Trinidad Sonnet

There is sense of rhythm in this form that only brings out the African influence caused by repetition. Like the English form, it finishes with a couplet but unlike the English which has three four line stanzas, the Trinidad has four three line stanzas. Each pair make a sestet and the first line of each sestet is repeated at the end to make the couplet. This gives a rhyme scheme of; . A. b. a. . . c. b. c. . . D. e. d. . . . f. e. f. . . . A. D.
Here is an example in dialect;

De Reel Deal

A Trinidad Sonnet dah is de bes
Ah nevah tort Ah’d live to see de day
Buh here it is an Ah bong to confess
It lookin good so now Ah goin to try
To write one in vernacular, okay?
Tho Ah eh sure dat dis one goin to fly
Ah anxious to see if dis ting will work;
Dis sonnet is ah new one, custom made
So dis is one effort Ah will not shirk
Ah goin to step up boldly to de plate
Ah only hope it goin to make de grade
Buh Ah tryin it still at any rate.
A Trinidad Sonnet dah is de bes
Ah anxious to see if dis ting will work.

Maryse Achong

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