Not surprisingly the original Rubia came from Persia. Consisting of four lines (quatrain), that can be of tetrameter or pentameter form.

Lines one, two, and four rhyme and the third line is used to interlock the next stanza and it becomes a Rubaiyat.

If the rhyme pattern of .a.a.b.a..b.b.c.b..c.c.d.c. is followed and the couplet . a. a. added, that links back to the first stanza the result is a Rubaiyat Sonnet.

Lust in the night

The pulse of the night, beats with desire
the scarlet warm wind, rages with fire
the starkness of night, seducing the moon
turns the misty fog, a dark sapphire
Slithers through the mist, of the wet lagoon
thrusting with passion, just like a harpoon
deeper and deeper, into the twilight
aware that the dawn, will awaken soon
The shaft of the beam, glistening in spite
flaunting and plunging, into the dark night
trembling waters, singing in the haze
the dark voyeur clouds, peek down out of sight
The depths of pleasure, trembling with praise
The lust in the night, trembles in amaze

Pat Bibs

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