Jem Farmer

The Magical Circle of Byronic Sonnets Inspired by the Art of Tammo de Jongh iv - The Joker - Byronic Sonnet

Quick wit denies the hidden tricks and lies
The cynic's eye reveals naught but hot air,
The nonsensical face of foolish care,
As fiery flame breathes warmth for air to rise.
The flippant nature of love in disguise,
True feelings buried deep in poker's bluff,
In humour and mirth when living is rough,
To lift the soul that lost sight of the skies.
When lovers forget they once shared a dream,
Amid weary woes and paying the rent,
The endless arguments as ideals scream,
And temper lost as hurt emotions vent,
'Tis the joker that releases the steam
To save love from raging detriment.

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