The Blues Sonnet is derived from the Afro-American, melancholia music or lamentation. It is a triplet form (Three rhyming lines) with lines 1 and 2 rhyme repeating and line 3 bringing the stanza to a climax in a manner similar to the Haiku. Purists state the meter should be Iambic Pentameter, (IP), but others argue that IP is an English poetry form and Afro-Americans had no concept of it and it should be left to the poet to "do yo thang".
The Rhyme scheme is thus:
A. A. a. B. B. b. C. C. c. D. D. d. e. e. .

Hillary Sings the Blues

This was the year for making history..
This was the year I'm making history. .
To get the people to vote 'Hillary' .
This job was mine, so Bill had promised me..
It's such a cinch, 'cause everyone loves me..
If there's a hitch, it's one I couldn't see..
My campaign style was sure to start a fire. .
This was a breeze compared to sniper fire. .
And of my tales, the folks would never tire..
The crowds went wild at every place I came. .
My eyes popped out at seeing how they came. .
The path was laid, and winning's just a game.
And yet my dreams into a chasm flew, .
Because Obama came from out the blue..

Bruce Henderson

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