The envelope sonnet is probably a variation of the Italian or Sicilian sonnet by the French, The originals used an octave composed of two quatrains rhyming abba abba or abba cddc. It was probably the French fondness for linking stanzas, that conceived the idea of creating two sestets and linking them with a rhyming couplet. This gives a rhyme sequence of
a. b. c. c. b. a. .... d. d. .... e. f. g. g. f. e. and each line is octosyllabic (8 syllables) or decasyllabic (10).

Z (The third unknown quantity)

Like any other, this year you are lost to me.
A shadow perhaps in a doorway.
That once invited me to explore.
Now barred and locked and mine no more.
A scent I cannot embrace yet will stay.
Reminding me from now, memory is not free.

I cannot run from a dream I cannot live with,.
Yet for a while, you were my life, my pith..

You are yesterday's reflection in life's pool.
I know tomorrow that pool will not be gone.
You will become a measure of my mortality.
Reminding me that miracles can never be.
Two souls united you possessed my one.
And left me feeling like the Eternal fool..

Ryter Roethicle

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