Divino Sonetto

This poetry form was presented by the part Italian poet Divena Collins. It follows the Italian 8/6 pattern, but her Scottish upbringing makes a statement with the sestet, with a much different tempo. Here is the pattern;
a. a. b. b. . . c. d. d. c. . . e. e. f. . . e. g. g.
Here is an example.

Silent Thoughts

There is a sadness now in the old place
Much too much of a wide empty space
Since the family have all moved away
Even the black cat`s been left to stray
But I still hear footsteps upon the path
Yet I never did see anyone visit at all
They have never had any visitors call
I shall go and take a look after my bath
Or maybe I shall telephone a policeman
If I knew where a telephone was I can
I would look silly if it were just a ghost
Maybe I will just put some milk in a pan
And do what I always like making most
A cup of cocoa for my next doors host.

Divena Collins

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