Ryter Roethicle

Kismet....Tennyson Sonnet

When finally the world rests on your shoulders
And you stumble in your fight for balance.
When pebbles and small stones seem like boulders
Feeling like it's the end and impossible to advance.
Your eyes freeze, looking through frosted windows
And the grey ghost of loss, gnaws at your soul.
Everything is lost and you can never feel whole;
You feel you're walking in dark wooded hollows.
Cast aside burdens caused by that previous stance.
The secret's to change the path on which you stride
In feeling lighter, you can make an easier advance
Being easier to walk round than, climb over boulders.
No need to carry the world’s cares on your shoulders
In that way all your problems will start to subside
Only then you can begin to feel you'd like to dance.

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