A very interesting and challenging form is the Korean Sonnet. Although only South Korea has the Yin Yang symbol "T'aegukki.", for a short while North Korea had a similar flag. http://www.itatkd.com/koreanflag.html.
The rhyme scheme is .a.a.a.a.a.a.a...b.b.b.b.b.b.b.. Being Oriental there is no meter and depends on the poets discretion.

Azure Blue

Cast the soul adrift upon the ocean
And let it feel the waves of emotion
Adrift but safe in a lover's devotion
Where just one kiss can cause a commotion
Or as calming as a soothing lotion
For each wave stirs that magic love potion.
To find distant shores across the ocean
Caress the sands as ne'er been touched before
In the ebb and flow hear love ask for more
And you wonder what you were waiting for
And as you're rolling with the great azure
Let love then lift you from the ocean floor
As you gaze into the eyes you adore
Embrace the soul in that sweetest rapport,

Jez Farmer

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