b.x.b..

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