Irish Sonnet

Obviously influenced by the English sonnet there ia also still a Celtic influece in making a link from stanza to stanza.. It still follows the three quaterns and a couplet pattern, but each stanza is linked to the next giving a rhyme pattern of;
a. b. a. b. . b. c. b. c. . c. d. c. d. .d.d.
Here is an example.

Values Change

In the past here, men thought only of gold
Because of their greed children now must pay
The poisons they used, in those days of old
Poisoned the ground, then in turn waterways.
The powers that be turn deaf ears each day
In the meantime the fish build it all up
Scientists test but it's ignored what they say
And this poisoned water the locals also sup.
Mercury and Cyanide adds flavour to the cup
A hundred years of gold mining is too long
One things for sure its a dangerous stuffup.
And the goldminers are stringing us along.
In an interview the minister denies the wrong
I wonder who's paying him to sing that song?

Ryter Roethicle

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