An exact and difficult form , it was decided that some engineering would be needed with this form to shorten it and produce a sonnet form whilst still retaining the basic Sestina form.
In Sestina there is no rhyme instead the last word is repeated in a specific pattern. This gives four stanzas like most other sonnets with three four line and the envoy.
This is the pattern for the Quatrain Sestina or Quastina.
.A..B..C..D.......D..C..A. .B.......B. .A. .D..C.
and the two line envoy .C..B. and .D..A. which completes the sonnet form requirements.

Fear of the night

On the last day the word created flesh
And in its madness flesh created fear
But flesh could not fear itself or fear alone
And so it created a fear of the night.
And flesh fears the creatures of night
Stealthy movements in the house alone
From red eyed beasts who seek your flesh
In the coldest night you sweat with fear.
And the slavering beast can smell your fear
It's only desire is to taste your flesh
The moon is hid 'tis darkest night
Unarmed, unsighted, and all alone
It knows you are alone, and tastes your fear
That beasts of night, will soon feed off your flesh.

Ryter Roethical

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