Ryter Roethicle

Olympic Sonnets....Australian Sonnet

If only the four yearly Olympics had sonnets
You know - the fourteen line little song
Waiting four years to read, might be a tad too long
Perhaps a championship yearly might help with budgets
Or even area finals monthly to encourage each poet
With yearly grand finals where you show your worth
And these could be held everywhere, all over the Earth
It would also be good training to learn how to say it.
We could have Dressage, Eventing, or a Straight out race
How it looks, how long it will last, or how fast you can read
I like how it looks and will last but reading fast's a silly deed.
If you read too fast then take a quick look at your face
I would love the Olympics one day to have sonnets included
The reader like beach volleyball appropriately nuded.

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