Jem Farmer

The Magical Circle of Byronic Sonnets Inspired by the Art of Tammo de Jongh v - The The Enchantress - Byronic Sonnet

A poet's muse is but an Earthly dream
That flows like a river through the veins,
In creative spells it waxes and wanes
As ink flows upon the paper ream.
Yet words of love may not be what they seem,
While drawing the mind closer, ever near
For such depth has darkness that’s kissed by fear,
Yet longs for light; the brightest solar beam.
A cynical heart whimpers coldly scorn,
A disdainful heart that knows not desire
'Tis here in words that love's magic is born,
As instincts sense out the way to inspire,
While healing emotions, damaged and worn,
The feelings burned out by an old love's fire.

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