Perseplolis Sonnet

When Leny Roovers (Presenter of the Dutch Sonnet) was in Persepolis (Iran) in 2015 she was impressed by how the history of East and West had met there long ago and after a lot of thought came a sonnet combining East and West. The Octave consisting of the Mathnawi form, and the Sestet a stock standard Italian one. The two forms originally had no set syllable count. Later the Anglicised Mathnawi had 11 syllables and the Wyatt version of the Italian was set to Iambic Pentameter, but nowadays these rules are often broken. Here is the pattern;
a. a. b. b. c. c. d. d.. e. f. g. e. f. g.
Here is an example.

You are everywhere

You are in every cloud ship in the sky
And in each soaring bird I see pass by.
In countless graceful flowers, in each tree
I feel your presence, am aware of Thee.
When people look into each others' eyes
Without withholding, sharing truth, no lies
A channel opens through which love will flow,
And You are there, as both then surely know.
You talk to me in music and with words,
You're in the gentle whispers of the wind
And in the roaring of an autumn storm.
I hear Your voice in evensong of birds,
While in the meowing of my cats I find
Your love, instilled in creatures of each form.

Leny Roovers

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